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Tuesday April 5, 2005 Auction - 11:30am
The Auction will take place at Toronto's Eagles' Club at 17 Elm Street, Downtown Toronto (Two blocks north of Dundas Street, West off Yonge Street) on Tuesday April 5, 2005, commencing at 11:30am. Viewing for this sale will start on March 30 to April 4 from 10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Closed Sundays). We will allow limited viewing on day of sale from 9.40 a.m. to 11 a.m. We are located just up the street from the Elgin Theatre and just around the corner from Massey Hall. We are across the street and just a bit south of the Eaton Centre Shuter Street Parking Entrance. Take the Albert Street/Massey Hall exit from the Queen Subway stop and you are outside our building. Please note that a 15% buyers commission will be added to the hammer prices of lots purchased, and applicable taxes will be added to the hammer price + commission.
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1 Books - Rupert Bear Daily Express Annual 1953 and 1955 issues. 1953 missing half of spine, copy inscribed, painting page neatly coloured, price not clipped. 1955 fresh condition, crayon scribbles inside front cover, copy inscribed, painting page barely touched, price not clipped. U.K. retail £75+ ($170+) in this condition
2 Books - Rupert Bear Daily Express Annual 1958, 1959, 1960 and 1961 issues. All inscribed. 1959 missing spine and first page. Price clipped on 1958. Painting pages completed. Otherwise good condition. U.K. retail £100 ($230) for this condition
3 Books - Rupert Bear Daily Express Annual 1963, 1964, 1966, 1968, 1969 issues. Gen. good condition. 1969 not inscribed, others inscribed. Price clipped on 1968. Painting pages neatly completed. Spine damage on 1966 and 1968. Otherwise good condition. U.K. retail £100 ($230) for this condition
4 Books - Rupert Bear Daily Express Annuals 1970-1979 complete run. Fresh condition. Many not inscribed. Price re-attached on 1979, others intact. Also 1994 Rupert Noisy book, 1973 soft cover Rupert Adventure Book No. 1 and No. 2 in mixed condition. U.K. retail £150 ($345) in this condition
5 Teddy Bears - massive collection of teddy bear cards, greeting cards, photos and articles in 40 large photo albums and 10 mini-albums. Also magazines, price lists, books, inc. 1965 Pooh story book, Teddy Bear diary, 1991 Ultimate Teddy Bear Book, four books of reprints of old teddy bear postcards E$200
6 C Postcards - three 1903 Tuck Valentine’s Day postcards with cartoons of bears in full colour. One used 1907 in Cobourg, Ont., others in N.Y. one with a couple of stains, others fresh E$30+

7 C Postcards - bears and teddy bears. Lot of about 115 diff. postcards featuring bears and teddy bears. Mostly 1905-10 period. Mainly full colour cartoons. Also a number of private photo postcards. Note many unusual items inc. Easter cards, New Years cards, embossed designs. Many postally used in Canada and U.S.A. Gen. sound and fresh E$300+
8 C Postcards - lot of 18 Christmas greeting postcards circa 1905-10 all with Bear illustrations in full colour. 13 postally used Canada and U.S.A. Fresh lot E$100+
9 C Postcards - bears - set of seven day of the week. Each with a full-colour cartoon for each day. Dated from 1905 (Sunday) to 1911 (Saturday) one for each year. Scarce as a set. Printed by Ullman Mfg. NY. Unused. Fresh E$100
10 C Postcards - bears and teddy bears - lot of 18 postcards circa 1906-07 featuring bears made of fabric (7) or real fur (11) affixed to front of card. Seven postally used, others with handwritten messages. Gen. sound and fresh E$200+
11 C Bears and teddy bears. Lot of about 29 leather postcards circa 1906-09 with cartoons of bears or teddy bears. Several hand painted, four with bears attached. 17 postally used in Canada and U.S.A. Gen. fresh lot E$150
12 C Postcards - bears - lot of 17 “The Roosevelt Bears” postcards circa 1906 with full colour cartoons. Numbered #1 through #16 plus #18. Ten postally used in Canada and U.S.A., some others with handwritten messages. Fresh lot overall E$150+
13 C Postcards - bears - set of four postcards circa 1906 for the four seasons. Each with a cartoon of bears and small painting of the season. Various printers. One postally used in Canada 1907. Some minor corner faults, otherwise fresh E$35+

14 C Postcards - teddy bears - set of ten postcards circa 1907 each with full colour embossed cartoons of teddy bears. Printer unknown, appears to be from U.S.A. Six postally used (one missing stamp). Fresh E$125
15 C Postcards - bears - set of seven 1907 cards for days of the week with cartoons in full colour. Issued by Wm. S. Heal, N.Y. Gen. sound and fine E$50+
16 C Postcards - bears - set of seven days of the week 1907, each with woodcut cartoon white on green. Five postally used in Canada or U.S.A. (one missing stamp), others pencilled messages. Issued by D. Hillson. Fresh E$75

17 C Postcards - bears - series of nine greeting postcards circa 1907 with full colour cartoons of bears numbered consecutively 252 to 259. Printer unknown. Three postally used in Canada, one in U.S.A. One with faults on address side, otherwise fresh lot E$80+
18 C Postcards - bears - set of eight postcards 1907 with full colour cartoons on black background. Five diff. designs numbered 97-1 to 97-6 with two versions of #3 and #5. Tower M & N Co., N.Y. Six printed in Canada by Warwick Bros. & Rutter, Toronto, others U.S. Four postally used. #1 creases, others sound and fresH E$75+
19 C Postcards - bears - set of 12 postcards circa 1907-08 from J. I. Austen Co., Chicago. Each featuring cartoons of bears in full colour. Numbered consecutively #427 to #438. Six postally used in U.S.A. Sound and fresh E$100

20 C Postcards - bears - set of five Tuck’s “Little bears” series 118 circa 1908 with full colour embossed cartoons of bears. Four postally used (one missing stamp), other with ink and pencil on back. Some minor faults, gen. fine or better E$40+
21 C Postcards - bears - lot of four diff. Christmas postcards from the Bear Hotel, Grindelwald, Germany circa 1910. Three feature cartoons of bears two colours, other features crest with bear in three colours. Unused. Fresh E$50
22 C Postcards - lot of about 100 bears and teddy bears on postcards from 1930s to 60s. Mostly Canada, U.S., U.K., Germany. Mostly in colour. Inc. photos, paintings and cartoons. Note one b&w card from USSR 1939, Danish card with moving eyes. Some used. Fresh lot E$100+
23 Ancient Coins - one Roman Constantine II - AD 377-40 and one unidentified Greek probably a reproduction. The Roman coin looks good and had a retail value of $40 E$25
24 Worldwide - G.B. 1970, 71 proof sets, Bahamas silver $2 proof 1974, Haiti 50 gourdes 1973 proof silver, Bahamas 1974 $10 silver proof, G.B. 50p 1973, Churchill crown (1965), 1982 U.S.A. silver proof Washington half dollar. Most in cases or sealed at mint E$50-$75
25 U.S.A. - 1881s, 1922 silver dollars, 1944 half dollar, 4 X 1964 Kennedy halfs, 1968D half. Gen. VG-F E$30+
26 Canada - 1997 $100 gold coin in case of issue - 13.338 gms gold Charlton $225
27 Canada - 1935 silver $1 EF Charlton $40
28 Canada - 9 X silver dollars 1939, 1953, 1957, 5 X 1958, 1963, 9 X 50¢ 1950//66, 6 silver 25¢ 4 X 1967, 2 X 1968, 3 X 1967 10¢, 1 X 1968. Gen. F+ E$60+
29 Canada - silver dollars X 14 (1964-7), silver half dollars X 12 (1950//65), 12 X 1967 25¢. Gen. F+ E$70
30 Canada - seven proof silver dollars 1978-81, 1983-5 2005 Charlton $88
31 Canada 1913-92 - 1¢ GV X 17, GVI X 31, EII X 23, 5¢ GV X 16, GVI X 20, EII X 26; Dimes GV X 3, GVI X 15, EII X 27; 25¢ 1973, 1992 set of 12, eight nickel 50¢, 23 nickel dollars 1969-82. Gen. VF-EF E$50+
32 Canada uncirculated year sets 1963 (X 2), 1964 (X 2), 1966, 1968 (X 3), 1972, 1973, 1975. Also U.S.A. silver dollars 1921 and 1923 plus 1952 half dollar circulated E$75
33 Charlton BC3 1935 $2 blue - nice fresh colour - small tear upper right otherwise F+ E$50
34 Song Hits Magazine - six issues 1939-49 - each 18 to 34 pages of song lyrics, articles and photos. Sound condition E$30
35 Cook Books - library of 27 cookbooks - mostly hard cover. Good variety. Note Farm Journal’s Freezing and Canning (1978), Good Housekeeping cookbook (1949), McCall’s No Time to Cook (1985), Betty Crocker’s Low Fat Low Cholesterol (1996), Audrey Ellis Meat Cookery (1973), Elizabeth Pomeroy Chicken Cookbook (1973), Craig Claiborne’s Kitchen Primer (1969), Joy of Microwaving (1986), Reader’s Digest Safe and Healthy Eating (1997), Joy of Creative Cuisine (1985), Woman’s Day Encyclopedia of Cookery Vol. 1-5 (1966). Gen. good condition E$100+
36 Books - five hardcover books. Pierre Berton’s Remember yesterday 128 pages fully illustrated (19650; Chatelaine’s Gardening Book 370 pages (1975); Family Circle Encyclopedia of Cooking 799 pages (1990) (original price U.S.$59.95); Reader’s Digest Complete Do-it-yourself Manual 660 pages (1979); Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two Cookbook 156 pages (1964). Good condition E$50+
37 Art - large hardcover book “Rouault” by Pierre Courthion (published by Harry N. Abrams Inc. NY 1961) 490 pages featuring life and art of Georges Rouault 1871-1958. Features 832 illustrations including 49 hand-tipped plates in full-colour gravure. Slipcover has faults, otherwise good condition E$40
38 Royalty - 1953 large 11" X 17" softcover book “Coronation 1953" by the Illustrated London News. 68 pages of sepia photos of the Royal Family and the Coronation plus 15 full colour plates. Also 1981 hardcover “Invitation to a Royal Wedding” by Kathryn Spink (140 pages) and 1982 “Princess” by Robert Lacy (128 pages). Fresh condition E$50+
39 U.S.A. - 1970 hardcover “The Presidents of the United States” Vol. 1 & 3 (187 and 390 pages) many illustrations and photos. 1986 hardcover “The Best of Life” reprint featuring photos from Life Magazine 304 pages. 1966 hardcover “The Classic Cartoons” 336 pages. Also 1951 hardcover “Complete Book of Garden Magic” 334 pages and 1949 hardcover Popular Mechanics “Complete Book of Home Repair and Improvements” 508 pages. Good condition E$60
40 “Best in Children’s Books” by Doubleday - nine books (seven diff.) 1957-60. Gen. good condition E$50
41 Scott 1995 Classic Rus George Feyer’s Stamp Book - Feyer shows his artistic humour - forward by Pierre Berton E$25+
42 Scott 1998 Classic Catalogue - entire world 1840-1940+. F E$35+
43 Scott 2002 Classic Specialized Catalogue of stamps and covers 1840-1940. F E$45+
44 Small accumulation of stamps, coins, books and supplies. Inc. three old postcard albums, Canada used on and off covers. A few special event covers, MS for provincial trees, premiers, and penny post used on piece, Canada Post maximum card postcards, U.S.A. state birds and flowers hardcover book (no stamps), Canada 1999 Millennium coin collection, G.B. Diana presentation pack, Br. Comm. 1981 Royal Wedding Crown Colonies mint, Canada 1867-1967 hardcover book, 1967 hardcover History of hastings County, Canada covers inc. three Small Queens, WWII V-Mail advertising cover, 1901 advertising cover, used early stationery E$100+
45 C Lot of about 35 covers and cards 1958-96. Inc. Canada seven N.W.T. covers, Fr. Southern Antarctic two FDCs, Br. Antarctic three FDCs, Ross Dep. L1-4 Trans-Antarctic Crossing cacheted cover, Australia Antarctic FDC and special event covers, Tristan Gough Is. Relief Expedition cover, Argentina three covers with special Antarctic cancels, U.S.A. two Operation Deep Freeze covers, S. Africa MV SA Agulhas 1991 cover, Iceland 1970 Br. Schools Exploration cover. Gen. F or better E$100+
46 C Austria to Winnipeg, Canada 1894 postcard in English; 1870 North German Confed. folded letter to Holland plus 1880 Holland to England postcard. Gen. F and unusual E$35+

