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Thursday November 25, 2004 Auction
In one session starting at 11:30am at Toronto's Eagles' Club, 17 Elm Street. Viewing for this sale will start on November 17 to November 24 from 10:30am to 5pm (closed Sunday). We will allow limited viewing on the day of the sale from 9:40am to 11:00am. Viewing is at our office at 211 Yonge Street.
Please note that a 15% buyer's commission will be added to the hammer price of each lot.
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1 Canada- about 25 X $1 1939//1986; 50¢ about 65 1943//1979; 25¢ about 19; 5¢ about 25; number of 10¢. Also several dollars in U.S. coins inc. half dollars; also couple of foreign. Plus some Canadian sets in cases plus some prooflike sets. Also 25¢ shin plaster and four 1967 dollar bills with no serial number. Examine. Also 100 X 1¢ Canada stamp #401p (Winnipeg tag) NH E$200+
2 Canada 1949 silver dollar with Matthew. MS60 cat. $50
3 Bank tokens and coins - 1775 to 1969 - interesting selection of 38 items. Note half-penny and two one-penny bank tokens “Province du Bas Canada” dated 1837; Province of Canada bank of Montreal half penny 1844; Quebec bank token 1852 one penny; 1861 one-cent Nova Scotia etc. etc. Please examine. Many 19th century. Mixed condition. some worldwide included E$85+
4 Worldwide coins - virtually all 20th century most from 1940s to 1970s. Various metals inc. silver. Our count about 296 coins plus one 10 mark German bill. Looks interesting E$150+
5 Mostly souvenir presentation items such as 1808 East India Company coin from a shipwreck. Two complete sets 12 diff. 25¢ Canadian for Confed.; 1942 Canada 50¢; 1901 large cent; etc. etc. One Japanese Occupation Philippines bill E$75+
6 The Bank of the United States - one thousand dollars promissory note. Illustrated with six famous people such as Benjamin Franklin and also beautiful building. Mss. dated “Dec 15th, 1840". All over toning but otherwise about fine E$50+

7 Four - comprising 1816 sale of G.B. estate and 1835 will with VF example embossed “One pound fifteen shillings” revenue and HS “Nottingham/15/4/34" with crown. Also two legal documents 1738 and 1773 written in French same family. One mentions “Royal Court of Isle of Guernsey”. The 1773 is a contract between William Le Marchant and Jean Yuille a Pierre de Jersey. Interesting and F E$100+
8 The Royal Magazine for August 1769 inc. unusual print “Funeral Procession of the Natives of Canada” with account of same. Pages 337 to 384 though some pages misnumbered. Accounts of our settlements in America. Articles on various American affairs inc. trade. In sections. Very scarce and interesting E$35+
9 Four 1838 classified advertising sections from “The Times, London” for April 24, 25, 27 & 28. Each with HS “Exchange News Room, Liverpool”. Many interesting ads of the time. Also 1981 “The Pictorial History of the Royal Maundy” and Second World War photo of Cunard White Star liner “Queen Elizabeth” (on war service). Gen. F E$50+
10 19th-century wood cuts (4) from the London Printing and Publishing Company with Crimean War scenes from 1854 Battle of Balaclava; 1854 Battle of Inkermann; 1854 Bombardment of Odessa. Also Nicholas I Emperor of Russia (1855). Some staining on some mostly away from scenes. Attractive and fine. Cannons, horses, swords, military, ships etc. E$35+
11 Four by The Beatles - extremely rare picture sleeve (release #5365 Capitol Records) from February 1, 1965. Four songs “Honey Don’t”, “I’m a Loser”, “Mr. Moonlight” and “Everybody’s Trying to be my Baby”. In VG condition. Record and sleeve marked with original owner’s name E$200+
12 The Beatles - “All You Need is Love” (Capitol 5964) b/w “Baby, You’re a Rich Man” VG; “All my Loving” (Capitol 72144) b/w “This Boy”, VG; “Hey Jude” (Apple 2276) b/w “Revolution”, VG. 3 X 45 rpms - may have pen marks on records or sleeves. Also Paul McCartney & Wings “Helen Wheels (Apple 1869) b/w “Country Dreamer and McCartney “Ram” 8-track E$100+
13 John Lennon - “Mind Games” b/w Meat City (Apple Records #1868). Near mint condition with picture sleeve E$50
14 Lot of over 50 45s including Rolling Stones, CCR, The Monkees, Fleetwood Mac, Elvis Presley, Paul Simon, Led Zeppelin etc. Mainly 1960s/70s. Many sell for $5+. Most in VG condition E$200+
15 Records and Cassettes - country favourites and folk favourites - Reader’s Digest Collections. “This Land is Your Land” folk collection of three cassettes; “50 Years of Easy-Listening Country” collection of four cassettes; and “Sweet Dreams of Country” collection of seven LPs. Barely used. Fun stuff - dozens of songs E$50+
16 The Dictionary of Stamps in colour. 1973 - 296 large pages - hard bound with dust jacket. By James A. Mackay. VF (shipping weight about 2 lbs.) E$35+
17 Lot of nine stockbooks and one album in fresh condition. Also 1980 Canadian Cover Catalogue and 1974-5 Trucial State Catalogue. Also assorted Canada new issue brochures and collections magazine E$75+
18 *o 1880s to late 1960s - inc. several hundred mint and used Austria, most in low values, some light dup. Used #7 tear - not counted ($175) Sc. 2000 $300; Scandinavia mostly used inc. DWI #7 mint, 6e, 17 used, Finland 27 used, Norway 40a mint, 21 & 43 used etc. - 72 diff. Fillers not counted in cat. value. Sc. 2000 $285. Mixed condition but several F-VF copies STC Sc. 2000 $585
19 *o Lot of 41 mostly used Franz Joseph era. A few duplicates. Some cancels. Note Sc. #1, 13, 22 (2) and 39. Some small faults but gen. F-VF STC $300
20 *o Mint and used wholesale lot of approx. 3000 stamps 1876-1989. Gen. F. Some mixed condition E$150
21 *o 1916 to about late 1980s - over 3000 stamps mostly hinged to cards. Approx. half are mint. some b.o.b. Heavy dup. Gen. F-VF E$50
22 *o Mostly used wholesale of about 450 diff. stamps 1869-1993 sorted into envelopes. Several thousand stamps total. Gen. F E$150
23 * Wholesale lot of about 3320 stamps (22 diff.) 1944-57 in complete sheets. Note C50 (X 63), C74 (X 160), C56 (X 80). Some minor toning and creasing otherwise F*-NH. Also inc. Canada 17¢ coil mint NH (USC 806) misperfed through middle of Canada 2005 Sc. U.S.$1589.70 (C$2090)
24 * Wholesale lot of about 920 stamps (15 diff.) 1941-55 in sheets and part sheets. Some minor toning otherwise F*-NH. Note 771a (X 50), 645 (X 28), 646 (X 49), 639 (X 72) 2005 Sc. U.S.$1013.50 (C$1335)
25 *o Mostly used wholesale lot sorted into envelopes. Many CTO all periods to 1980s. Several thousands of stamps. Gen. F E$200+
26 * (Sc. #326-9) mint 1956 F.I.D.E.S. set of four imperf. marginal singles. VF*-LH Owner’s est. $40
27 * (Sc. #131-4, C83) mint 1970 Bokassa set of five in imperf. pairs. VF*-NH. STC $265+ Owner’s est. $100
28 * (Sc. #C84) mint 1971 1000 fr. Egret imperf. pair. VF*-NH. STC $99 Owner’s est. $40
29 * Sc. #592-599, 783-790 mint 1961 Horses, Camels and Donkey plus 1964 Yin Dynasty. 1964 set both 8F values slight hinge thins (cat. $8) otherwise F-VF-H 2005 Sc. $121.75
30 * Sc. #661-680 mint 1963 Butterflies - without gum as issued. These hinged but a simple soaking would remove any sign of hinge. F-VF 2005 Sc. $200
31 *o Lot of 29 stamps inc. 716-31 CTO, 767-78 CTO, 1L162* H. VF. Couple of tiny hinge thins 2005 Sc. U.S.$114.50
32 *o Wholesale lot of about 850 stamps (260 diff.) 1913-79. Gen. F Mostly used. Note 780 used (X 5) 2005 Sc. U.S.$300 (C$385)
33 *o PRC which cat. over $250 plus various Asian packets inc. 30 diff. Hong Kong containing stamps to cat. value $15. Many hundreds of stamps inc. some extra odds and ends. Complete sets etc. Gen. F-VF-H E$100+
34 P (Sc. #C111) mint 1980 Lindbergh 200 fr. trial colour proof marginal imperf. pair in blue. VF*-NH Owner’s est. $70

35 * (Sc. #335) mint 1975 60 fr. Spear Fishing imperf. block of four. VF*-NH. Owner’s est. $50
36 *o Mostly used wholesale lot of several thousand stamps sorted into envelopes. All periods to 1980s. Gen. F E$250
37 o 1920 to mid-1960s - over 2300 stamps, heavy dup. - mostly hinged to blank postcards or part cards. Inc. six packages which appear to be mixtures of 100 each + three souvenir sheets Gen. F-VF E$35
38 * (Sc. #269) mint 1969 Asecna 40 fr. deluxe imperf. sheet of one. VF*-NH Owner’s est. $30
39 o 19th century to modern collection of over 1000 diff. F-VF. Many large stamps STC 2004 Sc. $460
40 o Wholesale lot of roughly 2500 stamps sorted into envelopes 1875-1994. Gen. F or better E$175
41 o A good assortment of about 2399 stamps from Belgium and Colonies, Netherlands and Colonies, South America, and other European stamps are from late 1890 to 1990s. Gen. F or better. Scott value no less than $500 but probably a lot higher. In one Scott Spec. album and two springback binders
42 *o Many hundreds if not thousands of stamps sorted or semi-sorted into small mailing envelopes. Inc. China with some PRC (these cat. at least $33.50). Also Bhutan, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Yugoslavia and perhaps others. Appear to be mostly F-VF. Worth a look E$75+
43 C Over 150 modern covers - note Belgium, Germany, Netherlands etc. Many large envelopes. Wide range of stamps. Gen. F-VF E$45+
44 *o Mostly used wholesale lot of approx. 3000 stamps all periods to 1990s. Gen. F E$200+
45 *o Mostly used wholesale lot of mostly Africa, Asia and Middle East of several thousands of stamps. All periods to modern. Gen. F. Strength in Vietnam, Mongolia, Korea, Egypt, Turkey. Also includes St. Pierre & Miquelon. Gen. F E$400+
46 *o Mostly used wholesale lot of several thousands of stamps from Mexico, Central and South America. All periods to modern. Gen. F E$300+
47 o Wholesale lot of approx. 950 stamps from Greece, Monaco, San Marino, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Vatican and Greenland. Mixed mint and used. All periods. Note Luxembourg better officials of questionable status. Gen. F E$100
48 *o Mostly used wholesale lot of several thousand stamps sorted into envelopes 1876-1990s. Gen. F E$200
49 C France and Colonies - lot of about 45 covers and postcards 1895-1981. Inc. commercial and special event covers. Note two 1920s covers from Syria with overprinted French stamps. Two 19th century telegramme cards (one used, one mint). VG-VF E$40
50 Lot of 20 Post Office “Documents Officiels” 8½ X 11" panes featuring text of stamp background with engraved illustration, engraved “Black Print” of stamp, and stamp with first day cancel. Inc. 19 from 1979 and one 1984. VF STC 155 Euros (C$250) in 2002 Yvert & Tellier
51 * About 34 stamps and one s/s 1964-69. Mostly complete sets. Inc. #258-60, C45-7, C47a slight toning, C50, C53 disturbed gum, C54. VF*-NH. A few with disturbed gum 2005 Sc. U.S.$348.15 (C$460)
52 * (Sc. #C30-1, C109/11) mint 1965 Ships 25 fr. and 50 fr. plus 1971 Flowers set of six missing 40 fr. in imperf. pairs. VF*-NH Owner’s est. $100

