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Tuesday November 29, 2005 - 11:45am
The Auction will take place at Toronto's Eagles' Club at 17 Elm Street, Downtown Toronto (Two blocks north of Dundas Street, West off Yonge Street) on Tuesday November 29, 2005, commencing at 11:45am. Viewing for this sale will start on November 21, 2005 to November 28, 2005 from 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Closed Sundays) at our office at 211 Yonge Street, suite 200. We will allow limited viewing on day of sale from 9.40 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. We are located just up the street from the Elgin Theatre and just around the corner from Massey Hall. We are across the street and just a bit south of the Eaton Centre Shuter Street Parking Entrance. Take the Albert Street/Massey Hall exit from the Queen Subway stop and you are outside our building. Please note that a 15% buyers commission will be added to the hammer prices of lots purchased, and applicable taxes will be added to the hammer price + commission.
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1 For the cigar buff - 3 advertising posters for “peace time” cigars and 2 army/navy ad posters for Victory cigars. Very colourful and pristine E$35+
2 Various - Comprising c.1930-40 advertising cards (4) for vitamins, 2 c. 1950 cards depicting classic autos; 19th century Nouveau Larousse page showing various sticker type emblems for metals, furs, etc; and a large colourful poster for a small collection of Japanese postage stamps (no stamps). Some faults, otherwise fine E$30
3 Mostly 19th century. 8 different maps comprising in colour “la Gaulle”, Paris, Paris & surrounding area, Italy Russia, Europe, plus 2 black & white from an old stamp album (North America & Asia and a hand drawn map of old France highlighting various dioceses & devotion sites to ST. Saturnin. Some minor faults, but generally fresh E$70
4 19th century collection of about 8 colour maps from the “Nouveau Larousse Illustre” incl. Europe during Crusades era, Rome, Balkan countries, Africa, Algeria & Tunisia, modern Egypt, Brazil and India. All mounted on black cardboard. Very fresh E$100+
5 Alsace under German occupation stampless cover with blue sender HS “Allinger/Strasboure” who was a piano manufacturer and has illustrated letter head for this red MSS “Strausburg in Elsass/24/8/71" to Utrecht Holland with arrival HS “26 avg 71" rate appears to be re “F25" written over blue “3PF” F E$75+

6 Alsace - Doc 1872 - Huge poster, on mauve paper, giving notice for the establishment of an iron mine in the Meurthe-et-Mouselle district. Note revenue on front, very rare document for this type of paper. Unresearched folded, but fresh E$65
7 Alsace-Lorraine - 1910 - Postal - Social stamps on card - 51 stamps total - some faults, but still very presentable E$30
8 * Sc.#B544-6,B605a 1953 Youth Semi-Postals NH, 1957 Antarctic S/S LH F-VF Cat. $213.50

9 *o Lot of about 1380 stamps (690 different) 1849-1993 mostly used. Note Belgium 1-2 used three margins, 8 used two margins, 12 used two margins, 22 used thin, 25 used pulled corner perf, 26 used, 31 used light corner crease, 47 used thin, 48 used short corner perf, 59 used. Gen fine or better STC $2000 US (2000 Scott)
10 Collection of about 105 postcards - Comprising approx. 60+ early 1900 from Belgium to Canada - note many railroad cancels, departures & arrival cancels,some dues, etc. Plus about 40 plus Italy and Switzerland (1940's to early 1960's) addressed to the family of a General Pierre Bertrand in Belgium. Lovely & VF lot E$120
11 Collection of about 158 older, mostly different cards. Including many undivided backs, real photos, etc. F-VF lot E$75+
12 One 1946 registered cover with “Kongtoontow” registered label B/S “Canton”; reg. div. Toronto and square purple “Kenora/APR.10/1946" destination hammer plus 11 other covers many with opening faults or tape stain at corners. Some 1946 & 1948 dates on these. Various origin cancels. “ Paksha/Toishan”, etc. Interesting lot. E$50+

13 *o Lot of about 1200 stamps 1885-1991. Some duplication. Note China 10*, 11 used. Gen fine or better. Also small assortment of other Asia (North & South Korea, Mongolia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam) not included in totals STC $840 US (2000 Scott)
14 *o Lot of about 2700 stamps (1800) different). All periods. Gen. fine or better STC $1150 US ($1350 CAN) 2000 Scott.
15 *o Lot of about 945 stamps & 55 S/S mostly mint NH complete sets. Many Eurpoa sets and sheetlets from 1970's & 80's. Note Finland 679-80 *NH, Fr. Southern Antarctic Terr. 1* NH block, Iceland 573-4 *NH, Italy 578 *NH, Japan 1087, 87a NH, Spain 877-8 *NH, Luxembourg 315-7 *NH, Vatican 242a *NH. Some duplication. F-VF 2006 Sc. U.S. $970 (C$1140)
16 o Postal history. Classics Mid to late 1800's - Covers & folded stamped letters - about 12 items. Note various stamps, various & unusual cancels, shades, stars, etc. Cat values to Euro 50 per owner. Also includes 3 Great Britain stampless fronts dated 1831. Great & valuable lot Examine Mostly F E$125+
17 9 better items - Comprising 1842 SFL addressed to a Marquis; 1849 SFL to “la Superieure de la visitation”, Valence; 7 late 1800 various diff. Frankings & several backstamps. Some scarcer items. Examine. Some faults, but gen. F-VF E$75+
18 * Sc #329 mint 1937 PEXIP sheet. NH but some light gum disturbance upper right corner (priced as hinged). A few light gum bends, otherwise VF 2006 Sc. U.S.$250 (C$295)

