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Thursday June 9, 2005 Auction - 11:30am
The Auction will take place at Toronto's Eagles' Club at 17 Elm Street, Downtown Toronto (Two blocks north of Dundas Street, West off Yonge Street) on Thursday June 9, 2005, commencing at 11:30am. Viewing for this sale will start on June 2 to June 8 from 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Closed Sundays) at our office at 211 Yonge Street, suite 200. We will allow limited viewing on day of sale from 9.40 a.m. to 11 a.m. We are located just up the street from the Elgin Theatre and just around the corner from Massey Hall. We are across the street and just a bit south of the Eaton Centre Shuter Street Parking Entrance. Take the Albert Street/Massey Hall exit from the Queen Subway stop and you are outside our building. Please note that a 15% buyers commission will be added to the hammer prices of lots purchased, and applicable taxes will be added to the hammer price + commission.
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1 Coin Collection in binder - 9 large cents QV X 4, KEVII X 1, GV X 4; small cents GV X 2, GVI X 20, QEII X 10; 2 silver 5¢ GV; nickels X 48, 8 GV, 23 GVI (1 tombac), 17 QEII; 45 silver dimes 1 GV, 31 GVI, 13 QEII; 35 silver 25¢ 1 QV 1874h, 1 KEVII, 2 GV, 17 GVI, 16 QEII; 20 silver halves 2 GV, 9 GVI, 9 QEII; 13 silver dollars including 1939-1949, 1950, 1955; and a few modern coins and tokens. 2 Newf. 25¢, 1 Newf. 1¢. Gen G-F...........E$250+
2 50¢ 1966, 1971, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1984(2), 1988. $1 1968(5 - 2 stained), 1970(3), 1971-2, 1981-2 & 1986 plus 1971 USA 50¢ Kennedy plus cheaper worldwide...........E$40+
3 1827 George IV penny - VG, Krause Cat. $100 US = $120 Can.
4 1800 8R Silver Coin......................E$50+
5 13 1¢ - 2 Indian head, others Lincoln. 5 silver dimes - 1 Barber (date unreadable), 3 mercury, 1 Roosevelt, 3 silver quarters, 1 silver Kennedy half, 2 Clad (silver), 1 1822 1g cent, 1 1922 $1, 1 1853 3¢ cat. $19.50, 2 half dimes - 1832 cat. $26, 1848 cat. $13, 2 Buffalo 5¢. Gen. G-VG+.............E$100+
6 19th & 20th century accumulation of about 232 coins inc. some merchant tokens, etc. Looks interesting. Copper to silver. Mixed condition E$100+
7 Illustrated History of the U.S. Mint (1884) published by A.M. Smith, Philadelphia. Over 100 pages, hardcover. A bit worn but inside quite clean. E$25+
8 Year II of the Revolution - National Convention Decree #1775 dealing with counterfeiting money. Rare E$60
9 Over 280 catalogues including world exhibitions & Palmares. Note ‘84 Ausipex, ‘98 Italy, ‘99 China, 2002 Korea, etc. 15 Siegel auction cats. incl. the 2001 & 2002 rarities of the world sales, 5 Harmers, 33 Philips-Bonham, 192 Sissons,etc.. E$120+
10 Cigarette Cards - complete set of 50 early film stars in an album by John Player & Sons. Album showing signs of age but cards appear in very good condition. Very scarce set E$100+
11 Cigarette Cards - set of 40 “Air Raid Precautions” in an album by W.D & H.O. Willis. Missing 10 cards for the complete set. VG condition for the age. Scarce. E$75+
12 Cigarette Cards - lot of about 139 old cards by W.D. & H.O. Willis. Flowers & Birds sets. Slight duplication, very scarce and in good condition. E$65+
13 Cigarette Cards - about 80 old cards by Cavenders Ltd. Topics incl. River Valleys (43), Camera Studies (28) and Peeps into Many Lands (9). Mostly diff. Very rare sets. Gen. Good condition. E$50
14 Lot of about 189 cards including Brooke Bond picture cards in albums (Wildlife in Danger, British Costumes, Wild Birds in Britain) and an assortment of cigarette cards pasted on pages. Some mixed condition but many better cards E$50+
15 Worldwide - pot pourri - lot of six items - set of 14 Br. Empire flags on silky paper, 50,000 mark bill dated Nov 19, 1922, adv flying school postcard from Society Aeronautique de Paris, Revue de la Politique Francaise (Dec 1976), deck of playing cards with a Cdn. $100 bill on reverse (never opened) and a small notebook with various and unusual notes on Cdn. Stamps (ca. 1895-1910). Interesting lot E$50+
16 C 1955 - eight illustrated postcards - inc. six Australian Base Camps and two Arctic cards (one depicting Peary’s Party in a hard climb). Gen. F E$40
17 o 1889 to 1970-Collection of about 670 stamps owner states 600 different. Gen F-VF STC 2004 Scott $230+
18 *o On pages loose or in six binders. Many thousands mostly 20th century. Values to $15. Scott noted. Worth a look and may hold some surprises. Gen F E. $300+

19 C Selection of five interesting post cards plus Japan shipping tag printed. “Japan in a cork” - cork missing, but rolled up selection of views of Japan. Liege 1905 exposition card with special exposition cancel on Belgium stamp. View shows Canada pavillion. Canadian and USA postage due cards, etc. Interesting lot. E $40+
20 Document - 1560. In old French - Nice gothic calligraphy - under the reign of Francois II. (Very rare: he reigned only one year). Signed, but faulty - still presentable for age E $80+
21 Document - 1572 Rouen, Normandie - on thick parchment - speaks of noble families of De Hoden, De Garros, De Guerres, De Bezu lovely gothic calligraphy signed. Interesting unread and unresearched. Some faults, but still a very nice piece for the age. E $175+
22 Document - 16th or early 17th century in old French. Appears to be from Brittany very ornate signature of “Du Pres” - interesting calligraphy - unread and unresearched - very fresh E $150
23 Document - 1625. On thick parchment - speaks of various noble families with rare “Order of Malta” mark with 2 signatures - one bold unread and unresearched - but still very readable E $170+
24 Documents - 1654 to 1679. Appears to relate to indebtness of the Lespinasse family. Unresearched. Great ornate signature. Nice and fresh E $120
25 Document - 1664. From Antibes - Nice bold signatures - Very fresh E $80
26 Document - mid 17th century - 24 well written pages of what appears to be extracts of the last will and testament of lady Antoinette Arnoul. Several bold signatures - unresearched. Very fresh E $170+
27 Documents - 1675. 2 small documents referring to “Generalities De Pottiers” with large great illustrated revenue pennants - signed. Very fresh E $120
28 Document - 1678. “Obligation” under Louis XIV. With nice revenue on water marked paper. Very nice calligraphy. Various interesting signatures. Unread and unresearched E $150
29 Document - 1681. On beautiful watermarked paper. Large revenue as letterhead. Talks about a blacksmith and a mill. Unread in details and unresearched - several signatures. Some faults ( a few words missing on bottom corners) Still a lovely piece E $115
30 Document - 1691. Under Louis XIV - Great revenues on watermarked paper - Nice interesting calligraphy - Signed. Very fresh E $145
31 Document - Late 17th century. - 8 page sermon. Very interesting - nice calligraphy. Topics include Christmas announcements. Unsigned - very fresh E $140
32 Document - late 17th century. 4 page sermon. Nice calligraphy, very interesting and very fresh E $80
33 Document - 1720. Under Louis XV. Superb Paris revenue as letterhead of a beautifully written document. From Normandy and with Order of Malta turquoise star. Accompanied by a circa 1850 long list of names mentioned in the document. Very fresh E $160
34 Document - 1723. La Rochelle - great revenue on nicely watermarked paper with several signatures (some very ornate) unresearched upper left corner cut off resulting in a few words missing. Still very fresh and nice piece E $100
35 Document - 1733. Election of Bourges - Declaration to pay the 1/10 of wealth tax as decreed. Scarce and superb E $75
36 Document - 1741. Very nice intact red wax seal - arms of Paris also lovely G.D. Paris revenue (10 deniers) about a Bernard Marais, Bourgedis de Paris, signed by him and many others, including the King’s genealogist. Tear in upper right, but still a very nice piece. E $100+
37 Document - 1746. Book advertising for the “memoirs of M. Philippe de Commines”, Seigneur D’Argenton. Great illustration - Some faults. E $60
38 Document - 1767. On parchment - Normandy with nice Caen revenue. Ornate first letter - about nobility - unresearched. Signed and fresh. E $140+
39 Documents - 1767 and 1770. 2 letters from nobleman Filhion de Lacour, both signed by him. Unread and unresearched. Fresh. E $90
40 Document - 1775. (1st year of Louis XVI reign) Official receipt - nice Gen. De Bourges revenue. Signed and very fresh E $75
41 Documents. 1781. Under Louis XVI - One talks about a Dame Bodini, the other a Dame Loisbeau. Signed and very fresh E $75
42 Document - 1786. With revenue as letterhead - signed by vicar general and monseigneur Bertrand. Illustrated paper seal on back. Fresh and probably rare E $80
43 Document - 1790. Als of Le Caux de Latournelle. Speaks of “assignats” (revolution paper money) Unusual to find private letters speaking of assignats. Fresh E $80
44 Document. Ca 1790. Als Isambart to Citizen Lelard Duplessis - speaks of A.M. Lavoisier - some faults but still presentable E $40
45 Document - 1790. Gazette Nationale, or le Moniteur Universel - the official newspaper of the Revolution. Topics include politics, administration, finances, literature, national assembly bulletins, varieties, etc. Excellent condition E $125
46 Document - 1791 - 1793. Demand letter requesting payment - various signatures and nice revenue. Good condition E $65
47 Document - 1792 (a few months before the king’s execution) “La Nation et la Loi” journal No. 1851 dealing about power exchange, sale of goods of the Order of Malta, etc. Nice large vignette. Rare and signed in print by Monge and Danton in print and countersigned in ink. Bit of water damage, but still presentable E $80+
48 Document - 1792. Under Louis XVI - 3 revenues on District of Vierzon. Official receipt No 616. Boldly signed by Barre. Superb E $90
49 Document - Year 6 of the Revolution - Gazette Nationale or Le Moniteur Universel. Two pages deal with politics involving several countries. The other 2 pages deal mainly with the legislative corps, conseil des cinq-cents under the presidence of Chenier note VF revenue (very scarce on Le Moniteur) showing signs of age, but still a very nice copy. E $100+
50 Document - 1806. Very rare, but faulty, newspaper “Le Publiciste” of Monday, Mar 17, 1806. With rare newspaper revenues. Speaks of Napoleon, Marshalls Ney and Augereau plus several other news of the day. Very fragile document E $75+
51 Document - 1821 - Letter dated Feb 28, 1821 at Montpellier, addressed to the president of “La Societe Biblique Protestante” in Paris. Protestants documents are very rare in France under Napoleon and the years to follow. Dealing with the sale and payment for bibles. Fresh and rare E $125
52 Documents (4) - 1821-1850. One with elaborate large watermarked paper addressed to a marquis, doc. Inc. a receipt. Two are addressed to a Marquis de Falletans. The other is a letter from Isambart to a citizen in Arles. Bold signature. All unread and unresearched. Some faults, but still rare and presentable E $120
53 Documents. 1822-3, 1835. Rare 1822-3 doc. On watermarked paper - La Guayra and Bogota. Astronomical observations written by Admiral Mouchez. Such obs. are very rare prior to 1850. Also lengthy 1835 article on paquebots and postal matters. Also a short bio of Adm. Mouchez. Very fresh E $150+
54 1823 - Education journal “le Nouveau mentor” extremely rare with a fine revenue in the 1st page. Topics incude geography, history, reading, etc. Various authors. Superb E $100+
55 Document - 1849 - Paris - Als de Bellune to Felix Faure with bold initials on first page. Speaks of the prince of Schwartzenberg. Rare and VF E $95+
56 Documents - 1850, 1866. 1850 ad for the sale of a 65 hectares farm in Blangy-sur-Ternoise for 6177 francs. Plus an 1866 12 page early savings booklet in green from the village of La Fleche, France both docs superb and very fresh E $90+
57 Document - 1856. “Moniteur des Commune” journal. Topics incl. the return of Napoleon III to Paris, report to the Emperor on the financial situation, imperial guard revue by the Emperor, and various other news items. E $75+
58 Documents - mostly mid to late 1800 - coll of about 20 documents/letters from the archives of Aime Giron, French poet and novelist and director of “Le Figaro” some quite long. Mostly literary matters, various signatures - also letterheads short bio accompanies. Great for researcher mostly F - VF lot E $175
59 Documents - 1858 & 1860 - 2 navy conscription docs. from Victor Emmanuel II, king of Sardinia, Cyprus & Jerusalem, Duke of Savoy, Genoa, etc & Prince of Piemond etc, etc, etc. Signed in print “Vittorio Emmanuelle” originally writeen in Italian and translated to French. Fresh and fine $120
60 Document - 1862. 9 page doc. By the archbishop of Bourges, with coat of arms. To the clergy & parishioners of the diocese. Signed in print by the archbishop of Bourges. Fine & very fresh E $75+
61 Documents (3) Legal briefs - about Mr H.L. de Pontavice and Dame M Malherbe (widow). 2 of them with vignettes. One has genealogical tree of the Henri Desnos family. Owner was told this is the family of surrealist novelist & poet Robert Desnos, born in 1900, died in concentration camp in 1945. Also directed a film with Man Ray. Very fresh E $150+
62 Documents - 1976-79. 6 limited official documents issued by the post office (large embossed hand stamp). Original engraving in Taille -douce. Actual stamp with first day cancel on each. Long, very instructive notices. High quality printing. Some scarce listed in Yvert. Lovely illustrations. VF E $60+
63 o Alsace - Lorraine. 1918-9, 1932-4. Total of 156 social insurance stamps affixed weekly to cards, for old age invalidity (2) and one for retirees. Nice hand stamps on back - very unusual and rare. F-VF E $150
64 *o 1852 to 1960 collection on stock sheets. Approx. 1750 stamps with light dup. esp. In 1955 to 1960 issues. Semi postals well represented also good early Napoleon heads with scattered values from #11 thru #36, Ceres #42 thru #63. Fairly complete from 1924 thru 1960. >From #700 thru #1004 apparently complete mint or MNH less #840-4, 910-13, 938-942A and J80-92. 952-55. Also good airs. F-VF STC 2003 Scott US$5400
65 *o Sc. #78//1604 + b.o.b. - 1876 to 1978. About 1365 stamps (470 diff) from 1 to 24 of a kind, inc. comm, defs, B.O.B. and a few Reunion. List accompanies. Some mixed cond., otherwise gen F STC 2003 Sc. $572.20
66 *o Approx. 5500 stamps earlies to 1960's on stockpage and identified with Scott numbers and values. Most colonies represented - strength in Andorra, French Oceania, Indo China, New Caledonia, Rreunion, St. Pierre & M. And Tunisia. Nice lot F-VF-H. A few NH among latest issues STC 2003/2004 US$7300

