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Public Auction - Monday October 22, 2007 commencing at 11:45am
This auction will take place on Monday October 22, 2007 commencing at 11:45am. The sale will take place at the Eagles Club - 17 Elm Street, north of Dundas, west of Yonge. Viewing for this sale will take place at our office at 211 Yonge Street, suite 200. Viewing will start on Friday October 12 until Saturday October 20 from 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Closed Sundays). We will allow limited viewing on day of sale (October 22) from 9.40 a.m. to 11 a.m. We are located just up the street from the Elgin Theatre and just around the corner from Massey Hall. We are across the street and just a bit south of the Eaton Centre Shuter Street Parking Entrance. Take the Albert Street/Massey Hall exit from the Queen Subway stop and you are outside our building. Please note that a 15% buyers commission will be added to the hammer prices of lots purchased, and applicable taxes will be added to the hammer price + commission.
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1 Canada - 1976 Olympic silver stamp ingots plus stamps in special cases. Inc. 681-3 (X 2), B4-6, B7-9, B10-12. Also two ingots 1 troy ounce. Fine silver 999+ E$100+
2 Canada - 1976 Olympic coins proof sets Series 1 to 7 complete in cases. Cat. $630 to $1050 in 2007 Charlton’s Catalogue. Also includes wooden stand to hold all seven cases
3 Mid-19th cent. - lot of ten small drawings of antiquity - superbly done on very thin flimsy paper. Unresearched. Fragile and fresh E$50
4 1870s to mid-1900 - mostly advertising posters. Note 1870 genealogy ad; two Heinz Baby Food ads, ca. 1937-8; 1938 Roto-shaver; “Columbia’s” by Pope Mfg. Co. of Boston; plus two mounted prints. Very fresh E$70
5 Circa 1900 - series of seven large mounted sketches. All unsigned and undated. Unresearched. Probably rare. These would make great frames. Very fresh E$140
6 Lot of six diff. older posters/prints - note historic castle of Chenonceaux, Hupmobile Century Six and Eights ad, City of St.-Denis General Store ad (ca. 1850), postage stamps ad by Maison Arthur Maury - Paris (ca. 1926) etc. Very fresh E$90
7 1927 - large mounted print titled “1797 - Old Ironside - U.S. Frigate Constitution - 1927". Reproduced from the original painting by Gordon Grant. Creases, otherwise fresh E$75
8 Undated - colour print of “A Perspective View of the City of Naples”. Mounted on thick black cardboard. Printed for Rob Wilkinson, London. Notation indicates “Published according to Act of Parliament”. Fresh E$60
9 (2) - Dionne Quintuplets large mounted newspaper photos - one depicting the five girls at play, the other being the first photo showing the Dionne family together, published by the newspaper “La Patrie”. Very rare and fresh. E$50+
10 Undated - drawing of what appears to be some deity. Owner states this was purchased some 30 years ago. It was included in a lot of autography of lesser-known painters of Paris who were in the entourage of Picasso and Matisse. Interesting item. Very fresh E$40
11 Undated - two Gouche drawings for book illustration both mounted. One depicts a woman in a long evening gown, the other a debonair gentleman. Both fresh E$40
12 1865 to 1960s - over 30 postcards; about 150 humorous cards, many by R. Hassler, duplication; about 10 WWII Paris Occupation documents dealing with water restrictions, all with revenues and various handstamps; 1865 Hungarian doc. written in Latin; small sketch by a Toronto painter sent to the well-known French art critic Henri Corbiere; plus a few misc. items. Gen. fresh/very fresh E$75
13 Circa 1960 - over 70 diff. “Flair” cards inc. birthdays, get well, anniversary, special occasion etc. Mostly humorous, some risque. About 22 diff. larger amusing cards signed R. Hassler; and 75 (25 diff.) office humour cards, some by Hassler. All pristine E$50
14 Lighthouse - Boga III mint sheet file with about 47 double pages. Used but about like new. Retail probably over $100. VF
15 *o Collection of about 231 stamps, some better sets in mint inc. R. of C. #1323-6, 1370-2, 1386-9, 1414-7 (cat. $69) etc. Collection would cat. over $400. Gen. F-VF-H a few NH
16 C 1960-2 - lot of about 27 covers comprising 12 People’s Republic. All with multiple frankings and selected for cancels. Note R.P.O. T.L. & S. 15 - dated 16 Jan 62; and 15 Taiwan, China covers, mostly FDC. Some covers a bit tatty, otherwise gen. F. Examine PHOTO E$50++