47 * Mint stock of about 740 stamps. Mostly 1940s and 1950s issues inc. complete sets. Note Manchukuo #32-35 complete but three values unused no gum (cat. $34.50). PRC probably includes a few reprints but also some original printings. High cat. value. Most F-VF-H-NH E$150+
48 *o Lot of about 310 stamps 1855-1980 mostly used. Note 4 used three margins. Gen. F or better STC U.S.$104.10 (C$130) in 2003 Scotts
49 *o Lot of about 1465 stamps 1918-74 mostly used. Some dup. F-VF STC U.S.$300.90 (C$380) in 2003 Scotts
50 *o Off-paper accumulation of approx. 4500 stamps. Strength in 1960s and 70s. Mostly CTO. Some dup. Strong in Romania $900+
51 Document - 1582 - under Henri III - great gothic calligraphy and signatures. Paper documents before 1600 are rare. Very fresh - unread and unresearched E$125
52 Document - 1623 - Louis XIII reign Normandy - on thick parchment with superb Order of Malta blue oval illus. and signed. Speaks of “De Rougemont, De L’Estang and Magellon De Gubrmant”. All important noble families of the time. Unread and unresearched E$110+
53 Document - 1703 - nobility. Lovely large revenue illustration with two roosters on watermarked paper. Various ornate signatures inc. De Montjois. Unresearched E$100
54 Document - 1744 - Louis XV. Speaks of “Police Jurisdiction”. Several signatures and revenues. Unread and unresearched. E$75
55 Document - 1758 - long letter signed by “Guimont da la Touche” to the Officers of the Siege Presidial de Bourges. Speaks about criminal offices. Unresearched E$90
56 Document - 1764 - under Louis XV - death certificate by a witness with a lot of details how the corpse was found. Very unusual. Nice calligraphy. T hree signatures of notaries on watermarked and revenue paper. Unresearched E$100
57 Document - 1775 - Normandy - on parchment. Very nice “Gen D’Alencon” revenue. Various ornate signatures. Fresh and unresearched E$90
58 Document - 1781 - three very nice and fresh documents - one with two diff. revenues, another with a scarce “Taxe Pour Tous Droits - Cinquante Sols”. All unread and unresearched E$125
59 Document - 1792 - National Convention Decree dated Oct 24, 1792 to create revenues of 400 million pounds by the issuance of securities. Many printed signatures and counter signed in ink. Great vignette E$90
60 Document - 1792 - law dealing with free circulation for people without a passport. Great large vignette - several signatures in print and countersigned twice in ink E$75
61 Document - 1792 - Convention Nationale Decree No. 214 dealing with immigration dated Dec 20, 1792, just a few days before the king’s execution. Signed Roland and Garat (in print) and countersigned in ink. Note - appears to be an error on document as first page shows Dec 20, 1792 - first year of the Republic and fourth page shows Jan 1, 1792 - second year of the Republic. E$150
62 Document - Year 5 of Revolution official document to the citizens by Bouard du Cholet - dealing with the census of wealth in each community and factories, etc. Unresearched E$85
63 Document - 1817 - on parchment with three revenues and a nice red stamp of “College Heraldique” - deals with nobility - nice signatures E$125
64 Document - 1839 - nobility death announcement with superb “Le Lion D’Angers” Dec 24, 1839 stamp - nice signature E$60
65 Document - 1849 - legal bulletin #1034 dealing with prison-related work signed in print by Louis Napoleon Bonaparte and Odilon Barrot - nice seal E$75+
66 Document - 1849 - legal bulletin decree dealing with dwarfed palm trees from Algeria - extremely rare and unusual topic. Signed in print by Bonaparte and Odilon Barrot - nice seal - was sold in post offices E$75+
67 Documents (38) - 1850 - genealogy papers on French nobility dating back to the 15th century - long dated list of families by region. A researcher’s delight! E$85
68 Document - 1851 - 12-page legal bulletin dealing with various topics (No. 3010 to 3017) - several signature print including Napoleon Bonaparte. Nice seal E$100+
69 Postcards - about 190 postcards - mostly pre-1920 - many undiv. backs, N.D., L.L., real photos, many coloured etc. Some with much animation. F-VF lot E$100
70 *o Sc. #67//1620 + b.o.b. - 1876-1978 - over 825 stamps neatly arranged in a large stockbook. Slight dup. About 160 mint - remainder used. Note used Sc. #67, 247B, 300a etc. List accompanies. Some mixed cond. but gen. F-VF STC 2003 Sc. U.S.$402.85
71 o Sc. #1-3, 5 & 6 1859-1865 - five diff. 40c orange flaws inc. tiny thins otherwise F-VF used 2005 Sc. U.S.$94 (C$117.50)