67 o Bremen - Sc. #5 & 8 - 2 gr orange & 5 sgr green - thins on both. First appears to be precancelled with lines & a “d” - the 5 sgr has smudge cancel & black HS “p3". Sold as is. VF centering STC 2005 Sc. $1500
68 o Lubeck - Sc. #1 used 1859. ½ g grey lilac - faint wmk. Pen cancel “27/9/61". Margins clear all around. F+ 2005 Sc. $1700
69 Lubeck - 4s green - overprinted. “P/22" in two lines. On wmk. paper. Sold as is. VF 2005 Sc. $500 as used
70 * SS #66b mint 1902 Germania 3 pf yellow - brown shade. Toning spot on one perf and gum wrinkles. Fine * NH Scott 2002 US$400 (Cdn$560)
71 * SS #83e mint 1905 10pf Germania orange-red shade VF*-NH Sc. 2002 U.S. $190 (C$235)
72 * Sc. #98//216 mint lot of 19 stamps. Incl. 100 NH block of 8 (possibly blue violet shade); 153b LH red-orange, 213 NH block (possibly red-violet shade), 216 NH block (possibly violet-brown shade) F-VF. STC 2005 Scott U.S. $64.70+ (C$80)
73 *o 1872-1966 - over 500 stamps, both *& used, inc occupation, B.O.B., etc on stockpages & album pages. Slight dupl - a few better values. Some mixed cond., otherwise F-VF-M-H E $50+
74 o about 180 gms. Mostly recent commems. Mixture on single paper. Incl. Some Klussendorf labels E $35
75 *o Germany, German Democratic Republic - collector made collection as received. Many hundreds inc. 1920's inflationary used; useful East Germany. Gen F-VF-H some unused no gum. Values to about $16 cat. noted. Examine E $200+
76 *o Mostly 20th century collection of 1896 mostly different stamps though some duplication on some. Inc. some complete sets 1876 to 1983 issues. Gen. F-VF Est. U.S.$400
77 * Sc. #73//693 - 1953-1978 collection of over 425 & a few s/s in two White Ace Israel stamp albums with slipcase. Pages from 1948 to 1978. All stamps with tabs attached. Mint-NH-VF STC 2002 Sc. $254.80
78 *o 1855 to 1980's collection of about 912 stamps. Gen. F-VR. H-NH E $200+