19 * Sc. #1100 mint 1964 Philtac 2 sheetlets of 8 with commemorative inscriptions on side margins. VF *NH. 2006 Sc. U.S.$280 (C$330)
20 o Sc #1294//1886. 1974 to 1984 - about 15 limited edition first day souvenir items issued by the P.O. with large embossed hand stamp, original engraving in “taille-douge” with a comm. cancel. All defs issue stamps, High quality printing (some scarce) listed in Yvert. VF E$45+
21 o Sc.#1407//1839 - 1974 to 1982 - 11 different limited officials 1st day of issue comm. souv. articles - listed in Ceres and Yvert. Includes 6 items of the 1975- 1976 region of France series (mostly hi values). Note 1st day cancels & large embossed handstamps. VF & scarce E$60
22 o 1974 to 1985 - 20 different official limited P.O. souv articles (+2 dupl.) paintings by famous artists, includes Miro, Picasso, Van Doneg, Corot, Zadkine, Agam, Raphael, etc. Listed in Yvert - All with 1st day cancels and VF E$100+
23 * Lot of about 115 stamps. 1937-82 in singles & sheets. Includes 239 cut down (priced as singles), 907-9, 673-4. VF *NH. Also 1150 4 proof sheets of 3 not included in totals. 2006 Sc. U.S.$355.20 (C$420)
24 Postcards. 1901 to 1961. Mostly early 1900's P.C. - (35) Comprising 13 diff. with railway stations cancels; 9 with scarce “pearled” cancels (cancels type 24 in Ceres and 13 “Cogwheel” type CDS cancels. Most are F-VF strikes. Very interesting lot. Must be seen E$70
25 Postcards - 1906 to early 1950's - (24) note 1915 military card 5th regiment du Genie, railroad section Pars de Siege, from Gensac la Balbe; lot of 21 cards with rare Daguin slogans - all diff. owner states retail US$6 - $20 each great variety of topics, franks and rates (includes some to foreign locations) Rare & fine E$75+
26 Postcards - Collection of about 145, mostly older (pre 1920) postcards - many undivided backs real photos, castles, famous buildings, etc. Some coloured. F-VF lot E$75+
27 Postcards - Collection of about 39 “Joan of Arc” cards includes several works of art, statues, etc. All different. Many scarcer items. F - VF lot E$50+
28 Postcards - Collection of about 145 “Napoleon Bonaparte” cards. - includes many historical sites, family, army, etc. Slight duplication. Very interesting lot. F VF E$100+
29 Postcards - Collection of 4 booklets of cards depicting various castles; note Chateaux d’Amboise, Chaumont-sur-loire and Langeais (2 different books) total of over 80 cards. 3 books by Leux and Neurdein, the other by Yvon. VF E$75
30 Postcards - Scarce lip complete booklet of 68 numbered P.C. depicting various murals, paintings & monuments of “le Pantheon” of Paris. VF & rare E$75+
31 Postal History - 1926 to 1999 - 40+ items. Comprising 21 different covers/cards with Daguin slogans (very rare). Great variety of topics. Owner states retail US $6-$20 each; 19 cards/covers with French Philatelic Expos. All different, colourful & interesting; plus 2 covers franked with Sc. #612-3 respectively. Rare usage alone for ordinary mail - both superb. Fine lot E$130
32 o 1968-1987 collection of 43 limited numbered issue, all with 1st day cancels depicting work of art by some of the greatest artists, such as Gauguin, Renoir, Degas, Millet, Monet, Van Gogh, Ubac, Raphael, Da Vinci, etc. Beautiful illustrations & superb printed by Edition Cef, nice, France E$150+
33 o 1969-1989 - Collection of 43 limited issue with comm. 1st day cancels. Produced by Editions Cef, nice, France all numbered and all different. Depicting work of art by artists such as Le Brun, Miro, Sisley, Rubens, Dali, Soulages, David, etc. Lovely collection & VF E$150+
34 o 1974 to 1986 - 18 official limited P.O. souv. articles - paintings by famous artists. Note Rubens, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Picasso, Da Vinci, etc. All with comm. 1st day cancels some scarce - listed in Yvert. VF E$100
35 1978 to 1981 - 10 limited official souv. items issued by the P.O. all duplicating large paintings by famous artists. Note Dali, Carzou, Excoffon, etc. - All with 1st day cancels, embossed handstamp. Gorgeous illustrations. Listed in Yvert. Some scarce & VF E$75
36 Sc.#1848, 2016, B528//B598. 1980 to 1988 - 11 different souv. articles - Mostly Polar and N.A. explorers (3 officials P.O. souv. items) the others are limited numbered edition (max 33,800 of each) produced & distributed by Le Reseau Commercial Cef - France & foreign. All with 1st day cancels. Beautifully illustrated with long instructive narratives. Superb & scarce E$100+
37 o France & Colonies. Lot of about 1200 stamps (700 different) 1853-1996. Some early mixed condition, otherwise fine. Note good variety of used art stamps, semi-postals. STC $700+ US ($825 CDN) 2000 Scott
38 France - Documents. 1775, 1856. 1775 blank tax payment request notice in pristine cond., plus 1856 “Moniteur des Communes “(2), topics incl. report to the Emperor, pensions for retirees, Legion of Honour, agriculture, etc, the other appears to be an incomplete table of contents for vol V. Note Coat of Arms vignette. Good cond. & fresh E$80
39 2 early 1800 Revolution doc. Dealing about the wealth & properties of emigrants (nobleman who flew from the revolution) Various signatures, unresearched. Very fresh & scarce E$80
40 Yr. 11 of the revolution - letter from the liquidator of the public debt to a Citoyen “Marechal” in Turin. Note addressed to “Poste Restante” Very fresh E$65
41 Year 6 of the Revolution - rare “Via express” letter to Privas re “L’Ardenche” long unresearched small piece missing (not affecting contents), otherwise very fresh E$60
42 Yr. 6 of the revolution - 8 page doc. from the Minister of Justice - note rare Vignette - 3 torn corners resulting in a few missing words E$35
43 2 docs. Year 8 of the Revolution - Letter with an interesting revenue & signatures. Unread and unresearched. Fresh. Also end of 17th century 8 page sermon - nice calligraphy, but repaired with archival paper.Still very clean & fresh. E$80
44 Year 8 of the Revolution - 3 page edict from the Dept. of “Cher” imposing a special tax of 10% for various public services. Superb E$70
45 Year 9 of the Revolution. Very impressive large document on watermarked paper outlining various legal steps with regards to the elections of year 9. Unresearched. Very fresh & rare E$75
46 Year 9 of the Revolution - Dept. of Cher. 3 page letter to the Mayors of various locations dealing with elections. Unresearched -Very fresh E$50
47 Year 9 of the Revolution - “blank form letter” from the “Prefet” of the Cher Dept. requesting the list of voters from the Mayor of various locations. Note great Vignette, signature. Very fresh E$40+
48 Year XII of the Revolution - Notice to soldiers & their families that rumours of a General amnesty for deserters or AWOL soldiers is completely false. Fresh E$40
49 3 documents of year 9 of the Revolution - legal bulletins #90, 92 and 94 dealing with several ordinances dealing with various topics, many with regards to the setting up of “Bourses de Commmerce” All very fresh and signed in print by “Abrial” E$75
50 1852. May 6 “Moniteur des Communes” No. 12 main topics includes the withdrawal of the 25 cent coins, political prisoners, concessions of land in Algeria, etc. Very fresh E$45+
51 1856 “Moniteur des Communes” 6 issues between April 10 and Nov 27, 1856. Various topics, officials and non official. Fresh E$90+
52 Covers - 1858//1866. 9 folded stamped letter and 1 cover - most 1861 and franked with Sc.# 15. Note various postmarks, incl some RPO; some scarcer commercial and some small towns. Examine Gen F E$100+
53 Document - 1859 edict from the Cardinal of Bourges (Cardinal Dupont) ordering special prayers for the armed forces during the Crimean war. Note fabulous Vignette & Coat of Arms. Also attached to and forming part of the document is an official letter from the Minister “Rouland” to the Cardinal. Very fresh E$75+
54 2 docs. of year IX of the Revolution - extract from legal bulletin No. 85, series III dealing with tax budget and remittances: plus a circa 1900 mounted page with 2 black & white cartoons (one by “Judge”, the other “Life”). Quite interesting and appropriate for the times. Some toning and small tear in cartoon (not affecting print), otherwise nice & fresh E$35
55 1860 - Jul 19 issue of “le Moniteur Universel”, the official newspaper of the French Empire. Various topics of the day, incl. duty for Foreign Countries. Note Revenue. Very fragile and aged E$30
56 1870 War of 1870-71 in characters inventories of furniture and uniforms. May have been written during the Prussian occupation. Rare & very fresh E$50
57 CA 1870-1871 rare war commune posterettes titled “tuer est toujours un crime” (to kill is always a crime) Anti war doc. - speaks of patriotism. Very fresh E$60
58 5 docs. 1896 to 1942 incl. 1896 death notice franked with 5c P & C (special rate); 1905 scarce money order receipt; 1924 payment notice form; 1915 registered confirmation receipt with 75 c rate and a 1942 large registered cover stamped “Expo Philatelique, la poste a Paris” all rare & fresh. E$75+
59 2 docs. 1910. Comprising an invoice from “Distillerie de la Benedictive” dated Sept 10, 1910 to a M. Givan Codordvits in Belgrade and an invoice from “Fromages de Roquefort” dated Nov 23, 1910 to the same client. Note great vignettes. Very scarce. Fresh E$40
60 1910 to 1935 -about 75 items depicting various cartoons of the era by the best cartoonists (mostly French) of the time. Most in black & white. A few defects, but mostly F - VF examine E$125+
61 5 docs. 1913 to 1943. 4 receipts for fire insurance from “la Nantaise, Societe d’Assurance” note diff. revenues and illustrations. Plus a 1913 cheque from maison H. Meric to a Mrs. Blanchard - note several handstamps from various banks. Very fresh E$50+
62 1939 - Rare French Mission. 8 page ordinance No. V to British troops, mostly on censorship and how to apply rules, etc signed in print. Very fresh E$70
63 o 1949. Scarce 24/6/1949 “Centenaire Marechal Gallieni” - Paris cancel on cover - VF. Also small lot of 12 Indo China unused postcards - c. 1905, some faulty E$50
64 Ephemera - c. 1950. Large advertising cards produced by a Pharmaceutical Co. These were distributed through the “Medicographie” magazine as they were produced complete set of 50, depicting trees. Superb E$75+
65 Docs - 1970 - Petition to save the “Olympia Music Hall” 18 docs., each signed by a diff. artist, noted musicians, dancers, etc - having their names in print & signed. Superb E$90
66 Lengthy 1837 SFL in German - ex “Orson/22/4" (Westfalen). Rotterdam BS “23 APR. ”and red two line HS which we can’t interpret. Fine E$40+
67 *o Lot of about 430 stamps. Mostly mint. Some minor duplication. Note Danzig C26 *, Gen fine STC $343 (2000 Scott)
68 o 2006 Sc. #1, 1a $885 US - 1851 1 KR thin & thick papers. Both sound 3 margin copies. Fine