72 *o 1860s to mid 1970 - about 3000 stamps mostly used - inc. Austria (400) note #C55, Belgium (275+), Denmark (200), Germany and DDR - approx. 2220 - all on stock pages and most numbered. Some dup. Examine. Some mixed condition otherwise gen. F E$125+
73 o Bremen - Sc. #3 used 7 gr black on yellow - four margins - sound - VF 2005 Sc. $600
74 *o Baden to Wurttemberg - 1849-1920 - about 160 stamps with strength in Bavaria (over 120 mainly used inc. Sc. #101 (2)); Wurttemberg (34 mostly mint) also note Southern District Sc. #53. All neatly arranged and numbered in a small stockbook. Inc. two Thuringia stamps issued in 1945. Some mixed cond. but gen. F STC 2003 Sc. U.S.$224.30
75 *o Eight Germania stamps. Inc. #68* block (two NH), 119 NH and used, 128 (X 2) NH F-VF 2004 Sc. Spec. U.S.$73.55 (C$90)
76 * Sc. #66b mint 1902 3 pf yellow-brown with top selvedge. VF-NH 2004 Sc. Spec. U.S.$400 (C$500)
77 * Sc. #66b mint 1902 3 pf yellow-brown VF-NH 2004 Sc. Spec. U.S.$400 (C$500)
78 * Sc. #72 mint 1902 40 pf. F-NH. Couple of tiny toning spots on gum. 2004 Sc. Spec. U.S.$230 (C$285)
79 *o Sc. #153b (2) 1921 5 pf Numeral red orange shade mint NH and used pulled corner. F 2004 Sc. Spec. U.S.$285 (C$355)
80 *o 1875-1993 - about 600 mostly used and diff. on quadrilled pages in a three-ring binder. Inc. both Germany and GDR. Also two Vatican mint NH SS Sc. #719 & 720 E$50
81 *o Germany and related - packet of 650+ stamps turn-of-century to early post-WWII mainly - a few slightly better. Inc. Fr. Occup., Occup. of Bohemia and Moravia (67) etc. Most are used - mint mainly H. F-VF. Slight dup. E$35+
82 C Lot of about 80 commercial covers 1920-23 most to Deutsche Bank, Berlin. Interesting variety of rates at beginning of inflation period. Mixed condition E$100+
83 1936 Winter Olympics memorabilia comprising b&w photo, cigarette cards 8 X 12 cm. depicting hockey (9) inc. Can.-U.S. action + other Cdn. related, 13 skiing related and 12 bobsled related inc. U.S. team. Most VF E$60-$80+
84 C Sc. #1-9 1948 first issue complete on First Day cover. Crease at lower left corner of cover away from stamps. Otherwise F 2005 Sc. U.S.$153.20 as used
85 C Sc. #1-6 set with upper tabs showing “1" in triangle used on first day cover. Scarce thus. F+ E$50+
86 *C Collection in nine volumes - mostly first day covers starting in 1948 plus 1950 Airs. Also note a censored cover, special events covers, postal stat. etc. Also some mint. Includes a few foreign related to Jewish matters. High cat. value. Hundreds of covers etc. Gen. F-VF. Examine E$250+
87 *o Lot of about 1085 stamps 1863-1974. Mostly used. Some dup. Note 165-7 used (light corner crease on 165), 108 used (X 2). Gen. F STC 2003 Sc. U.S.$486.10 (C$610)
88 o 1900-2004 - about 2885 used stamps on 15 stock pages in a binder. Mostly commemoratives. Some dup. Gen. F-VF STC 2004 Sc. U.S.$2022 (C$2450)
89 *o Accumulation of many hundreds of stamps. All periods to 1970s. Some heavy dup. Strong in early material. Mostly used. VG-F E$50+
90 C Selection of covers and cards 1907 to modern usages on about 57 covers or cards. Also 13 cross-Canada tourist guides or maps. Plus large packet of mostly if not all modern Netherland stamps. Examine E$60+
91 *o Lot of about 365 stamps 1870-1971. Mostly used. Some heavy dup. Note #118* HR one pulled perf. Gen. F STC 2003 Sc. U.S.$167.30 (C$210)
92 o Sc. #3102//4091 used 1982-1996 in complete sets. #3102-3117 - 54 sets, 3664-3684 (3 complete sets + additionals), 4055-4060 (24 complete sets) and 4082-4091 (24 sets). All CTO. Some mixed condition but gen. VG-F 2005 Sc. $381.75
93 o Mostly modern - over 1850 stamps in envelopes of 100 to 300 diff. per envelope. Also inc. 24 souvenir sheets. Per owner, these were priced to sell at about $100 in the late 1970s. A few mint but most appear CTO. Gen. F E$50+
94 *o Collection of about 800 stamps 1858-1976 from Denmark, Finland, Greenland and Iceland. Mostly used. Some complete sets. Includes a number of early shades. Gen. F E$100+
95 *o Lot of about 935 stamps 1855-1977. Mostly used. Some dup. Note #45A used three margins, 338B used toned, 523 used (X 2), 634 used some short perfs., C55a* HR. Also a few telegraphs, locals, colonies. Gen. F STC 2003 Sc. U.S.$565.05 (C$710)
96 *o Lot of about 865 stamps mostly used 1862-1997. Some heavy dup. Strength in early. Note #131 used, 189 used crease, 214 used, B216 used. Gen. F or better STC 2003 Sc. U.S.$563.80 (C$705)
97 o Lot of about 375 stamps 1888-1978 mostly used with dup. Gen. F or ebtter STC 2003 Sc. U.S.$88.45 (C$110)
98 *o Lot of about 565 stamps 1929-81. Mixed mint and used with dup. Note 44 used cds. F-VF STC 2003 Sc. U.S.$148 (C$185)
99 *o Lot of about 3900 stamps in two stockbooks. All periods and areas. Mostly used. Some heavy dup. of Canada and U.S. definitives. Note a number of CTO, strength in Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Turkey, G.B. Gen. F E$200+
100 *oC Small box of stamps and covers. Note Canada 582-5 FDC, 1974 Year set (cat. $250), 202 FDC (cat. $35), sand dunes CTO, Hungary CTO, used Liechtenstein, early Japan, G.B. penny red plating album, Japan special event cancels, three Br. Comm. circuit books, circuit book of better U.S.A. covers inc. UY11 used, 515 on registered cover to Czechoslovakia E$200+
101 *o Approx. 13 lbs. mixture on and off paper mostly used. All periods back to 1900. Strength in Canada. Gen. F E$175
102 *o Accumulation of several thousand stamps in stockbooks mostly foreign. All eras. Mixed mint and used. Some dup. Strength in Germany, U.S.A. Gen. F E$150
103 o Superior mixture on single paper (8+ lbs.) and off-paper (4 lbs.) 1940 to date with strength in modern issues. All hand-picked by owner for quality. Strength in G.B., Western Europe. No U.S.A. or Canada E$150+
104 *o Accumulation of several thousand stamps on album pages and off-paper. Note strength in modern Australia used off-paper, used Greece, various mint Canada inc. 50th All-Star Game folder, hologram stamps nine pairs, Canadian open folder (face $34.77), mint China PRC 1980s (cat. $13.50) E$150
105 oC Accumulation of many thousands of stamps on and off paper. Note strength in Brazil on paper, small lot of Br. Comm. covers and FDCs, G.B. lot of about 50 FDCs 1970s and 80s (cat. U.S.$89 as used). Also Australia 1980 coin presentation set. Gen. F E$175
106 *o Late 1800s to early 1970s - over 5250 stamps housed in two Harris World Stamp albums - over 100 countries (J-W) represented. Owner lists accompanies. Per owner’s count, note Japan (296), Jugoslavia (440), Nicaragua (166), Norway (200), Paraguay (367), Turkey (360) etc. Appear to be all diff. Some mixed condition but gen. F E$150+
107 *oC Selection of 100 or more covers or cards inc. Japan. Mostly Canadian FDCs with values to $2. Also about 10 oz. of G.B. commems. on paper, mint inc. labels etc. E$75+
108 C Lot of about 320 covers all periods and areas. Mix of commercial covers and FDCs. Note strength in early U.S.A., modern Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UAR FDCs 1950s & 60s, Canada Klussendorfs, Australia and N.Z. note N.Z. B9-10 on two cacheted FDCs, N.Z. B13 on cacheted cover, N. Rhodesia 54-9 Rhodes FDC cacheted and unaddressed, S. Africa 74-8 Coronation registered FDC. VG-VF E$150
109 o 1937 to late 70s - over 300 covers - many large size - several with multiple stamps. Inc. over 100 U.S., about 100 Br. Comm., 50 worldwide and 50 Canada + a few stamps on piece. A few damaged but mostly F E$150
110 *o Mostly modern over 6800 stamps - mostly diff. - sorted by country in over 35 envelopes. Note Hungary - 850 stamps, Poland 770, Indonesia 380, Germany 200, etc. These are owner’s counts. Mixed mint and used. Gen. F E$100
111 *o 1872 to early 1970s - Romania over 1600 stamps mostly used Sc. #126//2317 + b.o.b. on stock pages in two binders. Also UAR collection in a Minkus Specialized album pages to 1968 - contains Egypt (249), Syria (72) and Yemen (98). A few mixed condition but gen. F E$75+
112 *o About 100 diff. s/s, strips of five and blocks - mainly modern s/s - strength in British Pacific Island and Russia. Both mint and used CTO. Gen. F-VF E$65
113 *o Lot of a few hundred both mint and used - mostly approval type material. One set of 1980 Olympic Sports coins (four coins missing), also a library of seven cookbooks and four misc. - all in hardcover except one. Inc. Rubens, a reproduction of 49 paintings in full colour, Reader’s Digest “Practical Problem Solver” and “Household Hints and Handy Tips”, “Royal Doulton Figures circa 1890-1978" by Desmond Eyles and Richard Dennis. Nice lot. Good condition E$50
114 * Thematic - collection of over 700 mostly diff. stamps - inc. Olympics (181), Paintings (214), Space (54), Birds (89) etc. by owner’s count. Most appear fine E$50
115 o JUNK BOX - late 1800-modern - accumulation of hundreds if not thousands of stamps/covers in glassines, retired circuit books etc. Examine. Interesting lot. Gen. F E$75
116 o Mostly modern 1 kg. mixture on single paper. Strength in Europe and U.S. Nice clean lot E$50+
117 C Lot of about 210 commercial covers and fronts. All eras and areas. Strength in G.B., Br. Comm., South America. VG-F E$75
118 C Lot of about 103 FDCs 1938-94. Some dup. Strength in Scandinavia. Gen. F or better E$75
119 * SS #112 mint 1869 1¢ Franklin - probably expertly regummed or sweated - tiny closed tear at bottom otherwise sound - LH app. U.S. Scott Spec. $850
120 * Sc. #214 mint 1887 3¢ vermilion F-O.G.-HR 2005 Sc. U.S.$80 (C$100)
121 SS #PC5-6 1862 5¢ and 10¢ Postage Currency imperf. edges. Usual light creasing. Scarce. Fine 2005 Scott Spec. U.S.$42.50 (C$53)

122 *o Lot of about 1750 stamps 1890-1997 in two small stockbooks with some dup. Also about 230 FDCs 1930s to 60s. Plus a few U.N. Mostly used. Some better values. Note #225 (2), 227 (3). Gen. F E$200
123 o Mixture on single paper (7 lbs.) and off-paper (1 lb.) all periods with strength in post-1965. All handpicked by owner for quality. F-VF $90+
124 C Postcards - collection of about 57 New Years greeting postcards 1901-15 era all in colour. Many embossed. Note several with pieces of silk incorporated in design, one with calendar on three rotating wheels, two with full calendar in small booklet attached. Also two Hallowe’en postcards from same era. Many used in Canada or U.S. Fresh condition E$250+
125 C Postcards - complete set of seven 1905 days of the week postcards by Ullman Mfg. Co., N.Y. Full colour. Unused with handwritten messages related to card on back. Mostly fresh. E$75

126 C Postcards - lot of about 22 Christmas postcards circa 1905-15, all with metal keepsakes attached to front. Most are gold, some coloured. Several also with silk incorporated into design. Note angel, Santa, horseshoe pendant, vase, sleigh, bells, Christmas trees, text message. Eight postally used in Canada or U.S.A., many others with written message on address side. Gen. sound and fresh lot E$200
127 C Postcards - set of four puzzle postcards 1906 featuring b&w cartoon. Designed to be mailed in sequence until punch line is revealed on last card. Designed by Walter Wellman. All used in New York. Scarce as a full set. Fine E$50
128 C Set of four puzzle postcards 1906 featuring full colour drawing of dachshund over the four cards. Designed to be mailed in sequence until picture completed on last card. Inscribed “Huld’s Puzzle Series No. 2 by Franz Huld, N.Y. All used in Mass. Scarce as a full used set. Water stains. E$30
129 C Postcards - set of three puzzle postcards 1906 with full colour drawing of large fish spread over the three cards. Designed to be mailed in sequence until picture completed on last card. Issued by Wildwood Post Card Co., N.J. All used in N.Y. Stamp missing from #2. Scarce as a full used set. fine E$30
130 C Postcards - three U.S. postcards circa 1908 each with a U.S.A. Indian Head Cent (1905, 1906, 1908) affixed to front. Two used, one mint. Fresh E$50
131 C Postcards - lot of 24 assorted postcards circa 1906-10 all with metal keepsakes affixed to front. Note card for Hope and Happiness with swastika, Hallowe’en card with pumpkin, crosses, anchors, three with gold and green shamrocks, wheat sheaf, Washington’s axe, windmill, banjo, Irish pin with silk U.S. and Irish flags, Christmas tree and silk violets, Chinese coin on 1906 San Francisco scene. Eight postally used in Canada or U.S.A., several others with written message on address side. Gen. sound and fresh E$175
132 C Postcards - four postcards circa 1907 from H-O Co. Buffalo for Korn Kinks cereal featuring cartoons of “Kornelia Kinks” in colour. Somewhat racist by today’s standards. Fresh E$30+

