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Just In! 2015 Scott Catalogue Volume 1 - price $136.95
Canadian Missionary POW on the Death Railway - The World War II story of Walter G. Anderson, M.D. Compiled by Ann Louise Smith. Soft cover, 267 pages, illustrated with black and white images and maps. Covers the wartime years of missionary physician Walter G. Anderson.
PRICE Can. $32.00
The Unitrade Stamp Collector's Handbook
A beginner's guide to the world's most popular hobby. Softcover, illustrated, 141 pages. Full of useful information!
PRICE Can. $8.95
Squared Circle Postmarks of the London Suburban District Offices, 1983
By Stanley F. Cohen. Soft cover, 34 pages, illustrated. Useful reference for Great Britain collector.
PRICE Can. $19.99
A Charlton Standard Catalogue - Canadian Coins Volume 2 - Collector and Maple Leaf Issues
2nd edition, 2011, W.K. Cross
PRICE Can. $24.95
Stamps of British North America
By Fred Jarrett - 1975 Quarterman reprint of 1929 work, 595 pages, cloth with dj, limited stock. Slightly used with inscription and some notes at front.
PRICE Can. $70.00
The Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue 2009
by E.S.J. Van Dam
6X9", 180 pages, illustrated in colour, spiral bound.
Includes Wildlife Conservation Stamps, Federal and Provincial Revenues.
PRICE $21.95

A Charlton Standard Catalogue Canadian Coins Volume 2
Collector and Maple Leaf issues, 2nd edition, 2011 - W.K.Cross. Softcover, 336 pages, illustrated in colour.
PRICE Can. $24.95
The Five Cent Beaver Stamp of Canada 1859-1868 - The Named Flaws and the Significant Re-entries (double transfers) of this Stamp
by Chester C. Soule
Described and illustrated are the 25 named plate flaws out of the 127 identified and proven by Whitworth, in addition there are 100 more proven but only a portion identified by plate position by Clayton Huff in 1975.
Soft cover, coil bound, illustrated.
PRICE Can. $15.00 plus shipping and applicable tax

Special Delivery - Canada's Postal Heritage by Chantal Amyot, Bianca Gendreau, John Willis, Edited by Francine Brousseau. The story of the postal service in Canada, told in words and pictures. Large format, hardcover, 150 pages, colour and b&w illustrations. Almost brand new condition.
PRICE Can. $45.00
1999/2000 Millennium Quarter Varieties
A guide to varieties in the production of the 1999 and 2000 Millennium quarters by the Royal Canadian Mint. Soft cover, spiral bound, 127pp, illustrated. By CAT Media.
PRICE Can. $14.95
Aerogrammes of Australia & Its Dependencies 1944-1980
Harcover book by Robert C. Stein, 188 pages, published Dec. 1984 by A.P.S. Detailing the history, dimensions and printings of the aerogrammes of Australia, Christmas Island, Nauru, Norfolk Island and Papua New Guinea. Illustrated in black & white. Like-new condition.
PRICE Can. $37.50
Michel Germany Specialized 2004 Volume 1: From 1849 to April 1945
Deutschland-Spezial 2004 Band 1: Ab 1849 bis April 1945, soft cover, in German, over 960 pages.
PRICE $95.95
Michel Germany Specialized 2004 Volume 2: From May 1945 (Allied Occupation until BRD)
Deutschland-Spezial 2004 Band 2: Ab Mai 1945 (Alliierte Besetzung bis BRD), soft cover, in German, over 1200 pages.
PRICE $105.00
Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise
2006 - Paperback - 360 pages - 160mm x 210mm. A clear and detailed guide to every GB stamp since 1840. Includes commemorative, definitive, regional, postage due, official and postal fiscal stamps plus first day covers, presentation, collect and gift packs, PHQ cards, stamp booklets, gutter pairs, yearbooks, postage labels, Channel Islands wartime issues and much more.
PRICE Can. $90.95
The Guidebook and Catalogue of Canadian Stamps 1970-1971, 1st Edition
By Glenn Hansen. Fully illustrated with all major varieties and values for covers, plate blocks, tagged, etc. Perfect bound, 228 pages, 5 1/2" X 8 1/2". Signed by author and numbered #2900.
PRICE $14.95
Philatelic Fantasies of British North America 1860-1910 by David Sessions. 1999, perfect bound, 134 pages, illustrated. Labels, locals, speculatives, cinderellas - includes sections on Bogus Locals of the 1860s, College Stamps, The Perpetrators, and Miscellanious.
PRICE $29.95
The Evolution of Imperial Penny Postage and The Postal History of the Canadian 1898 Map Stamp by Ron B. Winmill. 1982, hardcover, 110 pages. Topics include rates and usages to postal history fakes.
PRICE $49.95
The Companion Guide to Muskoka District Post Offices 1861-1999 (SOLD OUT) by Susan M. Sheffield. The most extensive work of its kind ever published about the development of postal service in Muskoka. Every post office has been documented and recorded, arranged alphabetically by name, number, township, opening date, closing date, former-later name, postmaster, date of appointment, date of vacancy and comments. Also includes 400+ examples of Pritchard and Andrews proof strike impressions, numerous other postal markings, 23 township maps and other illustrations. This book is soft cover, wire spiral bound, 272 pages, 6" X 9". Limited edition.
PRICE $59.95
The Postage Stamps and Postal History of Canada
Quarterman reprint of the 1945 edition by W.S. Boggs. One of the leading authorities of 19th and early twentieth century Canada. 1974, hardbound, 870 pages.
PRICE Can. $125.00
The Squared Circle Cancellations of Canada 5th Edition by the Squared Circle Study Group. 334 pages, 8 1/2" X 11" format, spiral bound, extensively illustrated.
PRICE $56.95
The Canadian Posted Letter Guide - The Classic Period 1851-1902
by Charles G. Firby and Victor L. Willson (eds.)
6"X9" - 128 pages - softcover, spiral bound, illustrated in colour.
Special Price $22.95
Intended to provide a pricing guide to the covers of Canada and the BNA Provinces. Stamps priced "on cover", combination usages, multiple frankings, specialists' listings, over 1750 postally used envelopes priced by today's market.