79 *o Interesting property as received - comprise Lodz Ghetto (Poland) 1943 Juden coin; Jewish token of some kind; Theresienstadt (Nazi propaganda philatelic 12 stamp souvenir sheet). Also proof like example in diff. shade of same stamp. Jewish scout labels plus “Camp Post Hannau. 24.76" sheets of in blue and one in red. Also a few other foreign stamps and 6B coins or Medallions. Gen. F-VF-H-NH E$150+
80 C (fore runner) to Saxony, Germany - view card of Riga which appears to show dome church (see scott 475) and national theatre (see scott #404; etc. Card opens up into four sections. Two stamps used to seal card have been torn in half when opened. Face of card bears two further Russian stamps neatly tied to card. One is #33 3k carmine year date may be “98" for 1898 or “08" for 1908. Gen. F E$40+
81 o 1967 to 1992. Lot of about 44 diff FDCs and 21 cards (few dupl in cards). Owner indicates 1998 Swiss stamp dealers cat value Sw. Fr. 242.80. Gen F-VF
82 o Sc. #3 used 5c on 40c orange - imperf. with four clear margins. Neat corner cancel. F+ 2005 Sc. $275
83 * Russia - 1970's to 1990's era - 100 diff. X 25 the same in sheets or part sheets. Topicals pictorials. F-VF-NH 2005 Sc. U.S.$910
84 * Modern pictorials & topicals - C. T.O. - in sheets or large blocks. 70 diff. X 50 & 15 diff. X100. Total 5000 stamps. Min. Cat. Value $1000. Could be higher. F-VF
85 o Modern lot or about 5000 stamps said to comprise 36 diff X 50 and 32 diff. X 100. Topicals/pictorials. F-VF 2005 Min. Value $1000
86 C 1936 to 1990 - about 40 covers, mainly Sweden, incl. a few FDC slight dupl. A few faulty, but gen F E $45
87 o 1866 to early 1960's. Many faulty noted - many hundreds of stamps. Examine - owner thinks it’s worth $200+ = our est. $150+. Strength in Brazil and Venezuela.
88 o Sc. #05, 06 & 09 used 1874 perf 14 6 ore grey, 12 ore blue. Tiny light thins. And 300 ore pale brown - otherwise F-VF 2005 Sc. $212.50
89 o* Accumulation of approx. 1130 stamps. Earlies to about 1974. Numerous good stamps included. Owner notes used #100, 187, 191, 215, 219-225, 244-246, etc. B10-11, B15-7, B18-20, B33-36, B48, B53-6, etc. Some mint NH. Gen. F-VF. Owner spot checked stamps with a more modern cat and found prices considerably higher STC 2000 Sc. U.S.$1250
90 * Fifteen Swiss Post year albums between 1982 and 1998. VF - NH (1985 and 1992 not included) STC 2000 Sc. $492
91 *o Worldwide mostly high and better values A to V countries noted. Owner’s 1995 Scott about $35,500. But at least $5500 of this doubtful. Probably about $30,000 in current cat. Useful lot for collector or eBay seller. Some faulty - mostly fine or better. Examine
92 *o Large three-ring binder - owner used 1995 Scott and 2000 Unitrade to come up with about $9980 in cat. val. He has made a few mistakes but lot includes many scarce items and useful stamps. Some prices down and some up in value. Note PRC #146, 148-50 in blocks of four - his value $12 - current Scott $100. Mint NH. Examine. Gen. F-VF-H-NH. Mostly 20th century.
93 *o Argentina to Vatican - many hundreds if not thousands inc. complete sets. Valued by 1995 Scott and prices by a spot check seem higher. Note Azores #281-3* was $9.50 now $15.50; Germany #701 used strip of three VF was $13 per stamps 2005 now $22.50 per stamps. Some faulty and a few may be forgeries. Lots of F-VF as well and useful for collector or eBay seller. Examine. Stated to Catalogue $3895.50 (1995 Scott)
94 *o Binder inc. Canada, Br. Comm., G.B., South America, some strength in China; also Ireland and Russia, Australia etc. etc. Owner has combined USC, 1995 Scott and Van Dam Revenue Cat. for a total of $3563. Gen. F-VF. A few faulty, misdescribed etc. but cat. of fine or better probably over $3500 in today’s cat. Many hundreds of stamps
95 *oC Junque Box - late 1800 to modern - many thousands - on and off paper. Inc. worldwide collection in three Old Time binders, on quadrilled pages, one stockbook with mainly mint NH SS, over 110 Israel FDC (most with tabs), much on cover/pieces etc. Condition varies but much F-VF. Examination a must! E$225+
96 *o 1884-1977 - over 5700 mostly used stamps on manilla stocksheets (160+) in four binders. Over 125 countries represented. Slight dup. Note Australia (475), Hong Kong (215), Netherlands (574) etc. List accompanies. Gen. F E$200
97 *oC Junque Box - mid 1800 to modern. In four old albums + stockbooks. A few thousand, with strength in Germany and States (Bavaria, Saxony), Austria, India and States etc. Also inc. loose in a clear bag and about 80 U.S. FDC of Sc. #1313. Huge cat. value. Condition poor to F+. Examination a must! E$200+
98 *o Late 1800 to mid 1990 - small box loaded with thousands of stamps, on/off paper, many in glassines, several bundles with mixed stamps and countries. Also inc. about 70 s/s (all mint), Vatican used (cat. about C$60), about 20+ covers, and a small stockbook/stocksheet with better stamps. Note Germany used B341 (2) cat. $40 each. Some mixed condition otherwise gen. F E$150+
99 *o 1889 to 1992 - two stockbooks with over 3000 used stamps. Strength in France, U.S., Canada, Germany, Madagascar etc. Dup. to about 25/30 of some. Also inc. mint France 1983 souv. presentation pack, four bi-monthly souv. packs (Mar, May, Jul 1983 & Jan 1984) and about 23 mint stamps on Leuchturm album pages. Mixed condition on some, but gen. F-VF E$125
100 *o Late 1800s to modern A to Y countries - hundreds if not thousands - sorted in envelopes by countries. Cat. numbers and number of stamps usually shown on env. Examine. Appear Gen. F E$100+
101 *o In three-ring binder - starts with nice showing of G.B., Ascension #40//46 mint H perfs. unchecked but some 1944 colours; Bulgaria etc. Some very good items. Examine E$100+
102 o 1900 to early 1970s - about 6750 stamps in bundles of 25-50-75-100. Inc. Japan 700, G.B. 1900, France 3325, Australia 300, Holland 325, Italy 50, Swweden 25, Norway 125. Mainly defs. but a few comms. Min. cat. $1350 Gen. F
103 *o Selection in two like new Unitrade stockbooks. Some strength in Canada, Hong Kong and Br. Comm. in these. Also Canada wholesale used in bundles or env. Examine. Many thousands E$150+
104 o Unusual lot of cancels (paquebot etc.), shifts of printing, revenues (you guess their value!), strange items, misperfs., perfins etc. Hundreds of items. Hours of fun figuring this one out. E$75+
105 C 1945 to 2004 - about 128 covers - most FDCs inc. U.S.A., U.N., USSR, Br. Comm., Belgium etc. Slight dup. Some faults but gen. F E$50+
106 *oC Modern collection of aerogrammes and exh. cards with strength in G.B. - inc. aerogrammes 33 G.B., 6 misc. exh. cards - 19 G.B., 4 U.S., 1986 set of four U.S. FDC Presidents (48 diff. stamps, 1989 U.S./France French Rev. souv. folder and 1988 U.S./Finland/Sweden souv. folder and 1990 Australia Post “Our World” Vol. 2 souv. book with 27 diff. mint NH stamps of six countries. Total 69 items - slight dup. F-VF E$75+
107 C Postcards - 1908 to modern - lot of about 94 cards - mostly used and colour. Strength in G.B. and Japan - some faults otherwise gen. F E$50
108 C Postcards - lot of 79 diff. - mostly WWI postcards (39 used, 40 never used) inc. 24 in colour. All housed in protective sleeves in a binder inc. several official war photographs cards. A couple marked Passed by Censor. A few with faults otherwise gen. F E$150+
109 C Postcards - circa 1960s - about 145 cards inc. 100 (artist signed) by well-known U.S. postcard designer R. Hasler (some dup.), ten pin-ups cards (scarcer Cecami, Kruger), 10 (2 sets) of actress Aliki Vouyouklaki, 4 of dancer Beba Kiriakidou, 9 planes, 15 Naval Jack Confederate Museum in G.B. Lot also inc. a signed photo of the Rt. Hon. Humphrey Atkins, MP, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (dated June 1979). F-VF E$125+
110 o Postcards - about 29 diff. ships on postcards, about 20 never used, inc. large Bluenose, Empress of Ireland, CPR Princess Marguerite, SS United States, SS France etc. Gen. F E$75
111 o 1954-2000 - about 190 mostly FDC inc. Canada 20+, India 80+, Br. Comm. 50+ and other worldwide. Very good variety. Majority of covers are late 1950s to late 1960s. Gen. F E$80+
112 o Mostly 1950s-60s bundleware in quantities from a few to several hundred of a kind. Inc. Canada (about 8900 mostly defs.), India (4500 defs.), Malaya (100), Ceylon (4000) etc. Over 19,000 stamps. Interesting mix - mostly common. Unchecked by us for varieties, tagging, watermarks. Appears gen. F E$75+
113 *oC Junk Box - covers and stamps inc. G.B., Spain and Canada etc. Covers look most interesting. Worth a look E$100+
114 *o Collection of about 350 stamps 1951-74 in Davo album with slipcase. Mostly mint H and NH. Inc. U.N. Geneva. Note $38 s/s on FDC. F-VF 2006 Sc. U.S.$151.50 (C$190)
115 o Sc. #64a used 1861 3¢ pigeon blood pink - cork cancel - tiny feather tear at back otherwise F and rare 2006 Sc. U.S.$3750
116 *o Collection of about 1270 stamps 1851-1965 in springback album. Some dup. Note #73 used small tear, 227 used clipped perfs., 228 used torn corner, 287 used, 288 used thin, 288 used, 289 used, 325 used thin, 326 used thin, 327 used, 330 used thin, 400 used thin, 0110 used short perf. Some early mixed condition otherwise F ECV 2005 Scott U.S.$1150 (C$1400)
117 *o Collection of about 800 stamps 1861-1965. Some dup. Note #135 used, 136 used repaired corner, 150 used, 223* torn corner, 548-50*, C4* thin. Many mint slightly stuck down otherwise F ECV 2004 Scotts U.S.$730 (C$900)
118 *o Large stockbook with 99% used stamps inc. slightly better numbers. Note 3¢, 4¢, 5¢ & 10¢ Columbians; 4¢ Trans Mississippi; #296 4¢ Pan-Am; #327 ($30); 10¢ Panama Exposition etc. etc. Hundreds of stamps mostly written up. Huge cat. value. Some faults but mostly fine or better E$100+
119 * Mint lot of about 600 stamps 1954-93. Some dup. Gen. F-VF*-NH E$50+
120 o Older, plus Airs and other back-of-book. Some postal stat. cut-outs, revenues etc. Also U.N. and Canada with many Canadian postmarks. Should be high cat. value. Some mixed condition. Easily worth $50+
121 *o Mostly used wholesale lot of approx 4700+ stamps 1893 to date with strength in modern used. Note mint 1976 Flag sheet. Gen. F. Also 1970 “Postage Stamps of the United States” publication from U.S. Postal Service. E$175
122 o Sc. #145//1824 + b.o.b. - wholesale 1870 to 1980 - two shoeboxes full with #8 envelopes - must be over 1000 diff. with quantities of 1 to about 200 of some. Several thousand, inc. comms., defs., coils, Christmas, with a strong b.o.b. representation. High cat. value. Mixed condition on some, otherwise gen. F E$150
123 * Sc. #1280//2002b + b.o.b. mint - 1935 to 1983 - small collection of mint, mostly NH inc. 2002b (state birds cat. $25), part sheet of #1912-1919 (Space) etc. VF Face $59+
124 C About 1961 to 1980 range of first day covers or cards. All but cards cacheted. Plus one first flight Qantas San Francisco to Sydney, Australia 1959. Total stated to be 505 covers or cards. First flight a bit roughly opened at left otherwise F-VF E$75+
125 C 1976 American Revolution Bicentennial FDC collection of comm. stamps issued on limited edition by The Franklin Philatelic Society. In hard cover album. Covers from 88 diff. countries - all with signed certificate of authenticity. VF E$125
126 * Sc. #7 mint 5¢ Jefferson Davis (local print). Original gum and never hinged. Scarce thus. Printing flaw on UR frame line done when issued. Four margins. VF (2006 Scott $13+) E$50+
127 * Sc. #41 and 71 - mint 1882 15¢ Queen - O.G.-LH; 18¢ ovpt. in black - some gum dist. H - otherwise both VF 2006 Sc. $80
128 o Sc. #1 used 1840 penny black “K-E” - four margins. Doubling of “E”. Red Maltese Cross. VF 2005 Sc. U.S.$250 (C$312.50)
129 o Sc. #1 used 1840 penny black “C-D”. Three margins. Red Maltese Cross. Sound. VG 2005 Sc. U.S.$250 (C$312.50)
130 C Sc. #3 1841 penny red - 15 covers and one front 1841-53. Nice variety of cancels and markings. Inc. 1853 official cover return paid letter Dead Letter Office with G.P.O. Dead Letter Office seal on back. VG-F E$75+

131 o Sc. #4 used 1841 twopence block of four “K-G” to “L-H”. Guideline through value tablet and broken W on “L-H” stamp. All cut into one or two sides. VG. Heavy 387 cancel 2005 Sc. U.S.$280
132 * Sc. #61 mint threepence rose - Plate 11 - O.G.-VF-H 2005 Sc. U.S.$310
133 SP (Sc. #78, 80)/SG #SP37, SP39 1880 ½ penny and 1½ pence with “Specimen” overprint. Cracking gum on ½ penny. VG-LH-O.G. SG £110 (C$260)
134 o Sc. #94-5 used 1883 3d. and 6d. Surcharges. 6d. on large piece with London S.1. #5 duplex cancel. 3d. light cancel but some rust spots and a few short perfs. F-VF 2005 Sc. U.S.$250 (C$312.50)

