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Public Auction - Tuesday April 17, 2007 commencing at 11:30am
This auction will take place on Tuesday April 17, 2007 commencing at 11:30am. The sale will take place at the Eagles Club - 17 Elm Street, north of Dundas, west of Yonge. Viewing for this sale will take place at our office at 211 Yonge Street, suite 200. Viewing will start on Saturday April 7 until Monday April 16 from 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Closed Sundays and Good Friday). We will allow limited viewing on day of sale (April 17 ) from 9.40 a.m. to 11 a.m. We are located just up the street from the Elgin Theatre and just around the corner from Massey Hall. We are across the street and just a bit south of the Eaton Centre Shuter Street Parking Entrance. Take the Albert Street/Massey Hall exit from the Queen Subway stop and you are outside our building. Please note that a 15% buyers commission will be added to the hammer prices of lots purchased, and applicable taxes will be added to the hammer price + commission.
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1 Worldwide lot of about 220 coins from 18th century to date. Note Falkland 1980 six coins to 50p, Bermuda to 50¢, strength in old G.B. inc. pennies 1734, 1757, Canadian pennies 1928 to 80s, Austria 1709 1 kreutzer, Hong Kong 1937 10¢, Tonga 1980 1 panga E$100
2 Canada - 1970 nickel $1 Case B (3 examples) and 1971 nickel cased $1 (two examples) plus 1970 and 1971 six coin proof sets plus 1978 Greek coins 1978 set of eight coins in plastic case. Also 1967 $1 Centennial bill E$35
3 Canada and world coins - inc. silver. Note 1900 and 1904 Nfld. 50¢, other silver coins included. Many hundreds. Shipping weight about 6½ to 7 lbs. 19th and 20th century. Examine E$200+
4 1¢ coins (15 lbs.) note KGVI and QE coins but may hold earlier. Some U.S.A. 1¢ noted as well. Based on the weight there should be about 2125 coins here. Condition as found in change E$35+
5 “Best Wishes Randy Scott” riding hard on a running horse. VF E$50+
6 Signed pictures of Monty Hall; Theodore Bikel; Rita Moreno; and The Waltons. Also photo of Sherry North with printed “All the best/Sherry North”. F-VF E$60+
7 Horse racing - photos - many signed by owners, trainers and jockeys. Note poster for Sunny’s Halo, 1983 Kentucky Derby Winner signed by trainer Daniel C. Cross, Jr. Over 30 items about two-thirds are framed in cardboard. Interesting lot E$75-$125+
8 Over 100 items comprising 8 small Canadian prints (one original watercolour), 19th cent. or earlier; 18 various British mid-19th cent. prints, smaller size; two WWII Aegean War docs of Alexander McLeod, British spy; 60 old U.S. bills, ca. 1920s; 16 stamps colour proofs (France 10, St. Vincent 6); plus about 46 Polish “50 zlotych bank notes” dated 1988. Gen. F-VF E$125
9 About 135 items comprising 12 diff., very old, colourful and superb cigar advertising medium size poster. Remainder of lot is individual small cigar wraps or small posters. Interesting and unusual. Very fresh E$60+
10 St. Vincent - train essays - 80 imperf. pairs, all diff., WW group of 40 labels, two SS and two aviation labels; Cuba - set of six complete sheets of fauna 1981 (660 stamps CTO) SG £115; about 40 humorous cards signed Hassler; and a small number of misc. postcards. Varied and interesting lot. Gen. F-VF E$70
11 C Postcards - about 140 - all eras - many real photos and some better. Great scenic views. VF E$70
12 Document - WWI poster of monoplane model SE-5 with short note written and signed by Willy Coppens de Houthulst, WWI flying ace. Between April and October 1918, he won 37 official air victories, getting seriously injured in the latter, resulting in his left leg being amputated. He still kept flying until 1940. Rare and superb. E$90+
13 * Lot of about 450 stamps (26 diff.) in pairs and blocks. All 1948. Note #761 (X 20). F-VF*-NH. No gum as issued 2007 Sc. U.S.$134.20
14 C Postcards - about 229 cards and 8 card booklets - all eras comprising Portugal (200+); Italy (20+); booklets inc. Kiev, Paris, Lourdes, Switzerland, Chartres etc. Note many real photos. Great variety. Gen. F-VF E$125
15 *o Lot of about 120 stamps all periods. Some better values in mixed condition. Note Brazil 104 used, China 131* (X 10), Finland B4 used, Germany 577 used, Italy C127-8 used, Japan 85-6*, Norway 38a used, Portugal 19 used, Serbia 43*, Syria RA5 used, Turkey 451*. VG-F STC $1000+
16 * Five diff. imperf. topical sets 1986-2001. Inc. Honduras C1091 block, Ivory Coast 794-8 pairs and C93-6, N. Korea 2002 trains set of four in blocks, Vietnam 1893-1900. VF*-NH E$100
17 1410 on very thick parchment - reign of Charles VI. Great gothic writing. A bit difficult to read at top which makes it interesting. Fantastic signature. Large doc. (21" X 14") well aged and fresh E$175+
18 1538-541 - three small size documents under Francois I. All in gothic Old French and with ornate signatures. One doc. is four pages, some soiling but still in good condition for age. Rare. Unread and unresearched E$150+
19 (9) - 1541 to 1847 - inc. 1541 gothic in Old French, signatures; 1744 nice revenue as letterhead on paper with large watermark; 1748 with nice revenue and signatures; 1774 - two short docs., nice revenues and signatures; 1818 note three revenues on four-page watermarked paper, signatures, plus various legal bulletins. A few faults but mostly fresh-very fresh E$135
20 1570 - under Charles IX - on parchment - odd smaller size. Great ornate signature. Unread and unresearched. Very fresh E$90
21 1628 - under Louis XIII - large (12" X 14") doc. on thick parchment from Brittany. Speaks of the famous noble family of “De L’Espinasse”. Very ornate signature. Very fresh E$120+
22 1632 - under Louis XIII - on parchment - speaks of nobility. Boldly signed by DuPuy and Morvan. Small tear with contemporary repair made with parchment thread. This adds to the beauty of the piece. Great calligraphy. Extremely fresh E$110
23 18 items comprising 1638 two pages on paper, scarce thus; 1655 signed doc. on parchment; 1774 on watermarked paper and revenue as letterhead; 1832 letter signed Pierre Feray; 1924 with very large great watermark, three revenues and signed; plus various other letters, short notes and covers. Interesting and mostly very fresh E$90+
24 1641 on paper - nice gothic calligraphy. Great posthorn watermark. Speaks of nobility. Very fresh E$80
25 ca. 1650 on paper - superb revenue. Speaks of nobility. Very small and interesting writing. Very fresh E$90
26 (10) - about 1650 to 1924 - various letters. Note 1794 Revolution with Censored revenue as letterhead, on watermarked paper; many other revenues, several refer to nobility. Interesting ensemble - some rare items. Mostly fresh-very fresh E$100+
27 1654 Normandy on thick parchment. Very nice calligraphy and signatures. Inc. early 19th century list of noble houses concerned. Fresh E$75
28 1669 to 1910 - about 24 docs. Note many letters, some great calligraphy and signatures, some nice revenues etc. etc. Mostly very fresh E$135+
29 (2) - 1670 Normandy (Rouen) on parchment. Interesting signatures. Also 1681 short note on parchment. Almost illegible. Would be interesting to try to decipher. Fresh E$80
30 (2) 1672 and 1674 both on paper - scarcer on paper for era. Comprising 1672 - eight pages - speaks of nobility. Various signatures. 1674 - one page with three ornate signatures. A few faults but still very presentable for age E$70
31 (7) - 1675 to 1857 - various docs. some with lovely revenues, signature etc., some on watermarked paper. Lovely lot. Mostly fresh-very fresh E$75+
32 1688 on parchment - about La Briffe for the Post of “Procureur General” signed Louis. Top right corner missing and other faults. Still a rare item. Unresearched. As is E$75+
33 (3) - 1689 and 1693 both on watermarked paper concerning the Marquis de Castelneau. Lovely revenues as letterheads. Nice calligraphy and signatures. Also inc. an eight-page “Factum” chronicling the events of the Castelneau House, beginning in 1546 to the late 1600s. This one faulty, first two very fresh E$90
34 18th century or earlier - two legal-size undated genealogical docs. of the Nieulant and Nieure Houses. One goes back to about 1390. One with a very large and lovely watermark. Also 1890 letter on watermarked paper commenting on a book, plus a few other smaller genealogy notes. Very fresh E$120
35 (6) - 18th century or earlier - genealogical papers/letters on the House of Gaultier. Some very interesting calligraphy. One with a large beautiful crowned watermark. Very fresh E$90+
36 (7) - 1700 to 1887 - comprising 1700 on watermarked paper (eight pages) note large revenues (2) and paper seals soiled; 1755 - note Dijon revenue, great bold signatures, 1844 birth certificate with great revenues and cachets, mayor’s and other signatures; various other docs. and bills. Some mixed condition, otherwise fresh-superb E$75+
37 (2) - 1703 Perigord - both on watermarked paper - one concerns nobleman Cillaud de Serpoullet, the other mentions nobleman De Gressy. Each with three or four signatures. Fresh-very fresh E$80+
38 (2) - both 1710 Brittany - near the end of Louis XIV reign. Great illustrated revenues as letterheads. One on watermarked paper. Note signatures. Unread and unresearched. Both very fresh E$100+
39 1716 on parchment - great calligraphy. Concerns the Duke of Orleans valet. Large bold signature of Cuvillier. Unread and unresearched. Pristine E$100
40 (2) - 1716 First Year of Louis XV - nice large illus. revenue - also 1719 four pages. Appears to speak of a manor and nobility. Unresearched. Both signed and fresh E$90
41 (2) - 1723 on parchment - four pages - very bold signatures. Speaks of Clavereau de la Dhone and other nobility. Also 1727 printed speech by the Archbishop of Embrun during the Provincial Council of Embrun. Both fresh E$80
42 1728 Brittany - eight pages - speaks about the leasing of a farm, garden and orchard. Long and detailed descriptions. Note two large revenues and signature. Very fresh E$85+
43 1730 - 16 pages on thick rough paper. Note four very fine revenues. Appears to be a very detailed inventory. Note signature. Soiled in upper corners, otherwise fresh E$60+
44 1730 - Brittany - under Louis XV - four pages - concerns noble house of D’Alencon and Des Essarts. Nice revenue as letterhead. On watermarked paper. Note very fancy first line - neat calligraphy. Very fresh E$90
45 1733 - two diff. revenues (Grenoble and Dauphine) as letterhead on watermarked paper. Note many signatures E$60
46 1733 - two diff. revenues as letterhead on watermarked paper. Note many signatures. Unread and unresearched E$60
47 (2) - 1734 on watermarked paper - with revenue from Normandy and turqoise Star of the Order of Malta. Signed. Also 1735 from Paris on parchment. Marvellous ornate signatures. Nice calligraphy. Both very fresh E$100
