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Thursday August 18, 2005 Auction - 11:30am
The Auction will take place at Toronto's Eagles' Club at 17 Elm Street, Downtown Toronto (Two blocks north of Dundas Street, West off Yonge Street) on Thursday August 18, 2005, commencing at 11:30am. Viewing for this sale will start on August 11 to August 17 from 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Closed Sundays) at our office at 211 Yonge Street, suite 200. We will allow limited viewing on day of sale from 9.40 a.m. to 11 a.m. We are located just up the street from the Elgin Theatre and just around the corner from Massey Hall. We are across the street and just a bit south of the Eaton Centre Shuter Street Parking Entrance. Take the Albert Street/Massey Hall exit from the Queen Subway stop and you are outside our building. Please note that a 15% buyers commission will be added to the hammer prices of lots purchased, and applicable taxes will be added to the hammer price + commission.
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1 1930 5¢ AU - some luster with a die break running from the ball at top of crown to the “A” E$50+
2 5¢ collection 1922//2002 - KGV (10) many appear to be EF-AU, especially 1923, 1928, 1931; KGVI 1937//52 (18) many EF-Unc; QEII 1953-2002 (51) many EF-unc. and a few specimens. Inspect. E$200
3 25¢ KGVI 1940//49 (4); QEII silver 1953//67 (11), nickel 1968//2004 (74) and 1999 RCM token. Many better grades in earlies and some specimen or proof strikes in later E$75+
4 Loons and toonies - loons 1987-99, 2001-4 (20) inc. commems., No flying loon; Toonies 1996-2002 specimen or proof strikes, + 1999 and 2000 circulated commems. E$100+
5 1964-7 and extra 1967 silver prooflike sets - 1968, 1982, 1986, 1988, 1997 Winnipeg prooflike sets 2003 Charlton $94.25
6 12 proof sets 1974, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1984-8, 1991, 2003 and an additional 1985 2003 Charlton $341
7 Collection jof misc coins 5¢-$2 - dimes 1957-68, 12 appear unc., 5¢ KGVI-2002, a few 25¢, 1967 set in private case, 1981 nickel set in case, 1984-5, 1987 proof silver dollars etc. E$75+
8 “John P. Mill Toronto” with “second” section with hand. Roman and reg. numerals. Not functioning. Feels like a fair weight in gold E$100+
9 U.S.A. - 1901S (San Francisco) $20 Double Eagles Coronet Head. Krause as MS 60 - U.S.$625. This may be better
10 “Best in Children’s Books” by Doubleday - nine books (seven diff.) 1957-1960. Authors such as Robert Louis Stevenson and Hans Christian Anderson etc. Gen. good condition. For the young at heart and will make a great gift E$50+
11 Possible first edition dated 1876 - The Backward Swing by A.L.O.E. (Charlotte Maria Tucker). HC - face of cover shows coloured picture - small book - used and slight staining on a few pages - otherwise F and scarce E$40+
12 Four general topics books comprising The Ontario Readers (Second reader) ca 1884; Cabbagetown Store by J. V. McAree 1953; The Great Tool Emporium by David X. Manners 1979, and Canadian Book of the Road by the CAA 1979. Also inc. Waddington’s “Lexicon” card game ca. 1933. Good to F condition E$75+
13 Teddy Bear related collection of 16 books - 9 hardcovers inc. “A Collector’s History of the Teddy Bear” by P. N. Schoonmaker; Teddy Bears and Steiff Animals by Margaret Fox Mandel; Teddy Bear (ca. 1946) by Laskey; Teddy Bears, illustrated by R. Upton, etc. etc. Gen. F condition E$175+
14 Six hardcover children’s books - titles inc. Wonders of Nature, Mother Goose Book of Rhymes, Best Loved Nursery Rhymes and Songs, Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures, My Book of Fairy Tales and Tables, and Richard Scarry’s Best Story Book Ever. Gen. G to F condition E$100+
15 Locomotives - complete set of 48 cards in old album by Wills Cigarettes. Brief description of each card. Showing signs of age but still very presentable E$50+
16 Tarifold display case. Metal frame with 25 pages. Used but good condition. Retail as new $500 E$150
17 1759 extremely rare sales poster for a winery in Malzeville. Aged but would make a great framed display item E$75
18 1793 with superb scarcer revenue. Speaks of assignats. Nice watermark. Signed by a Monique Migue, widow. Very fresh E$130

19 1793 rare colour poster for sale of a house in Nancy at 218 Revolution Street. Document repaired/reinforced in early 19th c. Would still make a very interesting frame E$45+
20 1855 - five pages mortgage document - inc. four revenues (two strongly embossed eagles, one of 70 centimes and one of 35 centimes “Timbres Imperial”). Signatures and large watermark. VF E$120+