135 o Sc. #96, 108 used 1883-4 2/6 and 5/- Victoria - one short perf. on 96. F-VF 2005 Sc. U.S.$350 (C$437.50)
136 o Sc. #102, 104, 105 used 1884 3d., 5d., 6d. Fairly fresh colours. VG-F 2005 Sc. U.S.$525
137 o Sc. #108-9 used 1884 5/- and 10/- Victoria - pen marks on back of 5/-, couple of slightly clipped perfs. on 10/-. Fine 2005 Sc. U.S.$660 (C$825)
138 o Sc. #203-4 used 1925 Exhibition. Light corner cds. VF. 2005 Sc. U.S.$112.50+ (C$140+)
139 *o Collection of about 1100 stamps mostly used 1841-1968. Some dup. Strength in pre-1935. Note #6 used torn piece, 2 used no margins, 12a used a few clipped perfs., 43 Pl. 11 used light creases, 67 Pl. 15 used, 68 Pl. 20 used toning spots, 85 used thin, 96 used surface scrape, 105 used light toning, 117 used, 120-1 used, 126 used, 139 used stained, 140 used crease, 137 used heavy cancel, 179 (X 5) used, 180 (X 3) used, 181 used, 169*, 199 used, 210-20*, 222 (X 3) used, 223 (X 3) used, 268 used, 356cp-60ap* NH. Inc. varieties. Early material mixed condition. VG-VF 2005 Sc. U.S.$7200 (C$9000)
140 *o Collection of about 830 stamps 1840-1966 mint and used. Some dup. Many better values. Note #1 used four margins “I-H” thin, 3 used (X 18), 33 used Pl. 216, 99 used perfin clipped perfs., 108 used internal paper crease, 114*, 117 used, 120 used thin, 121 used, 122 used and 126 used cds plus blue crayon mark, 130b used, 133 used, 134 used (two shades), 145 used, 136 used cds, 138 used (X 4), 137 used, 139 used (X 2) one faulty, 183 used cds, 179 used pulled corner perf., 180 used cds perfin, 199 used, 203-4 used (204 perfin), 213b used pen cancel, 222 used (X 2) one stained, 223 used (X 2), 224 used cds light crease, 251 used, 249-51A*, 287*, 303-5*. Gen. F or better 2005 Sc. U.S.$4340 (C$5300)
141 *o Large and valuable mostly mint QE stock in four stockbooks and on year set sheets or special P.O. issue item. Inc. many blocks of four. Values to £10 noted. Huge face value alone. Useful stock for dealer or collector. Virtually all if not all F-VF-NH. Some Br. Comm. as well. E$1250+
142 * Modern - huge quantity of comms., defs., Christmas, bklts. - inc. high values. Face over £570 (C$1325+). Inc. a few b.o.b. not inc. in total. Slight dup. Mint NH-F-VF E$1000+
143 o Sc. #3//410 used 1841 to 1964 - about 240 stamps on old stock pages. Strength in QV to KGV. Some stamps cat. well over $100 each. Note Sc. #94, 95, 96 (2), 102 (2) etc. Condition varies from very poor to several fine copies. Must be examined. Also inc. about 40 Ireland. Huge cat. value. Spacefillers-F E$175+
144 *o Collection of about 390 stamps 1841-1965 mint and used. Note #61 Pl. 15 used torn corner, 104 used good colour, 133 used, 136 used light s.o.n. cds, 138 used pair parcel cancel, 138a used cds, 179 used heavy cancel torn corner, 180 used cds perfin couple of tiny tears, 292-308* H, 312 used heavy cancel. Gen. F 2005 Sc. U.S.$1439 (C$1795)
145 * Sc. #928//1444 mint 1981 to 1999 selection of 129 presentation packs. Missing eight 1986 issues, eleven 1991 to 1992 and eleven 1993-94 issues, otherwise pretty well complete. F-VF-NH STC Sc. U.S.$536
146 o Sc. #235//743 used 1937 to 1975 modest collection of about 400 mostly diff. used on pages in a binder. Inc. defs. to £1 value, comms. and Christmas. A few faults, otherwise F-VF E$50
147 * Lot of about 645 stamps, four s/s and 10 booklets 1979-2002, including 140 presentation packs. Stamps alone catalogue U.S.$1014.60 (C$1265) in 2005 Scotts. Note BK1160, BK733, 1313a, BK159, BK154. VF*-NH
148 *o Mostly used wholesale stock of approx. 3500 stamps 1966-2002. Strength in modern. Gen. F-VF E$350+
149 o QV to QE stock of hundreds inc. “Army” ovpt., postage dues, values to £5. Looks interesting. Some faults - F avg. E$150+
150 o About 5 lbs. of mostly recent commemoratives on paper. Mostly close cut on single white paper. E$50+
151 *o G.B. and Egypt - each sorted into individual stockbook. Hundreds of stamps. High cat. value. QV to modern. Examine E$75+
152 * G.B. and Channel Islands - collection of about 1075 stamps 1967-86. Inc. a number of blocks and cyl. blocks, machin se-tenant booklet pairs and strips. Note J68-73 NH; Guernsey 8-23 NH, 33-6 NH, J1-7 NH; Jersey 7-21 NH, 268 NH, J1-6 NH; IOM J1-8 NH. F-VF mostly NH Cat. U.S.$775.80 (C$970)
153 C Lot of about 170 postcards - early 1900 to mid 1980s - England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland. Inc. many scenic cards, famous buildings etc. Some mixed condition but many fine cards E$65+
154 C Postcards - 26 British early 20th century all RP - great for fashion industry. F-VF lot E$80+
155 C Sc. #420//1862 - 250 mostly cacheted first day covers with commems. only. All are addressed. Missing are seven 1986 issues, eleven 1991-2 issues and eleven 1993-4 issues. Otherwise pretty well complete. Gen. F-VF STC Sc. $460 as used stamps
156 1848 The Illustrated London News for the week ending Sat. Jan 8, 1848. The back is a full page ad for Vol. XI (Jul-Dec 1847) would make a great frame. Also full page drawing by “Phiz”. Rare VF newspaper revenue on P8. Good condition for age E$80+
157 * Sc. #23-32 mint 1934 KGV pictorials complete. Fresh and F-VF-H 2006 Sc. U.S.$155.60
158 *o Sc. #1//1601a - 1913 to 1997 - over 950 stamps in album + four stocksheets. Over 250 modern mint NH (Sc. #481a//1601a) STC 2002 Scott $198.20. Remainder used in older album, strong in Roos (inc. better values) and KGV. Also note used Sc. #144 (2), 149, 177-79 (two each), 218-21 etc. Slight dup. A few mixed condition otherwise F-VF E$150+
159 o About 750 gms. recent to 2004 commems. mixture on single paper E$85
160 *o 1882 to 2002 - about 560 stamps and 8 s/s in a stockbook. Slight dup. Inc. 439 Australia (strength in roos and KGV); 111 N.Z., 12 Niue and 5 Ross Dep. Mainly used. Some mixed condition otherwise F-VF E$65
161 *o Collection of about 2400 stamps all reigns to 1960 in three springback albums. Number of better sets and singles. Note India 134 used pulled perf., Ceylon 267-74*, 319-28*, Singapore 1-18*, Gold Coast 148-59*, N. Rhodesia 11*, 13*, 31*, Rhodesia & Nyasaland 154-5 used, Sudan 98-114*. Gen. F or better ECV 2005 Scott U.S.$1700 (C$2050)
162 *o A to Z countries QV to QE. Mostly diff. but some dup. mostly moderate. Spot check shows some prices up some down which leads us to believe current value similar in total to 1995 value. Inc. complete sets and some better values. Mostly F-VF-H-NH STC 1995 Scott U.S.$2039.95
163 * Channel Islands - modern - quantity of commems., defs., bklts. - Guernsey (face £110+), Jersey (£85+), Isle of Man (approx. £20). Total face over £215 (C$500+) + a few b.o.b. not inc. in total. Mint NH-F-VF E$375+
164 *o Inc. G.B. plus some Philippines and other foreign. Strength in Br. Comm. from low to higher values. Mostly QE but some earlier. Useful lot of thousands. Examine. Gen. F-VF. (owner’s count approx. 10,500 stamps) E$250+
165 *o Worthwhile stock - 19th & 20th century - many hundreds. Some strength in Br. Afr. Examine E$200+
166 *o Collection of about 540 mostly diff. stamps N to T countries but strength in KGV and KGVI British Africa - British Central Africa listed as Nyasaland. Values to $40 noted - Northern Rhodesia 20 sh. KGVI used. Many nice and elusive stamps inc. high cat. value - gen. F-VF-H E$150+
167 *o Br. Comm. and G.B. - two volume collection of many, many hundreds of mostly diff. and mostly used stamps. QV to QE range but mostly 20th century. Note nice group of 56 Hong Kong, many Australia etc. Examine. Some faults but mostly fine or better E$125+
168 *o QV to QE collection of probably over 600 diff. or mostly diff. stamps. Inc. Malta, N.Z., Malaya, Kenya, Mauritius etc. Gen. F-VF-H E$125+
169 *o Collection of about 200 diff. KGV to QE issues mint H and used plus about 65 diff. QE souv. sheets mint NH. Useful lot. Gen. F-VF E$125+
170 *oC Several thousand - mostly modern - strength in G.B. - shoebox full mint and used sorted by year in envelopes, commems., Christmas and high value defs. Australia and N.Z. on stock pages in two binders (note Aust used #221); also Br. Comm. A-S countries on stock pages; a few recent Canada; some covers and s/s. Mint-H-NH Gen. F-VF Examine E$125
171 *o Hong Kong 1862-1925 old time collection of about 89 diff. stamps on old pages. Note used Sc. #3, 12, 13, 15, 18, 20, 103, 147/150 etc. and Solomon Islands 1907 to 1980 retired circuit book - about 94 diff. stamps + one s/s - mainly mint H-NH note #32, 54, 101 mint. STC 2003 Scott U.S.$137.70. Some mixed condition otherwise F-VF E$100+
172 *o Cayman to Jamaica collection inc. Ireland and Hong Kong. Cat. value to $12 a stamp noted. Many hundred of mostly diff. stamps. Gen. F-VF-H-NH. Mostly used E$85+
173 *o 1890 to modern over 850 stamps - slight dup. - strength in South Africa. Also inc. a few French Colonies and some Nfld. High cat. Some mixed condition, otherwise F-VF mint H-NH E$80+
174 o Australia/Canada - about 1 lb. mixture on single paper. Many recent Australian commems. E$60
175 o Br. Comm. and world inc. postage stamps and nice range of revenues and varieties. Printing sheets, broken letters, oddball items, G.B. £2 Consular Service KGV, Rotary, seals etc. Examine E$50+
176 * Sc. #8 mint 1853 one cent vermilion O.G. - trace of clear staining at bottom. Four margins. Otherwise F-H. (colour is close to shade of Canada 3¢ vermilion but to me looks more orange. Mention is made of a reddish brown proof - our 2004 Scott Spec. lists this at $700 but this is not reddish brown) 2006 Sc. $4500
177 * Sc. #221-222/SG #299-300 mint 96¢ Sir Walter Raleigh and $1 Botanical Gardens. VF-H 2006 Sc. U.S.$60 (C$74)/2005 SG £52 (C$130)
178 C Cover to Canada - Sc. #57 - stamp tied by both “Grahamstown” origin cancel and “Orchard Beach” destination cancel. Same on back “Ju 17/07" and “Jul 16/07" plus “Newmarket/Ont. Ju 15/07" (cover redirected from Newmarket) Bit aged but otherwise F E$25+

179 C Sc. #N101 (6), N102 (2) and N105 - issued under British Occupation. Two covers to Bulawayo, Rhodesia. Stamps cancelled with “F.P.O./30 Oct. 16/3" hammers corner cards of “Richard Kracke/Neulangenburg/ D.O.Afr.” (Deutsch Ostafrika). Covers creased away from stamps. Very rare on covers. Otherwise F and very rare Nyasaland-Rhodesia Force. (S.G. #N1(6), N2 (2) and N5 cat. 2005 as stamps only £97.50 with covers shown as from 8 X this value) Top 1d. scarlet shows broken “F” in N.F. ovpt. (2005 Sc. $104.50) E$250+
180 o Sc #424b variety 6¢ script wmk. ovpt. inverted and double unlisted thus. Inverted lists at £42 and normal double £55. Neat cancel - VF E$150+
181 o Sc #266//388 + bob 1955-1964. Over 10,500 stamps, about 7500 comms, 300+ defs mostly low values in bundles, but noted Sc #301 (21) #338 (28) etc. Otherwise, not checked or counted by us. Min. cat $2100+. Appear gen F. E$50-$75
182 o Sc #275//313 + bob 1957-63. Per owner count over 30 000 stamps in bundles of 100 or more. Mostly low values of the map of India also inc. about 2000 B.O.B, Sc. 0127//0135. Unchecked by us for watermarks. Appears gen F 2005 Scott $6000+
183 o 1929 to 1959 collection of about 64 stamps. Some airs, many commems. Inc. blocks of four some stamps NH. Mostly complete sets. On album pages. F-VF Scott 2005 $176.40
184 *o Sc. #1//130. About 60 stamps. Most of value in #95 to 109 pairs mint NH (cat $135). One £1 #107 (cat. $10.50) red pen mark. Otherwise F-VF H-NH Scott 2005 $151.40+
185 o Sc. #012-021/SG #031-041 used 1931 Officials complete to 2Sh (10). F VF with 1931 “Madang” cds cancels 2005 Sc. U.S.$186.50/SG £180
186 * Sc. #B3-4 1931 Laughing Boy mint. Fresh & F-LH. Scott 2005 U.S.$175
187 * Sc. #0Y32 mint 1963 2½d. Cape Campbell Lighthouse Plate 1a LL Bradbury Wilkinson sheet of 120 V-NH Scott 2005 U.S.$1320.00