48 1737 - about 35 F-VF revenues on a 140-page document. Very nice and interesting calligraphy. Thick paper appears to be a long and detailed inventory. Note signature/initials on each page. Should be worth a buck a page E$140
49 (3) comprising 1739 letter on watermarked paper - fine writing; 1823 death certificate with three diff. revenues, very nice mayor’s seal and signature; and Jan. 1, 1824 edition of the “Journal des Debats Politiques et Litteraires”. Very fresh E$90
50 1742 Brittany under Louis XV - superb revenue as letterhead - four pages on watermarked paper. Appears to be a contract. Signed. Fresh E$65
51 1744 - four pages on paper with large watermark. Nice revenue as letterhead. Concerns Marquis de Castelneau. Note signatures. Fresh E$60
52 1746 on legal-size watermarked paper. Nice “Deux Sols” deer revenue and lovely calligraphy. Unread and unresearched. Very fresh E$50
53 Mid-late 1700 undated and unused printed form for the release of prisoners from “La Bastille”. On interesting watermarked paper. Note handstamp signatures of Louis and Phillipeaux, plus lovely turqoise handstamp of a “Crown + three Fleurs de Lys”. Some faults and toning but still an unusually rare piece E$60
54 (4) - 1760 on thick parchment - great neat calligraphy. Note signatures and nice revenue. Also three legal bulletins dated 1839 and 1851 (2) various topics. Very fresh E$90
55 1765 Bordeaux on thick parchment VF revenue as letterhead - four pages. Concerns nobility - nice calligraphy with three very ornate signatures and others - very fresh E$80+
56 1765 Mounted Military Leave certificate - very ornate - superb royal illustrated red wax seal. Signed by the Commissioner of Wars and others. Bottom right hand corner damaged resulting in part of a signature missing, otherwise fresh E$70
57 1765 - under Louis XV - speaks of nobility (names on a separate attached doc. ca. 1850) birth certificate with oval mark of Cabinet D’Hozier - one of the most famous European 19th century genealogists. Note revenue on back and signature. Fresh E$65
58 (9) - 1767 to 1851 inc. 1774 - two short signed docs. with nice revenues, both between nobleman Du Pontavice and Mme. Malherbe de Nantrail; 1787 under Louis XVI - about “La Compagnie des Secretaires du Roi” four pages on watermarked paper, two revenues and signatures; 1825 signed Devambel, four pages, watermarked paper; various legal and other bulletins, some faults, but generally fresh E$90+
59 1767 - note many great bold signatures and nice revenue of Caen. May be scarce. Very fresh E$50
60 (2) - 1770 signed official notice from Gaspard-Louis D’Orfeuil, also 1770 Paris doc. speaks about St. Louis Cross promised by the Duke of Choiseul (Postmaster General of France) boldly signed “Mortentin”. Very fresh E$60
61 (2) - 1774 Brittany - concerns nobleman Du Pontavice and Mme. Malherbe de Nantrail. Note revenue and signature. Very fresh. Also 1776 very faulty 20-page doc. with five revenues as letter head. Concerns nobility. As is. Still interesting E$45+
62 (10) - 1780 to 1937 - comprising 1780 rare printed and signed note on silk dues; 1880 printed pamphlets sent by mail, signed in print by Baronne de la Bouillerie; a few advertising pamphlets, two 1920 legal docs. each with several revenues and large watermark. Very fresh E$85
63 (3) 1781 letter signed by the “Duc de Bouillon” requesting an upgrade for an officer named “Wimpfeer”. 1782 very impressive funeral invitation mounted poster (very rare) and a 1785 letter signed by a Francois Pappe. All very fresh E$75
64 1785 Normandy - eight-page doc. on legal-size paper. Large and beautiful watermark. Great calligraphy. Note signature. Superb E$100
65 1786 Brittany on thick parchment. Great neat calligraphy and lovely revenue as letterhead. Appears to be a legal doc. Note bold signature. Very fresh E$80+
66 1799 on parchment with revenue. Nice calligraphy. Speaks of Bazin and Cingal. Ornate signature. Very fresh E$75
67 Late 1700 early 1800 - Revolution era doc. Note Year 2 - Decree No 1718 of the National Convention on Divorce, legal bulletin No. 59; Alpine Army Certificate of Good Conduct - note about 718 officers signatures and wax seal; Year 5 Absolute Discharge from the Army - very fragile, rare, many officers signatures and two wax seals. Some faults otherwise gen. fresh E$80
68 (5) French Republic Years 4 to 9 comprising six-page doc. dealing with tutorship of minor “Boufflers”, note revenues and many signatures and initials; Year 5 very detailed Table of Contents of 84 items; Year 9 notice from the Minister of Justice, plus two legal bulletins of the Republic (various topics) Years 8 and 9. Gen. fresh E$75+
69 (7) Year 9 of the Republic and 1840 to 1851 comprising six legal bulletin pamphlets - various topics and ca. 1840 blank draft notice from the National Guard of Clery. Interesting. Gen. fresh E$40+
70 1806 - twelve pages on thick paper with large illustrated watermarks and six nice embossed revenues. Note various signatures inc. Caudignon, Jouffroy, Chouffe. Also Imperial Eagle seal. Very fresh E$90
71 (2) early 1800 - comprising Mar 6, 1813 edition of the “Journal de L’Empire” - four pages - various topics; note “Dept. de la Seine” revenue; also undated note listing the reference number for the Legion of Honour members. Very fresh E$60
72 (3) - 1809 Napoleonic military letter from the Chief of the 5th Division, Ministry of War - signed - reinforced with archival paper; short undated note on Bonaparte contemporary, initialled, could be rare. Also Dec 20, 1832 edition of the “Journal de Maine et Loire” - note various revenues. Mixed condition to fresh E$70
73 1819 - reign of Louis XVIII - very rare “Order of Saint-Louis” on parchment with official paper seal and ribbon. Various signatures inc. “Louis”. Fresh E$125
74 (2) - ca. 1820 under Louis XVIII document of 1410 copied and signed by F. Doat as a certification. Doat was a notary public in Toulouse. Also ca. 1850 facsimile of an important letter of Chateaubriand to the mayor of St. Malo. Very fresh E$50
75 (2) - 1828 wine pricelist from Godbert-Chateau wholesale merchant. Very fresh. Also ca. 1875-80 mounted historical souvenir of the 1870-71 War showing an account of the war and numbered on the back. Also shows the pricelist of various food items (inc. such meats as dog, cat, horse, pigeon and even rat). Very interesting piece of history, but faulty E$75+
76 (3) 1846-8 - three letters to Admiral Mouchez (one of the greatest astronomers of his time) from his daughter Sophie. All flimsy paper. One letter has a large dark spot on it but is still very legible, otherwise very fresh E$60
77 (8) - 1849 to 1892 - various letters addressed to Admiral Mouchez, famous astronomer, dealing with various topics. Very fresh E$40+
78 1858 under Napoleon III - very long (20 pages) letter of Count de Falloux on the trip of the Emperor in Brittany and the clergys’ attitude. This copy was said to be from the Count’s own hand. Very interesting and fresh E$75+
79 (3) comprising Mar 11, 1860 edition of “Le Figaro” - note revenue - fresh; Nov 16, 1870 edition of “Le Combat”, outlining various battles of the 1870-1 War - faulty, but still very rare even in this condition. Sold as is. Also ca. 1925 poster about the Radical Socialist Party and the lay school system. Reverse shows colourful cartoons relating to the party and upcoming elections. Superb and very rare E$65+
80 1862 marvellous Horticultural Society certificate sponsored by Napoleon III’s wife. Very colourful. Printed by Lemercier, signed by the society’s pres. General de Cortigny and S. Poitras, Baroness Vaillard. Small piece missing on right side, otherwise very fresh E$70
81 Extremely rare 1867 art auction catalogue with prices realized pencilled in. From the Gallery of Marechal General Soult, Duke of Dalmatie. Items for sale included works by Murillo, Zurbaran, Ribera etc. For the art collector. Fresh E$50
82 1872 publication “L’Autographe” of Saturday, Aug 24, 1872 (No 52) inc. letters and autograph of Varlin, Voltaire, Rousseau etc. Fascinating and rare items for the autograph dealer or collector. Superb condition E$80
83 Revenues 1877 to 1977 - about 120 cheques, drafts, receipts from various establishments, most with revenue stamps affixed. Interesting and varied lot. Multitude of signatures. Some mixed condition otherwise F-VF E$125
84 1877 political document from Marechal de Mac-Manon, President of the Republic, to the French citizens, regarding upcoming elections. Mounted. Slight damage where folded E$60+
85 (39) late 19th century to mid-1940s - revenues on documents mostly receipts for bills paid. Interesting variety. Note many signatures and cancel marks. F-VF E$75+
86 (13) early 1900 - humorous and risque full-page lithos from the publication “Le Rire”. Very representative of the era. By the great artist F. Bac, one of the best of his time. F-VF E$65
87 (11) comprising four ca. 1900 very colourful lithos from the “Nouveau Larousse Illustre” depicting various civil and military costumes (2) and various flowers (2). Superb. Also 9 large prints showing various sculptures by artist L. P. Boitard. Gen. fresh E$110
88 1902 to 1937 lot of about 13 docs. mostly lengthy bills, some very detailed. Various companies and topics. All better items. Very fresh E$65+
89 ca. 1910-1960 about 57 bills/invoices from various electric companies. Mostly diff. and many illustrated. Gen. fresh E$50
90 (15) 1923 to 1944 - comprising five bills from “Compagnie Generale de Lumiere et Traction” (1923-30); and 1944 ten unique payment cert. from the Dept. of the Seine re water and sanitary services. Note signatures, revenue stamps on each doc. A few fragile, otherwise fresh-very fresh E$60
91 1930-1961 - over 30 docs., invoices and cheques, mostly coffee, alcohol and wines, candies etc. Over 15 revenues, mostly stamps, a few handstamps, many tied together, great variety of rates etc. Very clean E$90+
92 ca. 1930-1970 - over 70 bills/invoices from companies. Various topics and merchandise - mostly diff., many illustrated. Unchecked. Gen. fresh E$65
93 *o Lot of about 550 stamps 1853 to modern. Some minor dup. Gen. F. Some early mixed condition E$100
94 C Lot of about 100 FDCs 1968-70 all cacheted unaddressed P.A.C. covers. VF E$50+
95 Postal history - 1974 to 1987 Sc. #1416//2045 + b.o.b. - about 35 limited first day souvenir items issued by the post office (32) and CEF editions (3). Topics inc. maps and territories, ecology, Tel + Tel etc. All with first day cancels. Great illustrations and narratives. Slight dup. VF E$50
96 C Postcards - about 17 older exhibition cards - various 1900 to 1937. Many better. Exceptional lot. VF E$100+
97 C Postcards - about 175 mostly pre-1920. Many undiv. backs, real photos. Some with much animation. Unchecked by us for dup. VF E$90
98 C Postcards (13) - 1950s-60s - lovely lot with 11 having first day of issue cancels. Note Sc. #741 50th anniversary of Rotary International. VF E$35+