17 C Card to Bank of British North America, Toronto, acknowledging receipt of signatures of the signing officers. From Colonial Bank, D.W.I. F+ Stamp struck with “Frederickstad/29/10/04". Also Toronto cds on face dated “Nov 5" E$25+
18 * Early 1900 to mid-1960s. About 645 stamps in two Minkus Specialized albums. First contains Ehtiopia and Liberia (230 stamps) and the other has U.A.R., Egypt, Syria and Yemen (415 stamps). Some complete sets and better values noted. Gen. F-VF-H-NH E$75
19 *o Sc. #7 to modern - probably several hundred stamps sorted into stockbook. Gen. F-VF-H. Mint and used E$100+
20 1553 UNDER Henri II reign - huge (22" X 24") Normandy doc. on thick parchment. Great calligraphy and ornate signatures. Appears to relate to the sale of the “Fief” (land) of G. De La Marre. Some damage resulting in loss of a few words at top and a bit of soiling, otherwise fresh E$175+
21 1566 under Charles IX - small doc. on thick parchment. Nicely aged. Signed Durand (ornate) and Jacques Poisson. Unread and unresearched. Fresh E$140
22 1577 on thick parchment. Right side cut showing where the animal shoulder was. Nice Gothic calligraphy. Two bold signatures on back. Some damage where folded resulting in a few missing words, otherwise fresh E$110
23 1578 - on thick odd-shaped parchment. With lettering and great Gothic calligraphy. Marvellous ornate signature. Corner missing at bottom right resulting in loss of a few words and part signature. Otherwise very fresh E$160
24 1585 - Normandy - on thick parchment. Bold signature. Inc. ca. 1850 list of people referred to in doc. Unread and unresearched. Aged E$120
25 1606 - under Henri IV - speaks of Armenians in France. Great Gothic calligraphy and signature. Also inc. several pages (over 40) of photocopied material. Some soiling, otherwise fresh E$100
26 1627 - under Louis XIII - on watermarked paper. Great Gothic calligraphy. Nobility, signature. Very fresh E$125
27 1628 - under Louis XIII - on watermarked paper. Very ornate signature. Some toning, otherwise fresh E$100
28 1634 - under Louis XIII - eight pages on watermarked paper. Bold signature. Very nice calligraphy. Unread and unresearched. Fresh E$120
29 1635 - on odd-shape parchment with two natural separations sewn to make a usable piece, thus adding to the character of the doc. Note signatures. Very fresh E$140+
30 1639 - on thick parchment - note three ornate signatures on front, many on back. Doc. is crumpled with some faults, but still legible E$90
31 1640 - under Louis XIII - on watermarked paper. Interesting calligraphy. Signed. Unread and unresearched. Very fresh E$100
32 1640 - on paper with rare posthorn watermark - great Gothic calligraphy. Note signature. Very fresh E$110
33 1640 (Louis XIII) - on watermarked paper. Interesting calligraphy. Unread and unresearched. Unsigned. Very fresh E$90
34 1641 - on thick parchment (8 pages). Many noble houses mentioned (ca. 1850 list attached). Note signatures. Doc. is aged and faulty with some repairs and reinforcement, but fairly complete and legible E$80+
35 1641 and 2 under Louis XIII - both on watermarked paper. Beautiful and interesting calligraphy. Both signed by the same person. Very fresh E$90+
36 1645 - second year of Louis XIV reign - on watermarked paper. Nice interesting calligraphy. Note signature. Very fresh E$85+
37 1645 (Louis XIV) on paper. Interesting calligraphy. Unsigned. Unread and unresearched. Very fresh E$60
38 1662 - last will and testament of G. Allard, on watermarked paper. Signed by him and many others, some bold. Very fine and small handwriting. Some folds and toning but still very fresh E$125
39 1671 - “Obligation” on watermarked paper. Nice calligraphy. Great bold and ornate signatures, including “De France”. Very fresh E$75
40 1676 - small doc. on parchment. Note signature and great illustrated revenue on back. Very fresh E$90
41 1698 - from Caen, Normandy, on parchment. Splendid illustrated revenue as letterhead plus large red College Heraldique mark. Signed on back. Some creases but very legible and fresh E$96
42 1703 - on watermarked paper - large Bordeaux revenue as letterhead. Note several signatures. Unread and unresearched. Fresh E$65
43 1711 - Paris professional certiicate, on thick parchment, for the Marquis De Gallardon. Note many signatures and round seal on back. Very rare and fresh E$100
44 (3) - 1711, 1773 and 1896 - 1711 eight-page doc. signed by Jan D’Alencon, Sieur des Essarts, soiled and some damage; 1773 - four pages, with Brittany revenue and signature, soiled; also 1896 pastoral letter (19 pages) by Cardinal Boyer of Bourges, this very fresh E$45
45 (2) - 1724 military letter from Sieur de Laroquette at the Strasbourg Fort de Pierre, to the Governor, discussing various issues at the Fort - signed. Also 1728 letter on watermarked paper, signed by Count Laumery Chemerolles. Great calligraphy on both docs. First a bit soiled and splitting where folded, second is very fresh E$110
46 1729 (Louis XV) on watermarked paper. With G. De Tours revenue as letterhead. Note about 20 diff. signatures. Possibly some important names of the era. Fresh E$80+
47 1735 - Normandy on thick parchment - 12-page doc. speaks of Le Bas, Loisel, Du Coudray, De Mutrecy etc. signatures. Badly soiled. Still interesting. Sold as is E$25+
48 1739 - Brittany under Louis XV - eight pages on watermarked paper. Note revenue as letterhead and very ornate signature. Fresh E$100
49 (3) 1741 to 1750 - 1741 letter signed by the Duc de Humieres about vacancy in Boulognes Troops; 1749 note on parchment, requesting a pension for a soldier, note revenue on back and signatures; and a 1750 short letter signed Jumilhac, Commander of a musketeer troop. All very fresh E$90
50 (2) - ca. 1750 - military. First is undated notes about high-ranking and other officers, approved by the king, unsigned. Other is a 1753 letter signed by the Duke of Randam commenting on the progress and activities of his troops. Both very fresh E$90+
51 (2) - ca. 1750 - partial genealogy papers of the Faletans family, going back to about 1269. Great calligraphy. Eight pages on beautiful watermarked paper. Unfortunately not complete, but still impressive. Also additional genealogy notes, copied ca. 1765. Very fresh E$120
52 1767 - military certificate of service - signed by the Commander of the Queen’s Infantry Regiment. Note red wax seal. Neat calligraphy. Showing signs of age, but still a nice piece E$45
53 1769 - four-page doc. from the Diocese of Vannes on watermarked paper. Beautiful calligraphy. Boldly signed De La Bourdonnaye, Du Bois Hulin. Folded, otherwise very fresh E$80
54 1776 - 12-page legal document regarding Du Pontavice and Dame Malherbe de Nantrail. Note three revenues and several signatures and the names of 13 lawyers. Very fresh E$75
55 1776 - rare agricultural doc. outlining a prize of £600 for designing a machine that would eradicate a type of caterpillar destroying crops. Note large vignette. Very fresh E$60
56 (2) - 1780 and 1783 - Baptism cert. of Louis Hercule Marie De La Bourdonnais, grandson of the famous Bertrand Francois Mahe De La Bourdonnais, founder of Ile Maurice and Gov. General of La Reunion. Also 1783 letter on watermarked paper, asking Marechal De Segur to give Bourdonnais grandson a post in the artillery regiment. Very fresh E$80
57 (3) - military - 1780 to 1784 - comprising 1780 cert. of service on watermarked paper, signed by Viscount F. E. D’Oilliamson; 1783 Royal Decree to change the name of a regiment and 1784 short note dealing with soldiers pay. Note signatures. All very fresh E$90
58 (2) - 1790 instructions from the Dept. of Haute Marne to the municipalities dealing with poverty. Seven pages. Also King’s Proclamation dealing with various expenses from primary assemblies. Note great vignette on each. Very fresh E$50
59 (2) - 1790-1 legal bulletins. One deals with problems in Avignon, the other authorizing Weiland-Stahl to operate a business. Nice vignettes. Both signed Louis in print. Some faults on second, otherwise fresh and complete E$40
60 (7) Revolution docs. 1792-3 Decrees of the National Convention between Nos. 106 and 1391. No. 629 duplicated, but by different printers. Various topics. A few faults, otherwise fresh E$70+
61 Revolution docs. 1794-5 - two handwritten docs. on watermarked paper. Note Censored revenues where “Le Roi, La Loi and the Fleur de Lys” have been erased. Also lovely intact illustrated paper seal. Bold signatures. Very fresh E$90+
62 (4) - Revolution Year 3 - one cert. of service in the National Guards, signed by two officers and red wax seal, and three letters dealing with military issues. Very fresh E$80+
63 Year Seven - nine pages + cover on crude watermarked paper. Very long and detailed inventory of the House of Falletans important papers. Beautiful calligraphy. Very fresh E$75
64 1799 (Year Seven of the Revolution) posterette from Savoie. Official order establishing martial law in each division. Signed in print by Scherer who was under the direct command of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Italian Campaign. Extremely rare and very fresh E$60
65 (6) - Revolution Years VIII to XIII - note two legal bulletins, notary posterette, advice to municipalities, etc. Interesting group. Very fresh E$70
66 Early 1800 - three docs. dealing with the wealth and disposition of goods of the House of Falletans. Great calligraphy, revenues and paper seal on doc. dated 1806; note signatures. All very fresh E$90+
67 (2) 1806 and 1815 - military - 1806 letter signed by Dieudonné, Commissioner of War; and 1815 letter addressed to Chevalier Langlois, from the Inspector of the 11th Military Division. Both very fresh E$60
68 (5) 1809 to 1834 - comprising 1809 Decree from the Archbishop of Bourges; 1814 letter from the Dept. of War to the Mayor of Ollienen; 1819 extract from a letter from Camille Jordan regarding Rambaud; 1826 legal doc. regarding the affairs of Dame Quincy and 1834 Manifest of the Royal Chamber of Accounts. Mostly fresh/very fresh E$75
69 (6) 1809 to 1815 Napoleonic Law Bulletins Nos. 241, 298, 448, 508 and 536. Many pages dealing with various topics. Also 1888 circular letter from the Archbishop of Bourges regarding a special collection for the Catholic Institute of Paris. All fresh E$80
70 1815 Certificate of Army Service from the 14th Infantry Regiment, 1807 to 1815, obtained the Legion of Honour Medal in 1815. Signed by seven officers. Folded, but fresh. Also inc. excerpts from legal bulletin #44, Year VIII of the Republic, dealing with Maritime Services. Appears incomplete. Fresh E$70
71 (3) - 1816 and 1818 under Louis XVIII - Royal Legal Bulletins - various topics. Some soiling but mostly fresh E$60
72 C 1816 and 1819 - two scarce stampless folded letters. One addressed to Marquis De Faletans from his cousin Count De Broissia. Note postal marks. Also 1819 letter to M. Lefebvre from Deferriere. Fresh E$50
73 1817 Alsace on watermarked paper nomination paper appointing Andre Arnould Nicolas as Officer in the National Garde. Signed by De Raignourt, Inspector of the National Garde. Scarce and very fresh E$70
74 (3) - 1820 to 1832 comprising 1820 letter from the Ministry of War authorising a pension for a retired soldier; 1830 letter from Marechal De Camp De Mahit to General Baron De Rottenterg (note he was twice Governor of Lower Canada in 1813 and 1814); and 1832 letter signed by F. Mauguin advising upcoming elections. Fresh E$60