133 C Postcards - lot of about 21 postcards circa 1908-10 with birds/ animals all with metal keepsakes attached to front. Note two horse-related, two dogs, camel, swan, eagle, three doves, four bisons (three from Buffalo NY), seven elks. Eight postally used in Canada or U.S.A., others with message written on address side. Mostly sound and fresh E$175
134 C Postcards - lot of 21 transportation-related postcards circa 1908-13 all with metal keepsakes attached to front. Note canoes/row boats, sailboat, four steamships (including Lusitania), three dirigibles, biplane, three trolleys, five automobiles, five postally used in Canada or U.S.A. Some with written message on address side. Gen. sound and fresh E$150
135 C Postcards - lot of 18 Valentines postcards circa 1908-16 all with metal keepsakes attached to front, mostly gold but some coloured. A few also with silk hearts etc. Note four with pendants in cellophane, hearts of various sizes, cupids, ship. Four postally used in U.S.A., most with message written on address side. Gen. sound and fresh E$150+
136 C Postcards - seven Happy New Year postcards circa 1908-10, all with metal keepsakes attached to front. Inc. three with “Happy New Year” script plus felt or silk, two with angel and bells, one horse and horseshoe, one horse and cart. Two postally used, others with handwritten message on address side. Sound and fresh E$75+
137 C Postcards - lot of 17 Easter postcards circa 1908-10 all with metal keepsakes attached to front. Includes Easter bunnies, chicks pulling Easter eggs, roosters, lilies, ornate crosses, rabbit carrying U.S. flag, seven postally used in Canada or U.S., most others with handwritten messages. Fresh and sound E$150+
138 C Postcards - lot of 20 birthday postcards circa 1910 all with metal keepsakes attached to front. Note swastika, angel, cupid, birds, cross, anchor, horseshoe, windmill, vase and text. A few also include silk or felt. Most with handwritten messages on back. Sound and fresh E$150+
139 C Postcards - 11 Thanksgiving postcards circa 1910 with metal keepsakes affixed to front. Inc. two with large wishbones, two with gunman carrying turkey, four with turkeys, one with turkey and wishbone on padded silk, and one with padded silk turkey with metal studs at corners. Two postally used, most others with handwritten notes on address side. Sound and fresh E$100+
140 C Postcards - 17 postcards circa 1910 for Best Wishes or Remember Me all with metal keepsakes attached to front. A few also include silk or felt on front. Inc. four horse shoe, dove, swan; rest have metal text message. Some with written message on back. Sound and fresh for most part E$150+
141 C Postcards - set of 12 AT & T (Bell) advertising postcards in full colour circa 1910. Numbered R-1 to R-12. One used, rest unused. One inscribed with advertising message from “Local Manager”. R-1 has child’s pencil markings on back. Fresh lot and scarce as a set E$120+

142 C U.S.A. to Belgium - 12 viewcards of Rochester, New York - mostly used - 1909 to 1912 usages most with Belgium receivers. Great views of Rochester. Some edge wear - gen. F app. E$40+
143 C Postcards - set of four 1918 WWI patriotics with soldiers and memories of home illustrations in full colour, issued by Illustrated Postal Card & Nov. Co., N.Y. All used Georgia to Florida. VF E$30+
144 US Spec. #RK35 American Foreign Service $2 brown stamp neatly tied to German document with HS “American Consulate General/Berlin Germany De 27, 1939". Bears red embossed seal “American Consulate General, Berlin, Germany”. Translation of birth certificate. Document has tear - stamp a bit faulty when affixed. Also two pages from two Swiss visas 1950 and 1953. VG-VF E$75+
145 *o Early 1900-mid 1970s - over 725 stamps - mostly diff. - inc. Algeria 140+, Belgian Congo 100, Congo Dem. Rep. 145, Ruanda-Urundi/Rwanda 100 & Liberia 240. Gen. F-VF E$50
146 *o 1895-1990 - lot of over 900 diff. - mixed mint (H & NH) and used - in a new eight-page black pages stockbook. Inc. many high values and some SS. Gen. F-VF STC 2004 Sc. U.S.$320
147 *o Junk Box - many thousands in glassines, retired sales circuits books, small stockbooks, in envelopes, pages and stock pages, small boxes. Almost anything could be found here. Examine E$125+
148 *o 1870s-modern - collection of over 2300 in two stockbooks and on pages in a binder. Strength in Russia (over 650), Norway(260+). Mostly diff. but some dup. to five of a kind. Some mixed condition but gen. F E$75
149 o Sc. #1 used 1840 Penny Black. Four margin copy - “E-K” stated to be Plate 8. Red smudged Maltese Cross. Inspecial Fleetwood Commemorative folder including a replica First Day Cover. F+ 2005 Sc. U.S.$250 (C$312.50)
150 o Sc. #10/SG #19 used two-pence blue perf. 16 wmk. small crown strip of three vertical on piece - letters “P-D”, “Q-D” and “R-D”. F 2005 Sc. $300/2005 SG £255
151 o Two postal stationery items similar to the embossed issues of 1847-54 - both value sixpence. One overprinted “SPECIMEN” and cut to shape E$35+
152 * Sc. #78/SG #165 mint 1880 half-penny pale green horizontal marginal strip of five - selvedge shows portion of “PO” wmk. which extends onto left stamp. Creases - O.G. - otherwise fresh and F-NH Still very attractive 2005 Sc. $225/2005 SG £200
153 o Sc. #108 used 1884 five-shilling carmine rose “Registered” 1902 cancel. Fresh colour. F+ 2005 Sc. $210
154 o Sc. #108 used - similar copy - Hull cds cancel. Paler shade. Blue marker (crayon?) line across stamp. F+ 2005 Sc. $210
155 o Sc. #141 used ten-shilling Edward - Registered cancel - F+ 2005 Sc. $400
156 o Sc. #127//150 used 1902-1911 - small lot of about 149 stamps - heavy dup. of some. Note #130 (18), 132 (14), 133 (38), 134 (10), 135 (14), 136 (11), 137 (6) inc. many shades not listed in Scott. Great lot for the specialist. Some mixed condition but gen. F-F+ STC 2005 Sc. $3837.90
157 *o Sc. #20//477 - QV to 1966 - a good collection of about 360 - mostly used - inc. some fine phosphors and a few regionals. Note used #117, 120, 136, 137 etc. Slight dup. A few mixed condition otherwise F-F+ 2005 Sc. $1475
158 o Sc. #33/882 used - 1864 to 1979 - over 1600 stamps sorted in envelopes. Some dup. but over 340 diff. Note Sc. #156, 179, 199, a few regionals, list accompanies. Owner used 2003 cat. prices. Note that cat. values have increased considerably for several of the older issues in the last two years. Some mixed cond. otherwise gen. F STC 2003 Sc. $1009.50
159 *o Sc. #127/219 - 1902 to 1936 - about 86 stamps - mainly used - but inc. some VF mint such as 199, 200 - used #133, 136, 137, 138. Some mixed condition but most F-VF 2005 Sc. $923.55
160 o Lot of about 420 stamps 1840-1979. Some minor dup. Note #117 crease, 122 creases and clipped perfs., 174 clipped corner, 179 creases, 199 thin, 289 perfs. trimmed at left, 312 couple of pulled perfs. VG-VF. Early material mixed condition. STC 2003 Sc. U.S.$804 (C$1005)
161 *oC Collection of about 330 stamps 1881-1973 with dup. (cat. U.S.$290). Also about 65 FDCs 1966-69 (cat. £225). Also small box of several thousand used stamps mostly off paper with dup. in glassines. Gen. F. Note 1966 World Cup phosphor FDC (cat. £20) and plain FDC (£15). Gen. F E$125+
162 * Lot of 47 complete booklets 1968-76. Inc. SG N31p, N32p, NP27, NP28 (X 11), NP29 (11), NP30 (10), DN74 (11), DN75. Gen. F 2004 SG £83.45 (C$195)
163 C Postcards - lot of about 110 postcards mostly WWI scenes, most from G.B. 33 colour, rest b&w. 37 used. Mixed condition E$100+
164 C Postcards - over 90, mostly older cards, about two-thirds unused - inc. many R.P., Frith etc. Gen. F E$50
165 Newspaper - Saturday, May 13, 1854 copy of “The Illustrated London News” (Vol. XXIV, No. 682). Very rare ILN newspaper revenue - front page talks about the Crimean War E$75
166 o Sc. #13 used 1882 2½ pence red brown wmk. CA. Fine 2005 Sc. U.S.$55 (C$67)
167 * Sc. #J55 mint 1922 - 4D Postage Due - UL corner block of four wmk. 10 - narrow crown and barrow A. The usual light gum bends. F-NH 2005 Sc. $76
168 * Sc. #03//014, C01 mint 1931-32 b.o.b. - 10 diff. - inc. 04, 010, 014 and C01. Nice lot - VG-VF-H-LH 2005 Sc. $222
169 *o Collection of about 340 stamps 1913-74 in Lighthouse album. Mostly used. Note #18* H, 73a used, 141* H. VG-VF Sc. U.S.$362.05 (C$450)
170 o About 1½ lbs. mostly modern on mostly single paper. Inc. commems., defs. E$85
171 o About 1 lb. 4 oz. mixture on mostly single paper - mainly modern comms. and defs. E$75
172 o Early 1900-modern - about 650 stamps in stockbook - mainly used - a few mint. Some dup. Australia - approx. 580 - strong in roos and KGV - values to $5. Also about 76 New Zealand. A few mixed condition otherwise F-VF E$50+
173 o Sc. #13, 13a used 1863 four-pence rose and rose lake shades. Several short perfs. otherwise F 2005 Sc. U.S.$160 (C$195)
174 C Sc. #52 etc. - 1922 and 1937 registered covers to U.S.A. - first with 2½d. blue and 4d. orange. Second with one-shilling black and red - tape stains at edges of this. Otherwise VF. E$40+