21 1855 Sale of Land document. Nice revenues (one embossed eagle). Several signatures. Fresh E$50
22 1857//1869 three sale documents tied together in one. Six revenues - several signatures - large watermarks. Unresearched. Very fresh except for the notary cover page which has little or no value E$75
23 1861 two documents tied together Agreement from a gardener to sell land to a dance teacher - very unusual. Four revenues - several signatures - some damage on the notary cover page - remainder is fresh E$100
24 1862 land sale document to a M. Chevallien, Baker. Beautiful watermark - two diff. revenues plus a very nice strongly embossed Imperial Eagle on last page. Many signatures. Nice and fresh E$75
25 Medieval document of 1558 Normandy - with Order of Malta oval illustration blue mark. Extremely mysterious - ornate signature. Very long - has been written interlined - missing some words as bottom right corner cut out. Would be very readable for a specialist. Surely a rarity. Unread and unresearched. Good condition for age E$200+
26 1560 medieval four-page document in old French - very rare to find a document “on paper” prior to 1600. Great calligraphy and very fresh all considered - some faults. Unread and unresearched E$170
27 1582 from Normandy (reign of Henry III) on thick parchment. Great gothic calligraphy “Contract of Constitution” - ornate signatures - very mysterious. Unread and unresearched. A bit reduced at right otherwise fresh and rare E$175+
28 1654 (under Louis XIV) on parchment - bottom left of document torn off resulting in several words missing. Great calligraphy and a lot of signatures. Note F-VF Order of Malta. Speaks of noble families De Beauvois, Le Boucher des Moulins etc. Still a nice piece despite damage E$100+
29 1671 - two documents dealing with Baronnie de Digoine - both very fresh with very fine revenues. Unread and unresearched E$125+
30 1675 - small document with large great illustrated revenue, several signatures and 1787 short note, rev. on back and signatures. Unread and unresearched. Both very fresh E$80+
31 1675 documents - with large great illustrated revenue, other is Year 8 of the Revolution. Also with a nice 25 centimes rev., both with bold signatures. Unread and unresearched. Very fresh E$85+
32 1681 from the Municipality of Alencon - with a nice very fine illustrated revenue - mysterious document - signature - small tear, but not affecting writing, otherwise very fresh E$70
33 1696 on thick parchment from Normandy dealing with nobility. Fascinating revenue and a superb illustrated oval blue mark of the Order of Malta. Various signatures. Document appears to have been clipped at bottom, but still a lovely piece E$85
34 1713 document with wonderful revenue illustrated with lion. Beautiful calligraphy - very fresh despite slight soiling at bottom right and small hole affecting some of the writing. Several signatures. Still a lovely piece E$120+
35 Appears to be early 17th century - great Alsace advertising poster for the disposal of a wealthy Nancy lawyer (Me Andre) including house and vineyards. Very fresh E$50
36 1716 (beginning of Louis XV reign) from Brittanny - interesting document on watermarked paper with large unusual revenue as letterhead. Signed and fresh E$90
37 1737 Normandy - 44-page document on watermarked paper - total of 158 entries - note Order of Malta blue oval illustrated mark and 11 revenues. Unread and unresearched. Some pages damaged but still very presentable and interesting E$125
38 1749 on thick parchment - various signatures with superb Caen revenue. Also a second small signed document on paper, same year, attached with a contemporary pin. Unread and unresearched. Fresh E$75+
39 Documents (3) - 1752 folded add. letter with illustrated red wax seal; 1847 addressed to Grenoble, and an ALS of Year 8 of Revolution from Isambart to a Citizen Duplessis in Ardec - note postal markings. All unread and unresearched. Some minor damage otherwise fresh E$80
40 Documents (2) - appear to be 17th century - advertising docs. One is a large poster for an apartment for rent; other a public notice for wheat to be sold. Both very fresh E$50
41 Document - appears mid to late 18th century - adjudication dealing with repairs to be made to a church and presbytery in Pont-a-Mousson. Rare - damaged around the edges but full text is intact E$40
42 1781 Le Havre - rare birth/baptismal certificate. Note scarce “Municipalite du Havre” and “Rep. Fra. Seine Internje” revenues. Signed and fresh E$60
43 1786-7 three small documents with revenues on back and interesting ornate signatures. Unhresearched. Very fresh E$75
44 1787 six pages of what appears to have been an 8-page document. Note two revenues from Bourges and portion of a third where first page cut off. Unread and unresearched. Signed. Very fresh E$90
45 1790 - from St. Malo, the town of Jacques Cartier. Addressed to “Messieurs C. Roussel, Freres”. Talks about “Le Roy”. Slightly damaged where letter was sealed, otherwise fine and fresh E$40
46 1791 legal brief No. 1004 dealing with military decoration and the awarding of medals. Slight water toning but still very presentable E$35+
47 Documents (2) - 1792 Bourges - three revenues on receipt doc. for the purchase of a property; 1821 letter to the Mayor of Ste Solange. Both signed and fresh E$60
48 1792 (a few months before the King’s execution) legal brief dealing with the fabrication of assignats, soldiers being released from service, and officers and agents pensions. Bottom corners cut off - signed in print by “Rolland and Danton” and countersigned in ink. Also an 1868 document showing the types of Italian coins prior and post 1863. Fresh E$50
49 Documents (3) Year 6 of the Revolution - great scarce Bourges revenue struck over a 25c revenue. Signed. Unresearched. Plus two swmall documents, one mentioning the death of the King of Maroc in May 1727, aged 90, leaving about 200 living sons, many of whom were claiming his throne. All very fresh E$125+
50 Documents (2) Years 6 and 8 of the Revolution - great revenues and signatures. On watermarked papers - unread and unresearched. Very fresh E$90+
51 Documents 1803 and 1860 - 1803 Register of Expenses on 16 pages - hundreds of entries - very fresh - this could be used in a university course on farm life in France in the early 1800s; 1860 - 8 printed bills from a Paris butcher - fresh and scarce - printed bills from the mid 19th cent. are rare E$85
52 1809 letter dealing with “Conseil des Prises” - what the Corsair ships took from enemy vessels. Also, probably a 17th cent. ornate doc. full of animals and a short poem. Unresearched. Very fresh E$60
53 1815 12-page document dealing with rules and regulations of the National Guard, Meurthe Dept. Note the National Guard emblem. Topics inc. service, discipline and expenses. Rare and very fresh E$65
54 1817 legal document against a surgeon “Pize” - note unusual revenues and signatures. Also a short 1748 letter signed by a Jean de Gaurens, son of Jerome. Slight damage on the legal document otherwise very fresh E$75
55 1819 “Journal des Maires” (No. 594) dated Thur Nov 11, 1819. Very rare - main article speaks of the ship “Koutousoff” which made a three-year trip to America and came back with over one million rubles of furs. With nice revenue. Very fresh for this kind of item E$75+
56 1824 “Journal des Debats Politiques et Litteraires” - five diff. dated Jan 31, Feb 6, Mar 17 and 18 and May 5, 1824. Various current news items of the time. Nice revenues and very fresh E$125+
57 1824 - “Le Journal des Debats Politiques et Litteraires” five diff. copies between Feb 21 and May 12, 1824. Various topics. Note nice revenues. Very good condition E$75+
58 1826 “Journal Politique et Litteraire de Maine et Loire” copies Nos. 76, 98 and 157 - various notices and announcements under Charles X. Two revenues (one red and one black) on each document. Fresh and rare E$90+
59 1829 16-page document issued for the Universal Jubilee of Pope Pius VIII. Signed in print by the Archbishop of Bourges. Note great vignette and seal. Very fragile E$80
60 1830 four-page legal document on parchment. Note superb revenues. Speaks of a Miss Adele Delaney. Unread and unresearched. Good condition E$70+
61 Dcouments (3) from the archives of Marquis de Beaumont, a very eminent Frenchman of his time - 1881 document with what appear to be investments/loans with interest added; 1857 legal document with plaintiff being the Marquis; + an 1853 letter talking about gold mines in South America. All very fresh E$90
62 1832 - a very long letter (three pages) in very fine writing from Rochefort to Paris. Addressed to a Madame Cecile Ducret. With marks. Unread and unresearched. Signature cut off on last page. Probably very rare E$65
63 1832 rare agricultural journal “Echo des Halles and Marches” with a nice illustration of the agricultural Halle de Paris. Very fresh E$35+
64 1833 15-page document issued for the Universal Jubilee of Pope Gregory XVI. Signed in print by the Archbishop of Bourges. Also signed in ink on back page. Note great vignette and seal. Good condition E$80
65 1839 47-page legal bulletin No. 672 dealing with the 1840 budget. Note seal. Short intro. by Louis-Philippe, Roi des Francais. Last couple of pages are soiled, otherwise very fresh E$100
66 1848 - short letter signed by three officials. Note nice seal. Owner states this item was bought for 200 F.F. (about $40) some twenty years ago. Unresearched. Fresh E$50+
67 ca. 1850 large mounted advertising poster for the “Louvre” store for ladies winter coats in “Velours de Soie”, assorted jackets etc. VF E$60
68 ca. 1850-60 ALS addressed to Marquis de Beaumont just after the Revolution of 1848 (Victor Hugo’s one) from various important French people with paper personally embossed noble houses (none listed in Sanders). Unread - very fresh E$80
69 Documents (7) ca. 1850-60 various ALS addressed to Marquis de Beaumont from various important French people. Papers personally embossed. Unread. Very fresh E$45
70 ca. 1850 48 genealogy documents with long dated lists of French noble families by region - goes as far back as the early 15th century. Great for a researcher. Good condition E$95+
71 1852 extremely rare plebiscite voting card after troubles of 1852 (Second Commune) and an 1871 very rare voting card for the election of 21 deputies to the National Assembly. Both cards filled by a M. Maurin and both have one corner cut off to indicate usage. Very fresh E$50
72 1853 bottom part of document on thick parchment. Signed by the Mayor of Caen + seal. Deals with legal matters. A bit grubby but still a nice piece E$30+
73 mid-1800 ALS from Ernest Mouchez, great astronomer and author to his son. On very flimsy and fragile paper. Very rare autograph. He also founded the Montsouris Observatory in Paris. Appears to be a few small cig. burns on the document - still very attractive and presentable E$75
74 1862 - two circulars from the Archbishop of Bourges to the parish priests in the Diocese. Note the coats of arms and seals. Very fresh E$40
75 mid to late 1800s - 16 items from the archives of Aime Giron, lawyer, poet and novelist. Born in 1838 and a director of “Figaro”. Inc. some quite long, mostly literary matters, various signatures, some letterheads. Needs research. Mostly F-VF E$65+
76 1873 - three very large posters on flimsy (2) paper announcing the founding of various iron mines in the Nancy area. Note revenues on each document. Lots of details. Unresearched. Folded, otherwise very good condition E$75+
77 Ca. 1900-1917 - 12 full colour photos/cartoons made especially for the humouristic journal “Le Rire” all full page by the best cartoonists of the era. Very representative styles. Many interesting and diversified topics, inc. risquees. Inc. Guillaume, Poulbot, Wely, Prejelan, Delau etc. Some rare E$150+
78 1908 to 1930 aviation cartoons from le journal “Le Rire”. Each sheet showing a cartoon about aviation or planes. From the best cartoonists of the era inc. one referring to Wilbur Wright. 58 pgs in total. FreshE$60
79 Newspapers - four diff. 1830//1868 inc. “La Quotidienne” Sun Apr 1, 1830; “Le Moniteur Universal” Thu Dec 15, 1864 and Thu/Fri Jan 2/3, 1868, and “L’Opinion Nationale” Sun Oct 22, 1865. Note revenues. Unread and unresearched. Gen. good condition E$140
80 Newspapers 1860, 1863 - two copies of the popular French newspaper “Figaro” dated Sun Mar 25, 1860 and Sun Sept 27, 1863. Note revenues - great vignettes and ads. Fine cond. E$120
81 Newspapers 1864 and 1867 - six copies of the Journal de Rennes, Echo de la Bretagne (one 1964, remainder 1967). All with revenues. Unread and unresearched. Probably rare. Gen. good condition except one which has a tear in it E$60+
82 Newspaper - 1871 - four copies of “La Gazette de France” dated Oct 15, Oct 24, Nov 6 and Dec 22, 1871. Note red revenues, great ads etc. Unread and unresearched. Very good condition E$125
83 Documents 1880 and 1883 - two letters from the Archbishop of Bourges to his clergy and parishioners. The first dealing with “L’Oeuvre du Denier de Saint-Pierre”, the other announcing a general parochial visit. Both signed in print by the Archbishop of Bourges plus seals. Very fresh E$75
84 Document 1895 letter from Cardinal Boyer, Archbishop of Bourges, to his clergy and parishioners, talking about the annual Christmas collection. Signed in print plus seal. Very fresh E$40
85 o Modern high values 1970s and 1980s. Large cat. value. Attractive lot. Gen. F-VF used E$40+
86 Document 1874 - 32-page - fully written - on watermarked paper. Note 16 revenues, royal embossed seal on last page and handstamp. Starts with “Nous, Leopold Deux, Roi des Belges”. Unread and unresearched. Very fresh E$125
87 * 1960 to 1967 - four sets comprising 1261-4, 1290-5, 1355-8 & 1526-31 latter two sets with gum dist. F-VF*-H 2006 Sc. $198.15
88 C Colombia to Toronto, Canada - card to stamp dealer Geo. Lowe in 1894. Written message Mayo 20/94 mentions “Dominion Philatelist”. Green “Transisto/Barranquilla/14 Jn 1894" and “Paid B” in black in circle. BS split ring “Toronto/Ont/1/3Jy/94". Message side of cover was stuck down but is largely sound. Face of cover F. Rare to Canada at this time E$45+

89 o Accumulation of several thousand stamps sorted into glassines. All periods 19th cent. to 1970s. Some heavy dup. Gen. F - used E$125+
90 o Modern kiloware approx. 400 gms. - all modern from last few years. Note Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden. Owner says some complete sets and has semi-sorted a few selected cds. Most VF E$50+
91 Documents - 1777 to 1962 - various autographs, mostly French - inc. 1834 stampless in Dutch, repaired with acid-free archived paper; 1859 long poem from Francisque Maudet to his daughter - very fresh, needs research; 1777 Grenoble, from Le Comte de Franquiercy; plus three later - all need research. All very fresh E$90
92 C Postcards, viewcards, inc. 11 diff. French Revolution topical cards; plus about 20 diff. small older view cards from each of five diff. Italian cities (100 cards total). All beautiful and good condition E$75+
93 *o Accumulation of several thousand stamps sorted into glassines. Moderate dup. Mostly used. Strength in pre-1950. High catalogue value. Gen. F E$400+
94 *o Box crammed with many thousands of stamps mostly used. All areas sorted into envelopes by country. Strong in early material. Note strength in U.S.A., Switzerland, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, France, Belgium. High cat. value. Gen. F E$300+
95 *o Mostly mint accumulation of several thousands stamps sorted into glassines. H and NH. Moderate dup. Strength in pre-1950. Note Strength in France and Colonies, Germany, Hungary, South America, Puerto Rico, early Cuba and Philippines. Gen. F E$250+
96 *o Shoebox full of several thousand stamps sorted into envelopes by country. Many early issues. Moderate dup. All areas. High cat. value E$200
97 *o Modern accumulation of many thousands of stamps sorted into envelopes. Many CTO. Some heavy dup. Strength in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Cambodia, Hungary, Vietnam, Haiti, Laos, Equatorial Guinea, Poland, Indonesia, Rwanda, Afghanistan. F-VF E$150
98 *o Lot of about 260 stamps all areas. Strength in 19th and early 20th centuries. Many better values. Minor dup. Note D.W.I. 5 used; Argentina 354*; Belgium 47 used pulled corner perf.; Crete 2-5*; Cuba 231* NH; Ecuador C473-80* NH imperf. singles; Eritria 167 used; Greenland 35 used, 36*; Honduras 36 used; Iceland 128 used, 172* toning spot, 221* NH, 2* paper on back and torn perf., 15 used, C3* gum thin, 04 used torn perf.; Mexico 108c*; Norway 64 used; Philippines 495* pair toned and stained; Paraguay 95 used; Portugal 6 used, 7 used cut to shape; Thailand 293* NG; Tibet 15*, 17*. Some mixed condition otherwise gen. F 2005-6 U.S.$1390 (C$1725)
99 * (Sc. #24) mint lot of 30 proofs or reprints. Values from ½s to 7s in six diff. colours. Imperf. on unwatermarked cream paper. No gum. VF E$25
100 * SS #66b mint 1902 3pf. Germania yellow-brown shade. F-NH 2002 SS U.S.$450 (C$550)