99 *o Lot of about 175 stamps mostly Bavaria. Inc. some cut squares from stationery and some revenues. Minor dup. Also DDR 1959 2 DM booklets (X 2). VG-VF E$100
100 C Bavaria to Tasmania via Trieste - registered cover - 10pf coat of arms postal stat. with four 5pf violet and one 50pf brown stamp added. “Munchen V” registered label and stamps tied by “Munchen 15 Mar/85" cds cancels BS “Trieste/Triest/17/3/85" several other HS then “Hobart/Tasmania/Ap 29/85" duplex HS. Embossed flap. Slight cover tears and minor flaws otherwise very attractive and scarce E$75+

101 1869 very nice ornate letterhead “Der Magistrat...Munchen”. Interesting calligraphy and signature. Probably rare unread and unresearched. Very fresh.E$80
102 Small accumulation of stamps, covers and booklets. Includes Intl. Reply Coupons 1930 mint & 1974 used, 1936 Berlin Olympics cover to Canada, Berlin se-tenant booklet panes. Mint NH. Germany 1960s-80s. F-VF.E$75+
103 *o Lot of about 480 stamps 1919-48. Some duplication. Not 26 mint se-tenant pairs from booklet panes. Gen. Fine.E$200
104 *o Lot of several hundred stamps all eras mostly used with duplication. Note 35 used, B49-51*H (B51 NG). F-VF. Owner’s Est. $100
105 5 ca. 1860-5 letters in Hungarian and Latin, mostly signed by important church people. Note many very interesting seals. Probably very rare. Unresearched and unread.E$75+
106 2 1865 both written in Latin. Note postmarks of Rosenau, Nagyrocze and Tornallya. Signatures unchecked, unread and unresearched. Could be rare. Very fresh. E$60
107 C About 60 covers 1950-64. Inc. many cacheted FDCs, airmail, registered etc. All addressed to Canada. Gen. F E$35+
108 *o Collection of about 1130 stamps & 30 s/s 1872-1980 in 2 vol. White Ace album. Note 9* OG torn perfs, 10 used tear, 42 SYL 1 used, 174a used, 186 used private roulette, 212-3 used, 214-7*H, 218-21*H, #230-3*H, 295-8*H, 375-8*H, 367a*NH, 437*H, 440*H gum bend, 505-8*H, 625a*NH in folder, 703*H. Some early mixed condition, otherwise F-VF. Many mint complete sets, some NH.2007 Sc. US$1605.25
109 C About 44 items all eras comprising 14 France FDC; an 1872 note signed F. Israel; 1979 Germany cover with Sc. #1293 (Anne Frank); various postcards & covers inc 8 diff Rembrandt postcards. Gen F-VF......E$50
110 C Postcards about 29 mostly older, some scarce. Note Rouen “Le Palais de Justice/Rue aux Juifs”(6) Verdun ruins - War of 1914-18(4); etc. Slight duplication. F-VF.E$40+
111 C About 115 cacheted FDCs 1972-79 era. Many with multiple frankings. Gen. F E$60+
112 C Sc. #46//152 - small lot of five covers 1921 to 1940. Seldom seen. F E$40
113 * Sc. #505 25pf bright blue - lot of 200 mint NH in large multiples with numerate selvedge. Note that M-H cat. @ 55¢, set of four @ $1.15, complete set of four NH cat. $7.75, which is over six times M-H. VF ECV $600+
114 C Approx. 500 “Ersttagsblatt” FDC cards 1974-92. All with special comm. cancels. VF. Also Heligoland - 7 stamps. Very high cat. if genuine. As is. E$200+
115 * Mint wholesale lot of about 270 stamps & 285 s/s. Note 3295-9 (x5), 3372-4(x5), 3331-4 sheetlets of 8(x5), 3412-7(x5). All 1994 complete sets. VF-NH.2007 Sc. US $1150.75
116 Lot of 4 1953-55 Air Letters Monrovia to Chicago, each with a 10¢ Airmail stamp meter impression (2 red, 2 pink). VF.E$25
117 * 1996 Trains set of 4 sheetlets of 6, all imperf. VF-NH.Owner’s Est$200 MONACO
118 * (Sc. #590-1) mint 1964 Europa set. Imperf. singles from right selvedge. VF*-NH E$50

119 C Sc. #B99a 1949 imperf. block of four on clean, cacheted first day cover. Shows young Prince Rainier. Attractive and VF, scarce. ....E$50

120 * (Sc. #165/173, C1/12) 1935 Waterlow proofs 32 pairs all with punch holes. Inc. 15 imperf pairs with frames only, 5 imperf pairs in issued colours, 12 perf pairs. Some duplication, some disturbed gum. F-VF. .Owner’s estimate $300