175 C Lot of about 105 FDCs (65 diff.) 1939-86. Inc. #202-6, 230-3, 640-59 (one three covers). Gen. F-VF. Cat. U.S.$272.10 (C$340) as used stamps
176 *o Lot of about 550 G.B. stamps 1841-1970 (cat. U.S.$2600) plus Antigua 75 stamps 1867-1978 (cat. U.S.$125). Note G.B. #4 used two margins, 27 used several pulled perfs., 28 used clipped corner, 43 Pl. 13 used, 45 used small tear, 51 used short perfs. wing margin, 54 used short perf., 61 Pl. 18 used clipped perfs., 66 Pl. 2 used tear, 67 Pl. 7 used toning, 84 Pl. 17 used creased, 88 (X 2) used, 103 used small tear, 122 used small tear, 126 used small tear, 179 (4) used minor faults, 180 (2) used one thinned, 183 used torn corner, 222 used, 223 used light creases; Antigua #3 used thinned, 29* H, 58 used. Mixed condition E$250
177 *o A-I countries 1913-1979 - over 1500 stamps - approx. 300 mint - strength in Australia (about 665 stamps - STC $325+) note Sc. #221, J69. Also note used Ceylon #151D; Hong Kong #11, 21, 117; Ireland mint #65-76 (set complete) etc. Neatly arranged and numbered in two stockbooks. List accompanies. A few mixed condition but gen. F-VF STC 2003 Sc. U.S.$1006.55
178 o Used wholesale lot of several thousand stamps from Canada, G.B., Australia and N.Z. All reigns with strength in Elizabethan. Gen. F E$150
179 *o Album with about 700 stamps - some loose and includes mint North Borneo #193-204 (cat. $67); Southern Rhodesia KGV etc. etc. Also some Canada and cigar box of odds and ends inc. perfins, precancels etc. Examine. Some need a soaking E$100
180 *o About 770 mint and used + 18 s/s mainly modern in stockbook. Inc. A.A.T. (75 + one s/s), B.A.T. (46 + one s/s), B.I.O.T. (27), Christmas I. (310+ stamps + seven s/s), Cocos Is. (180 + six s/s), Norfolk I. (125 + three s/s). High cat. values for these. Gen. F-VF E$100+
181 C 1977 Jubilee and 1978 Coronation lot of about 88 FDCs in two padded souvenir albums issued by the Westminster Collectors Society. VF. Stamps alone cat. U.S.$90.65 (C$113) E$100
182 * 1981-2 Royal Wedding - these were purchased in the 1980s from Stanley Gibbons promotions contains promo items MU01-MU27 - mostly in their original packaging. Lista accompany. Also inc. a Royal Wedding stamp catalogue, SG Royal Wedding stamp album + two spiral bound R.U. albums. Owner paid over £845 (C$1960 at today’s rate). F-VF-NH
183 *o 1914-2003 - about 160 Australia inc. a small specialized collection of 47 KGV 1d. red (34 diff. shade/paper) cat. nos. from “The Commonwealth Spec. Cat.” (9th ed. 1946) Melbourne and about 110 mint Sc. cat. $70, plus a 1988-2003 used Canada collection of about 265 on album pages. Inc. a few coil strips of three or four. Gen. F-VF E$75+
184 *o KGV to QE collection of about 75 diff. - more than half with cds cancels. Strength in Cayman and Falkland Is. inc. F.I. Dep. #1L19 to 1L31 used. Gen. F-VF-H 2005 Sc. $115+
185 *o 1882-1980 - New Zealand collection of about 214 (45 mint) on stock pages - note Sc. #189 used, B16 & B17 mint STC 2003 Sc. C$155. Also small Ghana collection of approx. 162 (40 mint) in a stockbook STC 2003 Sc. $40 STC 2003 Sc. C$195
186 o Revenues - small collection of about 39 revenues. Note G.B. Northamptonshire Bft. 20; G.B. Tea Clearing House Bft. 63 (two shades) and 70; N.Z. Counterpart Bft. 4; N.Z. fine Paid 10/- Arms Bft. 58; N.Z. Arms £6 on 6 pounds on piece Bft. 346; W. Australia 1/- Financial Emergency Tax Bft. 9; Hong Kong Contract Notes Bft. 175 and 176 pulled corner perfs. Gen. F 2000 Barefoot £157.70 (C$365)
187 o Boer War era? Queen Victoria half penny newspaper wrapper used to Lt. Col. Money, Northumberland Fusiliers, S.A.F. Force. Usual creases and wrinkles E$50+
188 *o Sc. #6//335 - about 170 stamps and ten s/s in a stockbook many complete mint NH sets. Mostly mint - inc. some strips of five. Gen. F-VF $159.15
189 o Sc. #390A used 1981 Surcharged Plants unlisted in Gibbons and listed but unpriced in Scotts. Very scarce if not rare. VF 2005 Sc. Unpriced
190 * SG #980//2621 mint lot of about 56 overprints and surcharges and two booklets 1982-9. Some scarce values. Inc. SG 1090-1, 1486a, 1403, 1405-6, 1411-2 (2), 1413, 1608-14, 2472 (2), BKS50 (2). F-VF*-NH SG £242.15 (C$560)
191 1991 hardcover presentation book with slipcase “History of the Hong Kong Post Office 1841-1991" containing pictures and text (Chinese and English) plus 23 mint sets and one s/s 1987-91 presented to past and present Post Office employees. Includes black print s/s of #605. (stamps alone cat. U.S.$170.55). Also 2000 Yang Hong Kong Catalogue and 1998 BNAPS “Force C - The Canadian Army’s Hong Kong Story 1941-1945" by Ellison. VF E$200
192 * Barefoot #126 mint 1972 $100 Contract Note overprint block of four with broken “A” on one stamp. VF*-NG. Couple of short perfs. 2000 Barefoot £100+ (C$230+)
193 * Barefoot #126-7 mint 1972 photogravure Contract Note $100 and $200 values with both thick and thin overprint varieties. VF*-NG 2000 Barefoot £120+ (C$275+)
194 * 1972 photogravure Contract Note stamps lot of 19 diff. Inc. $8, $40, $100, $200, $9 on $16, $30 on $40, $60 on $5, $60 on $80. VF*-NG 2000 Barefoot £161.25+ (C$373+)
195 o Barefoot #202-14, #215-6 used 1980 Revenue complete set of 13 plus 1990 Surcharges. Nice cancels. F-VF 2000 Barefoot £87.50 (C$200)
196 * Sc. #177//648, J6//J36 mint 1961 to 1985 collection - earlier to early 1975 H or LH otherwise NH. Several hundred most in complete sets inc. some bklt. panes. Clean and F-VF 2005 Sc. $697
197 *o 1930 to 1996 - small collection of approx. 300 stamps. Inc. about 75 mint which alone cat. $120 (2005 Scott). Nice clean lot. Gen. F-VF E$60
198 *o Sc. #31//615 - 1900 to 1985 collection of several hundred diff. plus 12 diff. souvenir sheets. Mostly mint with mid-1973 on NH. Clean lot. F-VF 2005 Sc. $604.50
199 o Barefoot #1-3 used 1975 revenues $25, $100 and $250 values. Light cancels. VF 2002 Barefoot £95 (C$220)
200 C Sc. #C10-C14 - registered censored airmail cover to Woodstock, Ont. Ten hand stamps on reverse inc. “Daru/Paid 18 De 39" . Stamps on face tied by “Daru/Papua” cds same date. Destination “Woodstock/Ont. Fe 1/40". Transit via “Washington, DC Jan 31/40" then Buffalo same date. Unusual and scarce. Some hinges on face can be removed with care. Otherwise F $22+

201 o Sc. #38 used 1891 five shilling QV - light pen and cds “Castries” cancels. F+ 2005 Sc. $140
202 * Sc. #263-266 & 266a mint 1985 100th Anniv. of Automobile. 78 sets of four plus 78 souvenir sheets. VF-NH 2005 Sc. $206.70
203 * Sc. #267-270, 269a & 270a mint 1985 Queen Mother’s 85th Birthday. 78 sets of four plus 77 souvenir sheets X two diff. VF-NH 2005 Sc. $177.10
204 C Sc. #417//426 - 1981 usages - seven registered letter envelopes bearing various stamps of the first 1980 issues. Each used from a different town inc. Bulawayo, Harare, Kambuzuma, Mabelreign, Mufakose, etc. Scarce lot. VF E$30+
205 * USC #7 & 9 mint - three-pence blue and 5 Cents on threepence bright red. Gum is suspicious on #7 but #9 O.G. (premium 150% for O.G. but not added). Perf. faults inc. clipped perfs. #9 colour is excellent. VG-F-H. Cat. $330 E$60+
206 o USC #11A used threepence triangle - clear to large margins. Indistinct town cancel. Attractive and VF. Rare thus. $120+
207 * USC #20 mint 1861 sixpence imperf. UR corner block. O.G. Stamps NH. Fresh and VF. Scarce thus $135
208 * USC #53 mint 1880 5¢ Harp Seal pale blue block of four - O.G. is white as found on this first issue. F-VF-H-LH. Rare block $1400
209 * USC #115-126 mint 1919 Caribou issue complete F-VF-H $201.50
210 * USC #123 mint 1919 12¢ Caribou LL corner block of four. LL stamp creases or gum creases (no NH premium on this) - tear in selvedge otherwise fresh and F-NH $215
211 * USC #C13-17 mint 1933 Labrador issue complete - two low values F - three high values VF - all fresh with HR $218
212 C USC #UY6a UPU card message card sold singly without reply portion and used at “Sandy Point” Dec 13, 1927 by Rev. Butler. Used to U.S.A. with machine cancel on stamp. Fine E$40+
213 o USC #2 used three pence blue - four margins - tiny thin spots otherwise F $125
214 Newspaper - 1864 - two issues of the Quebec “Morning Chronicle and Shipping Gazette” Sept 15 & 23, 1864. U.S. Civil War detail coverage, illustrated shipping, railroad and Royal Ins. adv. Also stating schedule of mails for Quebec. Good condition E$75
215 Canadiana - set of 50 T. Eaton & Co. stereoscopic slides featuring b&w scenes of their stores and factories. Circa 1905. Fresh condition. Enclosed in cardboard wrapper (faulty) with ad for early hearing aid “The Auris” E$50+
216 Canadiana - playing cards full deck of 52 plus joker and blank card issued by Grand Trunk Railroad, each card featuring a different black and white scene, mostly Ontario. Appears to be early 1900s. Nice condition E$30+
217 Literature - Canadiana - library of six books. Inc. large 11" X 17" softcover “The Canadian Diary 1862-1872" 100 pages featuring Canadian news and engravings from magazines of the time; large hardcover book “Constitution 1982" 118 pages mostly photos in full colour; 1976 Reader’s Digest “Scenic Wonders of Canada” hardcover 384 pages full of colour photos; 1977 Reader’s Digest “Outdoors Canada” hardcover 383 pages; 1971 “Canada’s Five Centuries” hardcover 327 pages; 1979 CAA “Canadian Book of the Road” hardcover maps and tourist sites full colour. Mostly fresh condition E$100
218 Literature and supplies - inc. BNA Topics 23 issues complete run #478 to #500; 2000 Saskatoon Stamp Literature Auction Catalogue; 2003 Unitrade Catalogue; Firby’s “Canadian Posted Letter Guide” 1996; Smith’s Canadian Patriotic Postcard Checklist 1898-1928" 2001; 1965 Scott Vol. 1; Lighthouse illumination magnifier 10x. Also Canada 1967 Centennial stamp box, 1969 Medallions Prime Ministers of Canada E$60
219 o VD #FC4 & 5 used Consular Fee stamps - $2 brown used on piece and $5. F-VF $175
220 Unemployment insurance book with about 38 stamps affixed. Five diff. but mostly #FU82. Van Dam $84.25 total. Also Annuities Branch, O.H.M.S. form - 1921 and scarce 1923 Canadian Postal Note 20¢ on wmk. twenty cent paper. E$60+