101 *o Wholesale lot of several thousands of stamps sorted into envelopes. All periods. No German States. Gen. F or better. Many NH E$200+
102 o Many hundreds neatly sorted on 23 stocksheets from 1960 to 2004 inc. a few Berlin. Note better commems. and good range of semi-postals. Gen. F-VF E$150+
103 o Kiloware - approx. 800 gms. close cut - all modern commems. or other large stamps. They look sound and gen. F-VF E$50+
104 o Similar lot
105 *o 1948-51 issues - ten diff. Michel 2000 Specialized - inc. MI #90bx1aB used (perf. 11, Type 1a); 92UA*; 93W1B* etc. Gen. F-VF. Per owner 2000 Michel cat. DM623+
106 *o Probably over 150 stamps plus some U.S.A. used; Saar, Peru etc. Inflation period etc. Worth a look. Gen. F-VF H-NH E$75+
107 o 400 gms. approx. semi-postals used - almost all modern. Appear F-VF E$50+
108 Documents - ca. 1850 - impressive long lists with prices from various German merchants to be charged to Marquis de Beaumont, an important Frenchman. All signed and very fresh E$65
109 Document - 1851 - impressive long lists of items with prices (inc. many signatures) from various German merchants to be charged to Marquis de Beaumont, an important French nobleman. Very fresh E$65
110 Newspaper - 1872 “Le Chroniqueur” - in French published in Germany with revenue and small piece of a German stamp on front page. Excellent condition E$70+
111 * Sc. #899a mint 1950 60f Boys Camp “Utanpotlasunk” variety also inc. are Sc. #896-900 in used (remainder of set) variety is VF-NH Sc. 2006 $600
112 * Sc. #C81 mint 1950 UPU souv. sheet of four VF-NH 2005 Sc. U.S.$225

113 *o 1946 to 1968 very comprehensive mounted collection on black pages. Virtually complete for the period. Earlies used, later mostly mint. Spot check would indicate mint is NH. Note better items such as mint Sc. #996, 1182, 1202a, C80, C95, C166 etc. Superior collection with very little dup. Huge cat. value. F-VF-NH E$500+
114 o Kiloware - 1960s commemoratives and definitives - 3 lbs. - three bags of ½ lb. each E$50+
115 *o Shoebox crammed with several thousands of stamps sorted by country. Strength in pre-1940. Some moderate dup. High cat. Gen. F E$200+
116 C 1937 First Flight cover Macau-San Francisco franked with Macau #287 and C3. Also another piece with same franking inc. (note #287 CV $40). F+ E$50

117 o Modern kiloware approx. 700 gms. - only commems. (this est. $30) plus Canada USC #334 used (600) cat. $180. Most F-VF E$45+
118 o Sc. #N69-71 1940-1 German Occupation used wholesale. N69 (X100), N70 (X97), N71 (X1150) in singles, pairs and blocks. F-VF. Many cds 2005 Sc. U.S.$1511 (C$1880)
119 *o Shoebox with several thousand stamps all periods in envelopes. Some heavy dup. Strength in modern CTO. F-VF E$100+
120 *o Mostly used wholesale lot all periods in glassines and on pages. Good selection of early issues. Gen. F E$125+
121 o 1862 to about 1960 approx. 60 mostly diff. Per owner, inc. #39, 87, 200-203, 252, B72, B246, B220 etc. Few with small creases. Most F-VF STC 2004 Sc. $325
122 C Postcards - all periods - about 245 mostly diff. postcards, inc. many real photos. F-VF lot E$150
123 C Postcards - about 196 all diff. from all periods with some real photos etc. F-VF E$95+
124 o 11 older diff. errors and varieties, i.e. overprints, misperf., imperfs. etc. Inc. Montenegro, Serbia etc. Gen. F-VF H-NH E$75
125 * Shoebox crammed with many thousand stamps sorted into envelopes. Some heavy dup. Strength in S. America, Spain, Russia, Europe, Mexico. Strong in pre-1950. H & NH. Gen. F E$200+
126 o Box full of the unusual. Inc. colour shifts, worldwide postal stationery cut squares, revenues from Canada, U.S.A., Tangier, Germany, Australia official perfins, Canadian flag cancels and slogan cancels, G.B. perfins, French and Belgian precancels, Brazil with lined backs, U.S.A. precancels, airmail and registration labels, seals, town and slogan cancels worldwide etc. Gen. F. Many thousands of items E$200+
127 o Large off-paper accumulation sorted by country into plastic bags. Approx. 13 lbs. All eras and areas. Dup. Strength in Br. Comm., Latin America. Gen. F E$200
128 o Accumulation of many thousands of stamps on and off paper sorted into envelopes. All periods. Strength in modern G.B., U.S.A., South America, Canada. Gen. F or better E$175
129 *o Shoebox crammed with several thousands of stamps mostly used sorted into envelopes. All areas and periods with some strength in pre-1950 foreign, modern U.S.A. Gen. F E$150+
130 *oC Accumulation of many hundreds of stamps on and off paper. All areas and periods. Note quantity of modern Hong Kong on paper, mint Br. Comm., used Canada inc. colour shifts, U.S.A. inc. perfins, Canada and worldwide covers and FDCs inc. Canada 1947 Wedding cacheted FDC. Gen. F E$100+
131 o On and off paper mixture all eras. Strength in G.B., Br. Comm., Latin America, Europe. VG-VF used. Approx. 4 lbs. E$100+
132 *o Late 1800 to modern lot of about 78 singles + 41 blocks inc. Portugal, Manchukuo, Korea, Saudi Arabia etc. (STC $300+), also Iran - 80 diff. per owner, inc. #90-100 mint/used, 104-19*, 120/135, 235-39. AS IS STC $790. Mostly F-VF-H-NH STC $1090
133 o Bundleware - mostly modern about 70,000 in bundles of 100 per owner’s count. Strength in Canada, Spain, Belgium etc. Mostly defs. but many commems. and Christmas noted. Examine. Min. cat. @ 20¢ = $14,000. Gen. F throughout
134 *o Worldwide inc. Canada 19th and 20th century - identified to a large extent by owner. Examination a must but plenty of cat. value. Some mixed condition. Many F-VF E$100+
135 *o Worldwide but most of value in South American - British Guiana 17 diff. mint inc. #255 $3.50; #261 - $4, KGV to QE. Brazil Sc. #2259-2277 used (90 sets) 2006 Sc. U.S.$805.50. Various cards of odds and ends from many countries. Probably 2000-3000 stamps. Gen. F-VF E$75+
136 *oC Worldwide selection of postage stamps and revenues. Probably a few labels as well. Note Bahrain SG #L1 to L6 2002 SG cat. £18.75, Gibraltar modern mint booklets, 19th and 20th century. Many hundreds. Some Indian FD covers. Examine. Gen. F-VF most NH E$50+
137 *oC Remnants of a collection - note 1981 Inauguration Day covers for VP Bush and Pres. Reagan. Examine. Albums etc. Shipping weright 21 lbs. E$150+
138 *o Worldwide inc. mint 1937 Coronation sets possibly complete, Canada revenues, old world albums. Many hundreds if not thousands of stamps. Examination should pay. Inc. some coins E$150+
139 *o Many, many hundreds inc. France 1983 mint both half year packs, large stockbook with much Canadian wholesale used; some revenues, various collector accumulation pacs etc. etc. Examine. Large box E$75+
140 C Postcards - all eras - about 345 cards (only a few from Canada and U.S.) used and unused. Some undivided backs, real photos etc. All different. Gen. F-VF E$125+
141 C Postcards - ca. 1960-65 inc. 13 diff. “Pinups” by Royal Photo, Italy; two sets of four of Dancer Beba Kiriakidou; two sets of five of actress Aliki Vouyouklaki (inc. two with printed autographs); 11 planes mostly RCAF; and one early 1900 Paris Societe Aeronautique adv. postcard, probably rare. All in pristine cond. E$50
142 C Postcards - inc. scarce 1910 Paris (Champs Elysees) flood card with extremely rare handstamp of “Association La Canadienne of Paris”. Card addressed to “Adjutor Rivard” of Laval University. Card from Ontario, Oregon, dated Jul 13, 1951 stating three of original settlers were from Ontario, Canada; Ontario N.Y. and Ontario Cal. Also inc. ten photo cards of Their Royal Highnesses Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh, ca. 1950, + a Guadeloupe front cover dated March 1939. E$35+