Ontario Broken Circles by W. Bruce Graham. Published by the Postal History Society of Canada, 1999. A very large checklist of all known or suspected broken circle postmarks ("split circles") of Ontario and its predecessors. About 12000 are listed. Also includes other datestamps used in Upper Canada, Canada West, as well as Ontario. 240 pages, spiral bound, illustrated.
PRICE $37.50
Steam and the North Atlantic Mails by J. Arnell.
6x9" - 295 pages - HC - illus.
Original publisher's price $75.00. Special Price $35.00.
The history of postal communications between England and colonies during the period of transition from sail to steam.

Catalogue of Canadian Railway Cancellations and Related Transportation Postmarks by Lewis Ludlow. 1982 - spiral bound - 272 pages. PRICE C$45.95

Canada - BNA Philately (an outline) by Ed Richardson. 64 pages, 6X9", soft cover, illustrated, copyright 1981. In this book the author discusses a variety of topics in BNA philately including covers, revenues, provinces, essays, etc.
PRICE $9.95

Some Canadian Stamp Errors Soft cover, 40 pages, 6X9". This book describes the history of some major errors of Canadian philatelity, by various dealers. Illustrated.
PRICE $9.00
The Postal History of the Post Card in Canada 1871-1911 by Allan L. Steinhart. 65 pages, softcover, illustrated, copyright 1979. Traces history of the postal stationary card, private post card and pictorial view card from their first use in Canada to December 31, 1911. (Out of Print)
PRICE $14.90
The United States Stamp 1847-1869 the Ryohei Ishikawa Collection. Hardcover, illustrated in colour, large format.
PRICE $200.00
H.E. Harris & Co. 2000 US/BNA Postage Stamp Catalogue 8 1/2X11" spiral bound, 268 pages, illustrated in b/w with prices and notes.
PRICE $23.95

Pennsylvania Postal History by John L. Kay and Chester M. Smith, Jr. Hardcover, 564 pages, tatty dustjacket. The history of all post offices, named stations, named branches, rural stations, rural branches, and community post offices is covered in the three sections of this book. No illustrations but a map of Pennsylvania showing county lines and the number of post offices currently in each county.
PRICE $60.00

The Postal History of New South Wales 1788-1901 , John S White (ed.). Issued 1988, 481 pages, hardcover, dustjacket. Postal Rates, hammer data, P.O. regulations, etc. A wealth of information. Like new.
Price $145.00 (only one copy available at this time).
Canada and the Universal Postal Union 1878-1900 by George B. Arfken. BNAPS Handbook 1992 perfect bound - 128 pages PRICE C$28.95

The Canada Queen Victoria 1898 Numeral Issue by Hans Reiche and Mike Sendbuehler. Three-ring binder - 168 pages. Illustrated PRICE C$43.95

The Development of Rates of Postage (SOLD OUT) by A.D. Smith. HC, 5 1/2X8 1/2", 430+ pages. Reprint of 1917 reference. PRICE C$46.00

The Postal History of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 1754-1867 by Jephcott, Greene and Young. Only 400 issued. HC - 393 pages. PRICE C$250.00

The Nova Scotia Post - Its Offices, Masters and Marks 1700-1867 by J. J. Macdonald - 1985 hardbound - 295 pages PRICE C$24.95

The Postage Stamps and Cancellations of Prince Edward Island 1814-1873 by James C. Lehr, O.T.B.. HC - 174 pages. PRICE C$19.95

Canada Special Delivery compiled by G. H. Davis PRICE C$41.95

The Admiral Era: A Rate Study 1912-1928 by Allan L. Steinhart. Out of print. Perfect bound. 166 pages. Issued 1981 PRICE C$18.95

The Air Mails of Canada and Newfoundland - HC - 6th edition - AAMS - 546 pages - illustrated PRICE C$77.95

The Squared Circle Postmarks of Canada by Moffat and Hansen. 1981 HC - 485 pages. PRICE C$39.95

The Canada Precancel Handbook by the Precancel Committee, HG Walburn, ed.
Softcover, 183pp, illustrated in black & white. Companion to the Standard Canada Precancel Catalogue, below.
PRICE Can. $16.95
The Standard Canada Precancel Catalogue 5th Ed. -Editors J. Kraemer, Marasco and Field . Illustrations and prices - spiral bound 9x6 86pg .
PRICE $18.95.

The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Bank Notes 2nd ed.
Soft cover, large format, illustrated catalogue of Canadian charter bank notes.
PRICE $59.50

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