75 (5) - 1838 to 1845 Royal Legal Bulletins, Nos. 673, 688, 1181, 1191 and 1210. Various topics, but mostly dealing with bridges and toll fees. Fresh. E$50+
76 (3) - ca. 1840 - twelve fully-written pages concerning the De Falletans family, tracing the history as far back as the 13th century. Partly written and signed by the Marquis. Also long list of persons to whom Marquis De Falletans sent his “Memoirs” against the Garnier family. Also written by the Marquis. Interesting calligraphy. Very fresh E$80+
77 C 1842 SFL addressed to A. Cabral in Bordeaux, from Ronny. Note Paris and Bordeaux postmarks. Unresearched. Very fresh E$40
78 (3) 1849 and 1851 legal bulletins of the French Republic. Various topics, inc. firemen, floods, newspapers etc. Fresh E$50
79 1851 large mounted poster announcing auction sale of two parcels of land near Paris. Very fresh E$45
80 1859 - market price list of various grains and vegetables from 85 different regions of France. Interesting and fresh E$40
81 ca. 1870 appears to be 1870-71 war era - Ordonnance from the Paris Commune to seize the Figaro newspaper and arrest the printer. Note signature. Very fresh E$45
82 1897 posterette advertising a military fencing, boxing and acrobatic show organized by the 19th Bataillon of the Chasseurs a Pied”. Note large illustration. Rare and very fresh E$50
83 19th cent. - very large (28" X 22") mounted genealogy doc. of the Garnier noble family from the mid-1600 to about 1840. Inc. a full page of additional observations. Fresh E$60
84 Early 1900 - mounted caricature from the journal “Le Rire” titled “La Danse Des Ventres” (belly dancing) depicting gala given by Emi-Lou-Bey in honour of Edward VII at his burlesque palace in L’Elysee. Interesting. Folded and some creases, otherwise fresh E$40
85 Maps - (5) undated sketches of the Battle of Fribourg and Nordlinger, both by L. Sonnet; Battle plans of Nerwinde, Fleurus and map of the Po Bassin, all by Ch. Dyonnet. Very fresh E$75
86 * Annual collections for 1997, 1998 and 1999 plus two comm. souv. packs - Gulf of Finland. Inc. two FDCs, cards and envelopes. VF-NH $240+
87 *oC Accumulation of stamps, s/s, covers, first day souvenir cards. Mostly 1970s to 2001. Many complete sets. Used and mint NH. Also stockbook of several hundred worldwide used mixed condition not in total. Gen. F-VF 2008 $327
88 * Souvenir historical book of the 1998 World Soccer Cup held in France. By Eugena Saccomano, with preface by Michel Platini and Fernand Sastre. Inc. all French stamps issued to commemorate the event. Great memento. VF E$40
89 * (Sc. #737b) mint 1958 booklet pane of ten in uncut sheet of five panes. VF*-NH 2008 Sc. $112.50+
90 *o Collection of about 4930 stamps and 45 s/s 1849-1986 in three Lighthouse albums. Many complete sets mint and used later issues NH. Inc. Occupation issues and States. Note Germany #21 used, 312 used, 549 used, 659a-61a* H, 669 used stained, 670-85* H, 698-701* H, 702-21* H, 755-61* H, 804* NH, 804 used, B65-6* H, B141-3* H, B173 used, B306-8 used on card, B310-2 used, B313* H, B318-9 used, B330* H, B325-6 used, B332-3 used, B334-7* H, B338-41* H, B344-7* H; Danzig 241-54* H; Baden 5NB5-8* H; Saar 289-308* H. F-VF. Also includes FRAMA labels mint and used, many se-tenant pairs from booklets. Many mint hinged stamps seem to be partly stuck down 2008 Sc. $6080
91 *o All eras - over 1000 stamps on stock sheets - about 60% mint. Inc. States, Occupation, DDR etc. Some dup. Gen. F-VF-H-NH E$100+
92 *oC Lot of about 250 stamps and 12 s/s 1964-2001. Mint NH and used. Many complete sets. Some FDC and special event covers, first day souvenir panels. Gen. VF 2008 Sc. $279.80
93 *o Berlin - collection of about 1470 stamps and 15 s/s 1948-86 in Lighthouse album. Many complete sets mint and used. Later issues NH. Note 9N39 used, 9N42-60 (excluding 9N43)* H, 9N83 used, 9N94-8* H, 9N101-2* H, 9N108-10* H, 9N115* H, 9N120-36* H, 9N359-76* NH, 9NB9-10 used. F-VF 2008 Sc. U.S.$1982
94 *o DDR - collection of about 4750 stamps and 200 s/s 1945-86 in four Lighthouse albums. Many complete sets mint and used. Later issues NH. Note 49-50* H, 53* H, 58-67 used, 78-9 used, 80-1 used, 82-4 used, 85-8 used, 122-36* H, 136 used, 155-71* H, 187-204* H, 264a* H, 272-7* H, 634* NH, B15-6 used, B17-20 used, B21* H, B35a used, 034* NH toned. F-VF. 2008 Sc. U.S.$3550
95 *o Collection of about 475 stamps to early 1960s in a Minkus Specialized album. (inc. Jap. Occ. area, Manchukuo and Ryukyu Islands). Many stamps cat. over $5 each. Gen. F-VF-H-NH E$75+
96 *o Lot of about 235 stamps and 15 s/s. Strength in modern. Mint NH. Gen. F or better 2008 Sc. $191.50
97 *o Late 1800 to mid-1960s collection of about 350 stamps and s/s in a Minkus Specialized album. Many items cat. over $20. Huge total cat. value. Strength in late 1950s to mid-60s. Mint mostly H. F-VF E$200
98 * Large souvenir sheet issued in 2001 in commemoration of Beijing’s successful bid for hosting the 2008 Olympic Games. Contains 12 stamps each of China #3119, Hong Kong #940 and Macau #1067 with 39 labels. Beautiful item. VF E$40
99 *o Lot of about 425 stamps and 25 s/s mostly mint NH 1970s to 90s. Mainly complete sets with some year set albums. Inc. ROC 3103-6* NH, PRC 1840-3* NH and 2130 used. Gen. VF 2008 Sc. $318.70
100 *o Late 1800 to early 1960s collection of over 500 in Minkus Specialized Portugal and Colonies album. Some complete sets. Many better values noted. Sc. #594a* (cat. $140), #657a (cat. $110) etc. High cat. Gen. F-VF-H-NH E$150+
101 *o Older collection of about 2150 in six Minkus Specialized albums. Pages to early 1960s. They include Brazil (380); Mexico (210); Chile/Peru (325); Colombia/Panama/Canal Zone (285); Dom. Rep./Cuba/Haiti (590) and Ecuador/Venezuela (365). A few better values noted. Examination will pay. A few faults, otherwise gen. F-VF-H-NH E$250+
102 *o Late 1800 to about 1965 - collection of over 800 stamps in a Minkus Specialized Spain and Colonies album. Many complete sets and better items noted. Gen. F-VF-H-NH E$80+
103 * Sc. #460-476 mint 1966-7 small selection of better sets - note Thai boxing, fish and birds sets. VF-NH 2007 Sc. $198.70
104 *o Late 1100 to mid-1960s about 735 stamps in two Minkus Specialized albums. Inc. Turkey (about 515 stamps) and Tunisia/Libya/Morocco (220 stamps). Strength in late 1950s early 1960s. F-VF-H-NH E$75+
105 *oC Accumulation of many thousands of stamps in glassines. Stock cards, envelopes, some covers and postcards. Some heavy dup. Note Hawaii inc. #44 used; Romania 30*, 58*; small lot of Roman States; early Sweden; Poland 333* faulty; early Denmark; Saxony 13 used thin; Greece 18* NG; early Fiume; early Liechtenstein; early Albania; strength in Germany and Russia; Cook Is. 63 & 65 used; early Peru inc. RA5*; Switzerland 84b used; Iceland 16 & 21 used; early Norway; early Luxembourg; early Italian Colonies. Gen. F. STC $8000 E$1000
106 *o Lot of about 12000+ stamps sorted into eight stockbooks. All areas and periods. Some heavy dup. Gen. F or better. Note some better values E$500+
107 *o Lot of several thousand stamps sorted into glassines. All periods with strength in pre-1950. Some better values. Strength in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain. Note Belgium 122 used, Germany 9N78 used, B342-3 used, 9N63 used, Palestine 79 used. Gen. F STC $2250 E$450
108 *o All eras - mostly modern - over 3750 and 50 s/s crammed in two stockbooks. Strength in Austria (almost half) - majority mint NH. Examine. Better values noted. Heavy dup. in some. Gen. F-VF E$250+
109 *o All eras - stockbooks filled with over 2900 stamps and about 140 s/s. Strength in France (about 740, most used); U.S. 3¢ era mint (about 130). Also inc. some empty stockbooks and binders. Gen. F-VF-H-NH E$200+
110 *o Collection of about 750 stamps and s/s in three Minkus Specialized albums. One album is made up of Afghanistan/Iran (305); second is Iraq/Jordan/Lebanon/Saudi Arabia (310) and the 1960 thematic World Refugee stamp album with about 125 mint and six s/s. Mint is mostly hinged. Gen. F-VF E$150+
111 *o All eras - over 2400 stamps and about 100 s/s on vario pages and stocksheets in a like-new binder and slipcase. Note Saar Sc. #B109 (250 - mint NH in sheets of 25); B110 - two sheets of 25 and South Africa Sc. #119* NH in part sheets. Gen. F-VF E$150
112 *oC A massive jumble which could provide many hours of fun for right buyer. Owner mentions collections of Denmark, Norway and Canada included but we didn’t search them out. Thousands and thousands of stamps. Some covers etc. Examine. low estimate $100+
113 *o An amazing mish-mash - many thousands of stamps inc. two shoeboxes crammed with worldwide off-paper - huge variety. Collections of Italy and France plus Canada mint face $37. Useful lot E$100+
114 *o Inc. collections of Denmark and Norway, some Canada inc. mint official PBs. Gen. F-VF-H-NH. Thousands of stamps E$100+
115 Semi-sorted in envelopes - stockbook of no gum unused U.S.A. Gen. F-VF. Thousands of stamps E$85+
116 *o In boxes, stockbooks, on album pages etc. Anything is possible. Many, many hundreds if not thousands E$60+
117 o Inc. Br. Comm. and Canada - many, many hundreds of stamps scattered on pages and in stockbooks. Note Lighthouse album with slipcase and some pages for U.K. and Channel Is. but no stamps. Examine. Shipping weight about 17 lbs. E$50+
118 *o Some Br. Comm. but strength in Hungary, Czech, Romania and other foreign. Many thousands of stamps E$50+
119 *o Several thousand stamps in remnant collections. Inc. Canada two-vol. on Scott pages and on Canada White Ace simplified pages, Austria, Australia, G.B., Br. Comm. in stockbook, China in stockbook, worldwide wholesale used in stockbook, early Latin America in Springback album. Also two used stockbooks, Br. Pacific catalogues from 1980s, Gary Lyon 2007 catalogue #1 of B.N.A. Selected Rarities. STC $2000+ for stamps E$250+
120 o Over 50 individual superior packets. U.S.A. total $85.05; U.N. $31.50; Germany very strong note 90 diff. mint and used Berlin semi-postal stamps (price $27.50); Great Britain; etc. etc. Over 6000 stamps mostly diff. Not sure when these were made up but they were priced at total $417.60 at the time
121 *oC About 575 covers mostly 1950s-1960s - inc. many FDC. Strength in U.S., Canada, Israel, U.N. etc. Also inc. several hundred stamps both mint and used, in envelopes and glassines. Gen. F-VF E$125
122 C Postcards - 55 cards note 32 pin-ups, circa, 1960, note Cecami, Kruger etc.; set of 12 original cards made from old photographs, ca. 1950, made in U.S.A. Owner indicates only 400 sets ever made, cards are numbered 109-120; set of six diff. sailboats, ca. 1980; ca. 1910 view of Stanley St. Garage, Montreal, etc. Some dup. All very fresh E$65
123 *C 1950s-1980s about 200 FDCs - various countries plus about 60 misc. covers and cards. Note collection of 18 Norman Rockwell Classics combined with historic American stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Comm. Society in the early 80s. Also inc. a collection of U.S. mint stamps on individual comm. cards on the History of Transportation issued by the Franklin Mint. Gen. F-VF E$125++
124 C American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976 about 89 FDCs from various countries to commemorate the event. All with a Certificate of Authenticity on the reverse signed by John W. Warner of the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration. VF E$50+
125 o Sc. #96 used 1867 10¢ Washington F Grill. Just fine. Sound PHOTO 2008 Sc. U.S.$250