188 * Literature Campbell Paterson loose leaf catalog of N.Z. stamps (complete revisions to 1996) - in colour & soft cover. 157 page book “Collecting N.Z. stamps” by Robin Gwynn. 1988 Ed. Many illustrations. E$45
189 * Sc. #J1-4 & J3a mint 1929 Postage dues in blocks of four each. The 3 pence shows missing crown on wmk. LL stamp. Stamps F-VF-NH. Scott 2005 $267.25
190 * Sc. #76-81 mint 1905 Victoria Falls complete. Top three values as UR corner sheet margin examples. 2/6 and 5/- slight toning. F-VF-H. Scott 2005 U.S.$271.50 ($330+)
191 * Sc. #11 mint 1890 2/6 Arms marginal block of 4. Fine *NH Scott 2005 U.S.$140+ (C$175+)
192 * Sc. #115 mint 1910 5/- Double head. Fine+ *H. Scott 2005 U.S.$250 (C$312)
193 * Sc. #117 mint 1910 10/- Double head. VF *H. Light gum bends. 2005 Sc. U.S.$425 (C$530)
194 o Sc. #117a used 1910 10/- double head. Myrtle-green centre. Salisbury cds. VF. 2005 Sc. U.S.$275 (C343.75)
195 * Sc. #118 mint 1910 £1 Double heads. Perf. 14. VF-H. 2005 Sc.U.S.$1150
196 * Sc. #136a mint 1913 7/6 Admiral perf. 14. VF*-HR. Small gum thin. Gum yellowed & cracking with pencil marks. 2005 Sc.U.S.$260(C$325)
197 * Sc. #222 mint 1965 Churchill overprint forged overprint with normal. Stated only 396 produced. VF *NH. E$30
198 * Sc. #235a, 236a mint 1966 Mardon 10/- -& £1 in LR cylinder blocks of 6 (both cyl 1B). F-VF *NH. 2005 Sc.U.S.$360+ (C$450)
199 * Sc. #275-93 mint 1970-73 definitive set of 19 in LL cylinder blocks. VF NH 2005 Sc.U.S.$211+ (C$265+)
200 *o Lot of about 190 stamps. 1890-1917 mixed mint & used. Some duplication. Nice selection of cancels. Includes some varieties. Note 5*, 35 used light crease, 79* NG toned, 107*, 110*, 128 used possible revenue cancels, 129a used (X2), 134 used minor faults, 133 used surface scrape. Gen fine. Also May 25, 1900 issue of “The Mafeking Mail” and 1911 cheque with C.O.G.H. revenue & Rhodesia 92 pair on back. 2005 Sc. U.S.$1175(C$1465)
201 *o Lot of about 174 stamps 1954-63. Mixed mint & used with duplication. Some varieties incl. #154-5 *HR, 158-71 *LH. F.VF. 2005 Sc. U.S.$286.30 (C$357)
202 *o Lot of about 1650 stamps. Post-independence 1965-82. Mixed mint & used. Some duplication. Incl. many blocks & multiples, reprints & varieties. Note 208-21*H, 223-36* H, 223-36* H, 223-6 used, 234a *NH LR cyl. block, 245-8a *NH cyl. blocks, 267-70 *NH cyl. blocks, 275-93 used, 304-9 *NH cyl blocks, 310-3 *NH cyl blocks. F VF. Mint is largely NH. 2005 Sc.U.S.$1501(C$1875)
203 * Lot of about 1850 stamps 1937-76 in singles, blocks, & cylinder blocks with duplication. Mostly NH F-VF. Note 342 *NH. Two diff. cylinder blocks, 385 *NH two diff. cylinder blocks. 2005 Sc.U.S.$1818(C$2272)
204 *o Collection of about 985 stamps 1864-1973. Mixed mint & used. Some duplication. Note. S. Africa 27 used pair, 59 used pr, 60* pair; SWA C5-6* pairs, B5-8* pairs; C.O.G.H. 5 used faded. Gen fine or better 2005 Sc. U.S.$1590(C$1985)
205 * 1931-7Geo V set with perfs - 27 stamps, missing only 17c, 25a, 26c, 28. F-VF*-H (a few NH) 2005 Sc. U.S.$561.45(C$701)
206 * (Sc# 107) mint 1964 10/- extra tail-feather variety single plus in positional UL corner block. F VF *NH E75
207 * Sc#J5a 1951 4 pence slate-green postage due. VF *NH 2005 Sc. U.S.$150

208 *o Lot of about 360 stamps 1924-64 mixed mint & used with some duplication. Incl. 8 used, 11 used, 13 used, 14 used, 30 used revenue cancel, 28* H(X2), 29* H, 30* H, 42-54* H, 58* NH recut shirt collar variety in LL block (cat £20), 64* NH hat brim retouch (cat £17), 81-94* H, 95-108 used, 95-108* H. F VF. 2005 Sc. U.S.$1160+(C$1450+)
209 o Barefoot #11-3, 32, 33, 36, 38-40 used Revenues. 1931 GeoV 10/-, £1, £2 and 1952 arms. 6 values to £5. F VF. Cat. £239.20 (C$95)
210 o Lot of about 19 impressed revenue stamps on complete licence documents. 1927-39. Values from 10 shillings to 10 pounds. Most are general dealer’s licencebut also includes box keeper’s licence, roll tobacco licence. Most hand stamped Civil Commissioner Bulawayo. VG-F E$100

211 o (Sc. # 1,3,7) used Queen Victoria forgeries in rose-red, green & black with faked cancels on unwatermarked paper. Various faults. But good reference copies. E$30+
212 * (Sc, # 62)/SG # 99a 1879 Halfpenny overprint on mauve with crown cc watermark sideways. Fine. No gum. 2005 SG £50
213 * (Sc# J10)/SG #DI5W 1976 10p due wmk. spiral CA sideways - inverted. LR corner copy. VF *NH. 2002SG £90 (U.S.$135)
214 * USC# 5 1865 5¢ rose perf. unused no gum. F $350
215 * USC #212-225 mint 1933 Gilbert issue complete - F-VF-H-HH. $172
216 * VD # FG19 1987 Victoria gas inspection - Plate 1 upper block of 12. Fresh - O.G. - F+-VF-NH. VD E$125+

217 o VD #FX73 13¢ blue three leaf excise. VF. $160
218 o VD# FX73 - similar 13¢. $160
219 *o VD & Walsh. Revenues (9). Mostly better items. Comprising 20¢ Wine strip VD #FWT25; $2 Consular #FCF4, Manitoba ML84, 86 & 113, Nfld. NFR 16-18 & Walsh #TB8 - Edward 100 cigarettes. Mostly F-VF VD & Walsh $188.50
220 o “Canada Excise” unlisted label showing printed “inland Rev. Div. of/ Quebec/S.M. Return No. (mss 8)” (signed) G. La Rue. Then printed “collector”. We know nothing of its status and it appears to be unlisted. Should fit into a revenue collection. HS purple “cancelled” - presentable appearance. Est.?
221 o Many hundred. Mostly war tax & excise tax but also VD# FPS14($7.50), unemployment, Ontario Law stamps; etc. Also 27 cheques or promissary notes with revenue stamps or postage used as revenue. 1917 to 1951 usages. E$25+
222 o Lot of about 47 revenues 1860-1980. Note GB, Hong Kong, Selangor Judicials, N.Z. social securities, N. Rhodesia, S. Africa, Transvaal £1 Edward, Uganda 5R Edward. Some minor faults, generally fine. 2000 Barefoot £145.15 (C$345)
223 *o QE II revenue contract note. Lot of II diff. values in blocks of 4. Including Barefoot #121 unused, 124 used light circular cancel, 127 unused, 161 unused, 166 used, 171 unused, 175 used. F-VF. 2000 Barefoot £500 (C$1240)

224 o QE II revenue lot of about 51 stamps. Includes contract note, contract note surcharges, 1980 revenues complete sct of 13, 1990 surcharges set. Note Barefoot contract note 117, 124, 126, 127, 155, 158, 159, 161, 161a, 166, 171, 172, 175, 176, 178, 179; revenue 202-16. Mostly light cancels. F-VF. 2000 Barefoot £465.90 (C$1140)
225 * QEII revenue lot of about 25 1972 photogravure contract notes & surcharges. Incl. Barefoot 121, 126 thick & thin ovpt, 127 thick & thin ovpt.,158, 161, 171, 175, 176. Unused no gum. F-VF. 2000 Barefoot £242(C$600)
226 *o 2 volume of revenues, cinderellas, labels, seals, locals, cut squares, cancels, etc. Approximately 2100 items. Mostly early. Some duplication. Usual mixed condition. Note some better Malaya judicial, strength in Japan, Italy, GB., Australian, States & France. E$400
227 o Inc. several old greeting cards including one “For Auld Lang Syne” with tartan ribbon and sprig of heather, old postcards, 1959 Sask. game bird licence, 1937 & 1938 Irish Sweepstakes tickets, WW II gas ration tickets, 1928 Can. Pacific steamship Montcalm letter card, 1943-4 & 1945-6 gas ration books with partial contents, 16 various WW II ration books with partial contents, 25 lb. Frankin sugar bag, various advertising note books/calendars 1913-38, 1907 booklet “Postage Stamp and Other Flirtations”. Quantity of Geo VI mint wrappers, 1914 Waghorn’s Guide no cover, 1905 prayer book with champagne, Yukon CDS on wrapper, Canadian Pacific Empress mail tourism booklet circa 1910 E$150

228 C 1858 to QE. centennial era covers and cards inc. postal stat. Some unused. About 33 QV era; 41 various Kings & 13 various note 3¢ SQ advertising cover; early blue “Severn Bridge” (1874); Manitoba & western; “Missent to Stoughton, Sask./Jan 17/18", war tax’ etc. Some with faults - Most fine. E$75+
229 C 1¢ QV postal stat card showing early and VF strike “Glencoe, Ont. Au 17/93" Squared circle cancel. RF 25 only 51 covers reported E$30+
230 C USC # UX17. 1¢ QV maple leaf postal stat card showing nice light but clear strike “Strathroy/Ont Dec 14/98" squared circle cancel RF 30. 41 covers reported. E$35+
231 C Lot of about 170 covers 1910-90. Note 27 RPO covers, 1935 cover from GB with 2¢ customs duty stamp on reverse, advertising covers, special cancels, assortment of CN express shipping tags, first flight covers, special event covers, also includes various old greeting cards, postal etiquettes, war savings Christmas cards. VG-VF. E$150+
232 C Approximately 277 items. WWI and WWI related items mostly Canadian or to Canada; FDC’s small towns mostly Manitoba or west; two nudes on postcards; 1922 Hungary to Moosomin, Sask. registered cover with letter & stamps enclosed, etc. etc. Useful & valuable lot E$150+
233 C Lot of mostly Canadian covers & ephemera. Includes about 190 Canadian covers & fronts Edward to Geo. VI, including 36 R.P.O fronts, various GB & USA covers, India 1951 Asian games 8 FDCs. Also a lot of about 43 different advertising ink blotters from 30s & 40s, 7 Goldsmith baseball scorecards, old American Express money packet Chicago to Belle River, Ont. with 3 wax seals, 9 unused Can. Pacific lettercards, various mint Canada Geo VI & QE II wrappers E$100+