121 * Sc. #332-55 1951 fish set of 24. F-VF-HR. A few light toning spots. .2007 Sc. US $120.85
122 C 1892-1940s usages on 4 covers. The 1892 postal stationary cover 12 ½¢ has faulty UL corner not affecting stamp or HS’s. This to Kingston with BS of same.E$25+
123 *o Lot of about 2350 stamps, all periods. Some duplication. Mostly used & CTO. Gen. fine.E$100
124 * (Sc. #683-8) 1947 Surrender of the Moors set of 6 in proofs blocks of 4 from right selvedge. Each with punch holes, several with printer’s notations. Tear on 683. F-VF. .E$450
125 * (Sc. #727-8) 1951 Junqueiro set in imperf pairs. VF-NH. .E$150
126 * (Sc. #844-5) 1959 Aveiro set in imperf pairs. F-NH. E$150
127 * (Sc. #Q18, Q20, Q21, Q24) 1936 Parcel Post 4 values in imperf pairs VF-NH disturbed gum. E$150+
128 *o Over 1000 diff. all large size commemorative stamps. Many sets and hi-value stamps. F-VF.E$100+
129 Accumulation of about 16 diff. s/s (10 each) unofficial issues from various Russian States. Various topicals. VF-NH.E$75
130 o Lot of about 1000 stamps all periods. Some duplication inc. some revenues, reprints & cut squares. Mostly used. VG-F.E$100
131 *o Spanish Civil Was lot of 47 diff labels. Mint & used, some NH. Gen. Fine. E$75+
132 *o Lot of about 480 stamps all periods mostly used. Note #10 used pulled corner, J1-3 *HH, J8-10HH. VG-VF.2007 Sc. US$595.40
133 Lot of 7 better values inc. #16 thins & cut, 92 thin & clipped perfs, 185 thin, C5, C9 tear, 7017 small thin, 7019 closed tear. Fine. .2007 Sc. US $620
134 *o Collection of about 245 stamps 1862-1969 on Minkus pages. Some duplication in Semi-Postals. F-VF.2007 Sc. US $259.50
135 o Sc. #40a 1894 1 Att on 64 Atts surcharge with inverted capital “S” added to surcharge. Fine+ light cancel. .2007 Sc. US $200.00
136 *o Lot of 4 different bird sets inc. Angola 333-56 used & 683-8 *NH, Bechuanaland 180-93 *NH, Lesotho 105-11 *NH. F-VF. 2007 Sc. US $163.25
137 *o Accumulation of several hundred stamps from all areas & periods. Some better items and some complete sets. Note A.A.T. L19-20 *NH, Australia 508 *NH, Ethiopia B41-4 *NH, Netherlands B343-7 *H, Turkey M2-3 *H, Mongolia 83 *H (x2), Gibraltar 226-9 *NH, Australia 477-82 *NH, Nfld collection on White Ace pages inc 56A*, 58, 249-51*, early Belgium collection on pages, some better used Canada, Spanish Cuba & Philippines, China accumulation. Dominica 101*NH block, Germany B292-3 *H & B293*NH small oil spot, GB China 11a used, Japan 1244a booklet. Also small lot of worldwide WWII Censored covers to Armour & co., Chicago.E$300+
138 *o Small accumulation of stamps & covers. Note Argentina 1524 & 1526 mint blocks, Tannu Tuva lot of 60 stamps 1927-36 (STC $125), Iran 443*, Ethiopia lot (STC $22), 1956 Israel Gaza Post Office cover, Equatorial Guinea 8 imperf s/s, lot of errors freaks & oddities with misperfs, overprint varieties, watermark varieties, etc. Gen. F .E$200
139 *o Many hundreds of stamps identified in envelopes. Sets or singles from India, Romania, Tanzania, Hungary, etc. Most F-VF.STC $2500
140 *o Old time collection of many 1000s in 2 large H.E. Harris standard world stamp albums. Pages to about 1966. No Canada. Mostly used, a few mint H. Gen. F.E$100+
141 * Accumulation of about 495 stamps 14 s/s in blocks & multiples. Note Ciskei 138a (x6), Tuvalu 469-84 (x4), Tanzania 606-17 (x8), Laos 692-8 (x18), Nicaragua 1125-8 & C986-8 (x3), Cambodia 638-44 (x6), Guinea Bissau 742-8 (x7) & 749 (x8). Guinea 570-81 (x6). VF-NH. .2007 Sc.US $490.45
142 * Lot of about 35 s/s mostly topicals 1977-2000. Note Cape Verde 409 *NH (x4), Guinea-Bissau 741 *NH, Hong Kong 628 *NH, Indonesia 1016a *NH perf. & imperf. VF-NH.2007 Sc. US $222.50+
143 *o An amazing mish mash of on and off paper stamps from an estate. Inc. a couple of albums or portions thereof. Mostly 20th century. Note fairly modern Sweden, many Australia. Mostly 20th century. Lots of sorting fun for the right person. Shipping weight about 11lbs.E$100+
144 *o Small lot of 14 unusual items inc. Australia 5 different customs revenues, Australia Brymay Safety Matches 4 different flag labels, Chat 146 *NH imperf single. Russia 20d used groundwork error, Russia 240b & 241d *NH imperf pairs. Russia C94 *NH block of 10. F-VF.E$50
145 *o Small accumulation of about 150 stamps. Many early strength in USA, Germany. VG-F.E$30
146 Junk Box 1000s of stamps from all corners of the globe in glassines, envs, album pages, stamp club pages, cigar boxes, etc. Examine. .E$100
147 *oC Small Junk Box inc. 1994 U.N. New York Annual Collection; U.S.A. stamps at least U.S.$8.40 face; two cheap world collections; Six Nation; Our World presentation book which sold for $12.95; G.B. FDCs etc. Many hundreds of unsorted stamps etc. E$40+
148 Postal History comprising 1839 faulty and repaired piece concerning the Viceroy of Ireland; APO Alexandria 12 Dec 35, to London cut at left where opened; France - various covers and souv. items on the Famous Nene and parachuting (22 items duplication) and GB collection of pre and post decimal machins on illustrated FDCs, many with Windsor CDS on Castle cachets - 29 items. Gen. F-VF.E$40+
149 C Postcards about 23 exhibition cards. Note 10 Belgium (years 1905, 1910, 1930); 1907 Ireland; Spain 1929; Brazil 1908; Franco-British 1908; Br. Empire 1924; etc. Superior lot. Examine. VF.E$150+
150 C Postcards - about 133 mostly diff. and older cards. Note winter activities such as skating, skiing, bobsled, skidoo etc. Also a fine selection of sailing ships, replicas, yachts, inc. several Bluenose I and II. Slight dup. VF E$100
151 C Postcards - about 66 postcards and 96 small-size cards. Note 37 actors, dancers, celebrities, many older; 29 culinary cards inc. many mouth-watering recipes on the back; 96 smaller cards depict mostly Italian cities. Gen. F-VF E$80
152 C Postcards - about 117 cards all eras but many older - comprising about 75 drawn and painted, various topics, many showing artist signature, a few Canada; plus 42 telephonic and aero cables - unusual topic. About half continental size, many great shots, inc. several real photos. F-VF E$75+
153 C Postcards - about 80 real photo postcards, early 1900s. Cards are all hand-tinted. Majority are Happy Birthday cards. Lovely and colourful lot E$75+
154 C Postcards - about 105 comprising Malta 18 older and diff.; Gibraltar 44 older and scarcer, some real photos; Jordan 32 diff. ca. 1960-80 and 11 Indochina (2 diff.) ca. 1905. A few faulty (Indochina) otherwise F-VF E$70+
155 C Postcards - about 105 comprising royalty, mostly British, RCMP, pipers and “Redcoats (with goat)”. All eras. Some better. Slight dup. F-VF E$70
156 C Postcards - about 120 religion cards - all eras. Many real photos. Several Canada. Inc. statues, churches, saints etc. A few better. F-VF E$60
157 C Postcards - about 95 comprising fountains (81) mostly pre-1920 inc. real photos, undivided backs etc. Many great shots. A small lot of older “Pont-Levis” etc. plus a couple of “Novelty” cards. F-VF E$50+
158 *o Lot of about 190 diff. early revenues from Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia. Mostly used. Gen. F E$125+
159 C Sc. #1//251 + b.o.b. - about 95 cacheted FDCs. Mostly earlier issues - 1951 to 1974. Inc. many better sets, blocks, s/s etc. F-VF E$75+
160 *o Lot of about 100 stamps 1857-1932. Some minor dup. Some mixed condition. Note #33 used pen cancel and cut perfs., 76 used spacefiller, 63 used trimmed perfs. and large thin, 148 used nice blue cork cancel on rose shade, 148 (X 2) used carmine, 220c used, 259 (X 2) used thin and torn perfs., 289 used spacefiller, 320* NG Schermack coil, 325 used spacefiller, 342 used (X 2), 377-8* NG, 515* NG, 541* NG, J18 (X 2) used thins, J19 (X 3) used clipped or torn perfs., J27 used crudely added corner, R220 used block. VG-F 2007 Sc. U.S.$2010
161 C U.S.A. to Canada (10¢ rate) paid with 1¢ Franklin (probably #24) and strip of three X 3¢ Washington (Sc. #26). Most of perfs. remain unpunched between two lower stamps thus showing side frame lines continuous. Stamps tied by grids and “Albion/N.Y./Nov 9" cds cancel. BS red “St. Catharines/U.C./No 10" - year unclear to us. Fine and scarce E$100+

162 C U.S.A. to Canada - Sc. #U348, 279 - 1899 cover to Editor Stamp Club, Mail and Empire, Toronto. Early and interesting cover. Faults at top. VG E$25+
163 C “Burning the Stamp Act at Boston” 1765 lovely American History Art Publishing Company 1905 pioneer postcards Lange Series 1 No. 6, dated San Jose Dec 30 1905. Scarce card and F-VF. Postage paid with 1¢ Franklin (Type A115). Tiny stain centre left corner crease E$50+