69 * Sc. #22a- 1864 6 KR perf. 10 Prussian blue fine * part OG. Includes used copy of 22 ultramarine for comparison 2006 Sc. U.S.$597.50 (C$700)
70 *o Lot of about 43 stamps. Some minor duplication. Includes 3a used cut close. 4a used margins, 12a used, 13 *, 14 used, 16 used (x2), 17 used, 23a used (x2), 25 * (2 shades), 28 used, 28a *. Also LJ1-2 forgeries and Brunswick 26 * faulty not in totals VG-F 2006 Sc. U.S. $1471.25 (C$1730)
71 *o Lot of 17 stamps. Includes 12 used thin, 19b * OG 4 margins, 19b used 3 margins, 22a used 3 margins, 23 used two shades both 4 margins, 25 used, 25a used, 26 used, 28 used VG-F 2006 Sc. U.S.$843.50 (C$990)
72 * Sc. #1-6, 2a 1864 set of 6 plus dark green shade of #2. No gum. Small thins on #2a, 3, 6. VG-F 2006 Sc. U.S.$797.50 (C$940)
73 *o Lot of about 31 stamps. Includes 5 used wmk. inverted. 3 margins, 6 used, 4 margins, 7 used 4 slight margins, 8 used 3 good margins, 9 used 4 margins, 10 used 2 margins pen cancel, 12a used 4 margins, 14 used, 14a used clipped corner, 15a used, 16a used, 18a used, 23-5 *NG, 26-27 * part OG. Gen fine. 2006 Sc. U.S.$906.50 (C$1065)
74 *o Lot of about 52 stamps. Some minor duplication. Includes 1 used thins, 2 margins, 2 used small thin 2 margins, 4 used 2 margins, 9 used thin cut close, 11 used 3 margins, 12 used 3 margins thin & crease, 17 used 2 margins, 19 used 3 margins, 20 used 2 margins, 30 used, 43 used 3 margins, 49 used 2 margins, 50 used cut close; 51 used spacefiller, 53-4 used. VG-F. 2006 Sc.. U.S.$2397.95 (C$2820)
75 o Sc.#29 1861 18 Kr dark blue. Short corner perf and small thin. Fresh appearance 2006 Sc. U.S.$1200 (C$1410)
76 *o Lot of about 44 stamps. Includes 5 used (x3), 7 used. 10-1 used, 13 used, 13a used small thin, 17 used, 21 used, 23 used dulled corner, 26 used repaired par, 27a used, 29 used rounded corner, 31 used, 32 used short corner perf, 34 * part OG., 37 used small thin, 39 & 39a used short perfs. used, 40 used, 44 used (2shades), 45 used, 45a used pulled corner, 48 used thinned perfs, 52 used VG-F. 2006 Sc. U.S.$3287.20 (C$3865)
77 *o Lot of about 135 stamps (45 diff.) from Oldenburg, Saxony, and North German confederation. Includes Oldenburg 25 *NG (x2). One torn corner. Saxony 13 used cut close, N Confederation 11 used, 20 used clipped perfs. VG-F. Also N. Confederation 1 qr cut square from stationary (x3). 2006 Sc. U.S.$701.95 (C$825)
78 o Sc. # 667-668 & B309 $218. 1949 Centenary of German Postage Stamps. Set of 3 plus special 1950 postkarte with set tied “30.3.50" for Deutsche Industrie-Messe Hanover 1950 F-VF $218

79 Sc.#1361, B 585. 1981 - First day issue. Souv articles, Edition Philartes No. 3 and no 7 - limited editions signed by the designers - No. 3 by Schillinger and No. 7 by Janota Bzowski. VF E$40
80 *o Lot of about 660 stamps & 70 s/s mostly mint NH. Many complete sets. Some duplication. Strength in 1960'6 to 80's..Note B90 * NH, Berlin 9 N 284-301 * NH, 9 N 62 * NH. Also includes B33 reprints (x5). 1973 IRBA sheets (x7), and FRAMA set of 21 not in totals. 2005 Sc. U.S.$830 (C$975)
81 *o Early 1900's to 1940's: Collection of about 775 stamps in an old Kabe album. Noted several stamps with cat. value between $4.00 up tp $20.00. Including several occupation stamps, Latvia, some Bavaria, etc. Some mixed condition., otherwise generally F-VF-H E$120
82 *o 1930's/1940's. Accumulation of several hundred mint & used. A few covers & SS. Note * #664a creased, mainly war years, etc. Nice clear lot. Hi Cat. Most mint are NH. Gen F-VF E$100+
83 *o 1170 Mostly different (about 875 different) STC $529.71. Lot incl. some Saar (Cat. $19.60) and German colonies (54 diff.). 64 stamps S.T.C. 2002 Sc. US $263.50. Useful lot. Total Sc. S.T.C. $812.81. A few faults. Gen F-VF-H-NH
84 *o DDR, States, etc. Many, many hundreds in small stock books. Looks interesting. Gen F E$40+
85 1914-18 - 6 Covers with German stamps, but mailed from Alsace - Lorraine all soiled, but still very interesting & unusual E$45
86 o WW1 - Prisoner of war postcard - from Montauban to Germany via Switzerland - note superb “depot des prisoniers de Guerre” handstamp VF E$40+

87 1945 prisoner of War cover to Verdun Que. Stampless & dated Jan 10, 1945 from Stalag Luft III message in French on cover interior note. This was the main camp for allied airmen, located in Sagan, the camp was evacuated 2½ weeks after the letter date on Jan 27th. More than 10,000 men were moved before they could be liberated by the Russians. VF E$100+
88 1948 Prisoner of War postcard from a German P.O.W. in Russia to Germany, very scarce & fine E$75+

89 * Sc. #C71-3 1954 N.A.T.O. Airmail set. VF * NH 2002 Sc. U.S.$88.00 (C$104)
90 *o Lot of about 785 stamps (585 different). All periods. Incl. Fiume, San Marino, Vatican, Epirus, Heligoland. A few early mixed condition, otherwise fine. STC $354 US ($415 CDN) 2000 Scott
91 *o Lot of about 595 stamps (515 different) 1876-1993. Gen. Fine STC $1190 US (2000 Scott)
92 *o Modena 11a 1859 15¢ grey-brown part OG some toning 3 good margins. Modena 14 * OG 3 good margins. Parma 3 used 4 margins. All with Stolow backstamps. Fine 2006 Sc. U.S.$535.00 (C$630)
93 o Sc. #10, 10a, 12b, 14 Sardinia 4 used stamps. Incl. 14 80c orange-yellow 3 good margins almost touching at bottom with March 1863 Torino CDS. Also 20¢ embossed on deep blue paper (postal stationary?) Fine 2006 U.S.$481.50 (C$565)
94 *o Roman States lot of 10 stamps. Incl. 1 two margins. 1a four margins, 4 two margins, 4c three margins, 5 three margins, 5a two margins, 8 cut close, 9 four margins, 18 two margins all used; 1c * part OG three narrow margins. VG - F 2006 Scott U.S.$1660 (C$1955)
95 o Sicily #10 1859. ½g orange 3 good margins. Just touching at bottom. Fresh 2006 Sc. U.S.$750.00 (C$885.00)
96 o Tuscany lot of 17 stamps. Incl. 4, 4a, 5, 6, 6a, 7, 8, 8a, 13 (3 shades), 14, 17 small tear, 19a, 20, PRI. All cut into on one or more sides. Otherwise sound. VG-F. 2006 Scott U.S.$2552.50 (C$3000)
97 Postcards - lot of over 320 older postcards. Per owner all different - unchecked by us. Many real photos and undivided backs. Mostly unused. VF lot E$150+
98 Documents - 1856-7. 1856 blank preprinted “Certificated de Deposito del Debito Publico” and an 1857 edict dealing with maritime sanitary taxes. Note vignette and bold signature in print of Vittorio Emanuele. Both very fresh and rare E$60
99 Literature - 6 souvenir booklets, each with about 30 cards depicting various points of interest and a short descriptive narrative (in 3 to 5 languages) of each on the back of the cards. Note the cities of Napoli, Torino, Milano, Venezia & Roma (2 diff.) Fair to VG condition E$90
100 o Used wholesale lot of about 48 scenes 1949 - 50. Incl. 453 (x8), 519 (x17), 519a. - -torn selvedge counted as 519. CDS, F-VF 2006 Scott U.S.$258.90 (C$305)
101 *o Lot of about 865 stamps (330 different) 1876-1996 mostly used. Generally fine or better. STC $370 US (2000 Scott)
102 *o Lot of about 3800 stamps. Mostly used. All periods. Some minor duplication. Gen fine. Est Cat value $1500 US (2000 Scott). Includes a number of uncatalogued Cuba & Haiti
103 * Sc. #214-6 1944-5 Royal family in blocks of 4 VF * NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$160.00 (C$190)