234 C Unusual selection of about 30 covers or cards inc. two WW II prisoner of war covers. WW I “The Star War Map” showing where our gallant Canadians won undying fame”. Second world was scrap book showing much news of war in Poland. Patriotic advertising Cowan’s Perfection Cocoa card showing Queen Alexandra. Some mixed condition. Mostly fine or better. E$150+
235 C 1904 to 1926 selection of 21 cards all but four from Canada to Europe. Two to USA, one used in Ontario and one used in Great Britain but shows Halifax, N.S. from the air (1918). Note #132 2¢ coil tied by slogan to 1917 card. Useful lot E$50+
236 C Postcards - Ontario and Quebec lot of about 100 cards. 94 all different Ont - pre-1920 and 6 Quebec - early real photos of St-Calixte, a small locality in Quebec. Rare & superb. F-VF. E$125+
237 C Early 1900 to mid 1950's. Ontario. Great coll of about 94 cards which were cheaply priced at $1.00 each in 1993. Mostly all different - several nice cancels - all in protective sleeves. F-VF E$75+
238 C Nine Canadian or related post cards plus Netherlands & Alaska cards showing Eskimos. Among Canada CPR card #67c Chateau Lake Louis, B.C. used to France (cv $25+); nice Quebec, Little Champlain St. in lower town; 2 Cobalt, Ont.; CNR depot, Port Arthur, Ont. etc. Useful lot. E$35+
239 C Registrar-General Ontario - 1915 to 1930 selection of “free” postcards for death and/or marriage reports. Three with different “House of Assembly” types, one in green, also inc. a 1¢ meter on free card. Interesting and unusual assortment of five. F-VF. E$75+
240 C USC #UX109a (15), UX109c (5). 1971 Canadian National Exhibition scenes complete set of 15 used in 1992 at old post office on Adelaide St. E. Plus five different postal museum cards used in 1974 at museum. VF- very attractive postal stat. stamp same as photo on reverse $95
241 C Lot of about 435 FDCs 1985-2002. All cacheted unaddressed Canada Post issues. Some dup. F-VF USC $$1300+
242 C Estimated 1750 or more modern covers 1997 to 1999 dates noted. Appears to be all Alberta towns “A to Y” noted. Many small towns. Lots of commems. scattered through. Should be useful for the Alberta cancel collector. E$100+
243 C Estimated over 1500 modern covers. 1997 to 1999 usages noted. Apparently all Alberta cancels. A to W towns. Many commemorative stamps used. Various cancels and probably small towns E$80+
244 C Probably over 2000 modern covers in large plastic containers. Seem to all be British Colombia cancels such as “Nimpo Lake”; “Youbou”, “Yahk”; etc. 1998 & 1999 dates noted. Wide variety of cancels. Lots of commems. E$100+
245 C We estimate about 2000. Mainly Manitoba commercial covers - some Saskatchewan noted as well. 1996 to 2001 dates noted. Many small towns with variety of cancels. Some commem stamps on some covers. E$100+
246 C About 2000 Quebec commercial covers A-Y with many small towns - 1992 to 1999 dates noted E$100+
247 C About 2000 modern (1998/1999) covers semi-sorted in large container. Most if not all various Quebec cancels. Mainly from the Saints such as “St-Lazare-de-Vaudreuil” or “St. Hubert”, etc. Many commems. noted. Wide variety of cancels E$90+
248 C Covers mostly 2001-5 usages - 2700 town cancel covers from across the country inc. many small towns. Some lovely and unusual cancels stamps mostly defs. Gen F E$100+
249 C Large plastic container with what we estimate at well over 2000 modern covers with various Saskatchewan cancels. Many with commemoratives used on them. Interesting special red Canada Post HS for Santa Claus at “Watson”; A-Y towns noted. Most 1998 to 2001 usages E$125+
250 o Canada, G.B. & World. Modern PBs, souv. sheets, etc. Mostly better & hi values. Canada Inc. $2. Olympic sculpture; $1.25 Capex 16 stamps as MS of IBs; values to $2 G.B. inc. gutters, souv. sheets, odd value queens £1 to £5 noted. Australia souv. sheets; Hong Kong; Singapore, etc. Unusual Gen F-VF - some on piece E$60+
251 C Canada & worldwide. Modern selection of over 140 covers & one piece. Many Netherlands inc. to Canada. Interesting & useful lot. E$35+
252 * Mint accumulation 1937-2000. Includes singles, blocks, complete booklets, souvenir sheets. A few early H, otherwise F-VF-NH. Note millennium sheetlets USC$3500
253 * 1970's and 1980's selection of singles, plate blocks and some sheets inc. a few souvenir annual collections. F-VF-NH values from 1¢ to $5 face. E$900+
254 *o Canada inc. Provinces, USA, G.B., Iceland, Puerto Rico, etc. etc. Singles and sets with some better values. 19th and 20th century. Some duplication. A few faulty or fakes inc. in owners cat. of $6441.65 by 1995 Scott’s and 2000 Unitrade or Van Dam. Gen F-VF H-NH E$400+
255 *o 1859 to modern plus some interesting revenues; Nfld. & Prov.; Australia, N.Z and other Br. Comm. & G.B. plus some foreign. Hundreds of items. Some mixed cond. but many fine or better. H-NH. Owner used 1995 Scott’s and 2000 Unitrade to arrive at a total value of $4613
256 * Mostly 1960's to modern mint stock inc. Centennials in PB’s to $1. Olympic $1 & $2. Useful range in stock book, sheet files etc. Most F-VF-NH. High face values to $5 E$275+
257 *o Various wholesale stocks QV to modern. Note used #46, 84, 203 block of four; perfins, revenues, etc. Mint inc. some PB’s, full O.G. NH to unused no gum, precancels - you name it. Many, many hundreds - large cat value - quite a bit of face value E$200+
258 *o 1870 to 1966. Collection of over 250 diff. note used #47; 102; 122; 158; etc. The odd mint scattered thru from 1/2¢ sq; 1¢, 2¢ & 3¢ jubilees; 2¢ maps (2); 1930 arch 1¢ to 8¢; etc; etc. Mixed cond. but mostly F-VF-H E$150+
259 *o Canada & USA. Accumulation of stamps, postcards & ephemera. Including Missouri beer stamp, old steamship baggage tags and other items. Early Coca Cola advertising brochure, early Purity Flour partial booklet of painting postcards, accumulation of Cuba CTO, 9 Canadian railway 1885-9 documents from Inter Colonial Railway 4 with train vignettes, 1929 Mr. Peanut colouring book, Little Orphan Annie secret guard handbook & decoder Canadian version, provincial road maps 1927 Alberta, 1927 Saskatchewan, 1926 Alberta linen, 1930 used car market report. Quantitiy of mint GEO VIi letter sheets E$150+
260 *o 20th century lot inc. over $60 face in booklets; 17¢ flag mint face $62.56; Admiral Householder forms with admirals on, varieties, post stat env; etc; etc. Gen F-VF most NH E$150+
261 * USC # 35//756, CE1-4. 1874 to 1978. Canadian Stamp Investors valuable remnants of a portfolio. Usual high quality with the stamps fresh & F-VF-NH (about 84 stamps) USC$843
262 *o Usc# 35//452 + b.o.b. 1870-1966. Over 700 stamps. About 400 used, 285 mint and approximately 50 Nfld, mostly used inc. #54, 56, 99-101, 158-9, 177, etc. Slight dupl. Some mixed cond. Otherwise F-VF-H E$125+
263 o USC #14//848 + b.o.b. 1859-1980. Coll of several 100's on a stockpage and pages. Note #14, 15, 21, 24, 26, 27, 30, 46, many $1 values, etc. Some dupl to about 5 of some. Otherwise VG-VF E$100+
264 o RPO cancels in four photo albums. Mounted. and identified by Ludlow. (127 diff Ludlow #’s) 172 diff as to train #. Total about 370 RPO cancels RF to 225. Gen F or better E$100+
265 *o Sc. #15 to modern. Mostly used collection of many hundreds in Harris album. Early and better values mostly more or less faulty. Note 15¢ Quebec Terc. Fine unused no gum. Inc. 1908 #96-103 but many values faulty. Nice #508p-511p Wpg. Tag block of four used. Many modern used stamps. E$75+
266 * Lot of about 45 complete booklets from 1990's. Mainly commemorative booklets. Also includes millennium box and 8 duck booklets 1985-96. VF USC $668.50
267 o 1929-1938. About 775 corner cards/env (approx 2" x 4") cancel slogans, circular cds, wavy lines machine cds, etc. Mainly 1937 P.Q. cancels - did see a couple of 1929 and a few other provinces. Some mixed cond, but gen F E$125
268 *o Canada, USA and some world - unusual book put together by collector to show shifts, colour variations, double impressions, etc, etc. Note USA 8¢ Tom Sawyer with doubling of “8" more like a kiss print then a double print but quite dramatic; Griffith US 10¢ with shift of dark brown or white under. Hundreds of items; well worth a look. Hours of fun. E75+
269 *o Large stock inc. some revenues. Some modern better values unused on paper or off paper (hi face). used Inc. Souvenir sheets, art stamps 50¢ to 90¢. Olympic $1-$2. Values; etc. Useful lot. Gen clean +F-VF E$75+
270 o Mostly 1923 to 1973 blocks of four or more plus one Nfld. block these cat. $379.35 plus some coil pairs and strips of four which cat. $151.56. Most F - VF USC 2000 $530.85
271 *o USC #15//666 + .bo.b. 1859 to 1979 - small accumulation inc. mint NH 0272, used #15, 54, 82, etc, several dues and thematic coll #1 (Cent stamp case), #9 (Olympic souv. coll. Vol. 1), #11 (indians) all with mint stamps. Gen F-VF STC 2003 USC $347.95
272 *oC Canada and foreign - includes over 80 covers & cards - mostly FDC’S but also patriotic 1945 cover “Germany surrenders”. Canada wholesale used, mint postage dues. Foreign Inc. Russia Germany, etc. Examine some supplies Inc. FDC album like new E$60+
273 *o We note Canada 25¢ Spitfire war savings stamp (FWS6 $30); Playing card VD #FPC1 ($7.50); Canada -Millennium keepsake USC #89 ($17.50); etc, etc. Many hundreds if thousands - Worth a look E$60+
274 *oC Canada and world - property as received mostly drug company FDC’s to doctor. Also foreign paper money, France mint 1322-5; packets, etc E$100+
275 o USC #2b 1851 laid paper. Six pence brown purple - margins clear to just touching outer frame line. Tiny traces of light thinning. Otherwise F $1250
276 o USC #4d 1852 three pence. Thin paper - margins well clear to just touching outer frame line. Light blue target cancel. Fresh colour. Fine $150
277 o Sc. # 8 Halfpence - margins well clear to touching at bottom. Tiny crease in outer margin upper right. Otherwise F $450
278 P USC # 8P 1857 Queen Victoria half pence proof. Tiny natural inclusion in paper. Ex Canadian Stamp Investors portfolio. VF with four large margins. $300
279 o USC #28 used 1868 12½¢ Large Queen - tiny thins at left margin. Otherwise F $55
280 o Sc. #35//76 QV lot of about 352 squared circle cancels. Virtually all can be identified as to town. An additional 88 examples virtually none of which can be identified. Mostly small Queens. E$75+

281 o Sc. #36 2¢ Small Queen tied by spoked fancy cork to portion of “Montreal Weekly Witness” newspaper used to Yorkshire, England. Rare newspaper rate. Dated “Dec/92" on address label. Fine. E$75+
282 * USC #37b 3¢ copper red - O.G. - centered to top. Attractive - VG-H $600
283 C USC #37b very early 3¢ copper Small Queen tied by rare two-ring “57" Paris cancel also Paris split ring on face of cover “Oct 1/70" and partial destination Woodstock hammer same date on back. “Paris Ontario Business Directory”, an amazing & rare cover. Fine. ($75+)

284 o USC #39 mint 6¢ yellow brown - O.G. Tiny trace of paper on gum. F-HR $300
285 o Sc. # 41 - about 67 SQ’s with various squared circles partial to as full as possible but most identifiable. Note Peticodiac, N.B. Ja/95 RF 50; Wolseley/Assa Ja/97 RF 40; Yarmouth Type I RF 65; Victoriaville, Que, Aurora, Ont De4/95 RF 25; Glencoe Dec17/93; Bleecker St. Ap 24/97 RF 20; etc, etc. Nice lot E$75+
286 * USC #46 mint 20¢ Widow weed - nice O.G. - fresh colour - VF-NH. $500

287 * USC #47 50¢ Blue widow weeds. Fresh colour, well centred. Small thin at back of upper left margin otherwise nice. Original gum. VF-H - scarce $500