53 * SS. #66b mint 1902 3pf. Germania yellow brown shade. F*-NH 2004 SS U.S.$400
54 * SS #83e mint 1905 10pf. Germania orange-red shade. F*-NH 2004 SS U.S.$190 (C$250)
55 o SS #83e used 1905 10pf. Germania orange-red shade. Heavy cds. F 2004 SS U.S.$150 (C$200)
56 * (Sc. #B58) mint 1933 souvenir sheet forgery. F*-NH. 2005 Sc. cat. U.S.$4500 if genuine E$75
57 *o Inc. States - neatly sorted into large stockbook. Owner’s notes indicate 1461 used; 38 mint; 129 semi; 197 States; 211 Berlin and 49 semi; 15 souvenir sheets. With an est. Canadian dollar value of $1375. Appears to be virtually all F-VF-H-NH
58 *o Lot of about 55 stamps 1880-1945. Some dup. with shades. Note #62* HH, 117* NH pair (faulty perfs. on right stamp), 155b used, 303 used block. Gen. F or better 2004 SS U.S.$275 (C$360)
59 *o Wholesale lot of several thousand stamps mostly used. Sorted into envelopes. All periods to about 1989. Includes Berlin Occupation issues, German States. Gen. F or better E$350+
60 * Berlin - Frama labels. Set of 14 values from 10 pf. to 3 marks. VF*-NH E$25+
61 * DDR - (Sc. #10NB11) mint 1949 Goethe souvenir sheet facsimile. VF*-NH. Estimate $15.00 (2005 Sc. U.S.$175 (C$220))

62 *o DDR Occupation issues - lot of about 22 stamps. Note Mecklenburg 12N13 and 12N14 used, 12N16 used two shades. Also 12N4* misperfed block and 12N25* misperfed single. Also Saxony 13N3, 5, 7* NH rouletted. Some minor dup. with shades. F 2005 Sc. U.S.$187+ (C$245+)
63 *o DDR - wholesale lot of several thousand stamps (about 600 diff.) 1948-89. Some mint but mostly used many CTO. All sorted into envelopes. Note a few better values. Gen. F-VF E$250
64 C Germany to Canada 1934 Hitler/Hindenburg postal stat. card with illustration (30.1.1933) of massive marching mass of people, swastika flags and waving crowds. Three 3 pf. Hindenburg stamps added. Slight corner creasing and message side dusty at one edge. Otherwise scarce usage and F app. E$75+

65 C German-related - 29 diff. Nazi era stickers plus map postcard showing German military strength prior to WWII. F-VF E$75
66 * Sc. #263//528, C41//C112 mint 1962/1969 - about 97 imperfs. stamps, mostly in complete sets, inc. airmails. Priced to retail at $128.50. F-VF-NH
67 o Wholesale accumulation of several thousands of stamps 1874 to 1970s. Appears all used. Many CTO. All sorted into envelopes. Gen. F E$300+
68 *o Lot of about 17 stamps 1900-15 of questionable status. Inc. 1912 boxed overprint set of six (see note after #523 in Scott), 152-9 mint set of seven singles with handstamp (159 used). Fine. Good reference lot E$30
69 *o 35 diff. - inc. Sc. #75 (radical misperf.), mint #340, 460, 750, used #149, 211. Also used #16, mint 20, 33, 35, 36 (likely reprints). F-VF E$100
70 * Sc. #1615//1940 + b.o.b. mint - 1971-79 - nine diff. complete sets from one to six of each. VF-NH $714.40
71 * Sc. #1838-9, 1841 mint 1975-6 10R, 14R and 50R - blocks of 25 of each. VF $318.75
72 * 1976-7 Sc. #1915 Intl. Post Day full sheet of 50, #1960 20R African Art part sheet of 60. F-VF* $245
73 o 1903-2003 stockbook of about 1200 diff. inc. commems. and defs. High cat. values - examine. Gen. F-VF E$300
74 o Sc. #22, 23b and 25 (2) used - 10c and two 80c on glazed paper plus 20c magenta on unglazed paper. All on piece with portion of “London”, England cancel. Some creases otherwise VG-F 2005 Sc. $586
75 o 9th Italian Philatelic Congress Triese 1922 cancels on Italy Sc. #76, 77, 94, 95. All on piece plus Sardinia #11 brown on piece. E$60+
76 * Venezia Giulia; Italian Social Republic and ovpt. “Deutsche Besetzung Zara” on five. Total 39 stamps. Five “AMG/V.G.” ovpts. inverted plus #1LN9 double ovpt. F-VF-NH. Sold as is. E$100+
77 *o Wholesale lot of approx. 2850 stamps sorted into envelopes. All periods to 1980s. Mostly used. Gen. F or better E$125
78 o 19th century to modern collection of over 1800 diff. inc. many large pictorials. Gen. F-VF STC 2004 Sc. $900
79 o Used wholesale lot of about 255 diff. stamps 1883-1999 sorted into envelopes. Many hundreds of stamps. Gen. F E$150+
80 C Lot of about 55 FDCs 1953-60. All cacheted - most addressed. F-VF. Stamps alone cat. U.S.$73.45 (C$93)
81 * Sc. #B96 mint 1938 National Reconstruction souvenir sheet. Some wrinkles as usual. Otherwise VF-NH 2005 Sc. $120
82 * (Sc. #292a) mint 1971 Train corner imperf. pair. VF*-NH. Owner’s est. $30
83 * Sc. #368-9 mint 1956 Europa. 25c two perf. impressions on stamp and trace of gum dist. otherwise F+-NH 2005 Sc. U.S.$100 (C$133)
84 *o Mint and used wholesale lot of several thousands of stamps 1870-1970 sorted into envelopes. Gen. F or better. Also includes a few Malukan Republic stamps. E$150+
85 *o Wholesale lot mostly used of many hundreds of stamps sorted into envelopes. All periods to 1990s. Gen. F E$150
86 P (Sc. #319) 1962 4 fr. Spear Fishing trial colour proof pair imperf. with one stamp in green and one in brown. VF*-LH Owner’s est. $70
87 * (Sc. #167, 385, 520) mint - three diff. stamps in imperf. pairs (167) or blocks of four (385 and 520) VF*-NH Owner’s est. $100
88 * (Sc. #247-9) mint 1971 Musical Instruments set of three in imperf. pairs plus deluxe imperf. sheetlets of one. VF*-NH Owner’s est. $80
89 * (Sc. #C55) mint 1966 50 fr. WMO Ship imperf. pair. VF*-LH Owner’s est. $50
90 * (Sc. #C165-7) mint 1971 Miniatures set of three in imperf. pairs plus sunken die proof imperf. mini-sheets of one. VF*-NH Owner’s est. $75
91 o Approx. 500 gms. mixture on single mostly white paper. Includes commems. and defs. Mainly modern. F avg. Many topicals E$30+
92 *o Mostly used wholesale lot of several thousands of stamps sorted into envelopes. All periods to 1980s. Many CTO E$200
93 *o 1925 to modern - over 1200 stamps inc. two mint NH sheets of Sc. #3042 (cat. $42), remainder is used and most appear to be postally used. Some dup. Gen. F-VF E$40
94 *o Wholesale lot of about 700 stamps (150 diff.) 1892-1990 sorted into envelopes. Mostly used. Gen. F 2005 U.S.$206 (C$265)
95 *o Mostly used wholesale lot of several thousands of stamps sorted into envelopes. All periods to 1980s. Many CTO. E$250
96 *o 1000 diff. X 25 the same. Many large pictorials and thematics. F-VF E$900+
97 *o Similar lot E$900+
98 * Lot of about 130 stamps 1952-72. Mostly mint NH and H. Some dup. Note #75* NH (X 2), 89* H, 109* H. F-VF 2005 Sc. U.S.$52 (C$66.50)
99 * (Sc. #C95-8) mint 1971 Prominent Blacks set of four in imperf. pairs plus deluxe imperf. mini-sheets of one. VF-NH Owner’s est. $90
100 o Sc. #2N29 used 1941 20d Serbien overprint. Sept. 30, 1941 circular cancel. F 2005 Sc. U.S.$200 (C$265)
101 P (Sc. #C33) mint 1964 Sailboats 85 francs imperf. colour trial in Prussian green. VF-NH Owner’s est. $50
102 o Used wholesale lot of many hundreds of stamps 1889-1985 sorted into envelopes. Gen. F E$125+
103 o Used wholesale lot of about 600 stamps (125 diff.) 1882-1986 Gen. F 2004 Sc. U.S.$158 (C$200)
104 o Sc. #173 used perf. 14 - 1917 - pair of the 5 baht deep violet and black. F 2004 Sc. $170
105 *o Collection of about 215 stamps mostly used 1899-1968. Number of complete sets. Gen. F 2005 Sc. U.S.$157.60 (C$207)
106 * 1979 Capt. Cook. Togo set of six perf. and imperf. plus s/s. Also Upper Volta set of four in imperf. singles and in imperf. mini-sheets of one. VF*-NH Owner’s est. $100
107 * (Sc. #593-8, 1178, C65-6) mint 1967 Space set of eight in imperf. pairs. Also 1984 70 fr. Plane deluxe imperf. sheet of one. VF*-NH Owner’s est. $100
108 * (Sc. #C4) mint 1961 Air Africa 25 francs imperf. marginal pair VF*-NH Owner’s est. $30
109 o Sc. #37b, 38a used 1873 inverted overprints on ½R (faulty) and 1R (fine). Still very nice copies 2004 Sc. $225
110 C Sc. #N27-42 - 1940 Alsace Occupation set overprinted on Germany covers Strassburg to Colditz. Pictorial Aug 6, 1941 cancel. Tape stains on edge of covers not affecting stamps. F+ Owner’s est. $400
111 C 1923 postcard Frankfurt to Wiesbaden franked with #159 (X 2), 204 (X 2), 207, 229 (X 2), 234. F+ E$40
112 * Sc. #B90, B105, B119 mint 1936 and 1937 souvenir sheets and 1938 single horse race issues. B105 corner crease; B119 slight gum glazing. VF*-NH 2005 Sc. U.S.$261 (C$320)
113 * Sc. #B316-7 mint 1951 Frescoes from Marienkirche. VF*-NH PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$175
114 C Five s/s on FDCs 1968-80. Inc. #982, 1007, B564 sheetlet, B581 sheetlet (X 2). B581 covers registered covers with special first day cancels, other cacheted and unaddressed. VF STC E60 (C$96) in Michel
115 C 1992 and 1993 complete year sets of ETBs (souvenir stamp panels. 95 cards. VF STC E137 (C$220) in Michel
116 C WWII concentration camp 1942 letter card from inmate at Sachsenhausen to Kitschitz. Stamp missing, possibly removed by censor. Water damage. E$75
117 C WWII concentration camp parcel card from laisch to inmate at KZ Flossenberg. F PHOTO E$150