221 Vancouver, B.C. souvenir photo album - no sign of automobiles - horse and buggy and possibly one streetcar. Leads me to think this was prepared about 1905. Many Stanley Park; Docks, Vancouver City and Burrard Inlet etc. Must be scarce in special cover. About 19 photos. Gen. F E$50+
222 Memorabilia - accumulation of odds and ends. Note two Laura Secord booklets for History of Union Jack circa 1920s, Junior Jays Magazine first edition (X 2), four McDonald’s valentines (1975), old approval card from H. F. Ketcheson, Montreal, Fuller Brush plastic letter opener, McDonald’s metal metric ruler, Simpsons plastic two-colour pen, three old china cabinet keys, old duck caller, two old jack knives, three Heinz Pickle pins from CNE, G.B. 1955 5/- coin, three 1984 Belleville Centennial $1 tokens, 1917 Farm Services Corps pin E$30
223 WWII ephemera plus four covers - three of which are censored - one with blacked out town from G.B. to Canada. Various propaganda items inc. two “Arrived Safely/Thanks to Sea Power” with multi-coloured illustration of ships and planes. Also form with complete information about joining the Canadian Active Army. BBC multi-language form - “London Calling” “This is the Enemy” propaganda labels targeting both Germany and Japan. Interesting and scarce lot E$75+

224 C U.K. to New York SFL and forwarded to final dest. “Miller Parlane & Co., Montreal” business letter re “Canadian Wheat” and shutting of port to foreign wheat. Rated mss. “1N8". Letter dated “Liverpool, 1 October, 1819" and red “New York Nov. 10" transit HS. Fine E$50+
225 C Nine stampless covers or SFLs 1841-72. Note six different “Paid 3" handstamps from Canifton, Trenton, Belleville, Kingston, Tweed; Paid 5 from Stirling; two Free markings Belleville (handstamp) and manuscript (Frankford). Fine E$75+
226 C SC - Huron County unpaid mss. “&”. Ex “Dingle/U.C.” mss. dated Nov 24/60. BS “Harpuchey U.C./No 24/60" plus faint RPO “West No 26/60" and dest. “Goderich Nov 26/1860". Minor staining on cover otherwise F. dingle in red split double ring E$35+
227 C SC - Huron County Registered with mss. “7" rate. Light partial “Bayfield U.C./De 5/186" on face of cover. BS destination two split ring “Goderich/U.C. De 7/1863" on back. Mss. and two SL HS “Registered” on face. Three pinholes inc over to Daniel Lizars, Clerk of the Peace. Otherwise F E$40+

228 C Unpaid blue stampless cover rated “28" cents. Size about 4¼” X 9½. Blue split ring “dingle/C.W./Ap 9/67" on face of cover. To County Attorney and notes on back indicate “The Queen vs. James Hanly, Manslaughter. Flap shows embossed crown and “Legislative Assembly Canada” in circle. Destination HS on back “Goderich/U.C./Ap 10/1867". Opening tears at top and back flap. VG E$25+
229 C Canada and Newfoundland - lot of 500+ covers and postcards from Small Queens to 1980s. Many advertising covers. Note 1902 advertizing cover with photo of Muskoka Cottage Sanitorium. Many pre-1937. VG-F E$150
230 C 1912-1972 lot of 20 covers - seven with Canadian National Exhibition slogans, three Royal Winter Fair - Toronto and eight Polish Philatelic Exhibit + ten used Montreal hockey tickets between 1987-1993. Gen. F E$25
231 C Lot of about 40 patriotic postcards from early 1900s. Most in full colour, many with flags or coat of arms. Note used leather postcard with handpainted flag. Mixed used and unused. Gen. fresh lot E$150
232 C Canada, U.S.A. and foreign range - 1904 to 1950s usages - 21 postcards and one Postage Due cover to West Germany. A few unused. Note Swiss card 1904 to White Horse, Yukon Territory with White Horse receiver. Interesting lot. Examine. Gen. F-VF E$50+
233 C Advertising postcard for Grand Union Hotel, Ottawa circa 1905. Unusual production with insets of windows to give appearance of night view when held to light. Printed in Germany for Montreal Import Co. Fine+ unused E$20+
234 C Set of five b&w cards circa 1905 with Canadian coins embossed in corner in silver or bronze. Inc. Bowmanville High School and Grand Manan Str. Aurora with 1904 large cent; Windsor Library and Bowmanville P.O. with 1904 5¢, and Reversing Falls with 1902 25¢. Three used, others mint - some light staining E$30
235 C Five silk embroidered and one satin patch postcards circa 1905-15. Patch features a Scottish tartan and coat of arms on “Fab Patchwork” card used in Ottawa. Embroidered include Canadian patriotic with flags “Hurrah for Canada”, two “Souvenir of Belgium” with various European flags, one with A.S.C. crest and flags “Hurrah for the Allies”, one “To My Dear Brother” with patriotic handkerchief folded in silk pouch with U.S. and French flags. Manuscript on backs. Fresh lot E$75+
236 C Set of two “Puzzle Post Card” and one “Colorchange Post Card” dated 1906 which change image or colours when tilted side to side. Printed by H.C.J. Deeks & Co., Paterson, NJ. One used in Vermont, others used in Ontario. Some slight staining. Otherwise fine E$40

237 C Lot of six postcards with tails circa 1906-11. Inc. two “Mule Barometer” cards with string for mule’s tail. Also two mules, one cat and one dog with spring attached for tail. Two string cards are used, others unused but messages on back. Gen. F E$40+
238 C Set of six diff. postcards circa 1907 featuring Niagara Falls various views surrounded by Provincial coat of arms. Issued for Queen’s Park Bazaar. Interesting piece of history in that coat of arms of Klondyke is pictured instead of Alberta or Yukon. Three used. Fresh lot E$50+
239 C Set of two advertising postcards circa 1907 for S. Bond & Co. Grocers, Odessa, Ont. Shows full colour scene of ships at sea with male and female hands shaking and inscribed with farewell messages. Front has cardboard flap with b&w photo of the store underneath. One mint, one used Odessa to Kingston. Fresh E$40
240 C Set of 66 patriotic cards circa 1908 featuring b&w photos inset in full colour background of Canadian red ensign. Mostly Atlantic provinces with some Ontario. Note used in 1907 “Yarmouth Auto Club, Yarmouth, N.S.” Various printers. Mint and used. Gen. fresh. Two duplicates noted E$300+
241 C Set of 13 diff. postcards for 1908 Quebec Tercentenary featuring scenes of Quebec City in colour with gold border with flag and coat of arms. Printed in G.B. for Valentine Publishing. Three used with 1¢ QT and one used with 1¢ Edward. Fresh lot. E$100

242 C Set of six diff. postcards in full colour for 1908 Quebec Tercentenary unused. Fresh E$40+
243 C Scarce 1908 postcard with full-colour cartoon of schoolroom and insert of multiplication table. Printed by Simplicity Co., Chicago. Address side with ad for Dallyn Jardine & Co., Toronto. Used in Toronto with 1¢ Edward. Fresh and sound E$30
244 C Tuck patriotic “Canadian Coat of Arms” series lot of 12 full-colour flag postcards 1908 to 1913 usages. Includes two Canada (one oilette with sparkles), sparkles, seven diff. provinces, and cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Kingston. four used in Canada, one in U.S., others mint. Fresh E$100
245 C Postcard circa 1909 “Start a Bank Account” in blue sparkles with 1901 large cent inset into front. Issued by Stedman Bros. Ltd., Brantford and used to Green River, Ont. with 2¢ Edward. Fine - some creasing E$20+
246 C Lot of 18 used and unused patriotic cards 1909 to 1915 usages featuring Canadian scenes against background of flag in full colour. Printed in Germany for Stedman Bros., Brantford. Mixed mint and used. One card has photo of troops leaving for the front pasted over previous scene and “Printed in Germany” blacked out. Added silver “Canada Will Do Her Duty to Keep the Old Flag Flying”. Some with stained borders from black ink smudging, otherwise F E$100+
247 C Series of 63 postcards circa 1910 featuring b&w photos of Canadian scenes mostly Ontario and Quebec. All with embossed border with Union Jack and coats of arms of nine provinces and Yukon in full colour. Largely used. No printer stated, but all have N.C. monogram on back. Fresh lot E$400+
248 C Series of 24 postcards circa 1910. 23 feature b&w scenes mostly Ontario and Quebec. 24th has advertising for Sellers-Gough Furs, Toronto. All with embossed border featuring provincial coats of arms in full colour. Printed by Warwick Bros. & Rutter, Toronto. Many used. Very fresh lot E$150+
249 C Series of 42 postcards “Canadian Homestead Life” circa 1910 featuring farming scenes in full colour. Gold border with maple leaves and coat of arms. Printed in G.B. for Valentine & Sons of Montreal and Toronto. Some used. A few with corner faults but generally a fresh lot E$250+
250 C Series of 19 postcards “Canada’s Golden West” circa 1910 featuring wheat fields and harvesting in full colour. Gold border with maple leaves and coat of arms. Printed in G.B. for Valentine & Sons of Montreal and Toronto. One used, a couple with inked notes on back. Very fresh E$125+
251 C Set of 12 postcards for Queen’s Own Rifles, Toronto circa 1910/ 1915 featuring colour photos of regiment in gold border. Printed in G.B. Three used. Gen. fresh lot, one with faults on back E$75