126 o Sc. #11//217 used lot of about 60 stamps 1851-88. Mixed condition. Inc. #92 pulled corner, pen cancel and other faults, 96 clipped perfs., 152 & 160 spacefiller missing large piece, 165 couple of pulled perfs., 166 tears and thins, 208 torn corner, 214 short corner perf., 217 (X 2) thins. Some dup. 2008 Sc. U.S.$2481
127 *o Accumulation of several thousand stamps mint and used. All periods. Note various precancels, four cheques 1868-70 with revenues, 869-73 used blocks, JQ3 used, F1 used (X 2), 2484 complete booklet, 832-4* H, 614-6 used, 615 used (X 10), 372 used SE, 617-8 used, C7-9 used, 326 used, 2002c* NH Birds pane (X 2), 73 used torn corner. Also mint face $100+. STC $1300 Gen. F E$275
128 o 19th and early 20th century stock of about 675 or more stamps. Note 5 Trans-Mississippi, inc. 5¢ and 8¢; 8 Pan-American inc. 3 X 1¢ and 5¢. Numerous presidential issues from 1890 to 5¢ blue with triangles. Examine E$100+
129 o 1869 to 1980 mostly used collection of many, many hundreds. Some useful material. Gen. F-VF E$100+
130 *o 1890s to about 1960 collection in All-American album. About 450 diff. stamps. Mostly used inc. 1940 set of Famous Americans complete. Gen. F-VF E$35+
131 *o Collection of about 440 stamps 1861-1986 in two-vol. Lighthouse Hingeless albums. Mostly used. Mixed condition. Albums are very fresh, retail $800 as new E$200
132 *o Mostly mint 1983 to 1990s selection of mostly commems. Several hundred mostly large stamps. A few used. Face of mint U.S.$92.73. Gen. F-VF-NH
133 Newspaper - 1912 and 1917 - two front pages of “The Chicago Daily News”. First one dated Tuesday, April 12, 1912 with the headline “Titanic, with 1,341 persons, lies at bottom; only 868 are saved”. Second is dated Friday, April 6, 1917 with headline “Wilson signs; War is on”. Both mounted and very fresh E$60
134 o Sc. #1 used 1840 one penny black - letter “H-K”. Two large margins - close to just cutting at right and cutting at bottom. VG PHOTO 2008 Sc. $275
135 o Sc. #34/SG #79 used 1857 four-pence large garter bright red - light “225" numeral cancel. Tiny corner crease. F PHOTO 2008 Sc. $110/SG £110
136 *o G.B. and Ireland - accumulation of many hundreds of stamps. All reigns. Mostly used. Some heavy dup. Note small lot of Channel Is., Seahorses, G.B. 107 spacefiller, 120 used clipped perfs., 275 used, 312 used strip of three creases, 51 used spacefiller, 136 used, 137 used (X 2), 138 used (X 6), 289 used (X 2), 117 used, 120 used (X 2), 121 used, 122 used (X 2), 105 used toned, 80 used thin, 67 Pl. 5 used thin, 62 Pl. 13 used, 83 Pl. 21 used, 59 Pl. 11 used SE and pulled corner, 49 Pl. 5 used wing margin, 61 Pl. 11 used wing margin, 32 used (X 2) creases. VG-VF STC $4000 E$275+
137 oC Accumulation starts with faulty penny black then various QV mostly VG-F, Edwards and KGV, a few KGVI then QE issues. Several hundred stamps and one cover and a few cards E$200+
138 *o QV to modern inc. postage dues. Mostly mint. Also Guernsey mint and used. Note £5 value. Also Jersey and I.O.M. mint values to £2. Many hundreds of stamps. Gen. F-VF mostly NH E$100+
139 * G.B./I.O.M - 1960s-1980s - about 550 stamps and five s/s (300 G.B., 250 I.O.M.). Mostly commems., inc. a few postage dues. Many complete sets. A few used not in total. Slight dup. A few H noted but appears mainly F-VF-NH E$100-$125
140 C Postcards - all eras - about 107 mostly diff. cards - many older and used. Some better noted. Gen. F-VF E$100
141 1851 Exhibition - early lithograph “France 1851" published by Lloyd Brothers & Co., in London. Fresh E$50
142 * SG #DX16 & DX17 Complete booklets “NORTHERN IRELAND” and “NATIONAL TRUST” - two of each. VF-NH. SG £112
143 *o Large and valuable assortment of mostly GB FDC’s official cacheted version and a few Br. Comm. FDC’s; also mint including sets of souvenir sheets from Pacific countries. 1980's to 1990's issues noted. Examine. Clean and F-VF-NH.E$300+
144 * Sc. #52-3/SG #50-51 mint 1948 Silver Wedding VF-H PHOTO 2006 Sc. U.S.$50.55/2004 SG £45.50 (C$100)
145 * Sc. #1891-1907 mint 2000 Gold Medalist set of 17 in sheets of ten each in special album which supported Australian Olympic team. VF-NH 2008 Sc. $170
146 oC Kangaroos to modern used plus various covers mostly FDCs of N.Z. and Cook Is. About 17 covers and hundreds of stamps. Gen. F E$100+
147 * 2000 Deluxe Edition hardcover year book with matching slipcase. Stamps have a face value of $68.87 excluding Australian Gold Medalists. VF-NH
148 * Mostly 1990s and 2002 Elton John Australia tour stamps. Several hundred stamps and booklets. Wide variety of issues. (face of stamps Australian $237.95) Most F-VF-NH
149 C 1989 to 2002 selection of official first day covers or cards - about 118. Face of stamps on these over $100. Attractive F-VF
150 *o Lot of several thousand stamps in glassines, on pages and on covers. Some dup. All reigns. Some mint NH complete sets. Note Queensland 16 used, Australia 144 used short perfs., 259-61 FDC, N.Z. B71a-2a* NH, B73a-4a* NH, B69a-70a* NH (X 2), B56a-7a* NH, B59a-60a* NH, 111 used. Gen. F STC $2500 E$600
151 o Sc. #27 used 1870 6 pence rough perf. Pulled corner perf. VG. PHOTO2008 Sc. $80.00
152 o Five diff. large pictorials comprising #489, 623, 628, 634 ande 638 (25¢ Dog). All per 80 each. F-VF. The 25¢ Alert is the original undated version. 2008 Sc. $384
153 *o Collection of about 1500 stamps in two Minkus albums, pages to about 1965. Some strength in Hong Kong (noted Sc. #235* NH); India, Burma etc. Some mint blocks and s/s noted. Great starter collection. Gen. F-VF-H-NH E$150+
154 *o Accumulation of several thousand stamps in glassines, stock sheets and pages. All reigns. Some heavy dup. Note N.Z. #156 and 182 used, N.Z. B6* NH, Bermuda 5 used, Australia 187 used, S. Africa 66 used vert. pair, Ascension 41* H and 41* NH, K.U.T. 57 used, S. Rhodesia 33-6* NH. Gen. F STC $1750 E$350
155 *o Well over 1200 stamps on stockcards -1000+ mint and 200 used. All eras, but mostly modern. Many better items noted. Also inc about 40 s/s. Some dup. Examination will be rewarded. Gen. F-VF-H-NH E$200
156 * Specialized collection of about 235 stamps and 70 s/s commemorating the Queen Mother’s 85th birthday housed in a “Royal Events” album titled “The Life & Times of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother”. A few hinged and some s/s with gum disturbance, o/w beautiful collection and F-VF-NH. Cat. $449.45
157 * Proofs - mid-1980s comprising Nevis Trains Set - 1¢ to $3 (328 diff); Grenadines of St. Vincent - similar set (328 stamps) and Cars set (56 stamps). VF-NH. E$100
158 o SG #48aw used 1864 inverted watermark - a couple of rounded corners, o/w fine. 2007 SG Cat. £65.00
159 * Sc. #109//302 #IL1//IL58 Mint stock of about 20 diff. Includes two half sheets of #IL20 inc. imprint and plate block. A few H, most NH. F-VF. . 2008 Sc. $127.30
160 * Sc. #720-723 mint 1995 Traditional Buildings 20 complete sets of 4. As 3 sheets of 10 each. Face in Can.funds over $40. VF-NH. 2008 Sc. $120
161 * 1986 to 2006 range of mint sets or souv. sheets plus about 34 FDC’s (valued as used stamps) Interesting and useful attractive lot. F-VF-NH. 2008 Sc. $234.45
162 * Mostly mint selection of Hong Kong issues of the 1990s and perhaps later. Many souv. sheets. Some empty presentation books and Miss Kelly Chen CD (Philatelic Ambassador with FDC). Gen. F-VF-NH. E$100+
163 * 1996 to 2003 range of mint issues and over 30 FDCs. Includes six sheets of 12 Sc. #940. Also brochure with 1996 stamps and 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 hard cover year books. The 2002 book would cat. $88 as stamps only. F-VF-NH E$150+
164 *o Sc. #9//551 & BOB 1882 to 1978 - about 860 stamps (525 *H-NH and 335 used) on stockpages. Many complete sets. A few better items. Some duplication. F-VF.2008 Sc. $450+
165 * Sc. #231a, 306-8 1972 1¢ wmk. sideways (250) as five plate gutter sheets of 50 each. UPU 1¢ 2¢ & 3¢ (250) each as plate imprint sheets of 25 each X ten. Total 1000 stamps. VF-NH.2008 Sc. $337.50
166 o Sc. (#156) or SG #427a used 1921 Geo. V engraved 8 pence blue perf. 14 X 14 ½. Fine. Circular cancel.2007 SG £50
167 * Sc. #889a//1779c 1988-2002 Small Lot of about 51 stamps and 16 s/s inc. Souv. Coll. of Threatened Birds (inc. French stamps) and “Roses” stamp pack (inc. Chinese stamps). Note Sc. #889a with “SYDPEX 88" emblem (Cat. $30) Face NZ $68.45 © $49.55) Duplication. VF-NH.
168 * Sc. #1413//1628 Hard-bound Millennium Book - Scott footnote (which may be in US dollars) states this sold for $129 from the post office. Includes six souv. sheets only issued in this book which was limited to 15,000 issued. VF.
169 * Sc. #1663-1665 and 1665a unsevered multiple of three mint Year 2000 set in special post office book - A Life That Spans a Century - The Queen Mother 100 Years. Sheet of 25 each value plus three souv. sheets unsevered. Only 5000 books issued. VF-NH.Cat. $124.75+
170 * Sc. #1768-1773, etc. 2002 Native Fungi - Limited Edition Folio - 2000 issued. Includes imperforate souvenir sheet which we understand was only issued in this album. VF. Numbered 1579. E$200+
171 * Sc. #1780-1786, etc. 2002 Art Meets Craft - Limited Edition Folio - only 2000 issued inc. a souv. sheet found only in this album. VF-NH. E$200+
172 C Sc. #1819-1824, etc. 2002 Leading the Waves - from limited edition pack. Includes imperf. sheet of (1824a). Only 2000 issued this being #1579. VF-NH. E$150+
173 C Sc. #1855-1859, etc. 2003 Ballet - in limited edition pack #1579 of 2000. Includes an unlisted souv. sheet with the 5 stamps. Mentioned as a footnote in Scott. VF-NH.E$150+
174 C Sc. #1869-1873, etc. 2003 Cornation Types from 1953 - limited edition folio #1579 of 2000 issued. Inc. a souvenir sheet as mentioned in a footnote in Scott. Only 2000 should exist. VF-NH. E$250+
175 C Sc. #1885-1889 etc. 2003 Antique Automobiles in limited edition folio. This #1579 of 2000 issued. Inc. unlisted souv. sheet of 20. VF-NH. E$150+
176 C Sc. #1885-1889 etc. 2003 Similar limited edition for Antique Autos - #123 of 2000 issued. VF-NH. E$150+
177 * Sc. #1910-1914 etc. 2004 Zoo Animals - limited edition pack - this #317 of 2000. Inc. souv. sheet only mentioned in Scott footnote. Also four colour separation examples for #1914. Limited edtion first day cover as well. VF. E$200+
178 * Sc. #1910-1914 2004 Similar Lot #163 of 2000. E$200+
179 * Sc. #1936-1940 etc. 2004 Wearable Arts limited edition pack which includes scarce sheet of 25 imperf. (five sets in sheet) #1579 of 2000 issued - imperf. sheet also numbered 1579. VF-NH. E$150+
180 * Sc. #1936-40 etc. 2004 Wearable Arts - similar lot. This #123 of 2000 isssued. VF-NH. E$150+
181 * Sc. #1956-1963 etc. Lord of the Rings Limited Edition pack including #1963c variety imperf. only found in this book. #1579 of 2000 issued. VF-NH. Souv. sheet numbered 1579. PHOTO. E$250+