118 C Lot of about 25 Third Reich official covers. Variety of cancels and cachets. VG-F Owner’s est. $150
119 C Two registered covers 1922 and 1926 from Memel to Chemnitz, Germany. 1922 cover with block of six of #69, 1926 cover #79 X 6, 82, N7 (X 2), N8. VF PHOTO Owner’s est. $160

120 C 1923 registered cover Galata to Vienna. Franked with 79a (strip of three), 82a, 84a. Fine. Stamps alone cat. U.S.$140 PHOTO E$200

121 *oC Box of several thousand stamps on and off paper. Strength in U.S.A., early Europe. Inc. a number of approval envelopes, selection of Poland commercial covers to Canada 1950s to 70s, Canada 1937-40 covers with contents, U.S.A. cinderellas set of seven Eaton’s Papers Labels with New York City scenes, Thailand 366-7* blocks, U.S.A. mint sheets and part sheets 1971-72 (face $19.70) inc. 1418b (X 19) E$200+
122 *o 19th cent.-modern - over 9000 mostly diff. stamps housed in two Harris Standard World stamp albums. Pages to 1971. Huge cat. value as several stamps $10+. Note early Ceylon, France, Germany, Great Britain, etc. Quality varies but many, many sound copies
123 *o Interesting accumulation of about 700 stamps with dup. Note Montserrat 1981 Wedding Yacht set of three with Specimen, Yemen mint 1949 UPU perf. 8 imperf., Gwalior 126 probable fake (cat. $275), Russia mint lot from 1960s (150 stamps), Luxembourg 5 & 8 used spacefillers, Roman States #2* thin and 7 used cut to shape, Italy 122 used and 477* crease, Serbia 15 used, Greece 43e* HR. VG-VF E$150
124 *o In two old albums with strength in Canada. Many hundreds if not over a thousand stamps. Cat. value probably $15 or less for most part and mostly 20th century. Worth looking E$125
125 *o Inc. Germany - packet of about 135 diff. (over 95% used) - mostly Deutsches Reich; 19 diff. mint NH blocks (1990/94), over 150 diff. mint NH Russia (some stuck together), G.B. high value Castles used, etc. Gen. F-VF STC $600+
126 *o Small box crammed with thousands of stamps inc. many European. Examine E$100+
127 *o Wide range of material in fairly large flat box. Inc. glassines full of stamps, old album pages, stockbooks and albums etc. Thousands of stamps - looks interesting. Gen. F E$100+
128 *o Worldwide inc. Spain and Ireland in stockbook. 19th and 20th century noted. Gen. F. Examine. Many hundreds E$100
129 *o 1870s to about late 1950s - approx. 1500 mostly used stamps. Some strength in Germany - note used Sc. #14//23 mixed condition, Netherlands used Sc. #23/31, France etc. Several cat. values over $1 noted. Some mixed condition in earlier but mainly F-VF. Examine E$75+
130 *o 1880s-modern - over 2200 stamps neatly arranged in two stockbooks. Strength in large pictorials, Br. Comm., a few Canada and U.S. etc. Gen. F+ E$75
131 *oC Late 1800-modern - several thousand - in old Paragon album, on pages, stock sheets, envelopes etc. Note Space issues, 3D Arabian States, approval type stamps etc. Also inc. “The Treasury of Stamps” by David Lidman. Mixed condition in earlies, otherwise gen. F-VF. Some covers etc. E$70+
132 *o Selection from over 100 countries. Many hundreds, if not thousands of stamps. Includes many large stamps with various topicals. Mostly 20th century E$50+
133 *o 15 diff. varieties with inv. wmk., printer’s waste, ink smears, unissued, offsets etc. Various countries inc. U.S., San Marino, France F-VF Owner’s retail $150+
134 *o Lot of about 20 varieties inc. Argentina #7 (6) likely forgeries or reprints, Belgium type A1 on Q8 (mint NH), Mexico #877 mint NH j- wmk. sideways - unlisted creases, Spain #445* unlisted colour, etc. Examine. F-VF E$140+
135 *o Many thousands - 19th-20th century - mainly used - in glassines, stockbooks, album pages - some first day covers - all crammed in a “Pizza Kit” box. Note Cda. mint NH Centennial postage dues - face over $35 + Cda. Millennium keepsake USC cat. $17.50. Gen. F-VF E$100+
136 o 19th-20th century - inc. crammed shoebox off paper, bag of Yugoslavia on paper, two stockbooks, in envelopes etc. Thousands of stamps - lots of sorting fun and possible gems! Inspect. Gen. F E$100+
137 o Shoebox crammed with thousands - mainly 20th century off paper worldwide stamps - note strength in Spain, South Africa, Switzerland and Sweden. Some dup. Inspect. Gen. F E$100
138 *oC Junk Box - accumulation of stamps on and off paper with strength in Canada and U.S.A. Also worldwide recent FDCs and WWII censored covers, topical collections, a few coins, accumulation of Canada and worldwide philatelic bureau covers E$100
139 o 2 kg. on paper inc. recent. Some Canada noted E$100
140 o Mainly 20th century - thousands crammed in envelopes, glassines, binders. Inc. some Canada wholesale from about the early 50s to 90s. Gen. F E$90+
141 *o Collection of about 150 mostly diff. U.S.A. and about 1602 mostly diff. from rest of world. In 1957 Minkus album. Mostly 20th cent. to late 1950s but some earlier. Minimum Scott cat. would be U.S.$350 but many stamps over the minimum to a few dollars each. Many topicals etc. F-VF-H-NH E$75+
142 o Mainly used 20th century - semi-sorted in envelopes, glassines, on old album pages etc. Many thousands. Note several U.N. on 102 cards. Gen. F E$75+
143 *o Mainly 20th century - mainly used off paper - inc. three shoeboxes. Strength in Netherlands, Canada etc. Also note mint NH Spain, Sp. Guinea. Several thousands. Examination will be rewarded. Gen. F E$75+
144 o Mostly 20th century thousands of stamps on/off paper in envelopes, glassines etc. Strength in Br. Comm. Gen. F E$75
145 o 200 gms. off paper inc. many recent. F-VF E$75+
146 o Mostly 20th century shoebox crammed with thousands in glassines and smaller boxes. Strength in Spain, Portugal, Iran etc. Gen. F E$65
147 *oC Worldwide and Br. Comm., Australia - loose, on paper in plastic bags, Japan 1964 Olympic covers, other covers, stamps on album pages etc. etc. Probably thousands. Examine E$60+
148 *o Mainly 20th century - inc. large shoebox crammed with thousands off paper, in glassines, album pages etc. Note a few mint Cda., inc. USC #141, 143 (2), Nfld. mint NH USC #268. Gen. F E$60
149 o Junk Box - large box containing stockbooks, albums, mainly modern on paper etc. Gen. F avg. E$60
150 *o Junk Box - inc. “The Royal Wedding” FDC album, old Scott catalogues, U.S. mint NH face $7+. Thousands of stamps loose and in envelopes. Mainly 20th cent. Gen. F E$60+
151 *o Junk Box - from four corners of the planet - many thousands in smaller boxes, envelopes, glassines etc. All eras. Note a few better used Canada such as USC #72, 77b, 93, 154 etc. Gen. F E$60+
152 *o In 1930 International Stamp Album. Remnants of an old collection with many hundreds if not thousands of stamps remaining. Inc. some revenues and labels as well. We have only glanced at it but note stamps to $4.50 each (probably some higher cat. value here). Could be lots of fun for right person. F avg.-H E$50+
153 o Large box with several old albums inc. “The Heritage” Stamp Album of U.N., The Victory U.S. Stamp Album etc. Several smaller stockbooks, some crammed with stamps, a Nintendo game cube box chock full of various approval type stamps in glassines etc. Mostly 19th-20th century. Thousands of stamps. Gen. F E$50+
154 *o Thousands of stamps - semi-sorted - mainly used 20th century - inc. a few Canada, two empty stockbooks, “Mosaic of Canada” book on postage stamps etc. Gen. F E$50+
155 o Mostly 20th century thousands of stamps on paper, semi-sorted, shoebox full of glassines. Inc. five quarter-pound bags priced to sell at $5 each. Gen. F E$40
156 o 20th century mixture of thousands mainly on paper from all corners of the globe. Great variety. Gen. F E$40
157 C Worldwide lot of 14 censored covers from or through Germany. Note covers from Algeria, Portuguese India, Malta, Ceylon, Norway, N.Z., Peru. F Owner’s est. $450
158 Tomase G. Masaryka - first President of Czechoslovakia - signed below his photo “28.10.27" side message indicates it was sent to J. H. Toulouse in recognition of his effort to establish memorial of service to the Mothers of America. Also special commemorative page bearing set of Czech. Scott #202-5 tied by special cancel dated “7.111.35" in honour of his 85th Birthday. Some flaws on photo. PHOTO E$250+