288 * USC #55 mint 6¢ brown - O.G -F-HR. Fresh colour. $150
289 * USC #56 mint 8¢ violet - O.G. - VF-NH $225
290 * USC #59 20¢ Vermilion, fresh colour, unused no gum - VF $300
291 * USC #60 mint 50¢ ultramarine - O.G. NH - but trace (slight) of gum dist. so no premium added. Fresh & VF. $325
292 o USC #64 used $4 Jubilee - Winnipeg Magenta cancels. Exceptionally fine. $1500
293 * USC #65 mint $5 olive green - O.G. - VF-H. $2000
294 * USC #71 mint six cents QV Leaf O.G.-VF-H $100
295 * USC #73 mint 1897 10¢ QV Leaf. VF-HR $400
296 * USC #82 mint 8¢ orange QV numeral. O.G.-VF-H. $250
297 o Canada Precancel Cat. #T82V 8¢ orange QV numeral. Vertical precancel. F+ $150
298 * USC #83 mint 10¢ QV Numeral - O.G. Trace of light gum dist. Otherwise F-NH $320
299 * USC #84 mint 20¢ QV. Numerical - well centered - O.G. - paper HR - gum creases. Otherwise VF and attractive $600
300 * USC # 89 mint 1¢ Edward - centered to bottom - exceptionally fresh & VF-NH $105

301 C 2¢ Edward bisect neatly tied by circular grid cancel to view of Amherst, N.S. postcard. Three scarcer split rings on message side of card “Fort Lawrence, N.S./Ju 24/09" then “Upper Fort Lawrence/Ju 27/09" and destination “Carievale/Sask/Ju 28/09". Status unknown but appears to be a genuine bisect and quite scarce thus. VF E$75+
302 * USC #90A mint 1903 2¢ imperf. Edward block of six VF-NH $262.50
303 C Sc. #90 and 92 double domestic rate plus 5¢ registered for 9¢ registered cover. Stamps tied by grid cancel. Ex “Chester Basin, N.S./No 23/03" receiver on back. A bit flawed but no major flaws. Otherwise F E$40+
304 * USC #98 mint 2¢ carmine block of four - fresh and F-NH $80
305 * USC #102 Champlain’s Departure. Well centered. Unused no gum - excellent colour. F+ - very attractive example $75+
306 * USC #BK4c mint 1922 1¢ yellow 4 packs of six in complete booklet with small capitals on slogans inside. As panes at least three are VF ($412.50) all NH though traces of gum dist $160
307 * USC #112a mint6 5¢ violet, thin paper block of four fresh & VF - NH. $300
308 * USC #112a mint 5¢ violet wet ptg. Thin paper - pulled perf at bottom. Otherwise fresh & VF-NH. $75
309 * USC #119 mint 20¢ dry printing. Fresh & F-NH. $100

310 o USC #120 -1928 circular card postage paid by single 50¢ Admiral. Stamp tied by “Brandon” roller. “Virden/Man./Oc 31/28" CDS receiver. Fine $400
311 o USC #122 1928 householder form for delivery to 100 homes. Single usage of $1 Admiral. Stamp tied to form by “Brandon, Man. Oct 01" roller cancel. Day inverted - should be “10" to Virden with cds of same “OC 11/28". Rare single. Usage. Fine $550
312 * USC #126a mint 1¢ yellow 1924 part perforate coil block of four - dry ptg. Top pair H lower pair NH. Fresh & VF $75+
313 * USC #123 mint 1913 1¢ perf. 8 horiz. - pair - top stamp very LH bottom stamp NH both VF $437.50
314 * USC #124 mint 1913 2¢ carmine paste-up pair - top stamp LH lower NH. Fine $165+
315 * USC #138-138 used 1924 Admiral imperfs. 2¢ 1924 cds cancel - VF. $125
316 * USC #139-140 mint 1926. KGV Admiral provisionals. Single line (50 000 issued) and two line (103,600 issued). VF-H. $120
317 * USC #139-140 mint 1926 Provisionals complete - VF-H. $120
318 * USC #173 mint 10¢ Library block of four. VF-NH. $144
319 * USC #182iii mint 2¢ brown coil line strip of four with “cockeyed king” variety with 3 normals. Well centered top & bottom margin. Priced as F-NH $135
320 * USC #203i mint Broken “x” variety 1933 20¢ Grain Exhibition block of four showing variety UL. VF-NH. $450
321 * USC #209 mint 1934 10¢ Loyalists - block of four. VF - Superb. NH $320
322 * USC #228-230 mint 1935 KGV coils. Five sets of singles one 1¢ F otherwise VF. One 2¢ NH no premium added. Otherwise VF-H-HH or HR $285
323 * USC #231-236 mint 1937 KG VI mufti. 5 sets complete as singles and blocks of four. “About as nice” if not “as nice” as they come. Fresh & VF-NH. $114
324 * USC #234 mint 1937 4¢ yellow KG VI. Upper sheet margin block of forty. Some rows folded between stamps. Fresh & VF NH $240
325 C Canada to Holland 1937 registered cover ex “Colwood/BC Oc18" with split ring of same tying stamp. Rectangular blue registered “Colwood R”. HS BS boxed violet Dead Letter Office/2211/1937/No. 8/Ottawa Canada”. Face of cover black three line “Return to Sender/Delivery forbidden by/judicial sentence”. 3¢ red KGV postal stat. plus 2 x 5¢ blue and 1 x 2¢ brown first KGVI. Attractive and interesting cover. F+ E$75+

326 * USC #238-40 mint 1937 Mufti issue coils - 11 complete sets Inc. strips of four. Most VF - all NH Cat. $238 E$50+
327 * USC #238-240 mint 1937 Mufti issue coil stamps - wholesale lot of 23 sets, singles and pairs. Fresh colour. Mostly VF-LH-H $356.50
328 * USC #241 & 241a mint 10¢ Memorial Chamber. 5 dark carmine and four carmine rose. One NH but no premium added. Otherwise H or gum dist. All VF $108
329 o USC #249xx 250 and single ex 254b. Two war issue misperfs plus miscut 4¢ carmine booklet single (from pane of three-right stamp). This a large stamp showing gutter and start of pane above top margin. Horiz perfs. on 1¢ run through king’s head and 2¢ printing shifted to R and shows gutter & stamp at left of gutter. Unusual and rare group E$40+

330 * USC #268-273 mint 1946 peace issue - VF-NH $132

331 * USC #287 mint 4¢ carmine plate 5 MS. Upper blocks H on selvedge - lower blocks H on top pair. VF & scarce. $150
332 * USC# 316 mint 1952 20¢ Forestry Products Pl. 1 & 2 MS of corner blocks. Pl. 2 VF Pl 1 F-VF with LL corner creased in selvedge. All NH . $100
333 * USC #316 mint 1952 Forestry Products plate blocks - Plate 1 20 blocks inc. 4 MS - Plate 2 9 blocks inc. 1 MS. Hinged in selvedge or on one or two stamps. Many stamps NH. F-VF $362.50
334 * USC #460giii mint 6¢ black perf. 10 hibrite single from #460a. VF-NH. $125
335 * USC #478//610 mint 1968 to 1972. Range of 12 diff. MS of plate or IB’s. Better plates such as #478, 508-511, 541 & 610. Fresh & VF - cheaper plates show some signs of toning. Otherwise VF-NH $197
336 * USC #514i mint 15¢ United Nations. - Fluorescent paper. - VF-NH. MS of imprint blocks $80
337 * USC#17 mint 1974 Annual collection. Fine and scarce. $250
338 * USC #1084 mint 5¢ La Maurice - “Canada/Postes/Postage/$5/” shifted off stamp for most part and on margin of stamp. Quite a dramatic shift. VF Example - NH. E$100+
339 * USC #1407ai mint 1992 Youth Exhibition signed souvenir sheet (only 10, 000 issued). VF-NH $160
340 * (Sc. #2004 error) mint 2003 Christmas imprint block of four from booklet (ex BK277) - error - no scorelines thus imperf. very rare. (pair sold at Maresch for $475+ plus 15%). Superb. E$1500+
341 C Lot of 28 First Flight covers 1929-55. Note 1929 London to Toronto and Wrigley to Ft. McMurray, 1930 Siscoe to Amos, Peace River to Ft. Vermilion, 1935 experimental service Halifax to Sydney, 1939 Montreal to Southampton, 1937 Montreal to Chicago, 1947 Halifax to Boston. Also FDCs of C3, C5, C6, C9, 1928 special airmail flight Quebec to Toronto CNE. Gen. F E$100+
342 * USC #E11 mint 1946 Peace issue 10¢ S.D. Seven plate blocks of four. Some stamps NH mostly LH otherwise VF $126
343 * USC #F1b 1888 2¢ rose carmine - unused no gum - several short perfs. at top otherwise VF with slight toning $350
344 * USC #F3 eight cent blue registered - unused no gum - two vertical creases otherwise VF $600
345 *o USC #J16//J40 1935 to 1978 lot of about 286 mostly mint NH postage due stamps - inc. singles, pairs, blocks of four and PBs. Cat. as F but many VF copies. F-VF 2003 USC $258.25
346 C Sc. #MR4a 2¢ + 1¢ brown Die 1 war tax stamp tied by neat cds “Aurora/ Ont./No 19/16" cancel to cover with advertising corner card. “Underhills Limited/Aurora Ont./The Delcarlos Shoe”. F+ E$30+
347 * USC #MR4b 1916 war tax - 2¢ + 1¢ brown Die 1 imperf. block of four. No gum as issued. VF $450
348 * USC #026 and 030 mint 1950 10¢ Fur and 1952 20¢ Pulp and Paper ovpt. “G”. Plate 1 and 2 MS of each. VF-LH on two or more stamps $252
349 * USC #030//049 mint “G” Officials about ten diff. Inc. several Wilding plate blocks. Over 125 stamps inc. a few other blocks. Mostly LH some H a few NH - all VF $134.35
350 * USC #031 mint 7¢ Canada Goose ovpt. “G”. 18 singles plus six blocks of four. Fresh. Total 42 stamps with only 14 hinged - balance NH - all VF $238
351 * USC #031 mint 1952 7¢ Canada Goose ovpt. “G”. Plate 1 and 2 MS. VF-H some stamps NH $210
352 * USC #032 mint 1953 $1 Totem ovpt. “G” Plate 2 MS. UL F-NH with tiny bit of selvedge loose. LL VF-LH. Other two corners VF-NH $700
353 * USC #032 mint $1 Totem ovpt. “G” Plate 2 UR. Top pair H otherwise NH-VF $150
354 * USC #033-037 mint 1953 Karsch ovpt. “G” - complete set of matched PBs (56 PBs) VF-LH - scarce set $216
355 * USC #033-037 mint 1953 Karsh issue ovpt. “G” - 111 complete sets mostly in blocks of four. About half or more NH otherwise LH - VF $375
356 * USC #038a mint 50¢ Textile Flying “G”. Plate 1 UL and LR. VF-NH $140
357 * USC #039 mint 1955 10¢ “G” ovpt. Eskimo Hunter - plates 1 to 4 complete MS. Lightly hinged on two or more stamps in each block. Some stamps NH - VF $180
358 * USC #045a mint 20¢ Paper Industry ovpt. Flying “G”. MS of blank corners. VF-NH $360
359 o USC #35//979 + b.o.b. - 1888 to 1983 - wholesale lot of about 5250 - over 350 diff. in quantities of 1 to about 135 of each. Some mixed condition otherwise F-VF STC 2003 USC $2385.25
360 o Used wholesale lot of several thousands of stamps 1898-2002 sorted into envelopes by year. Strength in last 25 years. Gen. F E$150+
361 o Used wholesale lot of about 1160 stamps 1903 to 1982. Mostly better values. Inc. 406 (8), 407 (39). Gen. F or better $655
362 o USC #363//1148 1965-1987 bundleware - Christmas (5000) and high value defs. (5100) per owner’s count. Unchecked by us for tagging or varieties. Note USC #727 (600) and 936 (1400). Gen. F STC USC $5805
363 o USC #453//1968 - wholesale - 1967-2002 - many thousands neatly arranged on stockpages in eight binders. Quantities from 1 to about 10 of a kind. Excellent representation of modern commems. Also inc. about $18.50 face in modern mint. High cat. F-VF E$150
364 o USC #110 4¢ olive bistre - ten VF - 100 F - many with cds cancels. Superior lot $215
365 o Five diff. 1930s commems. #202 (26), 203 (5), 204 (11), 208 (19) and 209 (16). A couple with slight flaws. Mostly F-VF some cds USC $311.50
366 o USC #250//262 1942-43 War issue - about 145 stamps mostly better values such as $1 Destroyer (30), #261-11, #258-6 etc. ten diff. F avg. $311.45
367 o USC #340p used 4¢ Wilding Wpg. one-bar tag (50) F avg. $200
368 o USC #718, 720, 721, 723, 726 - 1977 to 1979 - Floral and Fundy Nat. Park - five diff. medium to large stamps in bundles of 100 each. 20¢ to $1 values. F-VF Cat. $180 E$25+
369 o USC #721 1977 35¢ White Pine (1000) - in ten neat bundles of 100 each. F-VF $350
370 o USC #1330-1333/SG #1441-1444 1991 Dangerous Occupations - four bundles of 100 each. 100 complete sets. F-VF (perhaps Gibbons is right) USC $180/2002 SG £500 (C$1200)
371 o USC #1991 Winter Olympics 2003 48¢ Flag overprinted “Vancouver/ 2010" (100) VF and scarce $300
372 o USC #MR6 1916 war tax carmine coil (40) - nine VF - 31 F $294
373 o USC #MR7a war tax coil Die 1 - 2¢ + 1¢ brown (40) some with minor perf. problems as usual with this difficult perf. F avg. $200
374 o About 9 lbs. in clear plastic bags or loose in box. Looks interesting. Mostly modern and mostly close cut on single paper. Some commems. and some world. Examine E$45+
375 o Canada mixture on close cut paper with some world. Inc. a few commems. from last 40 years, Christmas, definitives inc. coils, etc. About 11 lbs. E$55+
376 o 14 lbs. box mixture on paper. Inc. some commems. Mostly on single white paper close cut. Some earlier to 1927 noted off paper. Also some foreign E$65+
377 o Canada mixture on mostly single white close cut paper. Some world as well inc. G.B. 15 lbs. E$60+
378 o Mostly 1940s to modern mixture of 15½ lbs. on close cut mainly white paper. Inc. some commems. to 49¢ values. Also some foreign E$75+
379 o Mixture on paper with some world - values to $2 notede. Some commems. Cut close on mostly single white paper. 16 lbs. E$65+
380 o 30 lbs. approximately mixture on mostly single paper - virtually all definitives first class domestic rates of past 60 years but mostly last 20 years. A few commems. noted and values to at least $1. Most on white paper E$70+
381 o War issue to modern - about 22 lbs. on mostly single white paper. Virtually all definitives, a few commems., Christmas inc. Children’s Drawings etc. E$50+
382 o About 15 lbs. of mostly common definitives inc. coils and booklet singles. Mostly 37¢ to 40¢ values on mostly single white paper E$35+
383 *o Canada and World Junque Box - remainder of collection inc. revenues. Various collections in albums, sorted or semi-sorted into envelopes etc. Probably many thousands. Examination will pay. Inc. mint Canada, G.B. etc. Hours of sorting fun! E$200+
384 C Prices current list May 28th, 1873 prepared by Antotio J. Comache and Company, General and Commission Merchants. Folded and mailed to Scotland (stamp off). cds dater “B Antigua My 27/73". Parts grubby and creased but overall fine. Scarce. E$60+
385 *o Mostly diff. collection of about 126 stamps. QV to modern inc. #16 mint ($32.50), #74 mint pair ($55), #133 mint ($10) etc. Also Botswana Ind. set mint. F-VF-H 2006 Sc. $300+