143 C Postcards - all eras - about 345 cards used and unused, some undivided backs, real photos etc. Only a few from Canada and U.S.A. Owner states all diff. and F-VF E$125+
144 C About 83 worldwide postcards, many older RP and some undivided backs - mostly Europe. Slight dup. F-VF E$70+
145 C About 68 older mostly European cards. Many older RP and undivided backs. F-VF E$50
146 o Kiloware - plenty of variety - probably close to 2 kg. Very few (if any) Canada, U.S., G.B. but includes Europe, Channel Is., Asia, Africa, Caribbean. Includes half-pound of Hungary. Plenty of high values E$100+
147 C U.S. to Canada - previous owner’s note in pencil “1856" - 1¢ Franklin which we cat. as Type II Sc. #7 - margin touches at top and bottom but sides clear plus strip of three 3¢ Washington margins clear on 3¢ at right, other two cutting at bottom but large margin at left of left stamp - probably from sheet margin. Otherwise cover and stamps F E$250+
148 *o Lot of about 135 stamps 1857-1944. Note 64b used rose-pink pen cancel, 73 used SE, 136 used, 156* NG, 158* NG staining spots, 187 used (X 2) one stained, 210* NG, 211 used (X 2) faults, 215 used pulled perf., 219* torn corner, 231*, 246* NG minor faults, 248* NH SE, 288 used faulty, 295* disturbed gum, 304* NG large blue stain on back, 329* disturbed gum and creases, E7 used faulty. Mixed condition throughout 2006 Sc. U.S.$1650 (C$2050) E$250
149 * 3¢ to 15¢ era - about 750 mostly diff. inc. a few sheetlets - note Sc. #1686-9. Face U.S.$60+ F-VF*-NH
150 *o Large shoebox crammed with many thousands of stamps in envelopes from about 1860 to date. Mostly used. Includes precancels, perfins, mint and used cut squares, used souvenir sheets, revenues. Gen. F E$200+
151 o Large used wholesale lot of many thousands of stamps (8½ lbs.) sorted into plastic bags. All periods from about 1890 to modern. Many better values. Gen. F E$200
152 o On-paper mixture approx. 4½ lbs. sorted into plastic bags 1940s to date. Note birds and animals, precancels. F-VF E$45
153 Prints - 1925 two Casanova proof prints by Rockwell Kent (one of the most well-known American painters of his time) these were designed for “The Memoirs of Casanova” to be published in 1925, but never published due to alleged erotic content. These retail for approx. U.S.$55 each print in the U.S.
154 Scott Catalogues - 2005 Vol. 1 to 6 E$150+
155 In large box - shipping weight about 45 lbs. Note new U.S.A. Minuteman album plus some supplements with pages to about 1980, 23 Lighthouse black three-ring stock pages, Darnell Canada album to 1973, medium sized Rapkin album with many unused pages, etc. etc. E$50+
156 o Sc. #14//180 used QV//GV lot to five-shilling. 24 stamps all faulty but F+ appearance. Cat. $1600+ E$100+
157 *o Sc. #64//126 - 1870 to 1900 - small group of 27 used QV era stamps - slight dup. - high cat. - mixed condition. Also full sheet of 50 two-shilling “Speedy Letter Service” VF-NH but some gum dist. E$100
158 o Sc. #104 used 5d. F-VF - London cds $200
159 o Shoebox crammed with several thousands of used wholesale stamps. Good range of all reigns. Gen. F E$250+
160 C 1953 Coronation to 1984 range of First Day Covers - probably over 200 plus a few others from Australia, Canada, Ireland and U.S.A. Among G.B. we note Coronation (2004 Concise £75); two Battle of Britain (Concise £25 each), March 1969 high values to £1 (Concise £9.50) etc. Values to £5. Gen. F-VF with cachets and addressed. Also some extra leaves for FDCs. E$150+
161 C Postcards - lot of about 55 cards ca. 1900-1910 - per owner, all diff. cds, mostly F-VF strikes. Unchecked! Would reward a specialist E$100+
162 o Used wholesale lot of several thousand stamps mostly on paper sorted into envelopes. All from 1970s. Many cds. Note large envelope of high value machins. Also some Channel Is. F-VF E$150+
163 o Definitives - owners claims he noticed 17 £5 stamps and many £3 stamps. Medium to higher values E$75+
164 * Sc. #40a, 41-49 - 1938-1953 KG VI Pictorials complete set of 16. F-VF-H-LH. Top 3 values LH. Scarcer perf on 1 ½d. red and 2d orange. 2006 Sc. US $222.15 (C$265)
165 * Sc. #62-74. 1956 pictorials complete. #69 and 70 NH bal. H-LH-F-VF. 2006 Sc. $126.55
166 o Used wholesale lot of many hundreds of stamps sorted into glassines. All reigns. Generally fine or better E$150
167 * Sc. #165-179 1925-1935 Seal of colony complete. Halfpence perf 13 ½ x 12½. F-VF-H. Sc. 2006 US $81.80 (C$100)
168 * Sc. # J7 1961 5¢ Due large surcharge. 92 copies in blocks and multiples. F.VF.NH 2006 Sc. $276
169 * Sc. #345-360. 1974 Butterfly issue complete. F-VF-LH. Sc. 2006 $76.25
170 o Sc. #49 2 shillings KG V 1920 - Hamilton cancel - F Sc. 2006 $62.50
171 *o Mostly used wholesale lot of several thousands of stamps sorted into envelopes. All reigns and areas. Note strength in Tanzania (STC $492). Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, Modern Malta, Canada. Generally fine or better. E$350
172 *o Lot of about 305 stamps mostly pre 1935. Many better values. Note N.S.W. 52a used, 27 and 31 cut to shape on piece (not in total), 126 used; Tasmania 29* part OG SE, 14 used discoloured, 23 used SE pen cancel; Victoria 17 used 3 margins; Barbados 6 used three margins, 130 used; Br. Central Africa 58 used thins; Falkland 9*; Gibraltar 73* hinge thin; Hong Kong 217a used parcel cancel; India 28 used torn perf; Labuan 39 used; Malaya 14 used toning spots; Malta 3a used torn corner; Mauritius 10* NG; Natal 10 used, 32 used thin and torn perf; NZ 78*, 97 used toning; S. Africa 25 used block crease and torn corner, 32c used; Stellaland 3* light creases, Zululand 3 used faded. Also, Heligoland 1-4*. 14*, 15*, 20*, Ionian Is. 2 used, Samoa 2*, 8* of doubtful status, Malaya 36 and Str. Settlements 167 revenue cancels not included in total. VG-VF. Some mixed condition . Sc. 2005-2006 US $1996 (C$2485)
173 *o 1897 - modern comp 1987 India Charkari state postal env ½ Anna violet; small group of 9 items with overprint, watermark and printing varieties described on 102 cards; lot of various incl N.W. Pacific Island, Malaya States, Australia, N. Borneo, Ceylon, Ireland; plus St. Vincent and Grenadines 1970's “specimen” overprints, Stamps mostly in sets Examine. F-VF-H-NH E$300+
174 *o Lot of many hundreds of stamps mostly mint sorted into glassines. All areas and reigns. Some complete sets H & NH. Note about 10 St. Vincent specimen overprint complete sets. Gen fine or better E$200+
175 o Shoebox full of used wholesale sorted into envelopes. Mostly Geo V to modern. Note strength in Ireland, Australia, S. Africa. Gen Fine. E$150+
176 * Mint wholesale lot of many hundreds of stamps. Strength in Tanzania with large quantity of blocks and singles of 168, 279, 284, 243, 310,351, 356. VF*-NH E$100
177 *o Accumulation G-P Countries. Many 100's. Some faulty many cds. Gen F-VF-H & NH E$40+
178 o “J to Z” Countries. Many, many hundreds if not thousands of stamps. QV to modern range. Probably huge catalogue value. Many different but duplication as well. Hours of sorting fun. Probably Inc. a few mint Examination will pay. E$150+
179 o Victorian to later issues all in glassines. Sorted by country. Some strength in Hong Kong back to QV. This alone probably several hundred stamps. A to J countries. Should be a large cat. value. Gen F-VF. E$100+
180 * 1937 Coronation issue appears complete in a Stanley Gibbons souv. coronation album. F-VF-H. E$50+
181 * 1981 Princess Diana Royal Wedding - comprising specimens, gutter pairs in sets, many sheets & mini sheets. Kiribati, Montserrat, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Tuvalu are some of the countries represented owner states “net price of material £550 (C$1200+)”. V-NH
182 * 1986 Royal wedding, unissued tete beche pairs of Nevis, Br. Virgin Islands., St. Lucia, Montserrat, etc. 16 different, 250 of each believed to exist, ex format archives Bileski price US $500 for the 16 prs. VF-NH
183 * (Sc. #44) 1860 4¢ blue seal of the colony imperf. proof. 4 margins. Very light crease. VF. Fresh. E$50
184 o Sc. #6a Four pence grey black. UR corner creases. Heavy cancel. Otherwise F Sc. 2006 US$95
185 * Sc #36 mint 1882 2¢ rose. Fine * H. Light crease, pencil marks on gum. 2007 Sc. US$175 (C$215)
186 oC Sc #154 up to QE. Wholesale stock of several hundred stamps sorted on stock sheets. KG VI to QE.-looks useful - Est $40+ Gen F or better. Also 17 Rhodesia FDC’s Total E$70+
187 Documents - 1867 to 1916. 8 large docs. including power of attorneys, conveyance, indentures, etc. All with revenues and some seals highly defective, but research could pay. Poor cond. E$40
188 Idar State. 1944 R8. Complete booklet of 8 panes of 4 of #6. Fine. E$50+
189 Documents - 1872 to 1911. 5 misc. docs. Fragile - note revenues some defects and incomplete. Unresearched E$25+
190 Document -1873 - Mortgage documents between George Denis Blake and George William Llewhellin dated June 16, 1873. Note superb one rupee revenue stamps. Many signatures. Some soiling and slight damage. Otherwise fine E$40
191 Documents - 1879/1902. 20 page document. Note many signatures and large cachet. Very impressive. Seems to be 3 or 4 docs. bound together. Unfortunately, stamps are off and other defects noted still very unusual E$50
192 Document -1887 very rare railroad item - plans for a proposed RR siding in Kanknarrah, Note seals and revenue. Fragile, water & other damage. Research could pay. E$50
193 Document -1894. Mortgage doc. as found. Note very high fees, 40R & 8R revenue stamps. Fragile, some damage. Probably rare E$50
194 Document -1905. Power of Attorney doc. Note revenues, signatures very interesting and fine cond E$75
195 Document -1914. Mortgage doc. between a Deb Prosanna Ghose and Isaac Joseph Hyam. Note revenue stamp of 10 Rupees and registrar of Calcutta seal. Good condition E$60
196 Document - 1917. Partnership agreement between the 3 operators/ owners of the firm ‘Heilgers Brothers” interesting watermark and signatures. Very fresh E$80
197 Autographs and pictures of mostly British Isles political personalities, such as Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein President, David Trimble, John Reid, Rhodri Morgan, Pete Wishart, Jackie Baillie, Jack McConnell, etc VF. E$100+
198 1 lb high value mix up to £2, &2 Euro’s. Many cds. E$50+
199 1950-Illustrated wrapper from Kenya addressed to North Hollywood, Cal. Passed US customs at New York. Used to send a wood carving to the US. Good Condition. E$35
200 Sc #14d 1859 2 pence worn impression. Cut into on 3 sides, otherwise sound. VG. 2005 Sc. US$500
201 o 1 lb. mix with commems. booklet. Mostly 40c values. Gen F E$35+
202 C Tin can Island cover. Aug 1,1935 with various cachets and cancels in various colours front & back. Franked with Tonga #58. VF E$25
203 * Special 1947 UPU Paris Congress souvenir folder containing 201-13 &223-3 all stuck in folder by corner. Cover somewhat damaged, but still a scarce item E$50
204 P USC#10P, 11 TC 1860 Plate Proofs. Close cut, minor faults. Otherwise VG. . $150
205 * USC #190 mint 5¢ Caribou - Die 1 block of 12 - foxing (rusting) mostly on gum otherwise VF-NH $180
206 Nova Scotia to Shediac New Brunswick SFL with nice strike (RL HS 31) “Halifax MR 18, 129" of 1829 (JJM 12) letter signed by John Nova Scotia in Halifax. Outside cover F. Inside a bit grubby but readable. Rated 11 + 2 total 1 ship. E$150+