252 C Set of six diff. 1914 postcards for Cartier Centenary with Quebec scenes in colour and coat of arms of nine provinces around border. One used. Couple with slightly torn corner, otherwise fresh E$40
253 C Set of six “The Land of the Maple” postcards circa 1915. Embossed in full colour featuring beaver and maple leaves. Four with rural scene in outline of map of Canada, others with provincial emblems. Four are postally used. Fresh. B.B. London Series printed in Germany, two with Germany obliterated. Fresh lot E$40+
254 C Set of eight “Habitant Life Studies” circa 1915 picturing Quebec rural scenes in colour. Gold border with flag and coat of arms. Printed in G.B. for Valentine & Sons Publishing Co., Montreal and Toronto. One used, two others with manuscript on back. One with faults on back, otherwise fresh E$50+
255 C France - lot of seven silk embroidered postcards circa 1915 souvenirs of France with flags. Various designs. Unused, but manuscript on back of five cards. Various printers. Fresh condition E$100+
256 C Two Irish bog-moss postcards circa 1915 stated to be made from soil taken from the Bog of Allan. Features woodcuts “Irish Piper” and “Shooting the Rapids, Old Wier Bridge Killarney”. One mint, other used in Canada with Hamilton & Meaford R.P.O. No 6 cds. Stamp partly torn off E$40
257 C Lot of about 13 early cards. Most pre-1920. Note advertising cards, two CN Rail recipe postcards, cartoon card by Toronto Star’s Frise, one with small cigarette in plastic plus cigar bands on front, one with small purple envelope with six “Flirting” cards affixed to postcard, one with plastic container of Sudbury nickel-copper ore, one with Orange Lodge multi-coloured pin affixed to front, 1909 postcard with colourful bird made from real feathers. Three postally used, several other with written messages. VG-VF E$75

258 C About 110 postcards - mostly pre-1920 Ontario - inc. a nice lot of 12 London, Ont. Most are priced to sell between $2-$8. Plus one Stanley St. Garage - Montreal. Exceptional lot. F-VF E$125
259 C Covers 2002-2005 usages - 2200 torn cancel covers from across the country inc. many small towns. Lovely cancels - stamps mostly defs. Also inc. two framed vignettes of U.S. history, one being a first day of issue of the Apollo 11 mission, first steps on the moon. Gen. F E$75+
260 C First Day covers. Lot of about 680 FDCs 1949-2002. Note 314, 316, 321, 937, 1084, 1183. All cacheted - all unaddressed except for 18 early covers. Gen. VF High cat. value E$350
261 C Lot of about 370 FDCs 1974-98 - all cacheted unaddressed. Note 926A 36¢ purple. VF E$150
262 C USC #371//756a - 1957-78 - about 120 FDCs - all diff. as to stamps and cachets. Inc. better items such as USC #371-2 (3), C12-4 comb., 756a. Gen. F E$60
263 C USC #610//756a - 1972-78 - about 270 FDCs - from 1 to 40 of a kind - over 40 diff. inc. 18 USC #633 stamped during the Winnipeg Centennial Stamp Exhibition by Canada Post, United Nations and U.S. Postal Services E$75
264 *o Canada and Newfoundland - valuable collection in five large stockbooks. Arranged numerically from 1859 to 2002. Inc. back of book. Many useful stamps throughout inc. #302 mint VF-NH, Nfld. odds and ends. Some revenues and Wildlife stamps on License. Many hundreds plus a few covers and souvenir sheets. Mostly one of a kind. Gen. F-VF-H-NH STC USC $6500+
265 *o Canada, Nfld. and one N.S. - collection of many hundreds of Canada and about 56 Nfld. Mostly diff. Note Canada used #71, 73, 83, 122 block, 158, 159, 176-7, C2, SD etc. Gen. F. Some faulty mostly in early issues. Examine. On pages in Crown album. E$250+
266 o Sc. #25//1969 plus airs, officials etc. - valuable stock of several thousand in large stockbook inc. Small Queens, QV Numerals, Maps, Quebecs, Admirals inc. #115 (29), Officials inc. many #038. Note #411 (78), some multiples. Useful for cancels, shades etc. Gen. F-VF. Useful lot. Cat. $2100+ E$250+
267 o Canada and Worldwide - large stockbook with 1000+ stamps. Strength in Canada, Br. Comm. Note Canada 3¢ SQ (X 35), QV 7¢ Numeral, Edward 50¢ short perfs., $1 Admiral (X 4), 1¢ Scroll bklt. pane of six, modern Australia, Papua, Sweden, Hong Kong. Gen. F or better E$250+
268 o Interesting stockbook containing many hundreds of stamps. Inc. precancels, booklet singles and used panes - note unused no gum 2¢ QV #77b single, perf. CNC, CPR and private perfins. Inc. $1 Destroyer block of four inverted CNR; mint #286 PB - CPR. Also a few what appear to be cheaper revenues but does include Consular Fee stamp used #FCF3 - cat. $50. Overall a very useful lot. Gen. F E$150+
269 *o Lot of about 450 stamps 1859-1975. Note #14 used (X 2), 21a* NG pulled perf., 21 used, 21c used, 34 used (X 12), 38 used (X 5) one VF, 95 used light cds, 95 Montreal precancel inverted creased. Cat. $729.95 USC. Also a few revenues and 48 private perfins not in total. VG-VF
270 *o USC #217//893a - 1935 to 1981 - over 1300 stamps (about 285 mint) in a binder and an envelope lot inc. several blocks (noted used 321, 411) and some sheetlets. Also noted mint NH pairs of #264, 266 & 267. Some mixed cond. but gen. F-VF $700+
271 *o Canada and Newfoundland - USC #34//400 + b.o.b. - 1871-1962 - over 400 mainly used housed in Minkus Canada Album. About 340 Canada inc. a few dollar values - note #177, 227, 302, 032 etc. and about 60 Nfld. both mint and used. (about $70 cat.) Gen. F Total cat. $550+
272 * Accumulation of stamps, souvenir packs and postal stationery. Mostly modern. Note UX109B set of 90 pictorial postcards, 1999 (X 2), 1956 pane of 20, 1972, 1935 (X 3), BK194 (X 6), 1621b (X 6), 1999 Year of the Rabbit collection. Also 117 10¢ Admiral mint LH USC $548
273 *oC Canada, Newfoundland, G.B. and U.S.A. - selection of over 150 stamps plus about 28 covers mostly first flights from late 1930s and 1940s. Note Nfld. #C10 mint VF-H (cat. $65); various Canadian Airs and back-of-book etc. E$125+
1859 17¢ PLATE PROOF
274 P USC #19Tc 1859 Seventeen cents pale blue plate proof right margin pair. On india on card. VF $500+
275 o USC #29c used 15¢ Large Queen showing portions of “THW” of Bothwell wmk. Feather tear and other faults. Otherwise F app. Very scarce $750
276 * USC #35d mint 1¢ orange Small Queen perf. 11½ X 12 - short perf. otherwise VF-H $300
277 C Canada to Cuba - USC #UX4 - UPU card ex “Montreal De 18/94" partial Havana BS “24 Dic. 94" and New York transit Dec 19. Scarce destination for this card. F+ E$60+

278 o USC #50-54 & 56-8 used - ½¢ cds VF - 10¢ VF centering but cancel a bit heavy and stamp needs a soaking. Otherwise F. The 2¢ corner thin - ½¢ nibbed perf. $436
279 * Sc. #50//58 1897 Jubilees - six diff. comprising ½¢ - brown spot shows at UL margin; 3¢; 5¢ unused no gum and thin; 8¢ creases but well centered; 10¢ VF-H and 15¢ gum dist. otherwise all O.G. and F-VF-H $418
280 o USC #60 used 50¢ ultramarine - light 1898 purple oval cancel - VF $250
281 o USC #63 used 1897 $3 yellow bistre - “Toronto 6" roller cancel. Tiny, tiny pinhole - you may not find it because it is so small. Quite well centered - close to VF ($1500) $750+
282 o USC #66-73 used 1897-98 QV Leaf issue complete set. some tiny flaws. 10¢ cds but cancel punches a bit. Otherwise F-VF. Some cds. Attractive set. $141.45
283 * USC #73 mint 1897 10¢ Leaf. VF-HR. Couple of nibbed perfs. top left and slight staining UR. $400
284 * USC #89 and 95 mint - 1¢ F-H and 50¢ gum removed at hinge. Trace of tiny thin. One perf. rusted otherwise F-H $410
285 C Sc. #90 2¢ Edward tied by “London/Ont./Oct. 6/1903" machine cancel to redirected cover originally to Athens, Ont. this scratched out and 14 Water St., New York though no U.S. cancel. Illustrated advertising cover the “The George White & Sons Co., London, Ont.” shows steam tractor. BS “Athens, Ont. Oc 8/03". Scarce and VF E$60+

286 o USC #95 used 1908 50¢ purple Edward - moderate cancel - F $60
287 * USC #96-9 and 102-3 1908 - six diff. - 5¢ unused no gum, 15¢ & 20¢ regummed or sweated. Some faults inc. 15¢ creased. Otherwise F-VF-H to NH app. $446
288 *o USC #96-103 complete set plus cds block of four ½¢. Some faults inc. 1¢ creased; 7¢, 10¢ & 15¢ thins; 5¢ pushed perfs. otherwise F-VF-H $420
289 o USC #101 used 10¢. Tiny corner crease. Light cancel. VF $150
290 Walburn #3-105 1¢ yellow dry printing - Die 1 - LR corner block of four. Guide arrow in margin. “Brantford/Ont.” precancels. F-NH - scarce block E$35+

291 C Canada to Europe Admiral covers - 1916 7¢ rate bearing #106 & 115 - 2¢ carmine and 5¢ blue Admiral to Sweden and 1925 8¢ rate cover bearing #109 and 112 - 3¢ carmine and 5¢ purple to Paris. Some cover flaws but gen. F app. E$65+

292 * USC #108 mint 3¢ dry printing LR corner block of four showing partially worn Type D inverted lathework and part of guide arrow. F-F+-H-NH Cat. $300 E$100+
293 * USC #109 mint 1923 3¢ carmine Die 1 block of four. Slight internal gum crease on one stamp. VF-NH - very fresh (P) $150
294 * USC #116 mint 1912 10¢ plum - well centered block of four. Valued as LR stamp VF-NH - LL stamp F-NH - UR stamp VF-H and UL stamp F tiny trace of gum dist. otherwise NH - no premium added for this $1500
295 * USC #117 mint 1922 10¢ blue - slight glazing from previous mount otherwise VF-NH $180
296 * USC #128a mint 1924 part perforate coils (block of eight) imperf. horiz. UL corner block of eight showing SE at left as well on left margin pair. VF-NH $225
297 * USC #130 mint 3¢ carmine Die 1 wet printing - usual nibbed perfs. otherwise VF-NH Cat. $225 E$50+
298 * USC #136 mint 1924 1¢ imperforate pair VF-NH (P) $150
299 * USC #137 mint 1924 imperforate block of four. Fresh and VF-NH $300
300 * USC #141 mint 1927 1¢ Macdonald upper Plate 1 sheet of 100. Guide arrow - UL and LR. Crease at LR corner away from plate block. About half or more are VF otherwise F - all NH $687.50