159 *o U.N., U.N. Geneva and U.N. Vienna. Total 470 mint stamps and 341 used. Complete sets etc. Gen. F-VF. Spot check indicates most NH STC 2000 Sc. U.S.$330.25
160 * Sc. #256 mint 1894 6¢ dull brown Garfield. F-NH. Gum slightly disturbed PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$450 (C$555)
161 *o Lot of seven stamps and six postal cards. Inc. #230* NH single and block most with gum dist., 231* NH dist. gum, 311 & 423 used with Philadelphia precancels, UX5 mint and used, UX6 used but uncancelled, UX8 mint and used, UX11 used. Gen. F E$150
162 *o Two collections totalling about 550 stamps 1851-1946 in two Scott American albums mixed condition. Some dup. Note #63 clipped perfs., 68 (X 2) one creases, other pen cancel, 69 perfs. trimmed two sides, 73, 92a spacefiller, 160 corner creases, 182* reperfed, 208 tear, 210* part O.G. creased, 214 thin, 219D* NG, 223* thin, 287 spacefiller, 330 spacefiller, 335* SE, 336-8* pen marks on gum. ECV U.S.$2750 (C$3600) E$350
163 *o Lot of about 30 mint stamps 1909-54 plus about 96 used plate number singles 1989-95 matched from all four sheet corners. Some dup. Note #399* HR, 535* NH pair, 550* H, 616* H, 619* HR. VG-VF 2005 Sc. U.S.$427.70 (C$525)
164 *oC 1860s-modern - over 400 stamps/covers in a binder, stocksheets, envelopes. About 335 mint, balance used. Face of mint over $60. A few stuck down. Some mixed condition in earlies otherwise F-VF E$75
165 o About 970 diff. stamps 1890s to modern in like-new Eagle album (1847 to 2002 pages) which owner paid over $30 when empty. Stamps cat. over $200. Many still on paper and hinged with peelable tape. Some postal stat. cut squares as well. A few faulty. Most F-VF E$50+
166 *oC Sc. #1313//3087 - 1966/1996 - over 2400 comms. - inc. 45 sheets of Sc. #1313, #3000 (two sheets), 3069 (five sheets), 3072-6 (three sheets), 3087 (one sheet). Total face U.S.$176.20. Lot also inc. 20+ covers 1932-95. VF-NH
167 *o Eagle Stamp Album to 2001 with over 1150 diff. stamps plus some postal stat. cut squares etc. (rough count 1191 items in total). 1890s to 2001 issues noted. These would catalogue over $240 Scott’s plus album (like new) retails about $45 Cdn. Many stamps still on paper and hinged with peelable tape. Gen. F-VF E$60+
168 o Lot of about 140 town precancels mostly 1930s. Some dup. VG-F E$30
169 *o Mostly used wholesale lot of approx. 7500 stamps sorted into envelopes. Inc. cut squares and other back-of-book 1883-2001. Gen. F or better E$200
170 C U.S.A. and worldwide - accumulation of several hundred covers. Note 1976 Europa FDCs, Monaco 980-90 FDCs, U.S.A. Fleetwood FDCs 1975-6, Fleetwood presentation cards 1975-6, Bicentennial covers in special album, 1976 sheetlets (#1686-9) presentation cards in special Fleetwood folder, 1976 State Flags FDCs, Canada 1976 Olympics Fleetwood FDCs inc. $1 and $2 Buildings, Fleetwood covers with folder for Apollo/Soyuz and First Man in Space, three large presentation cards of Russian Space Exploration stamps in special folder. VF E$350+
171 C Scotland 1796 SFL showing clear strike red Edinburgh bishop mark 15 mm. diameter “Ju 18" rated mss. “4" in black ink. To Dundee. Letter refers to bank matters. F+ PHOTO E$40+

172 * Sc. #151//233 mint George V and Edward VIII lot of about 65 stamps and 8 booklet panes. Some dup. and shades. Note #156 H, 158B H, 188a H, 210-20 H & NH (inc. large, intermediate and small formats), 207a H (X 2), 205-8 NH, 230-3 cylinder blocks of six. F-VF 2005 Sc. U.S.$401 (C$515)
173 * Sc. #153//208 mint - lot of about 138 George V cylinder no. singles and two plates blocks. Mostly diff. 2005 Cat. U.S. $1806.85 (C$2315) single stamps. F-VF mint mostly NH. Note #194 (X 4) NH, 199 (X 5) H, 199 (X 2) NH, 200 (X 10) NH
174 * (Sc. #154//232) mint lot of about 23 Geo V and Edward VIII inverted watermarks. Some minor dup. Inc. 158 H, 154 block H, 163 H, 205 H. F-VF. Cat. £200 (C$465) in 2004 Gibbons Concise
175 o (Sc. #158) SG #345a used one penny Downey re-engraved no cross on crown variety. Winchester cds. VF PHOTO 2004 SG £50 (C$115)
176 * Sc. #159-72, 162a, 183 mint George V 1912-22 cypher wmk. set of 16 inc. both ninepence and both dies of twopence. F-VF mint H and NH PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$344.20 (C$435)
177 * Sc. #173-173a/SG #399-400 mint 1913 2/6 Seahorses - two shades. F-H PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$510 (C$670)/2002 SG £340
178 * Sc. #174/SG #401 mint 5/- rose carm. F-NH PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$375/2002 SG £300
179 * Sc. #175a mint 1915 5/- Seahorse De La Rue printing carmine shade. VF*-H PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$425 (C$545)
180 * Sc. #176/SG #403 mint 1913 £1 green Seahorse VF-H. Very fresh colour PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$1600 (C$2080)