104 * Sc. #238 1949 philatelic exhibition. s/s. VF * NH. Small gum disturbance at bottom 2006 Sc. U.S.$110

105 *o Accumulation of singles, blocks & sheetlets. 1935 - 80. Note 227-35 * NH, 274-6 *NH, 151 *NH, 316a *NH (x2), 674 *NH sheetlet of 4, b14 *NH, B18 *NH, C14 *NH, 030-6 *NH. Also a number of Eurpoa sets in mint & used sheetlets. VF. 2006 Sc. U.S.$1081.15 (C$1270)
106 *o Lot of about 430 stamps (360 d ifferent) 1882 - 1987. Note Liechentenstein 3 used, 97*, 102-3 used. Gen fine or better. STC $265 US (1999 Scott)
107 * Lot of 7 different Europa sheeltlets. 1975 - 83. Includes 962a, 1068a, 1144a, 1228a, 1279a, 1330a, 1369a. VF & NH. 2006 Sc. U.S.$220.00 (C$260.00)
108 *o Lot of about 1020 stamps (825 diff.) 1864 - 1999 mostly used. Generally fine or better STC $409 US (2002 Scott)
109 * Sc. #28 1901 giraffe inverted centre. Fine * H 2006 Sc. $50.00 US
110 *o Accumulation of several thousand stamps from 1940s to 1960s. Mostly used many CTO. Some heavy duplication. Gen Fine E$60+
111 * Sc.#657a 1945 Pres. Carmona S/S of 8 VF *NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$210 (C$250.00)

112 * Scott #667a 1946 castles S/S of 4 VF *NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$150 (C$175.00)

113 * Sc. #670a 1946 Bank of Portugal S/S of 4. VF *NH. A few gum bends 2006 Sc. U.S. $140 (C$165)

114 * 6 different S/S 1944-9. Includes 641a H, 649a NH, 661a NH, 674a NH, 682a H, 701a NH. F-VF. Some gum wrinkles. 2006 Sc. U.S.$417.50 (C$490)
115 * Europa. 3 singles & 14 minature sheets. 1977-83 from Portugal, Azores and Madeira. VF *NH. Buy price $195 US ($230 CDN)
116 * Mint wholesale lot unofficial topical souvenir sheets from such areas as Batum, Tannu Tuva, etc. Approx. 250 S/S (22 diff.) featuring movie stars, sports stars, birds, animals, music, etc. F-VF *NH E$500
117 *o Lot of about 1800 stamps all periods. Some duplication. Mostly used. Some early mixed condition, otherwise fine or better. STC $730 US (2000 Scott)
118 * Sc. #B106b, B108A, C, B108E, J - 5 better S/S 1937-8. VF *NH. 2006 Sc. U.S. $242.50 (C$285)
119 * Sc. #B108L, B108K 1933 Army & Navy. Souvenir sheet perf & imperf. VF *NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$252.50 (C$300)

120 *o Sc. #50//2445 1860 to mid 1980's. Over 530 mint & used - mostly pre 1980. Note Goya issue, catacomb, restoration issue, etc. on one stockcard. Mints appear H. F-VF. STC 2005 Sc. $200.00+
121 *o Wholesale lot of about 6250 stamps all periods to1990 in 8 stock books. Gen fine E$200+
122 o 1877 to 1986 over 230 used stamps on stocksheet includes #17, 31, 36, etc. Appear F-VF. 2004 Scott STC $230.00+
123 o Used stock quantities from 1 to over 200 of the same but a wide variety of stamps 1900 - 2005 issues. Gen F or better. 2004 Sc. Sweden STC $1183 US, Denmark STC $480.00 US. Total Cat. US$1663.00
124 * Sc. #352a, B130, B131, B297. $322.50 US ($380.00 CDN) 5 better souvenir sheets includes B297 with No. 3 and No. 6 in lower right corner. VF *NH. 2006 Sc. U.S.$322.50 (C$380)
125 * Sc. #B105 1940 national fete day S/S. VF *NH. Couple of tiny mount stains 2006 Scott U.S.$425 (C$500)

126 *o Sc. #B144 1945 Basel dove S/S mint NH and used with first day cancel. VF 2006 Sc. U.S. $245 (C$290)

127 * Sc. #B206 1951 Lunaba S/S. VF *NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$275
128 *o 6 better souvenir sheets. 1936-51. Includes 242 *NH and used, B80 *H, B119 *H, B143 *H, B206 *H. VF 2006 Sc. U.S.$472.50 (C$555)
129 * Sc. #B229a1953 insects pro juvenute sheet of 24. VF *NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$375 (C$440)

130 * Sc. #C42, C45 1947 & 1949 airmails in corner blocks of 4. VF *NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$172 (C$200).

131 *o Accumulation of about 1030 stamps & 27 S/S in singles & blocks. 1920s to 80s, many complete sets. Mint is mostly NH. Includes 352a *H, 371a *NH and used, 378-81 *NH (x*(, B132 *H, B178* faulty gum, B204 used block, B212-6 *NH blocks, B237-41 *NH blocks, B479 *NH sheet of 8. Some heavy duplication F-VF. 2006 Sc. U.S.$1220 (C$1435)
132 o About 600 mostly different stamps. 1880's to 1989 issues. A couple with minor flaws mostly F-VF attractive and useful lot. 2006 Sc. STC U.S.$400.00+ (C$500+)
133 7 covers 1927-47. Includes 1927 cover with B37-40, 1937 cacheted cover with special CDS for Capitulation Conference Montreux franked with 227- 36 set of 9, 1941 registered airmail to USA with franked with C15a, 1938 cover to USA with Geneva exp. letter CDS & a Zurich national exposition seal, two 1947 1st Swissair flight Geneva to N.Y. (one with cachet), 1947 registered airmail to N.Y. with Bern Postal Museum CDS. VG-F E$75+
134 *o Scott btwn. #1&1744. Lot of about 112 stamps. 187 different. Mostly used. Note 13 *, 79 used, 89 used. Gen Fine or better STC $265 US (1998 Scott)
135 * Sc. #155a 1952 stamp centenary. S/S of 4. VF *NH. 2006 Sc. U.S.$140 (C$165)
136 *o Small accumulation. Includes Austria lot of about 530 stamps (405 diff.) 1867-1998. (STC $130), Turkey lot of about 350 stamps 1865-1950 (STC $305) Afghanistan 43 early issues. 1871-1884 (high cat. value if genuine) Nagaland & Scottish locals. Quantity of CTO sheetlets, mint UN, Indonesia unissued set of 11 to 20s. VG-VF E$150

137 *o Junk box. Property as received - 1000's of stamps on/off paper, in glassines, on pages, a few covers - note nice mint small coll of Canada B.O.B., etc. Hours of sorting fun - examination will pay Gen F E$150
138 * Lot of about 100 topical sets & partsets. 1955 to 1999. Note Belize 345-59, some better. North Korea, Norfolk 201-17, Switzerland B 248-51, Thailand 686-93, Vietnam 455-608 & 798-805. Zimbabwe 529-32. Some minor duplication. F-VF *NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$575+ (C$675+)

139 *o Accumulation of several thousand stamps on & off paper. Note quantity of USA on paper. Br. Pacific nice accumulation of on & off paper & covers from 1970s. Also foreign sets in quantity Note Spain B82-5, B98-101 *NH (X15). Gen fine E$125
140 1960's to early 1980's selection of first day covers. The odd mint set, etc. About 260 items. Cat. value to about US $8.00. noted but many attractive items. P.R. of China, Swiss, etc. Gen F - VF E$100+
141 Two pounds of mostly large stamps - no Canada or USA. Close cut single paper E$40+
142 Two pounds of mostly large - no Canada or USA. Close cut single paper E$40+
143 Selection of about 114 covers or cards. Some strength in Netherlands inc. FDC’s Mostly 20th century but 1895 Madagascar cover noted. Looks interesting. Some mixed condition. Most F or better E$75+
144 Postcards - Lot of about 32 mostly better cards - includes US, CDA, UK, etc Various cancels F VF E$40
145 Documents - 1875 to 1966. 14 diff docs & covers dealing with military topics. Note 2 1875 letters in French, French doc (circa 1880) dealing with penalties for war crimes or offenses. 1929 letter from M.F. Hodge, Empire House, Birmingham to a Mr. Priest. 2 US Navy docs dated 1957; 1917 Nazi-France anti Soviet small propaganda poster; etc. Examine - damage on 3 docs, others fresh E$65
146 Ephemera - Comprising Nevis specimens, proofs & imperfs, royalty essays; Pohjois Inkeri (Sc #8-14*) CAT $51 if real; 4 Expos related PC.; France 1946 salon de l’aeronotique, Paris; 1948 air mail labels - US boxing championship (Zale vs Cerdan); various postcards & 2 packages of human monsters cards signed by famed Artish Hassler. Interesting. F-VF E$75
147 SS #SC3 1966 SIPEX souvenir card with 3 scenes of Washington. A few light paper bends. Fine + 2005 SS U.S.$160 (C$190)