164 oC Lot of about 360 stamps. Some heavy dup. in b.o.b. material. Note 1943 over-run countries set on FDCs, C5 used, E2 used torn perf., E3 used SE, 457 used, 24 used trimmed perfs., 100 used trimmed perfs. and small thin, 73 used pulled perf., 212* NG, 326 used, 150 used SE, 179 used creases, 299 used thin. VG-F 2007 Sc. U.S.$1745
165 * Lot of about 170 stamps, 9 booklet panes and 22 postal stationery items with dup. 1909-76. Note 353* H, C25-31* H & NH, C21* NH, C22* H. VG-F H & NH 2007 Sc. U.S.$446.85
166 o Used wholesale lot of several thousand stamps mostly in glassines. Mostly all 1940. Also some cut squares and revenues on cheques. Also two 1910 cigar labels from Philippines. VG-F E$150+
167 C Accumulation of about 115 covers from 1870s to 1970s. Inc. a number of early postal stationery (cards and envelopes). Some later FDCs and special covers. Note #306 on registered cover, two covers with 406a singles, #88 on cover, #161 on registered cover. Early covers mixed condition E$100
168 o Over 400 precancels - all eras - inc. higher nominal values. Mostly diff., many coils and older. Unchecked. For the specialist. Gen. F-VF E$50
169 Documents (16) 1928-9 various U.S. ads - all mounted. Inc. cars, insurance, razor blades, golf balls etc. Very fresh E$70+
170 C Three Civil War cacheted covers. One used but stamps torn off, others unused. Stains and faults E$25+
171 *oC Inc. U.S.A. collection in “The All American Stamp Album”; world collection in Discoverer Album; covers and postcards; odds and ends, etc. E$80+
172 Three diff. passes to 1940 Democratic National Convention and two passes to 1936 Indiana State Democratic Convention, book of Navajo Gospel Hymns, two tickets to bus tour of 1939 Worlds Fair, two collector picture cards from Newsboy Plug Tobacco, 1949 Cannonball Taylor Wild West picture card, banknotes from China (1940 10 yuan), Ireland (1976 pound), Mexico (1961 5 pesos), Falkland (1982 pound), W. & O. Downey photographers sampler card with photo of Victoria, Edward VII, George V, and Edward VIII as a baby, set of nine blotters each with a different 1919 calendar month and movie star in full colour on front; 1901 three-page letter with Anheuser Busch letterhead E$75+
173 C Three early covers. 1838 stampless Rochdale Penny Post in red to Burnley with manuscript 8, 1843 Glasgow to Edinburgh with #3 not tied, 1866 Northampton to Market Harborough with clear duplex cancel. F E$50
174 * Sc. #1 mint 1840 penny black spacefiller. Creases and closed tear, two margins. Letters “B-F” 2007 Sc. U.S.$6000 SOLD AS IS
175 * Sc. #33 mint 1864 penny red Plate 191 VG-O.G. Usual cracking gum. Couple of short perfs. 2007 Sc. U.S. $290
176 Sc. #58//126, O16 & O31 18 Stamps all Queen Victoria - some better but most if not all more or less faulty.STC $1356.00
177 * Sc. #130b & 135c Edward two pence deep green & red and six pence dark violet. Fresh and fine NH. Never hinged should command a premium over the basic price. .2007 Sc. US $95
178 * Sc. #179 mint 1919 2/6 Seahorse with C.P.R. perfin. F+-HR. Rounded corner 2007 Sc. U.S.$115
179 * Sc. #205//316 mint lot of about 29 stamps. Inc. 207, 244 block of four, 246-7 blocks of four, 266 block of four, 288-9, 315, 316 gum wrinkles. F-VF-NH 2007 Sc. U.S.$190.70
180 o Accumulation of about 245 stamps 1841-1942. Dup. Note #4 (X 2) no margins, 8, 10 torn piece, 21, 30 Pl. 14 pair, 30 Pl. 15 (X 4), 29 Pl. 7 SE, 29 Pl. 8 hole, 26 (X 3) two faded, 28, 34 clipped perfs., 34 wing margin, 40 SE, 42, 44 wing margin, 51 Pl. 8, 55 surface scrapes, 61 Pl. 16, 64 Pl. 10 SE, 62 Pl. 13, 80, 81 (X 2), 99, 100, 102, 104 pulled corner, 105 creases and faded, 120 (X 4), 121, 122 (X 3) faded, 126 (X 2) faded, 136 (X 3), 137 (X 3), 183, 199, 173 short perfs., 173a heavy cancel, 179 (X 2) short perfs., 180 (X 2) crease and heavy cancel, 222 (X 2) heavy cancels. VG-VF 2007 Sc. U.S.$7285
181 o Lot of about 17 stamps 1840-1951. Inc. penny black used “T-J” cut into on three sides, 22 used pulled corner perf., 26 used several short perfs., 32 used Pl. 1, 62 used Pl. 13 small thin, 117 used nice cds corner crease, 120 used on piece, 136 (X 2) cds one discoloured, 137 used purple parcel cancel, 222-3 used parcel cancels, 287* H torn corner perf. VG-F 2007 Sc. U.S.$1471.50
182 *o Sc. #1//514 + b.o.b. inc. revenues - album probably about 135 diff. inc. some in packets at front. Inc. an 1840 penny black but this is a faulty spacefiller (cat. $275). Letters “A-H” fairly presentable. Some mixed condition. Many fine or better E$100+
183 *o Lot of about 415 stamps 1870-1989. Some dup. Note #61 used Pl. 12 thins, 68 used Pl. 17, 68 used Pl. 20, 82 used Pl. 22 & 23, 122 used, 130b* HR, 179 used, 180 used perfin, 223 used short corner, 251 used creases, 312 used. VG-VF 2007 Sc. U.S.$1130.95
184 o G.B. and area - Sc. #99//1066, 02//036 - selection of about 77 stamps mostly diff. QV to modern. Inc. nice showing of officials, govt. parcel etc. Plus Jersey #563//567 and Tangier #572. Gen. F-VF $758.50
185 o Accumulation of about 1100 stamps all reigns. Some heavy dup. Note #3 used full margins, 68 Pl. 17 used, 68 Pl. 20 used thin, 82 Pl. 22 used, 120 used creases, 134 used, 136 used, 138 used, 138 used block creases, 179 used creases, 180 used (X 2). VG-VF E$1100+
186 *o Lot of about 365 stamps 1864-1988. Some dup. Mostly mint. Note #410p-3p* NH (X 4). Gen. F 2007 Sc. U.S.$322
187 o Plastic bag with close to 4 lbs. of mostly recent commems. on mostly close cut white paper E$65+
188 Document - 1854 Jan 14 issue of “The Illustrated London News” No. 663 - 20 pages - note French cds cancel Angl/Calais - 18 Janv 54". During the Crimean War. Various and interesting topics. Reinforced with white tape but still very fresh E$50+
189 Documents (13) ca. 1880 - large facsimiles autographed short letters/items of famous people, from the British Museum Archives. Note the Duke of Wellington, Napoleon Bonaparte, William Pitt, Voltaire, Rousseau etc. Very fresh E$65
190 C Postcards - about 130 cards, mostly older, note Tucks, Valentines, salmon etc. Many used addressed to Texas in 1906; exceptional lot for both cards and cancels. F-VF E$125
191 C G.B. and Canada - about 235 postcards - all reigns (virtually nothing after 1965). Inc. Tucks, R.P. etc. Unchecked for dup. Mostly F-VF E$100+
192 About 325 cards, majority are Brooke Bond cards - topics inc. transportation, space, explorers, flowers etc. Five albums (one complete) are included. The remainder about 50 cards are W. D. & H.O. Wills and Mitchell Cigarettes small cards. Some very scarce. Gen. F-VF E$95+
193 P 1930-9 imperf. proofs of ½ puffin, 2 puffins and 9 puffins locals. F-VF*-NH E$200

194 o Sc. #1 1862 six pence rough perf. unwmk. trace of shallow thin. “AO2" in grid (“St. John’s”) cancel. Otherwise fine. ....2007 Sc. US $575
195 * Sc. #17-18 mint 1913-1914 one-penny KGV and 6d. lake brown Kookaburra, the lower value F, 6d. VF - both NH 2007 Sc. $205.75
196 * Similar lot
197 * Similar lot
198 C World War I Prisoner of War - printed envelope “Free”/Censored - mailed at German Concentration Camp, Liverpool, N.S.W. to Hobart, Tasmania. Some opening and other flaws but very rare. Still fine app. “Liverpool, N.S.W. 9:15 AM, 14 Mr 17" HS on face of cover E$150+

199 * SG #SB22 1927 Canberra complete 2/- booklet. Hinged on back cover. Fresh and F-VF-NH 2005 SG £80 (C$180)

200 * Sc. #1//285 & C1 mint 1913 to 1955 selection of about 133 stamps. A few faulty or stuck. Mostly F-VF-H-NH. Examine 2007 Sc. $410+
201 *o Accumulation of several hundred stamps all reigns - most used. Some heavy dup. Note 125* NH, 52 used, 220-1 used, 178 used, 376* NH, 1049a bklt. (X 2), 1051a bklt., 1097a bklt., 1097b (X 2) bklts., 508a-g* NH, 550-3* (X 2) H and NH. F-VF E$100
202 C 1939 cover sent from New South Wales to Halifax, N.S. Went to Halifax, Queensland instead. Postmarked Oct 6, 1939 in N.S.W.; Oct 10, 39 at Halifax, Queensland and Nov. 21 & 22, 1939 in Montreal. Over 47 days in transit. Interesting. .E$40
203 About 42 Customs Duty stamps pence and cents issues; two adhesive duty stamps of Queensland; three impressed KGV Duty 1 sh. of Queensland; one 6 pence railway parcel stamp and two 2 gals. motor spirit ration tickets. Gen. F-VF E$40+

204 o (Sc. #15 & 16 Forgeries) Forgeries 5¢ & 6¢ of 1883. The 5¢ thin. Both HS “COUNTERFEIT” on back. Useful for reference or as a space filler. (Genuine Cat. $325). Fine.E$25+
205 o Sc. #6a, 25 1¢ pale blue close cut at right; #25 with nice boot heel 7 cancel. Fine.......................................................2007 Sc. U.S. $137.50
206 * Sc. #303-20 mint 1982 Birds set of 18 in gutter pairs. VF-NH 2007 Sc. U.S.$144.70+
207 * Lot of 18 diff. blocks of four inc. Sierra Leone 1972-8 definitives, eight values on chalk surfaced paper including Le1 and Le2. F-VF*-NH. STC £185 (C$420) in 2002 Gibbons
208 * On stock sheets mostly 1960s and 1970s. We did a Scott Catalogue on Ghana to Montserrat and this came to US $50.65 Scott’s and Nauru to Norfolk Cat. US $35.45. Other sheets hold Australia to Tristan Da Cunha and an estimate of total Cat. for the lot would be US $200 to $300. Includes complete sets. F-VF-NH.
209 Sc. #N4 Under British Occupation ovpt. F-H. (sold as is but appears genuine)..................................................................2007 Sc. U.S. $700
210 * Sc. #100-11, 114-5 mint 1938-47 George VI definitive set of 14 plus ½d. perf. 13. F-VF-NH. Some gum toning 2007 Sc. U.S.$142.90
211 C 1968-1978 lot of 14 cacheted unaddressed comm. FDCs.Cook Islands 9 covers and Penrhyn 5. All with multiple stamps or sheetlets. Clean attractive lot. VF.E$50
212 * Sc. #3 1864 One Penny green - O.G., F-H.2007 Sc. U.S. $87.50
213 * Sc. #1A//20 mint lot of about 15 stamps 1867-77. Probable reprints. Cat. $1420 if genuine. F*-H
214 o Lot of about 72 stamps 1871-1983. Note 80, 91, 100, 122 small thin, 146 short corner perfs., 164, 166 small thin, 166A, 217 light parcel cancel, etc. F-VF used 2007 Sc. U.S.$563.80
215 *o Lot of about 865 stamps most used 1922-58. Some heavy dup. Note 101-2*, 103-4*, 131-2*, 161-2 used, 167-8 used, C1-2*. Gen. F 2007 Sc. U.S.$770
216 *o Collection of about 125 stamps 1922-69 on White Ace pages. Note #35* H, 80-2* H, 103-4* H, 144 used, J1 used, 167-8 used, 216-7* H, 232-3* H. F-VF 2007 Sc. U.S.$287.40
217 P (Sc. #321-34) mint 1981 Birds Format International imperf. proofs mounted on 14 individual cards. VF. Owner’s est. $1000
218 * Lot of 11 diff. imperf. items 1981-6. Inc. 350, 363, 364, 394-7 sheets of 16, 437 (X 2), 480, and SG 696a 1986 New Currency Anniversary. VF*-NH. Owner’s est. $1000
219 * (Sc. #560) SG #732a mint 1986 9s on 60s Butterfly surcharge doubled UL corner copy. VF*-NH 2002 SG £50 (C$105)
220 * (Sc. #805-6) SG #948, 948eb, 948f, 948fa mint 1991 Surcharge set of two in complete sheets of 50 each with missing bar variety on R4/4. VF-NH E$50+
221 o Sc. #33b used 1856 two-pence strip of three with watermark error “5". Margin just touching at left and top. Fine and sound 2007 Sc. U.S.$300

222 o Sc. #28/SG #98 used two-pence pale blue wmk. “N.Z.” imperf. Large margins top and bottom but just cuts at sides. Worn plate. Pen cancel otherwise sound-VF 2007 Sc. U.S.$250/2007 SG £250
223 o Sc. #32//42 used - five diff. QV Chalon heads - some perf. flaws as usual. Three-pence dated. Otherwise sound - VF-F app. 2007 Sc. $170.50
224 o (Sc. #52) SG #158 used 1878 two-pence perf. 12. Rounded corner, small thin. Light toning spot. Scarce stamp SG £180 ($410)
225 C Egypt Occupation stamps used in Gaza - comprises seven covers to Canada, some with English 1957 dates. These have two Scott #N44 on each. Also 21 covers to Cairo with single #N44 on each. 1956 dates noted on these. Plus seven covers with other stamps inc. 1948 #N11; three with pair of #N43 etc. Total 35 covers. Gen. F E$50+
226 C Palestine to Egypt - Sc. #NRA6 & N10 (2) - Censored Airmail cover postage paid with 15M occupation postal tax stamp and two 15M green Jordan stamps (Occupation) for use in Palestine. VF. “Jerusalem/4 MR/50" cancels on stamps E$50+