181 * Sc. #177 mint 1913 half-penny coil stamp wmk. 32. Full perfs. Light pencil marks on gum. F-LH PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$140 (C$179)
182 * Sc. #179 mint 1919 2/6 retouched Seahorse. F-LH. Cracking gum PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$110 (C$140)
183 * Sc. #180 mint 1919 5/- retouched Seahorse rose-carmine shade. VF-LH PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$280 (C$360)
184 * Sc. #180 mint 1934 5/- Seahorse. VF-LH. Couple of light toning spots on gum. PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$280 (C$355)
185 * Sc. #180 mint 1919 5/- retouched Seahorse LR corner copy. F-H PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$280 (C$360)
186 * Sc. #181 mint 1919 10/- retouched Seahorse. F+-LH PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$400 (C$510)
187 * Sc. #185-186 in line and comb. perf. plus #203-4/SG #430-433 mint 1924 British Empire Exhibition set in original smaller line perfs. and then 1924 and 1925 issues in comb. perfs. 1924 comb. 1d. NH otherwise F-VF-H 2005 Sc. $126/SG £105+
188 * Sc. #187-200 mint 1924 George V definitive set of 12 plus numerous shades (55 stamps). F-VF mostly NH. Inc. #199 (X 2) NH 2005 Sc. U.S.$689.45+ (C$880+)
189 * Sc. #190a mint George V 1924 two-pence wmk. sideways. F+-NH PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$140 (C$180)
190 * Sc. #209/SG #438 mint 1929 PUC £1 F+-NH PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$1400
191 * Sc. #210a-3b mint 1934-6 George V set of four with wmk. sideways. F-VF-NH PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$230 (C$295)
192 * Sc. #222 mint 1934 2/6 Seahorse reddish brown shade VF-H PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$80 (C$102)
193 * Sc. #224/SG #452 mint 1934 10/- dark blue block of four. VF-H PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$1600/2002 SG £1300
194 * 1935 Silver Jubilee ½d. cylinder no. 18, 1d. cyl. no. 14, 1½d. cyl. no. 48 singles plus 2½d. cyl. no. 34 vertical pair - top stamp shows retouch to left panel - SG Spec. No. Ncom 13a. Retouch H otherwise NH. F-VF PHOTO E$50+
195 C “Czechoslovak Field Post” HS - Sc. #237 stamp tied by red boxed version dated “29 May 1942" and similar HS on back in violet. Address in Chester. VF E$25+
196 * Sc. #292-308, 317-33, 353-69 mint Wilding definitive sets all three watermarks including both cream and white paper printings of crowns wmk. Inc. some shades and both dies of 2½d., chalky paper of 353 and 357. Also 365 block with missing perf. pin. F-VF H & NH 2005 Sc. U.S.$270.90 (C$350+)
197 * Wilding definitives lot of 60 sideways and inverted watermarks 1952-65. Note SG #545b NH, 543d NH, 543bWi NH, 572b NH. Includes sideways and sideways-inverted, cream and white paper, four booklet panes inc. 572l. F-VF*-NH 2004 SG Concise £170+ (C$395+)
198 * Sc. #309-12/SG #536-9 mint 1955 First Castles Waterlow printing. VF. #309 & 312 NH, others H. Short perf. on 310 PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$262.50 (C$340)/2004 SG £225 (C$520)
199 * (Sc. #309-12)/SG #536a-9a mint 1958 First Castles De La Rue printing. F-VF*-NH PHOTO 2004 SG £550 (C$1275)
200 * Sc. #317c-22d, 353c-60a mint first and second graphite sets complete. F-VF*-NH. Also six examples of misplaced lines on 354c hinged 2005 Sc. U.S.$125 (C$160)
201 * Sc. #317cp-20cp, 355cp-60ap mint first and second phosphor-graphite sets complete. Inc. scarce 320cp NH. F-VF H & NH PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$263-75 (C$342.50)
202 * (Sc. #353c-8c) SG #587Wi-92Wi mint 1959 second graphite issue set of five with inverted watermarks. VF-NH PHOTO 2004 SG Concise £119.95 (C$280)
203 * (Sc. #353p-69p) mint Wilding phosphors specialized lot of about 115 diff. varieties. Inc. green, blue and violet phosphors, cream and white papers, sideways and inverted watermarks. Note SG #615cWia, 614b. F-VF-NH 2004 SG Concise £300+ (C$700+)
204 * (Sc. #356) SG #573Wi mint 1961 twopence Wilding mult. crowns inverted wmk. F-NH PHOTO 2004 SG Concise £130 (C$300)
205 * (Sc. #358) SG #575 mint Wilding three-pence mult. crowns block of six with experimental “T” wmk. in selvedge. Only 192,000 issued from cylinder 70 in 1964. F-NH E$25
206 * (Sc. #371-4) SG #595-8 mint 1959 second Castles De La Rue printing. F-VF-NH. Small stain on 5/-, light pencil marks on gum of £1. PHOTO 2004 SG £195 (C$450)
207 * Sc. #371-4, 525-8 mint 1963 and 1967 Bradbury Wilkinson Castles. Inc. 18 stamps and 14 plate blocks. Also 13 machins inc. MH171, MH176, MH193f. F-VF-NH Sc. U.S.$170.60+ (C$220+)
208 * Sc. #595-9/SG Concise #802-6 mint 1969 Prince of Wales lot of 26 presentation packs. F-VF 2004 SG Concise £65 (C$160)
209 * Specialized mint accumulation of about 165 stamps and 23 booklet panes. Mostly 1980s to date. Mostly machins and special issues from booklets inc. Prestige booklets. VF-NH 2004 SG Concise £336.30 (C$785)
210 * Lot of 24 diff. complete booklets 1983 to date. Inc. DX25-6, KX1, KX3, KX5, KX12, LX21-2, PM1, PM4. VF 2004 SG Concise £258.50 (C$600)
211 *oC Lot of 15 Victoria and Geo V stamps. Inc. used #3 pinhole and three margins, 32 pinhole and thin, 49 Pl. 9 clipped perfs., 55 Pl. 8, 58 Pl. 1 SE, 122 reinforced block creases and faded, 179 (two shades) one creased, 180 toned; mint #115 HR. VG-F. Also 1949 UPU FDC uncacheted (cat. £70 for cacheted) and 1964 and 1973 Exhibition s/s not in totals 2005 Sc. U.S.$864.50 (C$1105)
212 C Lot of about 57 covers 1906-79. Combination of commercial, special cancel, and FDC covers. Note 1966 Burns FDC with special Ayrshire cancel, 1966 hotel cover to Nova Scotia. VG-F E$50
213 o G.B. and Channel Islands - mostly used wholesale stock of several thousand stamps 1940 to date sorted into envelopes. Gen. F E$250
214 The Star newspaper of Feb 21, 1794. Four pages. Revenue handstamp on front. Interesting news from Europe inc. France after the Revolution. Some toning. Good condition for this. E$75+
215 o Used wholesale lot of about 3800 stamps (980 diff.) all reigns to 1999 sorted into envelopes. 1 to 29 of each. Gen. F. A few mint scattered throughout E$200
216 o Sc. #95-7 used 1924-32 George V top three values. Circular cancels. F-VF PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$637.50 (C$800)
217 *o wholesale lot of several thousands of stamps sorted into envelopes. All reigns. Mainly used. Gen. F E$200
218 *o Wholesale lot of several thousand stamps sorted into envelopes. All reigns. Mostly used. Inc. Falkland, St. Helena, Ascension, Tristan. Gen. F E$200+
219 *o Lot of about 950 stamps all reigns to about 1970. Several better complete sets. Note Brunei #83-96*; Cook 131-40*; Norfolk 23-4* toning spots, 17-18*; N. Borneo 257* & 271-3*; N. Rhodesia 44 used; Sarawak 192-4*; Tonga 52* faults. Gen. F Some toning 2005 Sc. U.S.$845 (C$1110)
220 *o Lot of 19 diff. varieties - inc. used Trinidad SG #78 (one sh.) no wmk, Br. Guiana used #216 - crown left of centre, Tuvalu mint #57-8 unlisted tete-beche block of four, Australian States - three diff. wmk. varieties etc. F-VF E$130+
221 *o Lot of 12 stamps with Falkland Is. QV fourpence with two parallel lines as wmk. (see note in SG) faulty; G.B. Sc. #107 with bogus “Gov’t Parcels” overprint; K.U.T. SG 154A “crescent moon”; India SG 21B head IIIA, frame 1 CTS, #1 & 2 bogus used pair, etc. F-VF E$100
222 C Lot of about 85 covers 1897-1994. Mostly commercial usage. Inc. 14 mint stationery items. Note Pitcairn 1965 ITU FDC, Fr. New Hebrides 1966 Soccer FDC, Australia 1968 Weather Watch FDCs, Br. Guiana airletter with souvenir photos of visit of Princess Margaret, WWII Censored covers, 1948 Tokelau souvenir cover. VG-F E$100
223 *o 1841-modern - over 1300 stamps - 600+ mint, 700+ used. All areas inc. G.B. Sc. #3 used (imperf. penny red) with a cert. of authenticity, several souv. sheets, FDC, strength in Grenada, Cayman. Mixed condition in earlies otherwise F-VF E$75+
224 o Mainly 20th century off-paper in glassines, binders, “102" cards etc. Several thousand. Some strength in British Africa, Guernsey. Gen. F E$75
225 *o Mostly used assortment probably thousands semi-sorted with many pictorials. Inc. G.B., Guernsey, Ireland, Australia, British Africa etc. Most if not all 20th cent. Lots of value with values to £1 noted. Gen. F or better E$75+
226 * Small lot of varieties. Inc. Cyprus QEII 1954 15 mils olive shade (SG 177aa), K.U.T. Geo VI 1¢ imprint block of eight with value retouch (SG 131ad), Pakistan 7p new currency overprint block of six with “Pasia” error, Heligoland 1 & 2 reprints, Barbuda. F-VF*-NH E$40
227 C 1937 - six Coronation covers with sets - inc. reg. Bahamas and Gilbert & Ellice to England, + FDC reg. Falkland Islands and Niue to England. Also K.U.T. and Cook Is. F-VF PHOTO E$40+

228 *o Wholesale lot of many hundreds of stamps sorted into envelopes. All reigns. Mostly used. Strength in Ireland and Malta. Also some Gibraltar and Cyprus. Gen. F E$200
229 *o Wholesale lot of many thousands of stamps sorted into envelopes. All reigns. Mostly used. Strength in Malaysia/Malaysia & States, Ceylon, Burma, Pakistan, Maldives. Also inc. some Middle East (Bahrain, Qatar, UAE etc.). Gen. F E$250+
230 *o Lot of about 500 stamps 1868-1973 on pages. Some dup. Gen. F. Some complete sets. STC 2004 Sc. U.S.$200 (C$255)
231 o Sc. #2/SG #2 used 1874 sixpence - slight perf. flaws - F app. PHOTO 2005 Sc. $110/2002 SG £100
232 *o Sc. #17//56 1871-1896 - one mint and 12 used inc. Sc. #44* NG, used Sc. #17 - faulty perfs. cut into. #43, #50 mixed condition, but VG-F for these $451.90
233 * Sc. #N122 mint 1917 George V 50 rupees. F*-LH PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$525 (C$650)
234 *o Wholesale lot of about 1400 stamps 1912-97. Sorted into envelopes. Mostly used. Gen. F 2005 Sc. U.S.$620 (C$785)
235 o Barefoot #69-71 used 1954 Contract Note top three values $25, $40 and $50. F-VF PHOTO 2000 Barefoot £55 (C$130)
236 o Wholesale lot of several thousand stamps sorted into envelopes. All reigns. Mostly used. Gen. F E$100
237 Lot of about 46 folded letters with “Chieftan Seals”. Most stated to be from 1700s or earlier. VG-F Owner’s est. $200
238 * 1986 60th Birthday sets of four in individual miniature sheets from Archives of Format Intl. Security Printers. Unissued. Only 250 sets said to exist (16 sheetlets total). VF*-NH PHOTO E$400
239 *o All eras - over 5000 stamps mostly used - in envelopes. From 1 to a few hundred of a kind but many, many diff. Some cat. over $5 each. Some mixed condition in earlies but gen. F-VF $1000+
240 * (Sc. #79) SG #97b mint 1922 ½d. torn flag variety in marginal block of four. F-NH. One of the normal stamps has surface fault. PHOTO 2002 SG £120 (C$276)
241 * Sc. #C6 mint 1949 100g Airmail. VF-LH 2005 Sc. U.S.$62.50 (C$77)
242 * Lot of about 30 Hejaz stamps 1922-24. Inc. L40-1 (L40 toning spots), L42-8, LJ11-6. Inc. some shades. F*-H 2005 Sc. U.S.$210.25 (C$260)
243 * Sc. #L51-60, L55a/60a mint 1925 Jedda issue set of ten rouletted and perfed. Also includes perf. set with inverted overprints (missing L57b). F*-H. Toning on L53, L56, L59 PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$818 (C$1000)
244 *o Wholesale lot of many hundreds of stamps sorted into envelopes. All reigns. Mostly used. Inc. some States. Gen. F E$150
245 C Probably Sc. #80, 82 & 83 tied on registered cover by “Lome Togo/22.4.16" cds cancels. Nice HS on face of cover “Passed by Censor/At/Lome Togo” in violet (three lines). BS red “London 11 My/16" transit and “Montreal 2 My/16" missing first number from Montreal dater. VF and scarce PHOTO E$75+

246 o USC #8 & 11 used surcharges “Two Cents” and 25¢ on threepence. Faulty spacefillers. Value as VG PHOTO $250
247 C 1854 SFL from “Ipswich Jy 6/1854" to Mr. R. Hockin, Miramichi, New Brunswick. Rate mss. appears to read “2/2" plus large red “2" HS (Arnell F8) for two pence credit to New Brunswick P.O., possible other faint HS. Business letter from brother to brother. Bit water stained. PHOTO E$150+

248 o USC #30 1865 13¢ Sailing Ship - light cancel - F PHOTO $60
249 * Sc. #47 mint 1896 2¢ Codfish dark green - O.G. - LR perfs. a bit short otherwise F-NH PHOTO $70
250 o Sc. #99 used 1911 Engraved 8¢ Mosquito - VF - light corner cancel PHOTO $90
251 C USC #C3h 1921 Airmail to Halifax - 1½mm. between “Air” and “Mail” and period after 1921. Cover has three vertical creases away from stamp (2224 stamps issued) otherwise F and scarce PHOTO $325

252 C Nfld. to England - 4¢ Registered letter (Walsh #RE4a). $2.01 in postage applied as 16 mostly diff. stamps. One 3¢ tied by British dest. cancel, others by “St. John’s East/N.F./Jan 24/1945" cancels - few extra minor creases and tiny stains but otherwise F and rare. (Walsh cat. U.S.$245 = C$310). Seldom offered used PHOTO