182 * Sc. #1956-1963 etc. 2004 Similar Lot #123 of 2000 issued. VF. E$250+
183 * Sc. #1991-1995 etc. 2005 Year of the Cock in special post office limited edition pack. #123 of 2000 issued. Inc. strip of progressive proofs showing colour separation and souv. sheet of five mentioned as footnote in Scotts. Signed first day cover as well marked limited edition. Since only 2000 of these limited edition albums were printed, the souv. sheet of five is very rare. VF-NH. E$300+
184 * 2005 Year of the Cock limited edition pack #1579 of 2000 issued. Similar to previous lot. E$300+
185 * 1993 Stamp Collectors Folder - face about NZ $62. Range of the issues for that year. F-VF-NH.
186 *o Collection of several hundred diff. many slightly better values. Cat. to $50 a stamp. Owner gave us an estimate of $100+ but probably worth more. Nice clean lot. Gen. F-VF-H.
187 C 2001 to 2003 - about 105 cacheted FDCs. About 2/3 franked with souv. sheets, most of remainder with multiple stamps. Over 50 are “Lord of the Rings” issues of 2001, 2002, and 2003, plus 5 complete sets of FD souvenir postcards (30 cards) of 2003. Much duplication. Lovely lot. Face NZ $381.50 © $276.20). VF.
188 *o Large and valuable stock of mostly mint modern issues inc. souv. sheets. Note 1997 to 2001 Year Books with hard covers. Probably many hundreds inc. a few large sheets. Gen. F-VF-NH. E$250+
189 * Sc. #J9 SG #D9 Cat. £65 mint 1885 1 Shilling Due wmk. single crown and CA. VF-H. Trace of small light stain on gum2008 Sc. $77.50
190 1854 SFL being a printed and MSS bond for Raphael Casey from “MEMRAMCOOK/AU17" via “ST. JOHN/AU20" and rcvd. “FREDERICTON AU21". Face shows MSS “Late” and HS black “3" rate. To John R. Partelow, Province Secretary. Bond signed with an “X” “His Mark” referring to Raphael Casey. F+. PHOTO. E$100