227 C Palestine to Canada - Sc. #N50 (3) - registered airmail cover - postage paid with 3 X 35¢ violet “Mosque of Sultan” ovpt. Palestine stamps. 1957 Gaza cancel ties stamps. Various BS inc. partial “Montreal/ Registered/ 13 Sep/1957"; sender “R. S. Sa’adi, UNRWA/Gaza”. UNRWA stands for “United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East”. F and scarce usage E$100+

228 C Brazil to Palestine - Censored Registered Cover - Airmail to USA - mailed 16 MAY, 1942. Scarce purple hand stamp on censor label - boxed “PALESTINE/OPENED AND/PASSED BY/CENSOR/NO.” Four other BS inc. NEW YORK/REG’Y. DIV.” and destination “REGISTERED/19JU42/TEL AVIV”. Small piece missing at top, o/w fine. Very scarce .E$75+
229 * Sc. #268-86 mint 1984 Ships set of 19 in LL corner blocks of four VF-NH 2007 Sc. U.S.$226.40
230 *o Sc. #34-43 (#36 mint H) 1896-7 10 diff. to 1 Sh. - the 1 1/2d mint-H, o/w F-VF.2007 Sc. U.S. $97.15
231 * (Sc. #1-3) mint ½d., 1d. and 1½d. part imperf. varieties. ½d. imperf. at top selvedge in gutter pair, 1d. at left selvedge, 1½d. at bottom. F-NH E$150
232 * (Sc. #263-6) mint 1985 Auto Centenary set of four in imperf. sheetlets of eight VF-NH E$75
233 P (Sc. #319-22) mint 1986 Endangered Wildlife set Format International imperf. proofs mounted on four cards. VF. Owner’s est. $250
234 * (Sc. #25-8) mint 1985 Audubon Birds set imperf. blocks of four. VF-NH E$75
235 * Nanumaga 71, Nukufetau 58, and Vaitupu 65 each in imperf. block of four. VF-NH E$30
236 C Two 1940s Censored covers - one with attractive illustrated corner card of “NEWFOUNDLAND CLOTHING COMPANY LTD., ST. JOHN’S NEWFOUNDLAND”. Fine. .E$35+

237 * #FWM60-71 1930 Weight & Measures complete set of 12. F-VF-NH. .Van Dam $89.00
238 o Lot of about 39 revenues note FX70 used rough perfs on one side. VG-VF.Van Dam $134.90
239 Ephemera - 1913 Christmas Voyage of R.M.S. Megantic Halifax to Liverpool log abstract and menu; 1904 Vogage of R.M.S. Pretorian Halifax to Liverpool “List of Saloon Passengers” with 1924 envelope addressed to passenger on list. Some extra creases on passenger list and minor flaws on other items. VG-F. .E $50+

240 Literature - Special Delivery - Canada’s Postal Heritage. Copyright 2000. New book issued at $45. HC, fully illustrated, many in colour, as new.
241 Supplies - Box full of supplies and Canadian philatelic history. Uni-safe 16 pg. stockbook & 3-hole Parliament album pages + 5 black page protectors. First issues of Canadian Stamp News (1976) & Canada’s Stamp Images (1989). Frameable 1984 Tall Ships poster. 2 Canada Post pewter stamp lapel pins and a variety of publications from Canada Post Philatelic Services, including hundreds of stamp bulletins 1975-93. .E$50
242 C Goderich to Goderich SFL dated 9 FEB., 1847 probably delivered by favour as no sign of local rate or postal markings. Interesting historical information on furnishing of Magistrate’s room. Also purchase of “Looking Glass” and “Chamber Set”. Extra folds, o/w F+.E$35+
243 C Lot of 5 early covers inc. 1877 5c LG on damaged covers Quebec to N.Y. Each with pair 3c S.Q. perf. 11 ½ X 12. Postcards UX5 1882 Otterville Ont. to Montreal, UX23 1907 Toronto to New Jersey. VG-F.E$50
244 C 1913 to Modern selection of over 85 covers and one front. Admirals, War Tax & Official covers are this lot’s strength but also inc. int. meters, etc. Examine. Some mixed cond. but many fine or better.E$50+
245 C Canada lot of 8 Free Frank Covers inc. 1941 C.A.S.F. Field Post Office 248, 1943 C.A.A.F. F.P.O.-T.H.C.I. cover, 1942 C.A. Overseas Field Post Office 312, 5 OHMS covers 1924-54. Also USA 6 WWI Censored Covers with contents. VG-F.E$50
246 C Large box with several thousand covers - appear to be from early 1960s and all with commems used on them. Majority appear to be from small Ontario towns. Fine.E$100+
247 C Large box about 8" deep with 6 stacks of commercially used with commemoratives covers. 1961-63 usages noted many with slogan cancels. We have not been thru the box but appears to be all Ontario cancels. We est. 2200 to 3000 covers. F-Avg. E$100+
248 C Large box with many thousands of covers. Most from 1960s to recent. Some with commems on them F-Avg. Weighs about 42 pounds...E$50+
249 About 79 Postcards used and unused - 1903-1967, plus one cover - 15c Air Mail rate to Holland with 14¢ Peace and 1949 1¢ KGVI #284. Note Gaspe scenes and Arctic, etc. Also 3 foreign cards - 1904 Ceylon to Hamburg; 1906 USA to France and 1907 Japan “Geisha Girls” to Holland. Gen. F A few Canadian with stamps off. Worth a look. .E$60+
250 Three Historic Ship view cards all unused - SS Athabaska River tiny corner crease; SS Distributor and SS Northland Light at Sawridge Alta. Athabaska has some paper adhesion on back o/w F-VF. .E$50+
251 Postcards - about 76 cards comprising 57 Canadian Military and War Memorial items, some older, plus 19 older and better Ontario cards. Slight duplication. F-VF.E$50+
252 Postcards - about 78 cards - comprising train stations/hotels (45) and bridges (33) inc. some covered bridges. All eras, all diff. cards. F-VF. .E$50
253 Postcards - 1967 Specialized collection of about 130 Montreal Expo Cards/Postcards. Both mint and used. Some duplication. Nice lot, gen. fine.E$65+
254 C Sc. #201//1103 First Dav Covers (69). Note nice 13¢ Quebec Citadel DE 1/32 with partial plate 2 selvedge on stamp (Cat. $45). Balance is a nice range of mostly cacheted FDCs. Gen. F-VF. .E$40+