253 * USC #8 mint 1860 1¢ QV MS imprint blocks of nine. Scarce. F-NH $270
254 *o USC #8-13 1860-3 - small lot of 27 mint, one used. Note #11* three imprint blocks of four, block of eight and two singles. Only the 5¢ is used. Otherwise F*-NH $235.50
255 * VD #FB36 1865 $3 red and blue - fresh - very lightly hinged and fine PHOTO $400
256 * War Savings stamp book with six stamps pasted in. FWS7, FWS9, FWS 12, FWS 13 and FWS 14 (2) (VD $59). Cover of book trifle scuffed and two stamps show oil staining otherwise about fine and scarce PHOTO

257 o 1968 Unemployment Insurance stamps in contribution book - book has front cover off. Van Dam #FU99 $1.30 value (16); FU 100 (25) $1.60 value and FU102 (3) $2.20 value. Total VD cat. val. $268.50. F-VF
258 o Saskatchewan USC #SL51 used $1 blue 1938 Law Stamp (300) F-VF $180
259 C Rochester, U.S.A. to Hamilton C.W. SFL written in German and addressed to “Mrs. Wilhelm Goehring”. Various exchange markings on face of cover as well as “Rochester N.Y. Apr 16" and BS “Hamilton/C.W./Ap 17/1854". Fine PHOTO E$75+
260 C U.S.A. to Canada - 1855 SC ex “Rochester/N.Y./Jul 3" cds on face of cover plus “Paid 10" and neat “United States/Paid 6d.” Two BS inc. “Dunnville/U.C. Jy 4/1855". F PHOTO E$60+

261 C 1861 faulty “Montreal Telegram Company” illustrated and embossed envelope addressed to St. John, N.B. 23 Fe receiver on reverse. Plus two Dominion Telegraph Co. forms dated 1874 and 1876. Very scarce E$75+
262 C U.S.A. to Canada - 1863 SC ex Rochester to Hamilton two-ring “Rochester/N.Y./May 11/1863" and exchange HS on face of cover. BS “Hamilton/My 12/1863". F PHOTO E$60+
263 C Canada, U.S.A. and foreign - selection of about 133 postcards. Some used and some to Europe. Inc. a few from U.S.A. Edward to modern range . One U.S.A. has handdrawn Indian encampment (this to Belgium). Interesting lot also cover from Resolute Bay, N.W.T. to The Netherlands (1976). Plus 12 like-new photographs of Niagara Falls, souvenir folder photos of Toronto. Mostly F-VF E$75+
264 C Lot of about 14 covers and 17 postal stationery (mint and used). Note U32 used in 1943 with additional 2¢ stamp added, UX66 special library rate used, UX38 mint, UX17a mint, UX7a lilac mint, U3 mint, U5 used; Nfld. UX3 used, advertising covers inc. 1948 Maple Leaf Gardens covers. VG-F E$75
265 C USC #UY24a 1903 King Edward reply on back of message card (2). First used in Toronto 1913 and second late use Dec 1, 1945 souvenir for Ford Employees Stamp Club. Fine - one a bit toned PHOTO $200

266 C France to Switzerland 1928 Canadian Pacific Railway card showing multi-coloured view of Chateau Frontenac Hotel, Quebec City. Attractive and first thus I have seen. VF PHOTO E$35+

267 C Lot of about 130 covers mostly 1960s to 80s. Note 65 with Klussendorf cancels, 30 Centennial covers, 15 postal stationery items, 10 postage due covers. Gen. F E$40
268 *o Canada - award-winning collection 1967-73 Centennial special order stationery specialized lot of about 90 items inc. envelopes, letter sheets, postcards, election envelopes. Many scarce items E$500+
269 o 8¢ Centennial Alaska Highway Sony special order postal stationery large (8½ X 11) invoice with design printed in black instead of violet-brown. Canada Post tried to recover them but most were used. Only 45 to 60 believed to survive. 1972 Winnipeg roller cancel. VF PHOTO E$500

270 C Over 3000 commercial covers from 17¢ to 36¢ era. 95% are cds town cancels (circular). Many provinces noted so probably from across Canada. Gen. F-VF E$100+
271 C Large box of covers - legal size - probably many thousands. 1980s and 1990s usages with 17¢ to 43¢ values noted. Many cds and unusual HS such as 43¢ Queen with “Mailed after cut off time” bilingual HS; red Wilberforce money order type, etc. etc. Wide variety of postal markings. Gen. F E$75+
272 o 1939-1990 approx. 240 FDC and special event covers. Some dup. Inc. some multiple frankings, blocks and PBs. Also inc. the 1972 Canada scenes view cards (Webb #UC16-UC105) cpl. - some dup. for Ontario and 1974 Postal Museum UC111-5 plus a few postal stationery items. Gen. F-VF E$100+
273 *o Over 300 FDCs - mainly 1970s in six albums. Slight dup. Over 50 Olympics inc. high values - several multi frankings. Inc. mint NH sheet of #700-703 (four stamps damaged) F-VF E$125+
274 o About 1965 to modern selection of over 2000 town cancels on cut squares. Commems. and definitives. Many unusual and scarce towns. For example 1965 “Boston Bar/B.C.” Examine. Clean and F-VF lot E$100+
275 * USC #107//272 - mint lot of about 300 stamps 1911-46 with dup. in singles and multiples. Mixed H and NH. Note #113* H, 117* LH, 114* NH block, 131ii* NH pair, 135* NH pair, 151* NH (X 5), 160* (X 6), 161* H pair, 209* H, 200* VF block - gum a bit disturbed, 206i* LH VF pair, 272* NH. F-VF $2324.40
276 * USC #35//101 mint lot of about Victoria and Edward stamps with dup. Inc. #37c* (X 4) NG, 68* NH (X 7), 85* H-VF, 85* H-F (X 2), 89ii* H-VF, 92* H-VG, 90* NH-F (X 8), 99* NH-F surface scrape, 101* H-F, 96i H fine re-entry. VG-VF H & NH $1577.75
277 *o USC #15//906 + b.o.b. - 1859-1981 mostly used collection of over 1000 in a Schaubek album. Slight dup. Note mint NH Centennials to $1, used USC #45, 159, 302 + several other $1 values. Some mixed cond. in earlies otherwise F-VF STC $1248.30
278 * 1960s to modern selection inc. plate blocks. In several binders and two thematic books. Spot check indicates NH. Many, many hundreds. Values to $2. F-VF* E$250+
279 *o USC #410//1621b 1963//1996 - over 400 - mainly commems. Inc. souv. sheets, booklets, sheets and part sheets. Also inc. 21 FDCs (1958-84) and 15 covers (1956-84). Face of mint $150.49. VF-NH
280 *o Canada/B.N.A. - 1860-1999 - over 2000 stamps in three albums, stock sheets and glassines. Approx. 850 mint (appear mostly NH), 900 used and 50 B.N.A. - mostly mint. Note several stamps with a cat. value over $10 i.e. mint Sc. #87, 131, 161, 023, N.S. #9, 13 etc. Mixed cond. in earlies otherwise F-VF E$150++
281 *o Mint NH lot of about 100 stamps 1930s to 70s with some dup. Note 039 and 039a plate blocks, 408-11, various back of book (STC $195 in USC). Also about 20 mint and used items with various varieties inc. 163iii re-entry, BK76c repeating 10s, 522iii. F-VF E$150+
282 o Canada, U.S.A. and worldwide collections of mostly modern in four like-new stockbooks. Nothing of great value noted but many hundreds if not thousands of diff. stamps. Note nice showing of Ireland inc. £5 “Sheldruck”. Many elusive Canada commems. and better values. A few faulty mostly F-VF E$150+
283 * Lot of about 500 stamps (20 diff.) 1967-71. Inc. complete sheets of 482-4 with SE three sides, 511b, 511a, 541p block, 465A strip of five, 459 MS Pl. 1 & 2, 479ii, 463iv strip of three. F-VF USC $355.40
284 * Mint accumulation of about 480 stamps 1949-76 mostly in blocks or plate blocks. F-VF*-NH. A few faulty. Note 372 LL PB. USC $309.20
285 * Canada and Provinces - Canada reproduction of 7 on shiny white paper mint; Nfld. forgeries of 35 and 42, forged overprint of C1; N.B. forgery of #6 E$75
286 * Mint wholesale lot of about 700 stamps 1968-71. Note #541 (X 33). Some minor gum faults or creases. Otherwise F-VF USC $354.65
287 * USC #106//541p + J1 - about 185 mint mostly NH stamps. Inc. 434p-5p in MS blocks, 541p MS PB, 255 PB, Cameo panes etc. Also #522iii on cover. F-VF $320+
288 o Sc. #90//1965 plus b.o.b. - used collection of over 700 diff. in Tradition stamp album. Values to $5 and many elusive modern stamps. A few faulty - most F-VF - many still on paper and hinged with peelable tape. Cat. value probably $200 or more plus the album (owner paid $40.95) for album) E$60+
289 * USC #208//415, E1, E3 and E10 mint 1934 to 1963 selection of 36 diff. but #210 block of four. Mostly 1930s issues. E1 unused no gum. F-VF-H-NH $188.45
290 C USC #4ii - threepence orange red on cover. Ex “Hamilton/Mr 1 1856/U.C.” to “Brantford/Mr 2 /1856/U.C.”. Both double split ring strikes first on face of cover in black, latter a BS in blue. Stamp four large margins. VF. Embossed flap $350

291 SP USC #8TCii half pence on india in black with vertical carmine “Specimen”. VF PHOTO $300
292 * USC #12 mint 1859 threepence perf. 11¾ - couple of very tiny nicks at perfs. Unused no gum otherwise extremely fine PHOTO $5,000

293 o 1¢ - lightened pen cancel and regummed to appear mint (cat. $200 as mint). F app. (would look good in a mint collection and would fool most) PHOTO E$35+
294 P USC #18TCviii trial colour 12½ cents orange-yellow. Tiny flaws - four margins - otherwise F PHOTO $350
295 * USC #34 mint 1882 half cent Small Queen - O.G. - fresh and VF-NH PHOTO $50
296 o 1¢ (22) inc. several strips of three; 2¢ (20); 3¢ (50). Also six other stamps or postal stat. cut-outs. Many selected for interesting cancels. Note 3¢ SQ with large portion “Niagara Falls South/My 14/95" squared circle. Gen. F E$35+
297 C Sc. #37 and F1 - 1877 registered cover - 2¢ just over edge of cover. Shows scarce RPO BS “Registered G.T.R.E. Oc 17/77" Ludlow #RG8 RF 450. Face shows clear split ring “Murray/Ont/Oc 17/77" and Trenton and Napanee split ring BS. F PHOTO E$75+
298 C 1880 registered cover - 3¢ SQ tied by split ring “Bath/C.W./Mr 22/80" also 2¢ Registered. Corner card “Edward Daly/Teas and Groceries/Napanee Ontario” and printed address for him. BS “Napanee/Ont/Mr 22/80" split ring and several more “Bath”. Tiny UR corner flaw on cover not affecting stamps or cancels. Otherwise F PHOTO E$60+