191 * Sc. #30 1865 13¢ Fishing Ship - OG, fresh and F-H PHOTO.2008 Sc. $100
192 * USC #92 6¢ Lord Bacon “Z” backwards - VF-NH. PHOTO. $200

193 * USC #101 10¢ Paper Mills - VF-H. PHOTO. $120

194 * USC #192 1932 6¢ Blue Princess Elizabeth LL corner block of four. Gum bends at bottom pair, o/w VF-NH. PHOTO. $90
195 * USC #267 1943 Memorial University gutter block of for. Fresh and VF-NH. PHOTO. $75
196 * Document - front page of Newspaper “La Presse” dated May 15, 1937 showing colour Photogravures of British Monarchs. From 1760 to 1937 to commemorate George VI ascension to the throne. Rare and very fresh. E$50+
197 Maps - early 1900 - four mounted maps - one of Canada, one Maritime Provinces, and two of Quebec. Very fresh. E$60
198 Map - 1976 - huge 38" X 28" Map of the Province of Quebec published by the Quebec Ministry of Lands and Forests. Folded, o/w fresh. E$50
199 Steamer Related - Vignette die proof of the S.S. Montreal on wove paper (111mm X 58mm) , late impression. Scarce and VF. E$75+
200 Book - 1929 Standard British North America Catalogue by Fred Jarrett. Excellent reference book for early postmarks and cancellations, precancels, proofs, etc. Good condition for age. E$50+
201 Book - 1975 The Postage Stamps and Postal History of Canada by W.S. Boggs. Second printing. In mint condition. E$50
202 Book - 1976 The Postal History of Yukon Territory, Canada, by Robert G. Woodall. Excellent condition. E$40
203 Van Dam #(FB18P) 1¢ Second Bill Stamp - UL corner proof pair on India on card. Pos. 1 and 2. VF - superb. Attractive and scarce. PHOTO. E$50
204 * Van Dam #FEG 4, 5, 7, 9 & 10 plus FWM 67 KGV 1930 issues Electricity and Gas plus $1 Weights & Measures in blocks of four inc. a few corner blocks. Fresh and F-VF-NH. PHOTO. Cat. $154
205 * Van Dam #FPS #24//#58 mint Postal Scrip - 17 diff. a few LH or gum dist. #FPS 58 paper adh. at top. O/w fresh and F-VF-NH. PHOTO Cat. $221
206 * Van Dam #FPS51 Postal Scrip 20¢ small size. VF-NH. PHOTO. Cat. $75
207 Canada to USA - 1847 SFL Kennedy Correspondance. Red tombstone “MONTREAL/PAID/SP24/1847 CANADA” MSS “Paid to the lines (box 98)” and “9" pence. US “20" MSS for 20¢. F+ PHOTO. E$100+

208 C 1865 Legal Size 3 Stampless covers to Lizar, Clerk of the Peace, Goderich, Ont. Two rated unpaid “7" one a HS, one MSS and the other Paid 10 with nice “VARNA/UC/OC10/1865" HS. Others with Kincardine plus one of these with another town with letters “REE- 00" etc. VG. E$35
209 * Webb #EN3a 1¢ Blue Regular Issue Envelope - tongued flap - Batonne lines about 18mm apart. F and scarce. PHOTO.Cat. $65
210 1888 UPU Card to Belgium re: stamps for collectors, two 1903 cards one with view of Niagara Falls has two #75 tied by grid on it, the other to Germany is 1¢ QV Postal Stat. card. F. PHOTO E$35+