207 Arthur A. Bartlett. Letterhead showing full colour reproduction of various Br. Columbia, Nova Scotia & PEI stamps. Bartlett was mainly reponsible for buying the N.S. & P.E.I. remainders from the P.O. Several folds away from illustration of stamps. Otherwise fine & very attractive E$40+
208 Snuff cigarette & cigar stamps plus Christmas & other seals and a few German Hitler Heads faulty to VF. Many hundreds. Examine E$50+
209 * Canada Postal Scrip - VD #FPS24//58 mint - 11 diff. large size and 10 diff. small size. FPS57-8 gum dist. otherwise F-VF-NH. $425
The following collection last came on the market in April 1976. Since then, interest in the Niagara Frontier has only grown. This is an unusual opportunity to buy some very unusual and rare material including autographs related to a great part of U.S.A.-Canadian history. Campbell reports Suspension Bridge 1852-1857 Clifton late 1857 to about 1881 and now Niagara Falls, Ont. railway traffic started across bridge on March 8, 1855.
210 Falls, April 7, 1817 note written and signed by William Forsythe. The first hotel at the Falls was built by him in 1821, The Pavilion House. Also sketch of “British Fall from under Table Rock”. Plus 1831 certificate signed by Collingwood Forsyth (the son) authenticating the passage of John Fraser, beneath the Table Rock and behind the Great Falling Sheet, under the Falls of Niagara, to “Termination Rock”. E$150+

211 1823 promissory note (28th Nov.) signed by William Lundy after whom Lundy’s Lane was named. In 1814 a great battle took place there in the war with the U.S.A. Also early map showing Lundy’s Lane and Niagara Falls and vicinity E$100+

212 C St. Thomas, U.C. to Kennedy, New York - Bank of Montreal SFL. HS “Paid 6D” in circle. Red “St. Thomas/U.C./Jan 22/1853" and clear black “Suspension Bridge, N.Y./25/Jan” on face of cover. F E$50+

213 C SFL written at Chippawa 3 Nov 1853 asking for iron. Cover BS showing early use of “Suspension Bridge/U.C./No 4/1853" split double ring. To St. Catharines, C.W. and rate struck red “Paid 6" then red “Paid 3" on top. F E$75+

214 C SC showing oval UL corner HS “Niagara Railway/Superintendent’s Office/Suspension Bridge” and smaller cds “Suspension Bridge/N.Y. Mar 14". Previous owner put pencil “1854" on cover. Rated mss. “3c Paid” with HS 5 on top. To Orleans Co., N.Y. F E$50+

215 C SC showing “Suspension Bridge/U.C./Mr 29/1854" on face to “Durham/C.W.” with faint HS of same on back with mss. date “31 Mar/54" Darlington transit HS on back. Cover is an advertising cover for a U.S. medicine man but apparently mailed in Canada and rate HS “3" pence a tiny bit grubby but scarce. E$50+

216 C Canada to U.S.A. SFL - neat HS greenish grey “Delaware/UC Jy 27/1854" and large portion “Suspension” Bridge/N.Y./Jul 29". Rated red “Paid 6" pence and “P. 10 cts.”. VF E$60+
217 C SC Canada to U.S.A. and showing nice clear strike the rare “Suspension Bridge/C.W./Oc 22/1855" HS to Lockport, N.Y. and rated “Canada/Paid” in red and mss. “20 cts.” HS black “Too Late”. F E$125+

218 12 Feb., 1856 illustrated letter sheet from “Office of the Niagara Suspension Bridge Co.s Suspension Bridge”. Letter written and signed by “William Hamilton Merritt”. First President of that company E$300+

219 C 1857 SC rated red “Paid 3" HS scarce “Clifton/Canada Nov 2/1857" only year Canada used in HS. To Fonthill with BS of same “No 3/1857". Two other transit HS. F E$100+

220 C Large circle “Clifton/C.W. Jan 11/1858" on SC rated red “Paid 3". To Fonthill with BS of same plus Port Robinson and St. Catharines. F E$40+

221 C Illustrated advertising cover of “O. R. Newton, Dealer in Watches, Clocks, Jewellery etc., Suspension Bridge, N.Y.” No sign of U.S. postal marking. Rated mss. “7" and showing large “Clifton/C.W. Jul 20/1859" to beamsville with BS of same. F E$75+

222 C U.S.A. to Canada - illustrated Westerm Hotel/Suspension Bridge” SC showing nice strike “Suspension Bridge/N.Y./Jan 9/1860" HS black SL “Paid” and red “United States/Paid 6d.” To Fonthill with BS of same plus two transit HS. F E$75+

223 C “Registered” red SL on SC with split ring “Clifton/U.C./My 9/1867" last year of U.C. use for this town. Rated black “Unpaid 7" to Crown Lands, Ottawa. Small portion of back cover missing otherwise F E$40+

224 C Canada 1860//1874 the final three covers. 1864 mourning cover with large cds “Clifton” to Toronto; 1860 railway S.F. cover written at Mount Sterling Colchester, Nov 28/1860 and mailed at “Amherstburg Nov 29/1860" in blue, small “Clifton/U.C. No 30/1860" split ring and to Chippawa with split ring “De 1". Also split ring “G.W.R./East No 30/60". F, and Great Western Railway of Canada stampless cover (dated by67 previous owner 1876 to Supt. Susp. Bridge Company, Niagara, no postal markings E$60+
225 Niagara Falls - Suspension Bridge collateral material 1840//1880 plus a few recent. Comprises original 1847 Royal Mail steamer poster announcing fare reduced; 1840 view of Falls; 1856 original woodcut showing Falls, bridge and train crossing; 1847 original notification appearing in the St. Catharines Journal Nov 11 re the bridge; receipt for Swan (Supt. Susp. Bridge) for one month’s board at New York Central House; 1880 bank note engraving and five other items. Gen. F E$150+

226 C Selection of covers including 3¢ USA albino postal stat. env. unused; O.H.M.S. stamped & unstamped; registered; World War II patriotic, etc. Over 100 covers or cards plus two revenue items. Mostly 20th century. E$50+
227 C Webb #CPR 37 1¢ red Edward CPR card showing “Chateau Frontenac Quebec”. Die 1 - Fresh & VF. Unused $75
228 C Webb #CPR 41 1¢ red Edward on CPR card - Fresh & VF. Unused. View is “Mount Stephen House, Field, BC”. Photo $75