148 1974-5, 1977-2004 comm. year sets complete - 1992 onward in hardcover books face over US$475.00 VF
149 * Modern collection. comprising of All American album with mint comm. 1934 to 1973 virtually complete; WW II - 1942 “into the Battle book with stamps; various loose mints (mostly 1970s - 1980s) comms; s.s.; A few covers; and a US liberty stamp album (no stamps) face of mint well over $150 and mostly NH. Also includes Canada USC #247 part sheet of 50. F-VF F E$175+
150 *o Lot of about 1100 stamps mostly used. 1851-2002. Some minor duplication. Some early mixed condition. Otherwise fine. Note 10 used spacefiller, 68 used toned small thin, 113 used small thin, 148 used small tear, 151 used SE two sides. 160 used spacefiller 163used soiled 165 used SE tear 191 used toning SE 2 sides C5 used thins. STC $1600+US ($1885 Can.) 1998 Scott
151 o Used wholesale stock of about 1300 stamps from 1850s to date. VG-VF E$200
152 *o Mostly used 1930s to early 60s collection of about 900 stamps - includes a large number of blocks and plate blocks. A few German & Israel * Appears F - mint mostly H E$35
153 *o Small accumulation. Mostly mint NH USA & UN includes USA 79 Olympics plate blocks & zip blocks. UN 15 flag sheetlets. Est Cat. value $200. F-VF
154 1903 to modern range of about 400 or more covers including a few UN. Note 1945 free “V-mail”; Postal stat. flags, slogans FDC’s soec. slogans doc., etc. Some faulty most fine or better E$60+
155 Postcards - Collection of about 58 better older cards, includes Boston, N.Y. City, etc. Also includes 2 older faulty items. Slight duplication. Mostly F-VF E$65
156 Postcards - Lot of about 143 different cards. Most between 1910 - 1950 some better F-VF lot E$70+
157 Documents - Late 1700 early 1800 - 7 pieces of paper in Levi Bartlett. (1763-1828) handwriting. Levi was the son of Josiah Bartlett, best known as a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Historical narrative and short bio of Levi Bartlett included, as well as photocopies of various letters or decrees in Levi’s hand. Fragile, but still very presentable E$50
158 * Sc #38 1955 Souvenir sheet - Light creasing at left. May flatten out o/w VF-NH 2006 Sc. $110.00

159 * Sc. #38 - similar sheet
160 * Sc. #38 1955 souvenir sheet creased at left away from stamps and trace of tiny clear stains at L. two sheets. O/W VF-NH. 2006 Sc. US$220
161 *o STC $3000+ 1840 to about 1990 collection of many hundreds. Includes faulty penny black not counted. Earlies used, 1948 on mint or used. Some mint NH. Gen F or better E$200+
162 * 1971 to 1984 pages in hingeless SAFE album. Almost complete 1973 to 1983. With a face of about £90. Spot check indicates stamps NH. Many hundreds. F-VF E$250+
163 o Lighthouse stockbook with hundreds of machins, castles, etc. but mostly machins. Many hundreds if not thousands. Hi cat. value E$150+
164 o Used wholesale lot of several thousand stamps includes some better Victorian to George V stamps. Note 108 clipped perfs. 26 cut perfs, 34 clipped perfs, 117 stained, 120 & 122 faded, 137 & 138 damaged perfs, 138 (x2) faded centre. 179 grubby copy, 180 small thin, 223 & 224 thin. Most of lot is used regionals. N. Ireland, Wales, Scotland VG-VF E$200
165 o Four pound bag of Great Britain on paper - Mostly recent attractive commemoratives E$60+
166 o Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey. Mostly recent commems. One pound on single close cut paper E$35+
167 Framed will. Approx. 53 cm by 58 cm. Beautiful calligraphy with impressive seal. Relates to John Edward Piper Gatehouse railway gatekeeper state. To 86 from 1874. Very attractive E$85+
168 C G.B. to Canada 1843 SFL from Leven, with clear ideal strike red “Beverley, Au 26, 1843" double split ring HS on face. rated ½ mss., faint partial Liverpool oval on reverse. A religious letter from sister to sister. Mss. “To Mrs. Di. Smith, Toronto township, Upper Canada, c/o P. Howland, Chinchville, Postmaster”. E$100

169 C England to Nova Scotia 1865 SC showing red HS “Official - Paid/ London/XC/No 25/65" on face of cover as well as fancy blue “Controller of the (probably “Navy” though Navy not clear) Admiralty” showing anchor and rope at centre. BS oval “H/NS/De 8/1865" of Halifax. Fine and very attractive E$75
170 C G.B. and Br. Comm. accumulation of covers inc. FDCs, special events, registered etc. Over 160 covers with much value. Note Sc. #122-134 of Cayman Is. on one cover, extra ½d. (cat. U.S.$45.60) Papua and N.G. 1952 FDCs to 1/6d., QV, Australia etc. etc. Valuable lot - well worth a look. Some faulty but gen. F-VF E$200+
171 C Postcards, letters and covers - 1904 to 1949 (mostly pre-1915) small lot of about eight PCs (note postmarks and one with 2¢ U.S. Postage Due, two letters (one 1904 with unusual shade of illustrated paper from Ventnor) and one small cover E$65+

172 C Postcards - lot of about 50 better and older postcards. Some scarce. Inc. many real photos. Great lot. F-VF E$80+
173 C Postcards - great lot of about 52 older and better postcards. Conservatively priced some 20 years ago at up to $5 - some scarce, real photos etc. Note 15 diff. London. F-VF lot E$100
174 C Postcards - collection of about 50 all different Valentines postcards. About 90% are real photos. Also inc. an additional four misc. PCs, along with two Valentines snapshots packages of 12 real photographs (Tower of London, Brighton) and a couple of smaller items. Interesting and VF lot E$75+
175 C Postcards - lot of about 36 specialized all diff. cards - note Tuck (13), Frith (18), Judges (3) and Peacock (2) mostly all real photos. Interesting and VF lot E$50+
176 C Postcards - lot of about 126 older and all diff. inc. many real photos and many unused. F-VF E$60
177 C Postcards - lot of about 90 older and mostly diff. postcards - inc. many real photos - some better cards and many interesting. Many rates to Canada. Various cancels E$55
178 C 36 covers from 1960s or 1970s inc. cacheted FDCs or special events. Also mint 1976 set British Cultural Traditions, values to 5 Sh. Gen. F E$30+
179 C Football cards - set of 152 “Football 79" picture cards #17//593 - Minicards Ltd. - slight dup. Plus a small lot of about 17 Churchman’s cigarette cards depicting various football players and 11 other sports-related older cards. Some defects on some of the older cards, otherwise fine & fresh E$75
180 * Sc. #1//52 - 1922 to 1953 selection - 30 stamps inc. complete sets. #11 two diff. shades. Note 1934 Pictorials to 1 Sh., 1948 SW etc. 2006 Sc. $194
181 *o Inc. States - QV to modern but mostly modern. Note booklet with mint 10 X 37¢ stamps, also Grenada, Ireland, N.Z. etc. Looks interesting. Probably many thousands E$50+
182 * Wetland Conservation Duck stamps - $15 value in block of four and single. VF-NH. Face A$75 E$35+