255 C USC #559//680 B1-B9 1972-75 about 189 Post Office First Day Covers mostly complete for the 4 years. Inc. many with blocks or PBs, some better items, Olympics, values to $2, Earth Sciences, etc. Noted 3 RCMP “coin covers” with commemorative quarters. 31 loose, balance nicely mounted with hinges in 3 binders inc. P.O. description for many issues. Also 6 1975 post. stationery FDC. F-VF.......................E$100+ 256 C USC #669//2040 & BOB First Day Covers 1975 to 2004 about 1600 FDCs - 8¢ era to 49¢, values to $8. A few minor varieties noted. Many in pairs, blocks, PBs, S.S., slight dupl. of some. In addition note about 50 special events covers (en route to Expo 86); 11 Papal Visit (1984) covers, a 1972 Canadian FDC Cat. & Checklist by Will Gandley and a 1959 (USC #383) FDC courtesy of Labbatts. Face over $1300.
257 C About 29 Shering FDCs - 1955 to 1964 - these are scarcer private cacheted covers done by Shering Drug Co. Owner’s retail $125. One 1936 cover addressed to Fyfe & Grey, postmarked “PONDS INLET BAFFIN ISLAND, SP4,36" Plus about 70 covers (1983-4) from Nfld. - many small towns noted. And 12 IPX Express stamps ($1.50 to $5.00) These were issued by IPX International Ltd. Canada. Interesting and varied lot.E$100+
258 C Mostly 1980s over 1000 covers selected for cancels. About 70% are Klussendorf cancels. Remainder are mostly modern squared cancels. Many are from the Province of Quebec. Gen. F-VF.E$75
259 C USC #1807//1834 First Day Covers - small lot of 25 better comprising #1807 Can. Intl. Air Show; #1808 Can. Air Force Issue (4); #1812-14 Millennium Dove Issue (3) and #1818-1834 Millennium Collection souvenir sheets (17). VF.$106.50
260 *o Wholesale lot of about 1650 stamps 1859-1996 mostly used. Note 434a *NH cellopack, 273 used block of 25 on piece, 334 *H UL PB Pl. 1, O38 *H UL PB Pl. 2, 22 used spacefiller, 24 used spacefiller, 27 used (x8) spacefillers, 18 used spacefiller, 36 *(x2), 40 used (x7), 45 used (x6), 46 used, 47 used (x3) two minor faults, 71 used, 73 used torn corner and thin, 84 used CDS, 85 *NH, 94 used (x3), 198 *H, O245 used, O262 used, E8 *H disturbed gum, 17 used (x6) various faults, 18 used (x5), 19 used trimmed perfs. Also a few covers and 1960 Year Set. VG-F. .USC $5000
261 * USC #593//1145 Approx. 147 MS PBs ranging from 1973-1987 housed in stockbook (16 dbl. white 4-pocket pages) and 2 post binder (20 blk. 3-pocket pages) both Lighthouse in good condition, value approx $140. We noted high values #937, 977, 1084, plus 595a, 598a, 685-6, 936. Also a few single PBs. F-VF-NH.USC $3300+
262 *o 1870 to 1977 remnants of two collections - note used #158 50¢ Bluenose, #159 (2), E8 (2), some Quebec Terc. many hundreds of stamps. Also some mint and used Newf. in one of the collections. Examine. Some faulty, most F-VF-H.STC 2007 Sc. $3000+
263 Canada & a few Newf. in envelopes - owner says 2025 diff. inc. some precancels, hibrite, tagged, etc. inc. as a diff. stamp. Huge cat. value. Gen. F-VF.E$300+
264 USC #14//530 & BOB 1859 to 1970 collection of several hundred diff. stamps. Note 1¢ 1859, Small Queens to 10¢ inc. earlier printings; Jubilees inc. 8¢ & 10¢, QV Leaf & Numeral inc. 10¢ #83, #176 & 177 used, etc. etc. A few faulty, mostly F-VF.E$250+
265 Collection in envelopes - 1832 diff. note tagged, precancelled, hibrite, etc. counted as a diff. stamp. Owner’s notes on envelopes. Gen. F-VF. .E$200+
266 Collection in envelopes similar description as previous lot but only 1706 diff. Gen. F-VF.E$175+
267 * USC #246//1121 1939 to 1986 coll. of about 875 in a Scott hingeless specialty album. Almost complete for the period. Values to $5, slight dupl. the odd hinged in earlier, otherwise mostly VF-NH.$1307.35
268 o USC #35//976 & BOB Coll. of over 1450 heavy duplication of some. Includes blocks, precancels, saw some better cancels. Note USC #262 ($1 Destroyer) 3 blocks of 4 and 4 singles, #O19 - 3 PB, #O32 - 6, etc. Hi cat. Gen. F-VF.E$100+
269 *o Remnants of a modern collection - includes 1974 Year Set (cat. $250) but pages cut out of original book. Various mint including $1 Export. Some souvenir cards punched for 3-ring, etc. etc. Examine.....E$100+
270 *o Provinces - lot of about 80 stamps inc. N.B. 1 used large thin, 10 used small tear, NS 2 used creases & small tear, Nfld. 15A *NG 4 margins, 24 * pulled corner, 38 used thin. Mixed condition. Some duplication. .USC $1073.60
271 * Lot of about 28 better values 1968-77 in plate blocks. Mostly matched sets (about 180 PB total). Note 378 M/S (x5), 740 M/S (x2), 649 m/s, 664-6 m/s, 656-7 LL & LR PB. VF-NH.USC $858.25
272 * Collection of about 130 stamps & 4 Bklt. panes 1906-54. Note 141-5, 146-8, 209, 211-6, 203, 321, E3, C4, O6-8, O21-4, O32, J1 (x2), J2 (x2), J4 (x4), J8 (x2), J9, J11-14. Mostly VF-H.USC $853.45
273 * Lot of about 87 stamps 1870-2002. Note 50 *VF gum thins, 52 *NH VG block, 54 * VF gum thin, 56 *F NG, 67 *H, 76 * part OG, 86 * (x2) NH, 89iv *NH gum bends, 157 *H, 175 *H, 321 *LL plate 2 hinged in selvege. VG-VF some NG or minor faults.USC $825.65
274 * Small lot of about 20 items inc. 21 *NG short perfs fine+, O39a *NH flying G plate blocks pl. 4 LL & LR, EO10 VF-NH. Stick ‘n Tic 1-ST strip of 16, Nfld. 30 *H gum bends.USC $374.75
275 Wholesale lot of about 188 booklets 1942-1982. Note BK39 (x2), BK38b (x2), BK43b (x2), BK44 (x2), BK68a (x2), BK68b (x2), BK67 (x2), BK62 (x4), BK64 (x4). F-VF. Also a couple of partial booklets catalogues as panes.USC $1237.60
276 Unused no gum selection as received from a regular consignor. $1 value X 140, 25¢ value X 700, and 10¢ value X 2000 - total face $515.00. Sold as is.
277 Unused no gum - same source - 43¢ X 700 and 46¢ X 400. Total face value $485.00. Sold as is.
278 * Annual Collections - 1976-1990, 1992-97 and 1999-2003. VF-NH. USC $1615.00.E$500
279 * Lot of 13 Year Sets and Thematic Collection Packs 1960-73. Also Norway 1977 Year Set and 3 Guernsey souvenir packs 1976-7 not in total. F-VF.USC $155
280 Millennium Collection - limited edition of 200,000 numbered copies. We have now seen many cut up books. Two stamps printed per page. There is a difference between the stamps printed in the book compared to those from the souvenir sheets. Issued price $59.99. VF-NH (see page 366 of 2007 Unitrade Catalogue for more information)
281 * Box full of Canada Thematic collections including lighthouses, aircraft, locomotives, WW2, 1976 Olympic cancels (packs A-E). Note Airborne & Canadian Indians books, Millennium Keepsake and Centennial Stamp Case. 53 items most in original cellophane wrap, some duplication. Also 8 International Philatelic Exhibition cards (1986-90) and 2 #1125A FDCs. Cat. over $450.
282 1963 Souvenir Card - Unitrade #5a “SPECIMEN” handstamp on each stamp (Cat. value $200). I don’t recall selling this prior to this time. Faulty, faded and toned, but very scarce.
283 o USC #1 1851 three pence laid paper - margins large on three sides and close at bottom right. Some nicks in margins o/w F with target cancel. .USC $ 800

284 USC #2TCiii Six pence proof a bit faded but appears grey-blue shade. No sign of SPECIMEN ovpt. Tiny thin and other small flaws, o/w F-App. .USC $1200
285 o USC #22//30b 1868 Large Queens 1¢ to 15¢ - 8 diff. most with flaws, many minor. Nice looking lot. O/w F-VF. .USC $580
286 * USC #34/45 Small Queens set of 8 diff. to 10¢. ½¢ some O.G. o/w unused no gum. VG-F-H.USC $547.50
287 o USC #40i 10¢ light rose lilac jumbo - shows portion of marginal impring LR. Nibbed perf. at top R, o/w VF. .USC $150
288 o USC #45 10¢ brown red - ink splotches in stamp colour in white border at LL corner. VF. .USC$70+
289 o USC #45a 10¢ dull rose pair - both stamps re-entered at top. Left stamp small tear and couple of other nicks but shows nice variety “GASH” in right 1. Otherwise F. .E$50+
290 * USC #50 ½¢ Jubilee, F-H. .USC $75
291 * USC #54, 57 & 60 3 different unused no gum - F-F+. .USC $230
292 o USC #58 1897 15¢ grid cancel - F. .USC $120
293 o Sc. #60 50¢ roller cancel “UNION STN./TORONTO/2" moderate cancel - fine. .2007 Sc. US $160
294 * USC #66 1897 half cent - O.G. fresh and VF-NH. .USC $45
295 * USC #71 6¢ QV Maple Leaf Issue - F-NH.USC $100
296 * USC #71 6¢ QV Maple Leaf Issue - F-NH.USC $100
297 C USC #74 & U10 Registered 2¢ violet postal stat. envelope with 10 X ½¢ QV Numeral added to pay registration fee. 1904 Parkdale cancel & “R” cancels tie stamps. Various BS inc. RPO. Back a bit toned, o/w unusal combination & fine. .E$75

298 C Canada to Germany 1903 Postal Stat. card of the 1¢ QV Leaf type plus 1¢ QV Numeral stamp added. 2¢ rate to Germany. Stamps tied by “HALIFAX, N.S. JUL26, 1903" destination “KIEL/6/8/03" receiver. Corner creases, still attractive & o/w F.
299 1903//1910 Selection of five to France (inc. two 1¢) on view cards showing Niagara, etc. one postal stat. card with 1¢ Edward added and mailed to Baden, Germany in 1905. Also 14 Edward era view cards with1¢ or two 1¢ or a 2¢ Edward paying postage. Used mostly to France but three to Holland and one to Germany with Allan Liner - S.S. Virginian pictured. Gen. F. (20 cards). .E$50+

300 * USC #83 1898 10¢ QV Numeral - O.G. F-H.USC $200
301 o Sc. #89-95 1903-8 Edwards complete used set - VG - exceptionally fine. The 7¢ is a super example with nice “NELSON/BC FE24/12". .2007 Sc. US $196.90
302 * USC #90 1903 2¢ carmine Edward type II. Trace of dark lines on back, really negligible, o/w VF-NH. .USC $180
303 o Sc. #158 50¢ Bluenose - CDS “MONTREAL/18/SP15/39" cancel. Rich colour, well-centered & exceptionally fine. .2007 Sc. US $60
304 o Sc. #157, 159 20¢ Harvesting with nice CDS TORONTO cancel and three $1 Parliament not 1 pr. with large R cancel (1 stamp SE) and single with partial CDS. F.2007 Sc. US $188
305 * USC #242 1938 13¢ Halifax Harbour block of six. Fresh & VF-NH. .USC $180
306 C Canada to Argentina - five censored covers 1944 to 1945 usages from “M. RAVITCH c/o Jewish Library, Montreal” to “Di Presse/Buenos Aires”. Four paid with 4¢ carmine KGVI War Issues, the other with four 1¢ green KGVI War. The 1¢ with slight cover flaws as is one 4¢ with tiny portion of corner of cover off, o/w F & scarce usages.E$35+
307 * USC #334i 1953 50¢ Textile - high fl. paper. VF-NH. .USC $200
308 * USC #337p-341p 1962 Winnipeg tagged blank corner blocks complete in matched sets inc. 3¢. Fresh and F+-VF-NH. .USC $317
309 * USC #338iii Hibrite 2¢ Wilding UR blank corner.VF-NH. .USC $300
310 * USC #362 & 404P Two better sheets 20¢ Paper Industry pl. 4 UR & 4¢ Cameo tagged 4mm Winniper center bar. VF-NH.USC $200+
311 * USC #411i 1963 $1 Export - low fl. paper - plate 1 LL block. VF-NH. .USC $250
312 * Sc. #479iii 1968 5¢ Meteorology - dull paper - red over blue variety - MS of imprint blocks - unlisted as such in USC - they list blank corner MS at $160. VF-NH. Rare. .E$200+
313 * USC #926A & #926B 1987 36¢ values - purple Queen MS plus extra corner & pair of stamps. Parliament MS. VF-NH.USC $123
314 * USC #935, 935i 1982 Waterton Lakes - pl. 1 MS. LL block shows Beacon on all four stamps. Other positions show one, two or three beacons. VF-NH.USC $90+
315 *C USC #937 1983 $5 plate 1 MS VF-NH, plus official cacheted first day cover. VF.USC $260.40
316 * USC #937 $5 Point Pelee plate 1 MS. VF-NH. .USC $250