211 1¢ QV Postal Stat. Card showing almost full strike “SAULT STE. MARIE/ONT FE23/94" squared circle. “LONDON CANADA FE24/94" CDS on face of card. Message side from Imperial Bank shows head office and branches to Bank of Brit. N. America. Fine. PHOTO E$25+
212 Interesting group of ten cards used between 1903 and 1978 to various European countries. Plus a used Japan card (may be 1912) and a cover from Japan to USA per s/s Empress of Japan. Also two unused mission cards showing people in Northern Canada (probably from 1930s) Gen. F. E$40+
213 1962 to 1980 comprising mostly 1962 Letter Bills Forms and Registered Letter Bills for mail sent by train - 38 items note dispatching and receiving stamps. Also about 190 special request/change of address cards for period 1977 to 1980. About half franked with $1 Vancouver, the other half with a pair of 50¢ Seashore (USC #598). Note cancels. F-VF. E$75+
214 Postcards - All eras - about 85 cards of mostly Canadian ships, inc. tour boats and ferries. Note the Bluenose II (4 cards). Slight duplication, some valuable cards. Average to superb condition. E$100
215 Postcards - ca. 1960 2 large uncut sheets of postcards. 19 cards per sheet. Inc. scarce Gander Airport, Peggy’s Cove, etc. A couple of creases, otherwise fine. E$40
216 C 38¢ Era - about 605 covers with mostly Klussendorf cancels. Inc. many small towns, mainly from the province of Quebec. F-VF strikes on VF covers. E$75
217 C Official Cacheted First Day Covers - about 119 diff. from April 10, 1979 to Nov. 15, 1985 inc. 1983 $5 Point Pelee and $2 Commonwealth Day #977. Clean and VF. Total Face of stamps on cover $71.07.
218 C* Range of Modern FDCs - Years 2001 to 2003 but not complete. Note 2003 NHL All Stars Jan. 18th; Mountains 3 sets; Riopelle; Tourism; etc. Some still in original packs. Cost $23.44 plus about $39 face on others. Useful lot. About 31 First Day Covers plus $22.60 face in modern mint. VF-NH. E$70+
219 o 1880 to 1983 accumulation of used and unused items (about 83) including about 26 envelopes and one UK QV envelope; five wrappers inc. one to Costa Rica with added stamp missing; over 50 postal stat. cards and a letter card cancelled but not addressed. Strength in QV issues. Some faults, mostly VG-VF E$75-$100
220 *o Large accumulation of stamps, covers, FDCs, Xmas Seals, Booklets, Souvenir Items, Postcards. All reigns. Some heavy duplication. Not 601 FDCs single and PB, 756 *NH MS PB, 582a *NH 5 blocks & 5 PB, 508-11 *NH 2 blocks & 1 strip, 492 *NH block, 687 *NH PB, 727 *NH PB, 54 used CDS, 302 used (X5), 302 *H, 508-11 sheetlet *NH, CL25c used, 832a FDC (X75), O32 *H, 14 used, 50 *H gum thins, 136-8 used singles, 161 *H, 203i used broken X, 4d used 4 margins. STC $7000.E$650

221 * Large stock of issues inc. some booklets. Appears to be from about 1970 to 2002 for most part. Wide variety of issues. F-VF-NH E$650+
222 *o Collection of about 2160 stamps 1859-86 in Lighthouse hingeless album. Includes mint and used. Early material mixed condition. Mint is mostly NH F-VF. Note 15 used, 52 *H, 85 *H, 94 used faults 2008 Sc. $1200
223 *o 1859 to 1971 collection plus a few provinces. Canada includes #14, 15, 18, 2¢ green LQ, small Queens to 10¢ and 20¢ & 50¢ Widow Weed. Mostly used but note imperf. pair 2¢ Edward #90a, values to $1. Hi cat. value. Probably several hundred diff. mostly F or better. E$200
224 *o Canada/Australia - both mint plus selection of used Australia Cat. $471. Useful lot - many hundreds. Gen F-VF-H-NH. Note some 19th century Canada inc. 2¢ Map. E$75+
225 C*o Stock of mint and used. The mint inc. #216 (2); 272; 273; etc (21 mint stamps). Some faulty, others F-VF-H. Used probably several hundred stamps inc. #227, 273 & 302, $1 Values, QV to about 1970. Also two Liquor Revenues - 1¢ values of 1927 & 1928. Plus 8 covers inc. 7 FDCs 1976 8¢ Semi-Postal; then 1982 to 1985 souv. sheets or booklet pane FDCs and 2007 cover to Scotland. Gen. F-VF. Hi Cat. Value. E$60+
226 Junk Box - small lot of stamps on and off paper. Covers, supplies & literature. Note modern used Canada, Canada Expo 70 FDC, Germany stamps and covers, DDR 1986-7 mint and used. E$40
227 * Unused, no gum - about $20 face in 1¢ and 2¢ o/w 36¢ to 40¢ and then $1 X 280 and $2 X 200. Received from a regular consignor. Please examine. Sold as is. (total face $1500)
228 o Sc. #8 (2008 Sc. Cat. $600) Faulty space-filler. (Rare Stamp) PHOTO. E$60+
229 o Sc. #19 1859 17¢ blue Cartier - grid cancel. Fine. PHOTO.2007 Sc. $135
230 * USC #21i ½¢ thick paper - OG, perfs just cut at L, o/w large margins. VG-H. PHOTO.$180
231 o USC #22a 1868 1¢ brown red watermarked “C” of Clutha with portion of “E +” above. Nice example. Fine. PHOTO $250
232 o USC #29b 15¢ red lilac - nicely centered. VF. PHOTO$150
233 *o Accumulation of about 1500 Small Queens - mostly used. Many interesting shades and cancels. VG-VF. STC $2700. E$550
234 *o Sc. #34//87 & F1d Small Queens to end of Victoria stamps (no Jubilees) plus 2¢ Registered perf. 12 X 11 ½. Some mixed condition (35 stamps with about 23 diff.) Hinged - many F-VF. E$50+
235 o Sc. #35 1¢ Small Queen (150) various cancels, etc. F-Avg. 2007 Sc. $165 236 o 11 Queen Victoria stamps with squared circle cancels - nice “ARNPRIOR/JA14/01"; BRACEBRIDGE; DUNNVILLE; FLESHERTON; GEORGETOWN; HAMILTON; INGERSOLL; LAKEFIELD; LEAMINGTON; LISTOWEL & MERRICKVILLE. Partial strikes of course, but many quite full strikes. PHOTO. E$25+
237 C Sc. #36, 97(2), 107 (2) & 111 Canada to USA - 1928 Registered cover ex. Kindersley, Sask. and CDS cancels of same tie stamps. “NO 8/28" to Chicago with several BS of same. “SASK. & CAL. R.P.O./NO.2/E/NO 9/28" BS (Ludlow W-136 - RF 220). Fine and scarce. (hairlines on one #91i). PHOTO. E$35+

238 C Sc. #41 Unlisted fancy cork cancel “POC” on 3¢ SQ on advertising cover of McCool Bros. Lumber Manufacturers Mattawa, Ont. to Toronto with split ring BS of same “NT/JA1/92" “MATTAWA ONT DEC 31/91" on face of cover. Fine. E$75+
239 C Sc. #41 & 42 Canada to USA - 1895 Registered cover - 3¢ and 5¢ Small Queens paying rate - stamps tied by “WATERFORD/ONT./MR9/95" squared circle (63 covers reported). Strikes quite clear which is unusual for this. Scarce RPO BS (O-308) “ST. THOMAS + FORT ERIE RY. P.O./E” not a clear strike. 5¢ stamp bit over edge of cover, o/w fine and rare. PHOTO. E$85+

240 o USC #45bv 10¢ Deep Salmon Pink showing variety pitted right “O” (pos. 21) dated “JU9/92" CDS. F. PHOTO. $125+
1897 50¢ JUBILEE
241 o Sc. #60 50¢ Jubilee OTTAWA roller cancel. Slight creasing and perfs a bit clipped at R, o/w VF. (100,000 issued) PHOTO $250
242 o Sc. #67 Cat. $240 or SG #143 Cat. £180 1897 1¢ green QV Maple Leaf issue (200). F-Avg. Various cancels inc. dated. E$50+
243 * USC #73 10¢ OG, just F-H. Very fresh. PHOTO. $200
244 o USC #74-84 1898-1902 QV Numeral issue complete. F-VF. PHOTO. $180+
245 * USC #76 1898 2¢ purple QV Numeral upper left corner block of four. OG with slight gum crease on upper two. Centering F-VF, exceptionally fresh and F block of four. Rare thus. NH. No premium added for upper pair. PHOTO. $285+
246 * USC #87ii 1899 Provisional Issue “2 CENTS” on THREE CENTS carmine. Narrow 4.0 mm spacing. OG, VF-NH. PHOTO. $180
247 * USC #90a 2¢ Edward type 1 imperf. pair. VF-NH. PHOTO. $120
248 * Sc. #92 1903 7¢ Edward lower margin pair. Line thru “7" on right satmp at left. Same colour as oval. Unlisted. VG-F-H.2008 Sc. $360
249 C 1¢ orange postal stat. envelope with 1¢ yellow Admiral ex. booklet added and tied by grid. Scarce “PITT MEADOWS/B.C./MR21/30" split ring on face of cover. Fine. PHOTO. E$25+