183 * Sc. #55//69 mint 1920-21 Seal of Colony and KGV - F-VF-H 2006 Sc. $128.75
184 * Lot of about 150 stamps and 25 sheetlets 1960s to 80s. Many complete sets inc. Europa sets and sheetlets 1970s and 80s. Note Ireland #519-20 and 561-2 mint NH. F-VF* most NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$250 (C$295)
185 *o 19th and 20th century selection in stockbook. Note Tanganyika inc. #43 mint VF-H (Scott $62.50), #42 used (Sc. $19), some Nfld., Germany etc. High cat. value. Many hundreds E$150+
186 *o Collection of about 565 stamps 1862-1970 in Minkus album. Strength in Australia and States. Note Australia #6 used, 9 used, 41 used, 52 used, 99 used, 378-9 used, J81-3 used; Australian Antarctic L8-18 used; Fiji 260-76* H; N.Z. B67a-8a* H, 402* H, 404* H; Norfolk 126-40* H. F-VF 2006 Sc. U.S.$1258 (C$1480)
187 *o Collection of about 520 stamps 1857-1969. Also a few G.B. and Canada. High catalogue value but early in mixed condition E$100
188 * Mint wholesale lot of about 260 stamps 1967-75. Mostly complete sets 1 to 10 of each. Note Christmas 22-33, Tokelau 9-11 (X 10), 22-4 (X 10), 33-6 (X 10), 37-40 (X 10), 41-4 (X 10), 45-8 (X 10). F-VF*-NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$461.35 (C$545)
189 * Sc. #1L19-33 mint 1954 QE Pictorials complete set of 15. F-VF-NH 2006 Sc. $240.70
190 * Mint wholesale lot of about 950 stamps 1953-75 mostly complete sets 1-10 of each. Note Fiji 305-20, 341-3 (X 10), 344-6 (X 10), 361-4 (X 10); Gilbert 173-87, 199-202 (X 10), 218-21 (X 10), 237-40 (X 10), 241-4 (X 8). F-VF*-NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$731.25 (C$860)
191 * Sc. #109//160/SG #100a/149 mint 1921 1938 selection of 13 diff. stamps. F-VF-NH. Includes two shades recognized by Gibbons but not Scott 2006 Sc. U.S.$59.20+/2005 SG £78.50
192 * Sc. #155, 156, 157B and 160 mint KGVI - 2¢ (51), 4¢ (62), 8¢ (42) and 8¢ blue (8). F-VF-NH in blocks 2006 Sc. $316
193 * Sc. #160/SG #149 mint 1938 25¢ KGVI bright blue part sheet of 50. Fresh and F-VF-NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$950/2005 SG £1450 (U.S.$2581)

194 C Sc. #159B, 162B, 178 & 179 - Hong Kong to Great Britain registered airmail cover. Opened a trifle roughly at bottom. Silver Wedding set tied by “Registered/GPO/Hong Kong/30 De/48" two-ring cancel. Oval purple “General Post Office Accounts Department/30 Dec 1948 Hong Kong” hammer on face of cover otherwise F and scarce Cat. $89.45+ as stamps only

195 * Barefoot #126-7 mint 1972 photogravure Contract Note $100 and $200 values with both thick and thin overprint varieties. VF*-NG 2000 Barefoot £120+ (C$275+)
196 C Postcards - lot of about 82 diff. older PCs. Mostly unused - real photos noted. F-VF lot E$80+
197 * Sc. #1-3 mint 1859 Queen Victoria set of three. #1 good margins O.G., #2 cut close O.G., #3 good margins no gum. Fine 2006 Sc. U.S.$132.50
198 C Ireland to Edinburgh SFL from Bank of Ireland Cork dated Dec 30, 1826. Postal marking boxed “H/Paid 1 Ja 1 1827" in red. Neat two-line “Cork/124" rated “4/6½” changed to “6/9½” mss. Paid. F+ E$60+
199 *o Lovely collection of probably over 1000 stamps and some souv. sheets in two Davo Specialty albums. With slip cases and pages to 2002. Earlies and some later used. Mint mixed through mostly later. Gen. F-VF STC $2000+ E$350+
200 C Collection of 300 mainly older postcards, greetings, songs, St. Patrick, Erin Go Bragh, Shamrock, donkeys, humour including misplaced. A few flaws (not many) most fine or better. Scarce and unusual selection. For example Colleens dancing, Ballymaclinton, franked British Exhibition, London 1908 with special cds exhibition cancel on G.B. halfpenny Edward “Ballymaclinton. Shepherds Bush Exhibition”. Corner crease on this. E$350+
201 C Postcards - lot of about 44 cards - some much better - inc. 11 with St. Patrick’s Day topic. Very interesting lot E$50
202 * (Sc. #560, 562) SG #715b, 717b mint 1986 Surcharges 9s on 60s overprint double, 15s on 2s overprint tripled strip of three, listed but not priced in Gibbons. VF*-NH E$100+
203 * Wholesale lot of about 775 stamps and ten s/s 1967-75 mostly complete sets 1 to 10 of each. Inc. Norfolk 175-8 (X 10), 181-4 (X 10), 184a (X 10). F-VF*-NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$582.25 (C$685)
204 * Mint wholesale lot of about 310 stamps 1971-76. Mostly complete sets 1 to 10 of each. Note British 96a, 151-4 (X 10), 155-66, 171-4 (X 10); French 112a, 170-3 (X 10), 174-85, 190-3 (X 10), 196-7 (X 10). F-VF*-NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$590.15 (C$695)
205 * Wholesale lot of about 1185 stamps and 68 s/s 1970-76, mostly complete sets, 1 to 20 of each. Note #495-9, 500-3, 507-10, 517-20, 521-4, 547-51, 556-9, 563-6, 571-6, 577-80 (10 of each), B67a-8a (X 2), B82a-3a, B87a-8a (X 10), L5-8 (X 10). F-VF*-NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$1607.75 (C$1890)
206 * Sc. #38-49 mint 1936 KGV Pictorials complete. The 10 Sh. VF-NH otherwise F-VF H-HR 2006 Sc. U.S.$158.50
207 * Sc. #1//14 mint 1925-29 KGV - 11 diff. to 5 Sh. F-VF-H 2006 Sc. U.S.$77.75
208 * Mint wholesale lot of about 565 stamps 1971-75. Mostly complete sets 1 to 10 of each. Inc. 323-7 (X 10), 344-7 (X 9), 348-51 (X 10), 365-8 (X 10), 399-401 (X 10), 410-4 (X 10). F-VF*-NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$586.45 (C$690)
209 * Mint wholesale lot of about 340 stamps 1971-75. Mostly complete sets 1 to 20 of each. Inc. #119-22 (X 20), 123-6 (X 10), 130-4 (X 10), 137-40 (X 10), 147-50 (X 10), 151-5 (X 10). F-VF*-NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$513 (C$605)
210 * Mint wholesale lot of about 1050 stamps 1971-75. Mostly complete sets 1 to 10 of each. Inc. Samoa 265-74B, Solomon 228-31 (X 10), 268-71 (X 10), 285-8 (X 10). F-VF*-NH 2006 Sc. U.S.$691.85 (C$815)
211 *o Sc. #1//52 - country complete to 1 Sh. QV to KGV. 42 stamps. Mostly mint some extra shades 2006 Sc. $194
212 o Sc. #1a used one-penny brown red - four clear margins - VF. 2006 Sc. U.S.$75 E$25
213 * USC #56 mint ½¢ rose red imprint block of eight. VG-F-NH - lower row of stamps very tall. Perfs. well clear at bottom and stamps cut stamps above. Very attractive. $215
214 C USC #C18 - Nfld. to Rome, Italy first day cancel “St. John’s, Newfd./AM/26 Jul/33" ties Balbo flight stamp to first flight cover to Rome with backstamp Rome, Aug 12, 1933. Rare and VF $1100

215 * Van Dam #FWS5b mint Canada War Savings pane of eight - yellow gum. F-VF-NH $85
216 * Van DEam #FWS5d mint $4 War Savings stamps booklet complete with two panes of eight each. Gum appears a trifle yellow. Tiny stain on cover otherwise VF-NH $500
217 * Van Dam #FWS6a mint 25¢ carmine spitfire booklet panes of eight in booklet - covers with staple one pane only. Otherwise VF-NH $275
218 o Accumulation of about 250 to 300 revenues or tobacco stamps. Values to about $12.50 each noted but may hold higher. Note QL69 $9; QL86 $12.50 (2); QL85 $10; FWM55 $7; etc. etc. Bill stamps inc. some QV widow weeds on piece and FB52 $9 off-paper. Look interesting. Mostly VG-VF E$75+
219 C Trieste to Nova Scotia 1827 stampless folded letter - no postal markings and may have been carried by favour. To M. Hoffman, Surgeon, Halifax, Nova Scotia from his mother and written in Italian. Rare origin at this time. Fine and rare. E$160+