317 * USC #1084 1986 $5 La Maurice plate 1 MS plus pair and single. Also a cacheted FDC with single $5 tied by “TROIS-RIVIERES/86/3/14". USC $286.40
318 * USC #1183 $5 Market - plate 1 MS. VF-NH.........................USC $200
319 * USC #BK106-109 1989 Christmas Winter Landscapes - the four diff. sealed booklets. VF-NH. Scarce lot.USC $138
320 * USC #1375 & 1376 $1 & $2 Leigh-Mardon MS of plate blocks. The $1 glows orangey but $2 glows one of the browns or copper. Taken as cheapest variety. VF-NH.USC $150
321 USC #1630//2016 Chinese New Year 1997 to 2004 range of mint inc. souv. sheets and some MS. 2003 Year of Ram includes 48¢ sheet of 25. One year of Tiger Lunar Paq. Also 20 first day covers. Useful stock. .USC $224.30
322 * 1997 Lunar New Year - Year of the Ox Press Sheet - only 15,000 issued. Unitrade under-listing for #1630 ($225). In original package. VF.
323 * USC #1702 1997 $8 Grizzly full pane of 4 with inscription in R selvedge (face $32) plus official cacheted FDC. Pane has tiny light crease in upper L selvedge o/w VF-NH.USC $100
324 o USC #1812,1818A to 1834d Set of 68 diff. Millennium stamps plus special 2X46¢ Hologram stamps.Used are scarcer than mint VF.E$75++
325 * USC #1818-1834 1999-2000 complete Millennium collection of 17 souvenir sheets of four. VF-NH.USC $127.50
326 * USC #1972 (CK265) 2003 NHL All Stars complete booklet with pane of six. VF-NH.USC $60
327 * USC #B1-12, C1-9, CE1-4, E1-11, J15-35 Nice B.O.B. collection of 48 stamps in mounts on Scott album pages. Most NH condition F-VF. Note E8 VF-NH, E1 F-H, E2 F-NG.USC $484.30

328 Rare actual photo - probably mid-1920s. Capt. Terrence B. Tully 5th from left. Not sure if Metcalf in photo. Tully is famous for failed London to London flight (only 1 cover survives - Cat. $100,000). His son sold me this photo many years ago at my store on Victoria Street. Faulty but presentable and very rare..E$200+

329 C 16 Airmail Covers 1928-1946 usages inc. many first flights but also a few commercial covers some with illustrated corner cards. Note #C2 on 1931 cover to California. A few with slight cover flaws. Four to England. Most F-VF..E$50+

330 C USC #CL48 (AAMS CL48-3101a) Commercial Airways first flight Athabaska-Edmonton - FEB23/31 (873 pieces carried). 2¢ green Arch stamp tied by Athabaska cancel. (10¢) black - COMMERCIAL AIRWAYS - AIR FEE stamp on back, also BS “EDMONTON/ALBERTA/FE23/31" VF. .USC $50
331 o USC #F1//F2d Nice study - lot of 21 Registration stamps - note F1-9 (2 on piece); F1b - Cat. 95.00; F2a (x3); F2b (x2); and F2d-1 (perf. 12 X 11.5) Cat. $190.00. Also incl. 1¢ and 3¢ SQ. Fine.USC $346
332 * USC #J16i 2¢ Postage Due hibrite block of 4. VF-NH. .USC $80
333 o USC #O231//O273 OC9 & OE7 Selection of mostly diff. perf. small O.H.M.S. (43 stamps USC $121.75) inc. #O261 (6); #O273 and #OE7 plus 8 private perfins. Valued as stamps only. Note Royal William. Gen. F-VF. .USC $129
334 *o USC #O1//O15A, CO1 Ovpt. O.H.M.S. 45 used inc. several blocks of four plus 3 mint last KGVI. Note #O1-4 (5 sets), O11 (3), etc. F-VF-NH. .USC $281.60
335 * USC #O8 1949 20¢ Combine - LR corner block of four. VF-NH. .USC $120
336 * USC #O32 1953 $1 Totem ovpt. “G” plate one MS. Two stamps NH and two LH on each block. All VF. .USC $450
337 * USC #FWH2//FWH19 Wildlife Habitat Conservation - 1986//2003 16 diff. years plus extra 1997 in comp. booklets as issued.VF-NH.USC $342.50
338 o USC #FWH1/FWH17 Wildlife Habitat Conservation - 9 on both parts of license. 1985, 1987-8, and 1996-2001 plus six on half of form 1986 and 1990-1993 plus 1995. Gen. F-VF. .USC $330
339 o Packet collection of over 500 diff. stamps - five collections thus. Many large stamps included. .E$75+
340 o Sc. #15//337 & B.O.B. & some revenues Several hundred stamps in stockbook inc. some better. Some LG, SQs, Jubilee, QV Numerals to 20¢, Edward 50¢ faulty, Admirals, Confederation, Bluenose (2) but heavy cancels, 176, etc. Some mixed condition but plenty F-VF as well. Examine.E$100+
341 Mostly low value Edwards & Admirals inc. War Tax. Did notice small number of QV Numerals, GB, France and USA. Probably thousands crammed into small box and still on paper. Weight about 400 grams inc. box. Found in an attic - it has probably never been checked since the day, many years ago, when taken off envelope.E$50+
342 o USC #122 $1 Admiral - 35 copies 1 block of 8, strip of 4, 3 strips of 3, 6 pairs, etc. Note many nice CDS cancels. Cat. as fine.USC $245
343 o Sc. mostly #142 to about 429 plus War Tax & Officials Massive off paper accumulation - semi-sorted with some envelopes mixed. Inc. thousands of commems. Noted some #294 50¢ Oil Well. Mostly 1915 to 1963 issues. Shipping weight about 12 pounds. F-Avg.E$150+
344 o Used wholesale stock of many thousands of stamps mostly 1937-78 period sorted into glassines. Gen. Fine.E$150+
345 o USC #334//727 Wholesale - over 14,000 mid-high value definitives. Quantities range from about 23 to 6500 (50¢ Centennial). Spotted some nice cancels otherwise not checked by us for tagging, paper, or varieties. Gen. F-VF.USC $4100+
346 o USC #437//483 Over 9000 1965 to 1968 commemoratives bundled into 100s in small glassines. 9 different issues in quantities from 48 (#437) to 2700 (#479, 482). Unchecked for varieties, papers, cancels. F-VF. .USC $1807
347 o USC #461 & 463-5 Approx. 6800 stamps from 1967 Centennial definitives higher values (#463 - 3800; #461 - 1500; #464 - 900; #465 - 600). Bundles of 100 in small glassines. Unchecked for varieties, papers, tagging, cancels. F-VF.USC $1360
348 o USC #474//836 5¢ to 17¢ era - over 15,000 commemorative stamps in quantities of about 20 to 1800 of each. A few better items noted. Unchecked by us for varieties, tagging, etc. Gen. F-VF.USC $3600+
349 o About 4460 Xmas stamps from a few to several hundred of each. Note USC #530 (15¢ Children Drawing - 800) and #557 (15¢ Snowflakes - 680) Gen. F-VF.USC $2480.95
350 o USC #505//567 Approx. 16,380 commemoratives issued 1970-2 bundled in 100s in small glassines. 22 diff. issues in quantities from 125 (#505) to 1100 (#534) 2500 (#516) 3100 (#518). Unchecked for varieties, papers, cancels. F-VF.USC $3277
351 o USC #594//790 Approx. 14,800 1972 to 1977 range of definitives in quantity, neatly bundled in 100s in small glassines. 11 different including Landscapes in quantities from 600 to 4700 of each. Other Elizabeth Cameos and Parliaments from 80 to 1700 of each. Most F-VF. Unchecked for types, tagging, papers, cancels.USC $2964
352 o USC #599 or 599a 1972 $1 Vancouver - 7080 copies approx. Unchecked for paper, fluorescent, varieties. Fine. Cat. as lowest variety. USC $3540
353 o USC #600 1972 $1 Vancouver - perf. 11. 500 copies approx. unchecked for varieties. Fine.USC $1250
354 o Box of approx. 6000 commemoratives ranging from #610 to #721. 16 diff. issues bundled in 100s in small glassines. Unchecked for varieties, cancels, etc. Second box with commems. from 6¢ to 17¢ period sorted and bundled into small glassines approx. 3000 stamps. Bag of approx. 3000 more from same period, off paper, includes better. $8 gace value old Canadian Tire bills plus gas coupons. Plus definitives on paper and a few foreign.USC $2500+
355 o About 6700 Xmas stamps - from a few to several hundreds of each. Note USC #609 (15¢ Candles - 341), #628 (15¢ Shepherd - 100), etc. Gen. F-VF.USC $2401.10
356 o USC #623//689 1973 to 1976 selection of mostly better Olympic issues. Comprises #623 (100); 624 (113); 664 (392); 665 (41); 666 (174); 681 (69); 682 (91); 683 (171); 684 (188); 686 (299) and 689 (200). A few faulty but mostly superior selection of these. Gen. F-VF. (Owner’s counts but appear to be accurate).USC $1798
357 o 1937 to Modern on paper mixture about 28 pounds. Mostly definitives inc. coils in strips, some Christmas and commems. Some nice cancels spotted. A few foreign may be expected.E$60+
358 o 1942 to Modern similar mixture and weight.E$60+
359 o 1942 to Modern similar mixture and weight.E$60+
360 On-paper definitive mixture approx. 15 pounds 1954-1990s. Also small lot of used foreign, literature and supplies, some early Canada mixed condition, Canada 18piii cockeyed King stuck down.E$100+
361 *o Remnants of collections, covers, revenues, mixtures etc. Strength in B.N.A. but foreign, U.S.A. and British Commonwealth as well. Thousands of stamps.E$125+
362 *o Similar lot.E$125+
363 *o Similar lot.E$125+

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