386 C Sc. #224, 300 and C19 - airmail cover - two stamps issued 1929 so probably early 1930s cover though marked “Censurovano” with initial over. Zeppelin flights took place in early 1930s. F E$30+
387 *o Accumulation of several thousand stamps mint and used. All areas and periods. Some heavy dup. Note strength in Sweden, Netherlands, G.B., Canada, S. Africa, Hong Kong, U.S.A., mint Vatican, Mexico, S. America. Gen. F or better E$400+
388 *o Lot of several thousand stamps all periods and areas. Strength in early. Inc. early Japan and Korea of doubtful status; Br. Central Africa 216 large revenues, Br. East Africa 1 anna mint and used with Inland Revenue overprint in black. Strength in Br. East Africa, India, Spanish Colonies, Austria, Belgian Congo, Germany. Gen. F or better E$125
389 *o Some strength in Australia inc. mint $4 Art, some early issues and states; Canada used QV to 1960s; Botswana mint; Lesotho first set, etc. Gen. F-VF-H-NH. Many hundreds E$75+
390 C 1950 to mid-1980 covers - about 390 mostly FDCs. Strength in Rhodesia (125), RSA (200+), Zimbabwe (20). Inc. many large covers and several with multiple frankings. Slight dup. E$175+
391 C 1875 “Dungannon/Ont Mr 29/75" split ring to 1903 “Beeton” cds range of about 79 1¢ postal stat. cards. Many small towns. Only one unused card from Eugenia, Ont. to Chicago. Others all within Ontario. Note “Castlederg/No 9/99" split ring; Trout Creek 98 etc. etc. Gen. F or better E$150+
392 * USC #1261//1531 mint 1960 to 1967 - four sets inc. #1261-4, 1290-5, 1355-8 and 1526-31 in cards VF-NH 2006 Sc. $198.16
393 o Used wholesale lot of several thousand stamps on and off paper sorted onto stock sheets. All periods. Strength in post-1970 CTO E$100
394 *o Mint and used wholesale lot of several thousand stamps sorted onto stock sheets. All areas and periods. Note strength in Belgian Congo, Spain, Lebanon, Switzerland, France. Gen. F or better E$125+
395 *o Wholesale lot of several thousand stamps sorted onto stock sheets. Inc. mint Israel, used Scandinavia, mint and used Spain, used Spanish Tangier, CTO Equatorial Guinea, mint Mozambique, mint Argentina, mint Poland, CTO Zaire. Strength in post-1970. Gen. F or better E$100
396 *o Six souvenir sheets 1936-7 inc. B90 used, B91-2 and B103-4* H. Also used single of B104a. F 2005 Sc. U.S.$153.50 (C$190)

397 C G.B. to Halifax N.S. 1839 SFL with red “Forwarded by Tucker & Laurier, New York” HS. Rated “3" sh. Lengthy letter. F E$200+
398 C SFL ex Chester with HS of same Ja 18/1850. Rated 1 sh. Prepaid, HS “More to Pay” for BNA inland postage. HS “2½d currency” and also “2" HS probably applied Liverpool and transit HS on back. Amounts to 5 pence currency collect. Signs of ageing - portion of letter missing E$75+

399 C Postal stat. card with extra 5f emerald stamp added (Scott #51 type). Red HS “K.u.K. Militar-UberprufungsKommission Feldkiroo” ex Szekelthio with postal cancel of same on stamps. “18 Aug/26". F+ E$35+
400 *oC Accumulation of stamps and covers. Note Ireland 1995 mint sets (cat. $57), two old G.B. Christmas cards with paintings of WWI aircraft, 1876 stock certificate of Bank of Bengal, Nepal set of five large revenue documents circa 1960, small accumulation of India Feudatory State revenues, Jersey 16 mint large registration envelopes, Hong Kong 4¢ Coronation FDC, N.Z. 1936 Anzac Day FDCs, Canada 1943-4 unemployment insurance book with stamps, WWII rations book with panes and part panes of ration stamps, G.B. regional FDCs, U.S. and U.N. postal cards mint and FDC E$150+
401 *o Accumulation of about 2800 stamps many pre-1950 with moderate dup. Note strength in early Cuba, Philippines, G.B., Scandinavia, Malaya. Gen. F E$125
402 *o British and Foreign - late 1800 to modern - several hundreds mint and used in glassines and “102" cards - all priced to sell or by cat. value. Note Serbia mint NH #87-97 in blocks of four, China sets etc. Gen. F-VF E$50
403 1970-71 International Encyclopedia of Stamps in six volumes. The complete A-Z of stamps. Over 2000 pages. Produced by IPC Magazines Ltd. A nice addition to your stamp library. Good condition E$100+
404 C Two 1¢ Panama-Pacific Exposition stamps on exposition postcard showing California cypress tree. Minor flaws. Stamp at left missing tiny portion at top. Used to England in 1916. F app. E$20+

405 C American Expeditionary Force, France postcard with signature of “C. W. Hammers, 1st Lieut. Engr. R.C./Comd’g” to Buffalo, New York, July 28, 1918. Message mentions “This is a nice little city with lots of girls and all kinds of wines” “Perigullex (Dardanaux) France” E$30+
406 *o Collection of about 2140 stamps 1851-1987 in Harris Liberty album. Note 68 used ink stains, 76 used repairs and faults, 157 used, 161 missing piece, 163 used SE tear and ink stains, 187 used torn piece, 211 used, 215 used torn perfs., 228 used thins and pinholes, 287 used creases, 288 used tear, 289 used closed tear and pulled perfs., 299 used thins and repairs, 385 used, 400 used, 422 used, 445 used faded and corner crease, 730-1*, 750*, E4 used, Q8 used perfin. Gen. F - early mixed condition. ECV U.S.$2500 (C$3125)
407 o Used wholesale stock of many thousands of stamps 1870-1989 sorted onto stock sheets. Nice clean lot E$250
408 *o Lot of about 1375 stamps mixed used and mint H & NH 1885-1997. with dup. Singles, blocks and plate blocks. Note C1 used clipped perfs., C2 used, C3 used small tear, C4* NG thin and tear, C6 used, C46* PB, E1-4 used, E5 used creases, Q1-12 used, JQ1-5 used, 549* block, 740-9* blocks, 756-65* blocks, Q9* H. Gen. F or better 2000 Sc. U.S.$1635 (C$2050)
409 *o Accumulation of about 520 stamps 1851-1971 in sleeves. Moderate to heavy dup. Note 156* NG couple of short perfs., J16* H, 547 used creases, JQ1* NH (3). Gen. F or better 2006 Sc. U.S.$1200 (C$1500)
410 *o Late 1800 to late 1970s - several hundred if not thousands - on 34 stock sheets in a binder. Inc. singles, blocks, PBs, old perfins varieties etc. etc. High cat. value. Some mixed condition otherwise F-VF E$100
411 * SS #WS1 mint 1917 War Savings stamp. U.S. govt. thrift card complete with 16 stamps affixed. F 2005 SS U.S.$256++ (C$320++)
412 *oC Remnants of collections, covers, revenues, mixtures etc. Strength in B.N.A. but foreign, U.S.A. and British Commonwealth as well. Thousands of stamps E$125
413 *oC Similar lot
414 *oC Similar lot
415 *oC Similar lot
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