220 C Upper Canada - stampless cover from Toronto to Bytown via Brockville and Kingston. Held Jun 8 to Sep 1, 1848 at Bytown. Unrecorded Bytown, U.C. - circular “Advertised Not Called For” on reverse. Rare - VG E$200+
221 C Canada (some Nfld.) postal history collection in seven volumes and in sleeves 1872 to modern inc. early postal stat.; Small Queen covers, maps etc. Mostly 20th century inc. military with Censored. About 1150 mostly used covers, wrappers or cards etc. Useful and valuable lot. Many nice items E$750-$1250+
222 C Canada Railway Pictorial postcards - 1¢ QV rose carmine cards. CPR - Banff (small flaws), steel bridge over Niagara Gorge used and unused plus Rabbitt’s Bay, Lake of Bay. Last three F-VF E$75+

223 C Canada and U.S.A. postcards 1903 to 1978 usages and a few unused. 25 mostly Canadian many addressed to Europe. Note one U.S.A. with French Postage Due 1924; unused Alaska-Yukon - Pacific Exposition, Seattle, 1909; view of Skagway but maiiled at San Francisco; used in Netherlands but Lake Louise Canadian Rockies view, etc. etc. Also folder of views at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco. Gen. F E$40+
224 C 1906 to 1968 range of about 81 cards. Some with interesting cancels - many with farm scenes, two ships, western, town views, Officers Training Centre Folio - Victoria, B.C. etc. Some flawed - most F or better E$75+
225 C Sepia official 1930 pictorial postcards - 35 diff. unused #103//504 inc. scarce #304 Chippawa Hydro Electric Station; 259 Quebec Bridge; 305 Welland Ship Canal, etc. Also used #252 (1935 use) and two #54 Parliament Buildings (1932 and 1943 use). F or better E$100+
226 C Belgium - 1930 International Exposition set of nine diff. view cards showing various Canadian scenes on paper manufactured in Canada. Text in Flemish and French used with Belgian stamps. First time we have seen these. Very rare. Fine E$75-$100+

227 C Niagara Falls - 1904 Hennepin Edition - showing the explorers sketch published in Utrecht in 1697. Also 18 actual large photos copyright 1904 by A. T. Brown Printing House, Buffalo, N.Y. for Nicklis and Lawrence of Niagara Falls, N.Y. Note Canada Falls and Maid of Mist; Winter scene - “The Incline and Ice Bridge” etc. Scarce souvenir. Fine condition. Cover shows water, trees and canoe. E$40+
228 C Canada/Nfld. covers (48) mostly first day issue comprising USV #202 (2) block and single, four diff. FDCs signed by the artists; USC #1063-6 26 first day usage of non-philatelic usage; plus 16 nfld. FDCs or last day covers. Some items priced to retail at $15/$20. Nice lot E$40+

229 C Postcards - lot of about 98 cards - mostly northern Quebec locations. Note early St. Calixte, Baie Comeau, many real photos. Very rare “Stanley St. Garage” Montreal, plus a few odds and ends items. Examine. F-VF E$120
230 C Postcards - about 125 cards, mostly older - inc. many Ontario locations such as Ottawa, Toronto etc. Slight dup. F-VF E$110
231 C Postcards - collection of about 94 older cards, all depicting various Toronto buildings, scenery and points of interest. All priced conservatively several years ago. Lovely lot. Slight dup. F-VF E$100+
232 C Postcards - diverse collection of about 220 cards comprising approx. 138 hotels, motels, restaurants (mostly Quebec locations, a few U.S. and rest of Canada). Slight dup. 33 Christmas-related cards, all older, some unusual; and 50 fishing (ca. 1960) all the same - depicting various fishing world records. A few faulty Christmas, otherwise F-VF E$100+
233 C Postcards - about 119 Quebec cards - inc. many Saguenay regiona communities and Quebec City. Several older cards. Mostly all diff. F-VF E$85
234 C Postcards - lot of about 116 cards - western Canada locations. Note Winnipeg (36), Sask (16) etc. Many real photos. Owner states all diff. F-VF lot E$100
235 C USC #325//836 + b.o.b. used - 1953-1979 approx. 260 FDCs in four albums. Mostly all in PBs. a few singles, pairs, sets or strips. Note high value Olympics, other high value commems. and defs. of the period. Face $157.50. Gen. F-VF
236 C First day covers 1974 to 1982 - about 200. High face value - inc. ten with Capex souv. sheets and $1 and $2 Olympic Sculpture. All on cacheted Canada Post FDCs. Also some extra blocks #911-3 with FD cancels. Gen. F-VF E$100+
237 * USC #258//914 + b.o.b. mint - 1942 to 1982 - huge accumulation of mostly PB and corner blocks in six block stamps stockbooks and stock sheets. Majority in MS. Note better items such as USC #258 UR Pl. 1 NH (cat. $90), 656-7 and 687-8 in MS - NH, 601 MS Pl. 1 & 2 (note airplane in sky variety on Pl. 2) cat. $95, plus many other better items. Appears VF-NH E$1200
238 * Mint accumulation of sheets and part sheets 1961-74. Note 585a sheetlet (X 5). F-VF*-NH. ECV in USC $3000+
239 * Mint wholesale lot. 1953 - 78 in singles & blocks F-FV *NH (a few early hinged or no gum). Some better values. Includes some precancel coils (cat $100). Dues (cat $245), booklets. Est cat value in USC $2500
240 *o Modern mint selection inc. sheets PB’s, souv. items. Some FDCs+ CTO, also UN flags (face $12.80) and US face $2.40. Many hundreds of stamps. F-VF-NH E$200+
241 o Postmarks. Cross country inc. NWT - 2000 on cut squares. 1992 to 2004 dates noted E$75-100+
242 o Similar lot - Note 2004 Aklavik, etc. E$75-100+
243 o USC#1 1851Three pence laid paper - tear at top. Large margins all around. Trifle dusty - o/w VF app $1600
244 o USC# 14, 15, 17, 18. Canada. Four diff. - 5¢ small thin - other small faults such as missing perfs. or rounded corner. Still attractive & o/w VG-F. $160
245 o USC#18i Cat. $70.00 12½¢ olive green - fine E$45
246 C USC#27 6¢ Dark brown tied by grid to early large queen cover stamp tied by grid but BS are “HANTS-PORT/N.S/MY23/1868" and oval Halifax. “H/NS/MY23 1868" to USA. Stamp has corner crease but VF $125
247 C Sc#41 Illustrated advertising cover - Massey Manufacturing Co. Toronto. - Bearing presentable 3¢ SQ with nick out of top tied by “Toronto AU31/82" duplex cancel “1". Scene shows trains, horses & carriages, ships, etc. Much smoke in scene - no pollution probe in those days! Gen F E$50+

248 C Sc#41 Canada to USA - 3¢ SQ tied by Belleville hammer 2 squared circle dated “3/AP13/96" to illustrated “The Ontario Business College, 27th year” advertising cover - some creases away from stamp & cancel, o/w F app. E$35+
249 * Sc#47 50¢ blue Widow Weeds. (HR - natural gum bend) reperfed at right, F & attractive $300
250 * USC#53 Canada. 1897 3¢ block of four - 3 stamps VF 1 F, all fresh - OG - NH $241

251 C Sc#53 Canada to USA two 3¢ Jubilee covers. One ex Montreal with “SEP 2 1897" flag cancel and one ex Yarmouth with “JY 28/97" state 2 squared circle this per steamship “Boston” this shows advertising corner card of “Fred L. Hartfield/family butcher” tiny tear at L o/w F E$40+
252 * USC#61 $1 Lake - O.G. but disturbed - thins & feather tear at lower back. appears quite fresh & F-H from face $600
253 o USC#64 $4 Bright purple colour “UNION STN./TORONTO/2" roller canceL VF $1500
254 C Sc#69, 75-77 1898 to 1903. Selection of 29 Queen Victoria Leaf and Numeral covers. Many with corner cards. Includes illustrated. 3¢ leaf (6); numeral 1¢ green pair - cover stained; 2¢ purple (7) and 2¢ carmine (15). A few flaws, mostly fine E$100+