229 C Webb #CPR43. 1¢ red Edward CPR card showing “Place Viger Hotel, Montreal, P.Q.” Fresh & VF. Unused. $100
230 C Postcards - aout 70 older postcards depicting famous pilgramage locations in Notre Dame Du Cap and Ste. Anne De Beaupre, Que. Owner states all different. Many in colour. F-VF $125
231 C Used covers & postcards 1918 to modern. Over 140 postcards from over 25 countries, all addressed to Canada, includes over 50 from Greece. Mostly all different and great variety of cancels, very colourful, unchecked for rates. Also includes 26 first day usage covers of Canada. USC 1063-6 - unusual. F-VF cond. E$75+
232 C Canada/Italy postcards. About 68 famous pilgrimage cards. Mostly Ste. Anne De Beapre, P.Q. Also includes about 45 PC/viewcards of Vatican City (18), Firence (19) and Rome (8). Mostly different. Only a few used. Gen F-VF E$75+
233 C USC #338-756a 1954 to 1978 lot of about 60 FDC in an album. All Canada Post cachets includes several early 1950's “CPO” & “cross flags”. Many blocks. Includes some high values. Unaddressed. Gen F+. STC $300 (Narbonne 1997)
234 C Approximately 900 first day covers. Cacheted and not addressed. 8 binders and flags of Canada Souv. Book - many loose as well. Values to $2.00. and huge face value - some duplication but many different. F-VF mostly 1970's to 1985 but may hold some earlier. E$350+
235 C #34 3¢ blue QV on faulty cover showing clear strike “Trinity/Oc 31/1874" on face of cover. India QV O.H.M.S. 1885 cover and two U.S.A. 3¢ Loco (1869 issue) covers plus USA 50 later covers 1878 to 1949. Looks interesting. Mixed condition E$50+
236 o* Sc #15-434 b.o.b. & prov. 1859 to 1964 collection of mint & used inc. better values. Approximately 450 stamps and several revenues incl. two New Brunswick mint cents issue. Canada includes used 5¢ beaver; 20¢ widow weed CDS; #138; 50¢ Bluenose, 50¢ Grand Pre; etc mint Quebecs complete; #140,157,209;217-227,241-245,249-262,411, etc. Earlies mixed condition but many F-VF later all H. E$400+
237 * Mostly mint stock 1950's to 45¢ era. Includes #411 $1 Export, 4¢ Cameo coils (9), #415 3 pb’s; 5 x 1985 $4 Conservation not included in postage face which is probably over $635. (This was our rough count) Also a few used from late QV to more modern. Gen F-VF-NH. Inc. a large stock book E$500+
238 *oC Canada and Provinces - lot of about 12 covers and 170 stamps. 1859-1978. Many better items. Note stampless covers, 1846 favour covers, 1847 Toronto to London C.W, 1850 to Ste. Anne, Que., 9 facing slips for distribution of circulars Virden, Man. 1927-30 includes one franked with $1 Parliament, two with $1 Admiral. Also note 70* H torn corner, 78*H, 28 used torn corner & thin, 42*NG small tear, 54 used, 78*NH, 86*(x2) faulty gum, 99 used thin, 100 used thin, 111*H crease, 113*NH SE, B.C. #7 used SE & pinholes. VG-F. Many mint with disturbed gum. Also 17 1973 mail strike stamps mint & used not in total. E$200+
239 * USC #74//1442 mint 1898 to 1992 - ½¢ QV Numeral to 42¢ Canada in Space se-tenant pair. Singles, blocks, PBs, bklts., a few b.o.b. etc. Quite an assortment! Also inc. a glassine full of mint and used faulty stamps with a cat. value over $1500 but not inc. in values shown. Examine. F-VF-H mostly NH STC $1027.45
240 USC #51//906 plus some B.O.B. Collection in Lindner hingeless albums with slip cases retail over US $350 for these alone with pages 1851 to 1981. Over 600 mostly different stamps with values to $2. Face probably over $600 n catalogue early hinged later NH gen F-VF.H-NH. E$200+
241 Shoebox crammed with several thousands of stamps in envelopes. Some mint & unused but mostly used. All reigns. Some heavy duplication. Note some used plate blocks, selected town cancels, varieties, Xmas seals. Gen Fine E$200
242 * 21 different in quantity - comprises #301(60); 311(359); 312(8); 313(52); 314(302); 316(6); 343(132); 351(38); 362(40); 363(77); 365-8(28 blocks); 372(11); 415(97); 486(16); and 508-511(86). Face value alone $166.25. F-VF-NH. S.T.C. $2242.50
243 * USC #330//362 1953 TO 1956 4¢ QE II Coronation to 20¢ Paper Industry coll. of plate blocks. Mostly in M.S. and different plate numbers. A few hinged, otherwise F-VF-NH. STC $746.45
244 USC #365//399 1957-1962 15¢ UPU to 15¢ Canada Goose. All mint except USC #397ii (HB) 50 singles - cat. $150; remainder in mint singles, blocks, plate blocks and corner blocks. many in M.S. F-VF-H-NH. STC 2005 USC $766.50
245 * 1974 to 1986 collection of annual souvenir collections. 1976 and 1986 in original packaging. Others punched for three ring binders. 1985 cover stained but stamps F-VF-NH. All appear intact with high face value F-VF-NH USC $810.00
246 * USC #9//29 1967-1986 - 13 Annual souvenir collections including the scarce 1974 coll. 1967 card stamps stuck on. Rest VF - NH 2005 USC $770.
247 * USC #18//26 1975 - 1983 - 12 Canada post annual collections. Duplicates of 4 to some years. VF - NH. $480.00
248 Souvenir items quantities from about 1 of a kind to about 9 of a kind. Original cost estimated at $325+ F-VF-NH quite a bit of face value. (See Page 485-6 of current USC)
249 *oC Canada & Worldwide in four stock books and one large photo album. Stock books 16 double sided pages or more and quite new. The photo album is fairly sticky and may affect stamps. This also contains covers including FDC’s and book lets at least one partial. Probably a fair quantity of Canada face. Lots of items. Examine - Sold as is. E$175+
250 o Queen Victoria to King George V accumulation of over 225 used stamps and 33 unused. 5¢ Beaver to 20¢ Niagara Falls. Wide variety of cancels. Precancels include 3 x 1¢ Jubilee includes vertical also 6¢ Queen Victoria numeral precancels. All more or less faulty. Used STC $1600. and unused. STC $316.00
251 Canada, Br. Comm. & Foreign accumulation of many hundreds of stamps on stock sheets and pages. Note Canada collection of about 265 stamps 1903-77 with 93, 94, 114, 122, 209, 227, 266 used, Samoa, Ceylon, Malta, St. Kitts, Mozambique lots, USA accumulation of better early used, U.S.A. 1973 year set, U.S.A. comic strips & civil war mint sheetlets. Gen. Fine E$150+
252 Small Queens to modern, includes BOB - starter coll. of about 500 diff with several $1-$5 values, SQ perfs 11½ x 12, coils, etc. Plus 25 diff blks & PB. Many hi values, Note USC #114, 146, 508-11, etc. Hi cat. value. Clean F - VF E$100+
253 * USC 53//511a & BOB 1897 to 1970 Q.V. Jubilee to Q.E. II era. About 270 stamps in a stock book. Heavy duplicates on some. Mixed condition includes some with no gum. Inspect. Gen F-VF-H-NH. STC 2003 $700+
254 * USC1897 to early 1960's lot of approx 100. Mostly diff. incl. blocks, BOB. much “officials” note USC #91, 198 a few with faults, otherwise F-VF-NH-H-NG. STC 2003 USC $662+
255 o Late 1990s to 2000s - cross-country postmarks on cut squares. Clean lot of 2000 - mostly clear cancels. F-VF E$100+
256 * 1870 TO 1990 - Varieties. Small lot of 6 different incl. ½¢ used S.Q. jumbo margins, Bk. 76 (Laurier “red head”) USC 670-73 Darnell “support cable” variety on “Quadra” in unopened PO pack; USC 1290a, 1292a creatures 12½ x 12 variety, etc. F-VF mint is NH. E$50
257 Precancels about 47 includes Regina 2¢ Edward #1-90 ($25), 2¢ green scroll Vancouver #2-150 (4 at $30 each). Useful lot. Examine E$50+
258 o Small lot of several hundred perfins & precancels 1902-1980 on & off paper. Duplication. VG-VF E$50
259 o Perfins include private companies, Province of Saskatchewan officials. Also precancels inc. Oshawa #3-284 ($20). Several hundred stamps. Should be worth a look. Gen. F-VF E$50+
260 Canada & British Guyana and World. Mostly on paper. Useful for cancels. The Canada ranges back to QV and has some strength in clear RPO cancels and town cancels. Useful lot - well worth a look. Probably thousands of stamps. Some revenues. E$100+
261 USC #4 1852 3 pence Beaver target cancel. Four clear margins. F+ $150+
262 o USC #14, 15, 17e, 17 and 18 - 1¢ (2), 5¢ (6), 10¢ (2) and 12½¢ (total 11 stamps). All more or less faulty $385 as VG
263 * USC #29e 15¢ thin paper, red lilac, tiny tear at top - unused no gum - otherwise F $450
264 o USC #35d//45b used - selection of SQ colours and perf. 11½ X 12 plus #F1b 2¢ rose carmine registered, and a possible #37b ($40) not in cat. value. 30 stamps. F avg. STC $380+
265 * USC #50 half cent black (6) - unused no gum - one with vertical crease, one with two clipped perfs. otherwise VG-F $415
266 o Four faulty stamps with scarce “Seelys-Bay/Ont” squared circle cancels. All with “AM” time mark - one stamp dated “Jy 10/97". Earliest “AM” reported previously has been “Jy 27/97". Cancel on 3 X 1¢ Jubilee and one 2¢ Map stamp. Partials to fine but all easily identifiable E$50+

267 * USC #58 & 59 - 15¢ O.G. but gum dist. and trifle album page adherence - 20¢ unused no gum. Otherwise VF USC $600
268 * USC #60 mint 50¢ slight scuffing UR otherwise O.G. - VF-LH (scuffing is really negligible and mentioned for record only) $325
269 * USC #61 $1 Jubilee unused no gum - VF $1000
270 * USC #79 mint 5¢ blue - O.G. - lower perfs. a bit pushed. VF-H $300
271 * USC #80 mint 1898 6¢ brown - O.G. - VF-HH $200
2¢ MAP
272 * USC #85 mint 2¢ black lavender and carmine Map block of four. Top pair VF - lower pair F - NH $387.50

273 * USC #89, 90 mint 1903 1¢ and 2¢ Edwards pairs - 1¢ crease through both stamps; 2¢ original gum skip through both stamps but VF. F-VF-NH $240
274 C #89 on view card showing Baptist Churches, St. John, N.B. to Calgary, Alta; #97 1¢ QT tied by RPO cancel to view card showing Ft. William, Grain Elevators. Three U.S.A. cards one showing “April 18, 1906 Burning “Call” Building, San Francisco”; Mississippi Ice Gorge, 1913 view card and what I would call a racist card featuring Indian squaw used from Gotebo, Okla. Nov 23/1907. F and scarce lot E$40+

275 * USC #90 mint 1903 2¢ - 7 copies - two pairs, three singles. F-VF-NH STC $397
276 * USC #90 mint 1903 2¢ block of four - thin natural vertical gum skip line on right pair. VF-NH 2005 USC $420
277 C USC #90a 2¢ Edward imperf. single tied by heavy “Winnipeg/Man./Oc 23/1912" machine cancel to cover to Dr. L. S. Holmes, London, Ont. with “London/Ontario/Oc 25, 1912" BS. Holmes was one of the great Canadian philatelists. F (USC $60) E$25+

278 * USC #97//248 mint 1908 to 1939 small lot of 28 stamps, a few with gum dist., inc. #177; note #226 with partial imprint on back. Gen. F-VF-H-NH $330+
279 * USC#106b. 2¢ pink - one nibbed perf. Fresh & F - NH. Photo $200
280 C Sc. #108. Rare R.P.O. Cover showing nice strike - Ludlow #MA22 RF 500*. 3¢ brown admiral tied by fairly complete “Campbellton & Levis Express R.P.O./J. .A. Dionne/1/Jul 29/20" corner card of “G.N. Aboussafy/Marchand General/Matane/P.Q.”. One inch tear below RPO cancel o/w F. E$200+