299 o 3¢ - about 138 cds copies inc. many with full dates. Mostly Ontario but note “Assa.”, N.S. etc. 1894 to 1897 dates noted. Useful lot. A few faulty - most F or better E$50
300 * USC #42 5¢ grey - unused no gum - wonderful centering with boardwalk margins. VF PHOTO $150
301 C USC #45a 10¢ on cover to India - ex “Dundas Ont./De 19/88". Five diff. BS inc. “Hamilton/Ont.” same date. Redirected from “Cocanada” to “Akidu” with BS of both, 25 and 27 Jan/89. Also “Sea Post Office Ja 10/89". Well-known correspondence. (was Lot 776 Firby Sale Feb 10/2001 where he mentions ex Ayre). A scarce forwarded use. PHOTO $250
302 o USC #46 & 47 used 1893 Widow Weeds - 20¢ cds cancel “Toronto 4/Ju 15/94" and 50¢ light cancel. F PHOTO $90
303 * USC #50 half cent - O.G. - light thins otherwise F-HH PHOTO $75
304 * Sc. #65 mint $5 green - centered to top with trifle overall toning and some gum removed or disturbed PHOTO Sc. U.S.$975 (C$1250)
305 o Sc. #66 used half cent QV Leaf with strike of neat crown in sunburst of rays. Looks too good to be true but may well be (similar D&S #230). Sold as is. VF PHOTO E$30+
306 C Sc. #67, 74 (2) and 78 - Canada to France - QV Leaf and Numeral 6¢ rate 1899 cover. BS destination receiver. 1¢ Leaf, two ½¢ and one 3¢ Numeral. Slightly cut down at left away from stamps and cancels. Very attractive and scarce PHOTO E$75+

307 * USC #68 mint 2¢ purple QV Leaf VF-NH PHOTO $105
308 o USC #68, 74-84 & 85-6 used - mostly QV Numeral selection plus 2¢ purple QV Leaf and 3 X 2¢ Map. Some dated. F-VF (total 26 stamps) $298
309 C Sc. #74 - Canada to Italy - 1902 view of Windsor Hotel, Dominion Square, Montreal on postcard. Pair of ½¢ QV Numeral tied by “Montreal/Au 12/02" cds cancels. Slight corner flaws otherwise F. Scarce destination PHOTO E$40+
310 C USC #77 and 790 - 5¢ blue and faulty 2¢ carmine tied by “Moncton/N.B./Oc 25/99" cds cancel to registered cover with corner card “Treasurer, Intercolonial Railway/Moncton”. Complete red wax seal of Treasurer on reverse. F PHOTO E$50+

311 C USC #81 7¢ yellow QV Numeral tied by “Prescott/Ont/Ja 5/03" duplex to registered cover to Brockville (early use of this stamp issued Dec 23/02). Further Prescott and a “Brockville/Ont Ja 6/03" BS. F PHOTO $80
312 o Sc. #84 used 20¢ 1900 QV Numeral (3). One with Montreal roller cancel, one smudge cancel and another with moderate smudge cancel leaving design largely clear. F-VF centering PHOTO 2005 Sc. U.S.$270
313 * USC #90b - rare Edward booklet - semi-exploded but staple included. Rate chart dated 1st Nov. 1907. Back cover torn. Inc. complete pane of six plus pair with selvedge at left. Stamps adhering to interleaving. Pane fine centering - pair VG-VF (complete booklet USC $3000). PHOTO $1070
314 * USC #91, 92 mint Edward 5¢ and 7¢. Just F-H $175
315 * USC #92 mint 7¢ - O.G. - VF-NH PHOTO $600
316 * USC #100 mint 7¢ Montcalm and Wolfe - O.G. - F-NH PHOTO $150
317 * USC #100 mint 7¢ Quebec. Trace of small surface scuff otherwise VF-H PHOTO $200
318 o USC #102 used 15¢ Champlain’s Departure “Victoria/ AM/Dec/08" dater. Exceptionally F. PHOTO $150
319 C Canada to Estonia - 1¢ black (reply) half used with 1¢ green Admiral. Stamps tied by “Wingham Ont. Fe 15 21" cds cancels and Estonian machine cancel. Scarce Admiral usage. PHOTO E$50+

320 C 30 Admiral covers or cards 1918 to 1928 inc. advertising, slogans, war tax, booklet singles etc. Some faults. Gen. F. Inspect. Note split ring “Kingston Station/N.S. 20" on back of two E$100+

321 * USC #BK5d, 30c, 32eE, 33aE, 34dF, 69k - six complete booklets (34df exploded) F $160
322 o Sc. #106a single used - 2¢ carmine booklet single ex pane. Pane miscut to show gutter and portion of stamp at right inverted in relation to left stamp. Thinned but very unusual and rare PHOTO E$50+
323 * USC #124 mint 2¢ carmine coil - paste-up single (pair cat. $350) VF-H PHOTO $125
324 * USC #126d and 126v mint 1¢ orange-yellow - Die 1 - dry printing paste-up strip of four. Fresh and VF-H PHOTO $100
325 * USC #128ai mint 2¢ unsevered coil block of four. Wet first printing. VF - top pair LH - lower pair NH. Scarce PHOTO $600+
326 * USC #130 mint 3¢ carmine Die 1 wet printing - usual nibbed perfs. VF-NH PHOTO $225
327 * USC #136-138 mint 1924 imperf. Admiral pairs complete. Only 25,000 pairs issued and much less have survived. 3¢ tiny gum thin at hinge otherwise VF-HR PHOTO $250
328 * USC #139-140 mint 1926 Provisionals complete VF-H PHOTO $120
329 * USC #158 mint 1929 50¢ Bluenose F-HR PHOTO $200
330 * USC #160-161 mint 1929 Scroll coil pairs VF-H PHOTO $170
331 * USC #160i, 161i mint Scroll 1¢ and 2¢ coils paste-up pairs. F+-H $100+
332 * USC #163ii, 192i mint - 1¢ green re-entry in marginal block of six and 3¢ Ottawa Conference Broken “E” variety LR plate block of eight. VG-F*-NH $136.85
333 * USC #176 mint 1930 50¢ Grand Pre - fresh and F-NH PHOTO $225
334 * USC #209 mint 10¢ U.E .Loyalists blocks of four. F-VF-NH PHOTO $220
335 * USC #224 mint 1935 13¢ Charlottetown Conference UR Plate 2 block of ten with printer’s guide arrow at left. USC states corner blocks of ten add 50%. They are very scarce. VF-NH. This 50% not added to value PHOTO $202+

336 * USC #227 mint 1935 Champlain UL corner block of four showing cutting guide arrow in margin. VF-NH PHOTO $540
337 * USC #228-230 mint 1935 King George V coil pairs complete. VF-NH PHOTO $189
338 * USC #244 mint 50¢ Vancouver Harbour block of four VF-NH PHOTO $300
339 C Sc. #249//262, C7, CE1 and E10 - seven covers bearing various values of War issue inc. 50¢ and $1 values. Each tied by special violet cancel “Official Opening of Shand Dam/Wellington County/ Au 7, 1942/Elora, Ontario” PHOTO E$100+

340 * USC #260 mint 1942 20¢ Corvette Plate 1 UL block of four. Hinged on top selvedge. Stamps NH-VF PHOTO $75+
341 * USC #261 mint 1942 50¢ Munitions Plate 1 LR block of four. Lightly hinged on one stamp and in selvedge. Three stamps NH - crease in selvedge - VF PHOTO $247.50 as stamps only
342 * USC #261 mint 1942 50¢ Munitions block of four F+-VF-NH PHOTO $243
343 * USC #262 mint 1942 $1 Destroyer block of four - fresh and VF-NH PHOTO $600
344 * USC #279i mint 2¢ brown coil - perf. 9½ vert. - jump strip of four VF-NH PHOTO $120
345 * USC #316 mint 1952 20¢ Forestry Products Plate 1 and 2 MS of corner blocks. Plate 2 VF - Plate 1 F-VF with LL corner creased in selvedge. All NH PHOTO $100
346 * USC #321 mint $1 Totem Plate 1 UL block of four VF-NH $75
347 * USC #331-333 mint 1953 Karsh coils - 20 complete sets inc. strips of four or more. F-VF-NH $170
348 * USC #334 mint 1953 50¢ Textile - Plate 1 MS VF-NH $120
349 * USC #334 mint 1953 50¢ Textile - Plate 2 MS VF-NH $144
350 C USC #337p-341p 1962 Winnipeg tagged cacheted first day covers. Priced as stamps only. Block of four of each value. F-VF Scarce set PHOTO $43

351 * USC #417-429A mint 1964-1966 Flowers and Coats of Arms (100 sets of 14). Inc. some plate blocks and blocks. Face alone $70. Popular set. F-VF-NH $490
352 * 1965 Provincial Flowers set of all ten Provinces and two Territories. Each mounted in a separate plexiglass frame containing one stamp, one Centennial provincial medal, and painted provincial scene E$100+
353 * Sc. #450 var. mint 1966 Commonwealth Parl. Assn. - misperf. on vertical perfs. left margin block of four with vertical perfs. running through value and no vertical perfs. in margin. Excellent example - NH PHOTO E$250+
354 * Lot of about 96 diff. Centennials inc. dues. Stated to include 454ep G1a tag error, 460ii, 461ii, 461-65B, 465Aiii, 465Bii. F-VF*-NH STC $220 (USC)
355 * USC #454ii mint 1967 1¢ dex. hibrite sheet of 100. Very sound. Usual post office pen note in selvedge at UL corner. Fresh and F-VF-NH $112+
356 * USC #455xx mint Centennial 2¢ precancel left margin block of four. VF*-NH PHOTO $180
357 * SS #459ii mint 6¢ orange perf. 10 fl. ink. Vertical strip of five from right margin. SE right side. Light corner crease on bottom stamp otherwise VF-NH $250
358 * USC #465Biv mint $1 Centennial - MF - PVA - Plate 2 UR. $125
359 * USC #467 mint 4¢ Centennial coil unopened roll of 500. Inc. both starter and end strip. Not checked at all for any varieties - jumps, repair paste-ups, cutting guidelines. Looks perfect - NH. Probably F-VF $838+
360 * USC #468 mint 1967 5¢ blue Centennial coil (about 73) pairs to large strips. F-VF-NH $219
361 * USC #492 mint 1969 50¢ Suzor Cote MS of imprint blocks. VF-NH PHOTO $100
362 * USC #525ii mint 1970 Christmas 6¢ centre block - Wpg. tagged. Folded along vertical perfs. Quite rare. VF-NH PHOTO $200
363 * USC #AC17 mint 1974 Annual Collection VF $250
364 * USC #727iv mint $2 Kluane - Plate 3 - Clark paper - matched set of corner blocks in P.O. pack. VF-NH j (face alone $32) PHOTO $140