255 C Sc#75 Toronto litho illustrated front & back card showing Toronto.signed by W.M Stone. President of the Toronto Lithographing Co., Corner of King & Bathurst 1¢ green QV numeral tied by “BATHURST ST./TORONTO/PM/ JA 21/99" CDS cancel. Tiny tear at bottom, attractive & o/w VF with scarce signature E$150+
256 C Sc #75 Toronto litho multi-coloured illustrated view of Quebec City showing river & ship and Chateau Frontenac. 1¢ green QV numeral tied by “QUEBEC/CANADA/C/JY 13/00" to USA with dest. receiver LL or card. F-VF. E$100+
257 C Sc#75 Toronto litho multi-coloured view of Quebec showing “Hope Hill” and “Custom House”. “MONTREAL OCT. 10/01" flag ties 1¢ green QV numeral “GREENFIELD MASS./OCT.11/01" receiver on address side. VF E$100+
258 C Toronto Litho Co. card showing views of Montreal includes Bonsecour Market. 1¢ green QV numeral tied by “MONTREAL/OCT. 15/01" flag cancel. To USA with receiver of same. F+ E$100+

259 C Toronto litho postal card showing multi-coloured views of Brantford. Includes Jubilee Park, Indian Church, Institute for Blind, etc E$50+
260 C Toronto litho multi-coloured views of Halifax from about 1900 VF. E$50+
261 C Toronto litho - but different views VF, unused & scarce E$50+

262 C Toronto litho multi coloured card Kingston with various scenes inc. Royal Military College, Harbour, etc. VF unused E$50+
263 C Toronto litho - multicoloured views of St. John, N.B. VF unused. E$50

264 C Toronto litho postal card showing views of Niagara Falls. Unused & fine , scarce E$60+
265 C Toronto litho multi coloured views of Toronto Trinity College, Toronto University, Courthouse (City Hall); Volunteers Monument VF E$50

1903 - 1908 EDWARD ISSUES
266 C Canada. 2¢ Edward tied by “TADOUSAC/QUE./PM/AUG30/11. duplex to green illustrated “Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Co.” to USA with BS of dest. two R&O letter sheets with map of thier routes “Niagara to the Sea” Attractive & F-VF E$50+
267 * USC#95 1908 50¢ purple Edward. Nice fresh colour F-H Cat. $400
268 C Sc#105 1927 postal card with corner card of “the New Republic/Chinese Daily News” early history of Chinese in Canada difficult to locate. They helped build the railroad but little correspondence survived. Message side in Chinese. Vertical crease in card away from stamp to Rex Café, Yellow Grass, Sask o/w F E$50+

269 C Sc#107(2) & 109 - 3 further Chinese related covers “the New Republic” two to them and one from them but unclaimed in USA & returned to them. 1925, 1927 & 1928 usages. One with nice “Chinese Agriculture Association, Kamloops” corner card. Two with 2¢ green and one with 3¢ carmine Admirals. F E$75+
270 C Sc#107 1926 & 1927 illustrated advertising covers - Royal Winter Fair Advertising covers to USA - 2¢ green Admirals pay postage F+ E$75+

271 * USC#109c Canada - 1924 3¢ carmine die II block of four VF - NH $600
272 C USC#117 Canada to Holland - 10¢ blue Admiral single usage on souvenir folder, Montreal Que., post cards. Sender Capt. E. Teensma, SS Trompenberg. Edge faults but interesting and unusual single usage. stamp tied by “MONTREAL MAY17/1922" machine cancel, o/w F $40
273 * USC#135 1917 3¢ Confederation block of four UR stamp VF o/w all F all NH & fresh $240
274 * USC#159 1929 $1 Parliament fine app. from face some flaws. such as tiny thins $250
275 * USC#165b//249a 1930 to 1942 selection of booklet panes Includes 3x #165b one very handled, 1¢ Mufti pane of four tiny thin. o/w mostly F-VF-H-HR $200
276 * USC#197 3¢ Medallion die 1 - lovely block of 40. Plate No. 2 at row 3 & 4. About 24 stamps VF and 16 F. All fresh and NH $140+
277 * USC#211-216 1935 Silver Jubilee 1¢ to 13¢ in plate strips. One 13¢ small thin includes two strips of five of 10¢ and 13¢ most stamps NH many VF Gen. F-VF-H-NH $383.75
278 * USC#233a 1937 3¢ KGVI booklet panes of 4 each. (10 panes) VF-NH $150
279 * USC#234 1937 4¢ orange block of 40. Beautiful fresh & VF-NH $240
280 C USC#268-273, C9 & C11. Peace Issue first day covers. One for each value the 10¢ special delivery used with 4¢ KG VI war issue has tiny piece of LL corner missing not cacheted. Two extra 8¢ covers. Gen F-VF $169

281 * USC#320//653 B1-B3. 1952 to 1974 - Largely quantity in pl blk includes several matched sets. Mostly comms. and Xmas. Note USC #492 m/s; and other hi values comms. of the period. VF-NH E$225+
282 * USC#349-350. 1954 Prime Ministers - pl 2 - 4¢ 10 M/s and 5¢ 2 M/S F-VF-NH $230.40
283 * USC#406 1963 Cameo 2¢ coil (50) as pairs to strips of four fresh F-NH $212.50
284 * USC#415 1963 15¢ Canada Geese plate 2 - 15 PB’s - LL or LR. Fresh & VF-NH $187.50
285 * USC#454//544 1967/1973 basic 1¢ to $1 Centennial set in M/S PB unchecked by us for fluorescence or tagging. VF-NH $387
286 * USC #654/758 1974-1978 large accumulation of mostly comms. & Xmas in M/S PB. Note USC #704 (15 M/S face $60.00) and 756 (5 M/S face $100.00) VF-NH E$475
287 * USC #760//872 1978 to 1980. Accumulation of Xmas & comms (no defs) in M/S of PB/IB usually about 5 of each & a few extras inc. the hi value comms. VF-NH E$650+
288 o USC #E1//E11 1898 - 1946. Special Delivery collection - 15 stamps. Many first issue examples. F-VF $205
289 *o USC Perf O.H.M.S. selection of two large O.H.M.S. #OA165a & #OA175 with LL corner margin missing but design intact (cat $85) 46 small O.H.M.S. incl. #O244, O268(2), O272(2); 0273(2); OC1 and OE10. Also two strips of 3 each ovpt. O.H.M.S. #O13 and O15a. Useful selection gen F-VF, only one mint #O234 $330
290 * USC #O11 1950 50¢ oil wells - plate 1ULl block of four LR stamp light gum bend o/w VF-NH $450
291 o USC#O27 1951 $1 Fishing ovpt “G" neat “Toronto/Jan 8/53" CDS cancel superb $125
292 * USC#O39 1955 10¢ “G” ovpt. Eskimo Hunter - plates 1 to 4 complete M/S lightly hinged on two or more stamps in each block, some stamps NH -vf $180
293 o USC #51 & 53. 1897 Jubilees 1¢ (11) & 3¢ (75). Many dated examples includes RPO & Sq Circles. Two pairs 3¢. F-avg. $131.25
294 o USC #204 1933 5¢ Royal William (100) some RPO cancels noted many CDS. F-avg. $250
295 o USC #209 1934 10¢ loyalists (100) priced as fine though some VF. Nice lot F-avg $600
296 o USC #415. 15¢ geese (1000) F-VF sorted into glassines or bundles. Nice lot. Large stamp. Useful for cancels $250
297 o USC #O235//O259 OC6 & OC9. Small perf O.H.M.S. over 100 stamps eight diff. from 1 to 59 each. A few faulty most F-VF $196
298 o Mostly on single close cut white paper. We have just skimmed surface but found 1954 Wildings which happened to be perfins. Many commems but still loads of definitives and Christmas. Some foreign noted. Looks interesting. 15 pounds E$65+
299 o Mostly 8¢ era to modern noted includes commems but definitives as well. Some foreign inc. USA singles. Mostly white paper. 7 pounds E$40+
300 o Similar lot but 9 pounds E$45+
301 o Similar lot 8 pounds E $40+
302 o Similar 8 pound lot E40+
303 o Similar 8 pound lot E$40+
304 o Similar 7 pound lot E$40+
305 o Canadian & US. Junk box. As received comprised of modest Canada used collection in a Uni-safe album (pages to 2004) stockbook loaded with used USA and loose in envelopes. Another Cda. used collection in a Scott Cda album and on stocksheets & 1000's on paper in bags, etc. Examine - Hours of fun! E$125
306 oc Remnants of collections, covers, revenues, mixtures, etc. Strength in B.N.A. but foreign, U.S. and British Commonwealth as well. Thousands of stamps E$125
307 oc Remnants of collections, covers, revenues, mixtures, etc. Strength in B.N.A. but foreign, U.S. and British Commonwealth as well. Thousands of stamps E$125
308 oc Remnants of collections, covers, revenues, mixtures, etc. Strength in B.N.A. but foreign, U.S. and British Commonwealth as well. Thousands of stamps E$125

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