281 o USC #110 1922 4¢ Olive Bistre (100). Mostly cds cancels many with full dates. Valued as fine and lot Favg. (some VF noted - list at $5 each) . $165+
282 * USC #120, 122 mint 50¢ black brown and 1¢ orange. VF-H. $245
283 * USC #128a mint 1924 part perf. coils (sheet form) block of four. VF-NH $112.50
284 * USC #139-140 mint 1926 Provisionals single line LH and two-line H - both VF. $120
285 * USC #158 mint 1929 50¢ Bluenose. Fresh & F - NH. $300
286 * USC #180 mint 1930 2¢ green coils (28) includes strip of four and other multiples. F - NH. $168
287 * USC #191 mint 1932 provisional plate 8 UL sheet of 100. Portions of selvedge missing and starting to separate inc. PB. About half VF half F. One stamp creased. All NH. $212+
288 * USC #208 mint 1934 3¢ Cartier (52) - all in blocks of four. 32 VF and 20 F. All more or less gum dist. About three stamps with small thins otherwise sound $252
289 * USC #237/251 1937//1942 KGVI Coronation & Royal Visit in full sheet comprising #237 4 diff sheets); #246 (5 diff); #247 (3 diff) #248 (UR pane no 1-3 and 3-3); Also #251 (3¢ war issue) pl 7, L.L. full pane of 100 showing dramatic cracks on bottom selvedge. VF-NH STC $605
290 * USC #252 mint 1943 3¢ violet Plate 19 LL cracked plate - tiny pen line on LR stamp possibly a postal mark to draw attention to cracked plate otherwise VF-NH $168.75
291 * USC #253 1942 4¢ Grain Elevators - Plate 1 UL block of 50. VF-NH $165
292 * USC #266 mint 3¢ rose violet (60) - about half VF balance F-F+. Several pairs but most in strips of six to eight. All fresh - NH $273.75
293 * USC #268-273,302 - 1946,1950 cpl. KGVI Peace issue + $1 fishing. F-VF-NH. 2005 USC $195.25
294 * USC #273 mint $1 Ferry UL plate block VF-NH $562.50
295 C USC #273, C9, E11 - 1946. Sept 16,1946 Registered FDC from Toronto to Columbia, LA, U.S.A. B/S. F+. E$60+

296 * USC #284//306 1949-1951 King George VI issues - mostly in m/s P.B. & diff as to plate #. Includes a few odd blocks and a bklt. pane of #287b - majority are NH. F-VF-H-NH. STC $675+
297 * USC #295//310 1949-1951 - KG VI coils in singles, pairs of & 2 strips of 4 of #309. F-VF-H-NH. STC 2005 USC $230.35
298 *o USC #301//372 1950-1957 - 10¢ Fur Resources to 15¢ UPU. Mostly in plate blks, includes many matched sets. Note single #321 and used blk of #302. F-VF-H-NH 2005 USC $695.45
299 * USC #306 mint 1951 4¢ orange KGVI. UR-F - others VF - All NH. Rare Pl 6 MS. $487.50
300 * USC #311-314 mint 1951 Capex set of four. 100 complete sets inc. blocks of four. F-VF-NH. $705
301 * 1951-1970. Nine different singles per 100 each plus 25 blocks of four #508-511 (25¢ Expo), face value $157. F-VF-NH. Most VF (balance comprises of #314, 343, 362, 363, 372, 415, 486, 495i and 499i). $2355
302 * USC #325//405 1953-1963 mint QEII defs.. Karsh, Wilding, & cameo issues. Huge accumulation of plate blocks mostly in matched sets, various plate numbers. No coils, tagged or fluorescent. F-VF-H-NH STC USC 2005 $1193.65
303 * USC #BK47E 1953 Karsh issue ten complete English booklets (each with pane of 3 - #325a, 327a & 328a). Trace of light rusting on covers as usual. o/w F-VF-NH. $120.
304 USC #331/409 1953-1963. Q.E. II defs coils. Karsh, Wilding & Cameo. Singles, pairs & strips of 4. F-VF-H-NH. USC 2005 $625.75
305 USC #337ii//401ii mint 1954-1963 QEII defs. Wilding & Cameo fluorescent and tagged in singles, pairs, blocks & plate blocks. Great lot for the specialist. Note #339iii 3¢ hibrite block of four. VF-NH. 3¢ Wilding Tagged including MS Pl. 1 & 2. Plate 2 UL faulty o/w F-VF-NH. Balance VF-H-NH. STC USC $2104
306 * USC #338iii 2¢ Wilding Hibrite mint - plate 13 - LR block of four. Tiny tear at right in right serlvedge. o/w VF-NH. Very rare. $300
307 * USC #339iii mint 3¢ Wilding plate 2 LL hibrite - hinge on one stamp and on selvedge, 3 stamps NH. VF. Very scarce. $135
308 * USC#411,415 mint MS of 1963 plate blocks - $1 Export VF - 15¢ Geese Plate 1 and 2 MS F VF all NH. $460
309 * USC#415 mint 1963 15¢ Canada Geese blank corner sheet. of 50. VF - NH - folded along center vertical perfs $125
310 * USC #417I//429i 1964 -1966 Provincial flowers - most on fluor. papers, in singles, blocks, PB, and blank corner blocks. Noted a few lightly H in selvedge, Otherwise, F-VF-NH STC USC 2005 $1566
311 * Darnell & USC. 1964-5 - 5¢ Quebec Conf to 5¢ Peace Tower. Owner states all fluorescent copies listed in Darnell &/or USC. Singles, blocks, corner blocks. Two Quebec Conf hinged and several 5¢ Grenfell gum dist. Over 400 stamps. o/w F-VF-NH. Some MS of corner blocks. STC $1214
312 * USC #454//543P 1967 1¢ to 7¢ centennials. Specialized collection in glassines. Mostly in blks., P.B. (incl. many MS) Large quantity of fluor, hibrite, etc. but not checked by us. F-VF-H, mostly NH STC$1294.50
313 * USC #454//550 1967-72 1¢-$1 centennials. Mostly the large hi values. 8¢-$1 incl singles, prs., blks., PB’s. Unchecked bu us for the degree of fluor. F-VF-H-NH. STC USC$645.50
314 * USC #455xx 2¢ Centennial precancel UL corner block with portion of imprint. (200,000 issued but 186,000 destroyed only 14,000 exist). Full O.G. VF-NH. $180+