365 C 1978 Capex set of three Exhibition souvenir cards. VF $50
366 * USC #934 var./Darnell 1065a mint $1 Glacier - the printed $1 and Canada seem to be in proper place on stamp but mountains, glaciers and sky have shifted downward. Unusual and rare - NH Darnell $200 PHOTO E$150+
367 * USC #1116c 1986 Christmas 29¢ booklet pane perf. 12½. VF*-NH $100
368 * USC #1174a mint 1989 59¢ Musk Ox perf. 13 - SP - matched set of four imprint corners. VF-NH PHOTO $200
369 * USC #1250ii mint 1989 38¢ Regiment - rare LR imprint block of four VF-NH PHOTO $300
370 o Sc. #1396 used 45¢ blue green coil. Roll must have been miscut before going out for sale. No sign of score line anywhere on stamp or in gutter. “5" shows at left then gutter and left side of stamp. Excellent example. Very scarce. PHOTO E$25+
371 o USC #2052 used 2004 Golfer 49¢ putting stamp. Miscut so “Canada” missing and virtually all of value. Unusual and very scarce. (tied by Cardiff, Ont. Sept. 3/04) PHOTO E$150+
372 * (AAMS #CL6) mint - Essay - Jack V. Elliot Air Service - rare disapproved essay (page 48) AAMS - unlisted in USC. Stamp should not have been issued with a value showing. In blue on white paper from a small printing. This is part of a small find. VF-NH PHOTO E$200+
373 * USC #C1 mint 1928 Airmail 5¢ block of four. F-VF-NH PHOTO $110

374 * USC #C1i mint 1928 Air Mail “Swollen Breast” variety in Plate 2 UR block of six. F-VF-NH PHOTO $200+

375 * USC #C2 mint 1930 5¢ Airmail block of four. Fresh and VF-NH PHOTO $960
376 * USC #C2 mint 1930 5¢ Airmail - extremely light hinge - well centered. Fresh and VF PHOTO $120
377 * USC #C3 mint - right marginal block of six. Fresh and VF-NH PHOTO $192
378 * USC #C3 mint 1932 6¢ on 5¢ Airmail - Plate 1 strip of three - VF-NH PHOTO $96+
379 * USC #C3i mint upper right corner block of six showing “Wa - No. A - 2 - 915 - A” in upper margin. Swollen breast variety. VF-NH PHOTO $337.50

380 * Sc. #C9a mint 1946 Peace issue 7¢ Air booklet pane (100). F-VF-NH - fresh $490+

381 * USC #0CE2 mint Air Mail Special Delivery perf. O.H.M.S. Plate 1 LL block of four. Unpriced in USC as plate block. Very scarce. VF-H PHOTO $160
382 * USC #E1 mint 1898 10¢ green - O.G. - F-NH PHOTO $120
383 o USC #E1, E2a, E4-E11 and CE1-2 and CE4 used - Special Delivery plus Air Spec. Del. (23 stamps). Some cds. F-VF PHOTO $195
384 * USC #E2 mint 1922 20¢ dry printing block of four. F-H-LH PHOTO $260
385 * USC #E4 mint 1930 20¢ VF-H PHOTO $100
386 * USC #E5 mint 1932 “20 Cents” VF-LH $90
387 * USC #E7-8 mint 1939 10¢ and 20¢ VF-NH PHOTO $81.75
388 * USC #MR2B mint 5¢ blue ovpt. diagonal “War Tax”. Slight paper adherence on gum. F-H PHOTO $100
389 o USC #MR2c used 20¢ Admiral ovpt. “War Tax”. Postal cancel LR. Scarce thus. VF PHOTO Cat. $100
390 * USC #MR2D mint 50¢ black diagonal red “War Tax” ovpt. F-H PHOTO $120
391 * USC #0244 mint 50¢ Vancouver perf. O.H.M.S. VF-NH PHOTO $150
392 * USC #0245 mint perf. four-hole O.H.M.S. $1 Ramezay VF-LH PHOTO $240
393 * USC #0262 mint perf. four-hole O.H.M.S. $1 Destroyer. VF-H PHOTO $225
394 * USC #010 mint 1949 $1 Ferry ovpt. O.H.M.S. Scarce. VF-NH PHOTO $120
395 * USC #010 mint 1950 $1 Train Ferry ovpt. “O.H.M.S.”. VF-NH PHOTO $120
396 * USC #016, 017 & 019 mint 1950 Officials - 2¢ Plate 2 LR sheet of 100; 1¢ Plate LL block of 50 and 4¢ (50) in large block. VF-NH $332.70
397 * USC #021 mint 1950 10¢ Great Bear Lake ovpt. “G”. Plate 1 LR sheet of 50. VF-NH $278+
398 o Sc. #54 5¢ Jubilee (7) - all more or less faulty. Most F app. PHOTO 2005 Sc. $157.50
399 o USC #89//134 1903 to 1924 selection of Edwards and Admirals inc. coil strips and pairs; 50¢ Edward, $1 Admiral etc. Probably a couple of hundred stamps. Some cds. A very few with faults. Most F-VF $435
400 o USC #97-100 Quebec Terc. - 1¢ (15), 2¢, 5¢ and 7¢. Some minor flaws on a few otherwise F $119.50
401 o USC #115 8¢ blue (25) - various cancels - F avg. $150
402 o USC #130 3¢ Admiral coil (47) - not checked for wet and dry printing. F avg. $246.75
403 o USC #141-148 1927 Confederation and Historical - eight diff. values in quantities from 11 to 31 of a kind. F-VF $440.85
404 o Sc. #142 1927 2¢ Fathers of Confederation (1200) as twelve bundles of 100 each in old Player’s cigarette tin. Some cds. F avg. 2005 Sc. $240
405 o Sc. #341 1954 Wilding 5¢ - 15,000 in bundles of 100 each. Unchecked by us for tagged, “G” ovpt. (one of these noted, etc. Some cds noted on top stamps of bundle. F avg. E$30+
406 o USC #C7 and C8 1942-43 War Airs - 6¢ and 7¢ 100 each. cat. value $110 to $170 but these in unopened bundles of 100 each. Some cds. Expect F-VF PHOTO
407 *oC Remnants of collections, covers, revenues, mixtures etc. Strength in B.N.A. but foreign, U.S.A. and British Commonwealth as well. Thousands of stamps E$125
408 *oC Similar lot
409 *oC Similar lot
410 *o Some strength in Germany and Canada - Germany probably in more than one stockbook. Eight books in total plus some mixtures in plastic bags. Hours of sorting fun. Semi-sorted to mixtures. An amazing mish-mash of many thousands of stamps. A property as received. Gen. F-VF E$300
We have received some late additions to our November 25th, 2004 Public Auction Sale. Due to the importance of two of the lots which are extremely rare and unlisted Canadian errors, we are taking the unusual step of adding these items as a supplement to our November 25th Auction. The additional lots are numbered and will be sold following lot 410.
Late Arrivals:
Lot 411 Junk Box - in stock book, on album pages, in glassines, etc. We note Canada, USA & worldwide. Examine!! Est. $75.00+
Lot 412 Worldwide - mostly modern - several 1000's in a stock book, stock pages in a binder and in envelopes. Strength in USA, Canada & British Commonwealth inc. several high values. Approx. $10 mint US face. Gen. Fine Est. $100+
Lot 413 Canada - USC #50 - 1897 Half Cent - No sign of cancel. (Price the same used.) Unused no gum - Fresh & Fine+ USC $75.00

Lot 414 Canada - USC #468B - 1970 Six Cent Black Centennial Coil - 100 stamps in large strips. VF-NH USC $100.00
Lot 415 Canada - (Scott #2004 Error) - 2003 Christmas Complete Booklet (USC #BK 277) Error - No score lines - resulting in six imperf. pairs as block of 12 stamps. Thumb Print at R side of bottom pair with some bending at this pair only. First we have handled. Otherwise Superb . Est. $5,000.00+

Lot 416 Canada - (Scott #2011 Error) - 49 cents Flag (City of Edmonton) Booklet of ten (USC BK 280). Error no score lines resulting in imperf. pane of ten or five imperf. pairs with imprint at bottom. Some minor bends or creasing mostly on top pair. Very rare and unlisted. Otherwise Very Fine Est. $3,000.00+

Lot 417 Canada - 1937 to modern mixture inc. some recent commems. Looks better than usual but we have only taken a brief look at it. Examination may pay. Some USA, etc. as well noted. 20 pounds. Many thousands on single mostly white paper. Est. $125.00+
Lot 418 Canada & Worldwide - 18 pounds of on paper. We have only skimmed the surface but note Swaziland stamp on piece, commems., definitives, etc. Mostly single white paper. Examine. Est. $75.00+
Lot 419 Canada mixture on paper with some worldwide. 16 pounds. Values to $5 noted. Mixed commems. definitives & Christmas. Single mostly white paper. Looks interesting. Examine. Est. $65.00+
Lot 420 Canada - Ten Pounds on mostly white single paper, some world inc. Jamaica to $7 value. Looks useful. Examine Est $50.00+
Lot 421 Canada - Mixture on paper - Nine pounds. Some commems. but heavy in definitives back to KGVI. Also Christmas. A few world as well. Nine pounds. Est. $40.00+
Lot 422 Canada - Seven pounds mixture on paper with some useful world inc. Bermuda. Looks like an interesting mix. Examine. Est. $40+
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