250 * USC #112a 5¢ Violet thin paper, well-centered, VF-NH. PHOTO.$135
251 * USC #126a 1¢ Yellow Admiral unsevered coil block of four imperf. horiz. VF-NH. (50,000 issued to public) PHOTO $120
252 * USC #139 Single line Provisional ovpt. (50,000 issued). Fresh & VF-NH. PHOTO$160
253 * USC #168 4¢ Yellow Bistre Arch - block of four. VF-NH. PHOTO$160
254 * USC #177 1930 $1 Cavell - very fresh - VF-H. A Beauty! PHOTO.$300
255 * USC #241 1938 10¢ Memorial Chamber - pl. 1 UR block of four. VF-NH PHOTO. $112.50
256 * USC #245 $1 Chateau - VF-NH. PHOTO. $180
257 * USC #252 1943 3¢ violet cracked plate - LL pl. 19 slight crease in selvedge, o/w VF-NH. Scarce. PHOTO. $168.75
258 * USC #259 1943 14¢ Ram Tank - pl. 1 UL block of four. VF-NH. PHOTO. $101.25
259 * USC #260 1942 20¢ Corvette - pl. 1 LL block of four. Trivial creasing in selvedge, o/w VF-NH. PHOTO. $112.50

260 * USC #261 1942 50¢ Munitions - pl. 1 LR VF-NH. $360
261 * USC #262 1942 $1 Destroyer - VF-NH. PHOTO. $150
262 * USC #262 1942 $1 Destroyer - pl. 1 UL block of four. VF-NH. E$250+ PHOTO $900
263 * USC #278-281 1948 KGVI perf. 9 ½ coil strips of four each complete. VF-NH. Many superb. PHOTO. $288
264 * USC #294 1950 50¢ Oil Well pl. 1 MS. VF-NH. PHOTO.$300
265 * USC #320 1952 7¢ Canada Goose - pl. 1 & 2 mixed. Total 80 PBs inc. several MS pl. 2. F-VF-NH. $224
266 * USC #460ii 6¢ black Centennial die 1 hibrite LR corner block of 4. F-NH. PHOTO.$80
267 * USC #465Pi 25¢ Solemn Land - Wpg. tag UR blank corner. VF-NH. PHOTO. $250
268 * USC #486 1968 Armistice (50) inc. blocks of 4. F+-VF-NH. $137.50
269 * USC #541 1971 CBC (74) inc. blocks and an imprint block. F-VF-NH. .$187.50
270 * USC #505P, 513-4P, 541P & 556-7P 1970-71 Winnipeg Tagged Issues in MS of four corners. Fresh and F-VF-NH. PHOTO. $200
271 * USC #569ai 1973 Algonkian transparent hibrite - 10 UR and 9 LR imprint blocks of four. VF-NH. $332.50
272 * USC #935, 935i 1982 $1.50 Waterton Lakes pl. 1 sheet of 25. VF-NH. Should have all “Beacon in Mountain” varieties. $130+
273 C Sc. #1946(a-d) #1947 2002 Tulips Issue - die cut 48¢ two FDCs plus two Amphilex 2002 Amsterdam covers. Also two souv. sheets of four with Aug. 30, 2002 first day cover at Amphilex show (Unitrade doesn’t list an FDC for this!). VF. E$25+
274 * USC #E1 1898 10¢ Special Del. OG, fresh and F-NH. PHOTO. $120
275 * USC #E5 1932 20 “CENTS” very well-centered. VF-NH. PHOTO. $180
276 * USC #EO1 1950 Spec. Delivery ovpt. O.H.M.S. UR pl. 1 block of four. One stamp hinged, o/w NH-VF. PHOTO. $150

277 * USC #F1 1875 2¢ orange Registered stamp OG slight crease at top right perfs., really negligible, fresh and F-NH. PHOTO. $150
278 o USC #F1b 1888 2¢ rose carmine Registered - cork cancel - one short perf. at top. VF. PHOTO. $140
279 o USC #F1d 2¢ Registered - perf. 12 X 11 ½ - creases mostly visible under fluid. Well-centered, cork cancel, o/w VF. PHOTO. $140
280 * USC #J3 1928 4¢ Postage Due - VF-NH. PHOTO. $200
281 * USC #J3 1928 4¢ Postage Due - block of four. Quite well-centered for this. Sound and NH. $800 as VF
282 * USC #MR1 1915 1¢ green War Tax block of four. Very well-centered. One stamp LH, o/w VF-NH. $350
283 * USC #MR2c 20¢ Ovpt. Diagonal War Tax - fresh and VF-H. Well-centered for this. PHOTO. $150
284 * USC #O249-262 War Issue complete perf. 4 hole “O.H.M.S.” 10¢ tiny corner crease, o/w fresh and VF-H. PHOTO. $381
285 * USC #O10 $1 Train Ferry ovpt. “O.H.M.S.” (only 65,000 issued) VF-NH. PHOTO. $120
286 * USC #O16 1950 1¢ green KGVI ovpt. “G” pl. 1 UR sheet of 100. VF-NH. PHOTO. $150+
287 * USC #O17 1950 2¢ sepia ovpt. “G” pl. 1 UR sheet of 100. VF-NH. PHOTO. $300+
288 * USC #O18 1950 3c KGVI ovpt. “G” pl. 7 LR sheet of 100. VF-NH. May be folded between perfs. PHOTO. $300+
289 * USC #O31 1952 7¢ Canada Goose - pl. 1 MS. VF-NH. $140
290 * USC #O31 1952 7¢ Canada Goose - pl. 2 MS. VF-NH. PHOTO $140
291 * USC #O32 1953 $1 Totem ovpt. “G” pl. 1 LL. VF-NH. PHOTO. $150
292 * USC #O45a 20¢ Paper Industry ovpt. flying “G” MS of blank corners. VF-NH. PHOTO. $360
293 o USC #OX1 1879 brown Officially Sealed stamp - neat oval Dead Letter cancel. Some creasing as usual on used examples. VF. PHOTO. $200
294 o Wholesale quantities, much unsorted, mostly off-paper, a few earlier noted. Also worldwide some semi-sorted into envelopes. Gen. F. Owner’s low estimate $50+
295 o Sc. #135 1917 3¢ Confederation - 200 used. F-Avg. PHOTO 2008 Cat. $250
296 o USC #151 (7) & 154 & 157 (10) 1928 3¢ carmine (7) and 8¢ blue (1) and 20¢ (10) better values. F. Some CDS. $148
297 o Sc. #455//550 1967-1971 Centennials about 50,000 stamps 1¢ to 50¢ values. Great for cancels & varieties. E$125+
298 o Sc. #562-581 1972 to 1976 Indians - the 20 different per 200 each. F-Avg. most VF. $800
299 o USC #670-673, 700-703, 744-7, 776-9 1975 to 1978 Ships - complete set of 16 diff. times 200 each. Most F-VF. Some CDS. $1240
300 * USC #1256b 1989 38¢ Christmas ex. booklet scarce perf. Peterborough paper (100) Most VF. $600
301 o Mix about 1942 to modern - mostly defs. inc. coils and ex booklets, Christmas, etc. Some nice cancels and a few foreign may be expected. Values to $1 noted. About 24 pounds. E$55+
302 o Similar lot but about 21 pounds. E$50+
303 o Similar lot but about 30 pounds. Brief examination notes at least one stamp earlier than War Issue. Examine. E$65+
304 *oC Remnants of collections, covers, revenues, mixtures etc. Strength in B.N.A. but foreign, U.S.A. and British Commonwealth as well. Thousands of stamps. E$125+
305 *oC Similar lot. E$125+
306 *oC Similar lot. E$125+
307 *oC Similar lot. E$125+
308 Junk Box - worldwide - desk sweepings from a long time collector. Wide variety probably thousands. Also, some literature and philatelic supplies. Note nice manifying glass. Owner’s low estimate $50+.

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