315 * USC #460giii perf. 10x10 hibrite single. Ex BK 61 (pane 460aiii). Very scarce. VF-NH. $125.00
316 * USC #461ii mint 8¢ Alaska Highway hibrite UL blank corner block of four. F-NH. $150.00
317 * USC #465p 1969 25¢ Wpg. Tag - matched set of blank corner blocks. No plates issued. VF-NH. $200.00
318 * USC #465Aiii 1971 - 50¢ Centennials. 30 copies (29 hibrite, 1 LF). Singles, pairs & two strips of 4. $588.50
319 * Sc. #465Biv $1 Centennial blank corners sheet of 50 - PVA gum. Medium fluorescence. VF-NH $1250.00
320 * USC #467 1967 4¢ carmine Centennial coil. Complete unopened roll of 500. Should be useful for specialist due to head & tail. (USC $75 each) Possible jumps, paste-ups, etc. NH $750.00+
321 * USC #473i//486 1967-8 5¢ Canadian Press to 15¢ Armistice - lot of mostly fluor/hibrite in blks, PB, (incl. some MS) and singles. Unchecked by us for degree of fluor. Gum thin on one #479i. F-VF-H- Mostly NH STC$732.25
322 * USC #488//628 - 1968-1973 Bileski Xmas collection of over 600 in a stockbook. Incl FDC’s, matched sets of PBs, etc. Also incl some 1992 & 1993 Cdn. Xmas seals imperf progressive proofs in strips of 3, 9 for each year, Very interesting items. Gen F-VF E$100+
323 *o USC#488a//514i 1968-70 5¢ Christmas bklt pane to 514i 15¢ U.N. incl singles, blks, PB (many MS). Note some 15¢, 25¢ & 50¢ values of the period. Gum dist. on one PB of 499i. F-VF-H-NH STC USC $667.25
324 *o USC #561i//926a 1972-1987 - 8¢ World Health Day to 36¢ Q.E II - specialized selection of singles, blks, PB (many MS). Owner used both USC & Darnell cat. Values unchecked bu us. F-VF-NH STC$1166.50
325 * USC #585a-585b 1972 Earth Sciences -8 untagged miniature panes plus four tagged blocks of 4. VF-NH $420
326 * USC #600,600ii,600iv 1972 untagged first $1 Vancouver - blank corner sheet of 50. Shows short $ variety on four stamps one of which also shows dot after “postes”. Scarce sheet now. VF-NH $438
327 * USC #AC17. Scarce 1974 souvenir collection of Canada. (see page 485 - 2005 USC). VF-NH $250
328-333 6 similar lots
334 * USC #704 error 25¢ Silver Jubilee LR imprint block - untagged error. VF-NH. (Rose $150.00)
335 * USC #1180C 1990 80¢ Caribou. Scarce perf. 14½ x 14. MS of imprint blocks. VF-NH. $150
336 * USC #J18, J26, J27 1948 5¢ plate 1 UL & 1967 6¢ blank & 10¢ LL imprint sheet. Sheets of 100 each. VF-NH $175+
337 * USC #08 mint 20¢ Combine LL corner block of six. VF-NH. $180
338 o Large loose-leaf loaded with Small Queens to modern off-paper. Also half cent LQ probably unused no gum. Some useful stamps scattered thruout incl. #302 $1 fishing (3). Values to $5 - some better commems. Range of booklet singles. Some revenues. Useful lot. Probably huge cat. value. Many hundreds if not thousands. E125+
339 o USC #35//1730 1870-1998 Small Queens to modern on 36 stock sheets & bundles. Well over 15,000 stamps incl. better value comms, admirals, coils, bklts, hi values to $2, Xmas, early Wpg. tagged, oddities, etc. Examine - huge cat! Gen F-VF E$250
340 o USC #36//1533 1872 to modern - about 11,000+ in bundles of 25 to 100. Incl about 800 Prov. flowers, 2¢ & 3¢ Sm Queens, Admirals, Sc. #143 (several with rev. cancels), etc. Also incl several glassines with various not checked nor counted. Gen F-VF $2800+
341 o USC #41-modern. Many hundreds used plus a few mint or unused. Many better values such as 25¢ Expos inc. block or strip as well as singles. Some as used plate blocks or blocks. Stated to cat. $1000+ Gen F-VF.
342 o Used accumulation of many thousands of stamps on & off paper from Admirals to modern. Sorted into envelopes. Gen fine or better E$150
343 o Used accumulation (about 7½+ lbs.). 1903 to date. Nice variety of cancels and slogans. E$200+
344 o Used wholesale stock of several thousand stamps from War Issue to modern. Sorted into envelopes. Includes b.o.b., perf. OHMS. Note some used blocks. Number of better values. Gen fine or better E$175
345 o Canada & USA used wholesale lot of thousands of stamps sorted into envelopes. 1920's to modern. Canada strength in post-1970. USA strength in 1920-34 Presidents. Gen fine E$150+
346 o USC #587/1169 Canada bundleware 1973-1990. 2¢ Laurier to 40¢ flag - about 25,000 defs in bundles (per owners count) list accompanies. Appear F STC USC $5000
347 o USC #92 1903 7¢ Edward (100) F Avg $300
348 o USC#106 bundleware - 1911-1925. About 9300 2¢ red admiral in bundles (per owner’s count) Owner also states “picked for perfins only” Appears F STC USC $1860+
349 o USC#107 bundleware - 1922-1925 2¢ Admiral. About 39 bundles - owner’s count. Owner also states unpicked for varieties. Appears F STC 2003 USC $780+
350 o USC#167//1858 - about 700 blocks of 4,6,8, or more. Incl many PB bklt panes. A few strips. Note many better values such as #688 PB (Cat $35) Hi Cat. F-VF E$200+
351 o USC#217//1356 mostly 1940's-1970's. In bundles. Well over 20,000 stamps from a few to a few hundred of each. Incl comms, Xmas, defs, coils & bklt singles, many medium values. Gen F-VF $4000++
352 o USC#231//341 1937 to 1962 King George VI mufti issue and QEII, Wilding issue about 43,800 in bundles. Incl #231 (8900), #233(9600), #235(9800), #337(10,000), #341(5000), etc. These are owner’s counts. Appear F STC$8760
353 o USC#249-254 1942-1943. War issues. About 11,800 in 118 bundles (owner’s count) Appears F STC$2360
354 o USC #258 1942 13¢ ram tank (100). Superior lot with CDS. F-VF Most VF. $500
355 o USC #351 1955 10¢ Eskimo. 5200 stamps. Many dated copies. Useful for cancels, etc. Clean lot. F-VF $1040
356 o USC #454//550 1967-1971. A box full of Centennials in bundles & glassines. Over 25,000 stamps 1¢ to $1. These were picked for perfins and pocons, but many other cancels incl. Note fluor, hibrite and tagging. Anything could be found. Appear F-VF E$200
357 o USC #586//1359 8¢ to 43¢ era. About 30,000 stamps. Mostly in bundles of 100. defs incl low values, coils, bklt singles & pairs plus a few glassines with various Winnipeg tag, GT, 1-bar tags, etc.Plus over 100 Se-tenant comm. pairs. Gen F-VF $6000++
358 o USC #599//936 1973-1985. About 180 hi value stamps, comp. #599(165), 727(90), 934(90), and 936(15). Incl some VF, CDS cancels. Gen F-VF. STC 2003 USC $366
359 o USC #604//1395 1974 to 1994. About 8500 coil stamps in bundles (per owner”s count). Appears F STC $1700
360 o USC #610/916 1972 to 1982 8¢ Krieghoff to 30¢ Constitution. About 10,400 comms and Xmas in bundles (per owner’s count) List accompanies. Appears F STC 2003 USC $2175
361 o USC#748//904 1977 to 1981. Over 6200 stamps in bundles. From 5 to almost 200 of some. Xmas & comms. No defs. F-VF $1366.10
362 o USC #909//1193 1982 to 1991. Over 6600 stamps in bundles and glassines from 1 to over 250 of some. Incl comms, Xmas, med & hi value defs of the period. Appears F-VF $2500+
363 o USC#1117, 1130, 1132 1986 34¢ Molson, 1987 36¢ Speed Skating and 36¢ Canadian volunteer. 500 each F-VF $375
364 o USC #C3 1932 surcharged air (75). F avg. Variety of cancels inc CDS. $225+
365 o USC #E2(2) & E2a(20). Special delivery 1922 Twenty cents two large & 20 small. Some heavy cancels as usual otherwise F avg. $314
366 o USC #J15 - J20 1935-1965 postage dues. 3¢(1) to 100 each 1¢,2¢ & 10¢; 5¢(32) (these F average and cat. as fine) and 6¢. 58 VF and 16 F. Useful lot $232.30
367 o About 36 lbs. on paper. Most if not all on white paper. We note many 17¢ to 43¢ era commems. Many on double paper or large pieces. Note - useful booklet singles, definitives, etc E$75+
368 o Mixture on paper (a few off). Mostly 1937 to modern definitives but also a range of commems. Probably from 1950's up $75+
369 *oC Remnants of collections, covers, revenues, mixtures, etc. Strength in B.N.A. but foreign, U.S.A. and British Commonwealth as well. Thousands of stamps E$125
370-372 Three similar lots
373 “History of the Bible” 256 pp. (miniature bible, thumb bible) published in 1820 by Wm. Disturnell. We note portions (about ¼ of each page missing) missing from pages 151 to 154. A bit grubby and gilt printing on spine largely missing. Very rare. We note similar bible from 1824 offered on Abe Books for $195 in U.S. funds - described in better condition than this. Otherwise VG with wood cuts E$100+
374 1933 L&S Post - variety ovpt. badly shifted so triple bars at right. VF-H USC #211ii* Cat. $75.00
375 1860 SFL from “Kincardine/UC/MY 25/1860" to Clerk of Peace, Goderich. Rated HS “7". BS split double ring “Goderich/UC/May 26/1860". A printed form “OATH OF CONSTABLE” for John McCosh & signed by him and J.P. Extra fold. O/W VF Est. $50.00

376 Three Pence Beaver margins close or cutting. Moderate cancel - fresh bright colour. VG - USC #4 used Cat.$75.00
377 USC #8a - Half Penny Rose Horiz. ribbed paper. Four margins, well clear to close at LL. Lightly stained and oxidized mostly on lower half of stamp. Probably colour could be restored and staining soaked out. O/W Fine & Rare. Used Cat. $1500.00
378 o USC #27a 6¢ Yellow Brown - Two blind perfs at bottom. F Cat. $60.00
379 * USC #72 - 1897 8¢ Orange QV leaf - Unused no gum. F Cat. $100.00
380 USC #89-95 & 90a - 1903-08 Edwards complete set of 7 plus VF 2¢ imperf. single with large margins. F-VF-Used Cat. $168.00

381 USC #91* - 5¢ Edward with large even margins. Thin UL corner. O/W VF - H Cat. $250.00
382 USC #117a* 10¢ blue - Dry ptg. VF- H Cat. $60.00
383 USC #126a & 128a - 1924 part perf. coils. First H Second top stamp H and lower stamp NH. These would catalogue more as coils singles. VF* Cat. $75.00

384 USC #176* - 50¢ Grand Pre - OC to L just F-NH Cat. $225. Est. $90.00
385 USC #180* - 2¢ Green Arch coil strip of four. VF-NH Cat. $64.00
386 USC #195-201* - 1932 Medallion issue complete - 13¢ slight offset on gum O/W F-VF H-LH Cat. $95.00+

387 USC #217-227* - 1935 KGV & Pictorials complete. A couple of low values Fine O/W VF inc. hi-values. All H. Cat. $194.00
388 USC #228-230* - 1935 Coil stamp pairs. VF-LH Cat. $126.00
389 USC #245i* - $1 Chateau Ramesay - Small LH-VF - Analine Ink. Cat. $150.00
390 USC #478/486* - 1968 Issues - Five diff. matched sets of imprint or plate blocks inc. 15¢ Armistice. Some toning O/W VF-NH Cat. $98.00
391 USC #1396a* - 1995 45¢ imperf. pair. Rare - VF-NH Cat. $200.00
392 USC #F3 - 8¢ blue registered - Slight thins & perf. flaws. Quite well centered. O/W F+ used Cat. $225.00
393 USC #O32* - 1953 $1 Totem Ovpt. “G”. Plate 2 LR. F+NH Cat. $150

394 USC #O40//O49* - Only four values of the “Wilding” issue were ovpt. “G”. This lot comprises matched sets of the four values issued - 1¢ Pl. 5, 2¢ Pl. 6, 4¢ Pl. 2 and 5¢ Pl. 11. Fresh & F-VF-NH Cat. $81.00
395 o About 890 diff. stamps 1897 to 2004 on Harris pages “Canada and Provinces” 1851 to 2004. Album alone sold for over $35. when on sale. Stamps probably cat. over $300.00. Some stamps still on paper and stuck down with peelable tape which can be removed with care without damaging stamps. Values to $5. A good opportunity. Some faults but vast majority fine or better. Est. $75.00+
396 o VD#FCF1-5 Complete set of five Consular fee stamps. $5 on piece used at Beirut and $1 on piece at Brusells (1952). Scarce set - VF Cat. $680.00 Est. $350.00
397 * BAHAMAS - (Scott #128), SG 2005 #174, 174a - 1942 5/ Landfall of Columbus - Red Lilac and Purple shades - F-VF-LH Cat. £62 ($143. Cdn.)
398 IRAN - 2006 Scott #O72-83* - 1974 Officials. Eight complete sets in blocks of four. F-VF-NH Cat. US $192.00 (Cdn. $230.00)

399 o JAPAN 2006 Scott #36 - 1874 6 sen Syll. 14. Usual rough perfs. F Cat. $90.00
400 * MONTSERRAT Scott #465-70 - 1981 Wedding sheetlets of 7 - 10 sets - VF-NH Cat. $221.50
401 * NIger - 1966 50FR WMO ship imperf. pair. VF-Top stamp LH lower NH Est. $40.00

402 SEYCHELLES - SG #135//49 - 1938/40's KGVI set of 24 perforated “SPECIMEN”. Some faults such as 9¢ thins or gum toned. Many F-VF Nice set all F-VFApp.* Cat. £375. (Cdn. $850.)

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