301 * USC #158 mint 50¢ Bluenose - fresh and fine - NH. One of the most beautiful stamps ever issued. $300
302 * USC #160-161 mint 1929 Scroll coil pairs VF-H Cat. $170 E$45+
303 * USC #176 mint 1930 50¢ Grand Pre - fresh and F-NH Cat. $225 E$70+
304 * USC #195-201 mint 1932 Medallion issue complete. 5¢ some nibbed or pulled perf. at top otherwise F-VF-H $185
305 * USC #203 mint 1933 Grain Conf. - well centered - trifle nibbed perfs. at top. VF-H. Large margins $60
306 * USC #203 mint 1933 Grain Exhibition Plate 1 LR block of four. Gum a bit disturbed from previous mount otherwise F+ $200
307 C Canada to Shanghai, China - Sc. #233 & 247 - Censored cover ex “Wistaria, B.C. Oc 11/40" with BS Shanghai probably “13-11-40". Scarce E$50+

308 * USC #261 mint 1942 50¢ Munitions block of four F+-VF - most would just call it VF-NH. Cat. $243 E$50+
309 * USC #B40b 1950 KGVI 3¢ complete booklets - English 20 and Bilingual 5. VF-NH $125
310 * USC #302 mint 1951 $1 Fishing - tiny spot of gum removed otherwise VF-NH. Very fresh and well centered $100
311 * USC #337p-341p mint 1962 1¢-5¢ QEII Wilding - MS blank corner blocks of each value (except the 3¢ MS PB No. 1) includes 3¢ Plate 2. VF-NH 2005 USC $322
312 C USC #337p-341p 1962 Wilding Winnipeg tagged issue on 18 First Day Covers. Inc. three complete sets on combination covers. Cacheted - clean and F-VF $128+
313 * USC #406 mint 1963 Cameo 2¢ coil (50) - as pairs to strips of four. Fresh F-NH $212.50
314 * USC #415 mint 1963 15¢ Canada Geese Plate 1 and 2 MS. VF-NH $100
315 * USC #415 mint 1963 15¢ Canada Geese Plate 2 - 15 PBs - LL or LR. Fresh and VF-NH $187.50
316 * USC #417-429A mint 1964-66 Flowers and Coats of Arms (100 sets of 14). Includes some plate blocks and blocks. Face alone $70. Popular set. F-VF-NH $490
317 * USC #443 mint 1965 Christmas 3¢ cello paqs - 15 (30 miniature sheets) F-VF-NH $255
318 * USC #454ii mint 1967 two 1¢ dex hibrite sheet of 100. Very sound. Usual post office pen note in selvedge at UL corner. Fresh and F-VF-NH $224+
319 C (USC #U101d) 5¢ Centennial envelope #8 Type B revalued 6¢ with surcharge on back of envelope. One mint and one used with 1970 Belleville cds. Also two spacer cards on blue paper with surcharge. VF Cat. $220 in 2000 Webb
320 C Similar lot
321 * USC #492 mint 1969 Suzor-Cote sheet of 50 - P.O. stock no imprint. Clerk’s notes LR margin. VF-NH $250
322 * USC #715a mint 1978 14¢ Parliament printed on gum error. Left marginal block of six. Well centered. VF-NH $300
323 * USC #929i mint 1983 48¢ Cradle LR imprint block. Slight traces of magenta background on some. Nice example. Rare - VF-NH $1800
324 * USC #952ii mint 34¢ coil - imperf. vertical - no sign of scoreline - block of six. VF-NH $112.50

325 * USC #1396a mint 1995 45¢ Flag coil pair - imperf. HB. VF-NH $200
326 *o USC #1692-1700 55¢ to $8 Grizzly mint NH plus $2 Polar Bear (paper stained) and three $8 Grizzly Bears used. VF $50.85
327 C Sc. #1784 - two Otto Sverdrup Centennial Expedition commemorative paquebot covers signed by Norwegian crew. One postmarked “Ellesmere Island 01.01.2000" and the other “Axel Heiberg Island 17.05.2000". Scarce Arctic material. VF E$35+

328 * Similar to USC #1818//1834 mint - 1999 The Millennium Collection - thematic collection #88. We have seen broken up books. This is book #104825 of 200,000 originally issued. Not sure if all sold. VF-NH $120
329 *o USC #1991 and 1991a - 2003 48¢ Flag with overprint “Vancouver/2010". Middle and right side booklets of ten each plus 33 used mostly on piece. F-VF-NH $199
330 * USC #C01 mint 7¢ Air ovpt. O.H.M.S. Plate 1 UL - VF-NH $100
331 * USC #E2 mint 1922 20¢ dry printing S.D. block of four. F-H-LH Cat. $260 E$75+
332 * USC #F1b 2¢ rose carmine - jumbo - unused no gum. Exceptionally fine $350
333 * USC #J1-14 mint 1906, 1930 and 1933 Dues. F-LH. #J2 SE $225.75
334 * USC #J5 mint 1928 10¢ violet Postage Due. Fresh and VF-NH $130
335 * USC #J16B mint 1965 3¢ Postage Due - LL Plate 1 blocks of four. Four PBs. VF-NH $160
336 C 1926 to 1980s - selection of Postage Due covers or cards or receipt. Each with Due markings or Postage Due stamps affixed. Some faults otherwise VG-VF (80+) E$100-$125

337 * VD #FWT3 & 5/USC #MR2ci & MR2D - 1915 - 20¢ Inland Revenue War Tax Admiral - no gum; 50¢ Admiral War Tax mint - a bit grubby. Still presentable copies 2000 VD $160/USC $150
338 * USC #0231-0236 mint 1937 KGVI 1¢ to 8¢ blocks of four each. VF-NH - fresh $296
339 * USC #0233 mint 1937 3¢ KGVI perf. O.H.M.S. sheet of 100. Plate selvedge removed at top. About 80 fine and 20 VF. All NH $550
340 * USC #02i mint 1949 2¢ brown ovpt. “O.H.M.S.” UL block of six with two strips showing narrow spacing. VF-NH. Very scarce $300
341 o USC #09 used 1949 50¢ Lumbering ovpt. “O.H.M.S.” cds cancel. VF $150
342 o USC #027 used 1951 $1 Fishing ovpt. “G”. cds cancel. F+ $90
343 * usc #045i, ii mint 20¢ Paper Official Flying “G” LR block of eight with three pairs of raised “G” and one pair with blunt “G” and raised “G”. Fine-NH $187.50
344 * USC #FWH1-6 mint 1985 to 1990 Wildlife Habitat Conservation complete in six diff. complete booklets with pane of one stamp each. VF-NH $95
345 o USC #34//321 + b.o.b. used - wholesale - 1870-1953 - over 6500 stamps in quantities from 1 to 100 (225 diff.). List accompanies. Note USC #86 (4), 115 (6), 122 (4), 151 (4), 02 (11), 024 (2) Gen. F avg. STC 2000 USC $3278
346 o USC #78//341 + b.o.b. used - 1898-1962 - over 12,000 in quantities of 40 to 2220 (48 diff.) mostly in bundles of 80. Unchecked by us for varieties or tagging. Min. 2000 USC $2400. List accompanies. Also inc. over 4000 U.S.A. mostly common defs., 1930s era in bundles (15-20 diff.) cat. $800 (total cat. $4000). Appears Gen. F
347 o USC #35//69 - 1870-1898 - over 5700 stamps in three stockbooks containing Small Queens 1¢ (1512), 2¢ (1400), 3¢ (2290) and 3¢ Maple Leaf (500). Note shades, flag cancels etc. Min. 2005 USC as fine $2825. Some mixed cond. but gen. F-F+
348 o USC #34//310 + b.o.b. - 1870-1951 - about 770 stamps - 1 to 3 of a kind neatly arranged in a stockbook. Inc. several dollar values, USC #122 (3), 177 (2), 227, 245, 262 (3) etc. Mostly F-VF STC 2000 USC $1457
349 o Sc. #231, 232 & 233 - 1937 KGVI 1¢ (500); 2¢ (2500) and 3¢ (1500) in old envelopes of 500 each. A glance found a perfin and a cds cancel but unchecked by us. F avg. Total 4500 stamps Cat. $900
350 o 1932 to 49¢ commems. Many, many thousands mostly off paper. Some better values noted but also many common def. and Christmas. some hinged on pages. Some Italian on pages as well. Hours of sorting fun. Examine. Shipping weight about 11 lbs. E$100+
351 o USC #415 1963 15¢ Canada Geese X 800. In bundles or glassines. Large attractive stamp. Various cancels. F-VF $200
352 o Superior mixture of about 18½ lbs. on single paper from 1950s to date with strength in modern commemoratives and definitives. All handpicked by owner for condition E$150+
353 o Superior mixture of about 14¾ lbs. on single paper 1950s to date. Strength in modern. Many commemoratives. Handpicked by owner for condition E$100+
354 o Superior mixture of about 13¼ lbs. on single paper from 1900s to date with strength in modern. Many commemoratives. Hand-picked by owner for condition E$100+
355 o Superior mixture of about 12½ lbs. on single paper. All reigns with strength in modern. Many commemoratives. All handpicked by owner for condition E$100+
356 o Superior on-paper mixture of about 3 lbs. single white paper of modern commemoratives and high value definitives. Handpicked by owner for condition E$75+
357 o 2 kg. mixture on single paper - appears mostly modern commems., defs. + high values. Also inc. some Br. Comm. E$75
358 o Mixture on mostly single paper - some double paper - virtually all definitives first class domestic rates of past 18 years. Perhaps some earlier and also a few foreign and U.S.A. A few commems. noted. On white paper. Approx. 37 lbs. E$75+
359 o Approx. 15 lbs. kiloware mostly on single paper - a few off paper - many common defs. but also a good number of Christmas, commems., U.S. and worldwide. Mostly 1970s-80s. Examine E$75
360 *oC Remnants of collections, covers, revenues, mixtures etc. Strength in B.N.A. but foreign, U.S.A. and British Commonwealth as well. Thousands of stamps E$125
361 *oC Similar lot
362 *oC Similar lot
363 o 2005 Sc. #132 Five shillings Sydney Bridge - CTO, small thin, o/w VF. Cat. $200
364 *o QV to QE collection - owner’s count over 1000 stamps. Values to £2 Australian Arms used noted; also used 5sh, 10sh & £1 Robes. Useful mint as well. Gen. F-VF-H. Examine. Hi Cat. Val …………………………………………………….……….E$300+
365 *o Collection of many hundreds QV to QE. Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Br. Giuana, Grenada, Jamaica, Leewards, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Tr + Tob, Gribraltar, Cyprus & Malta, etc. Strength in KGV, Bermuda quite strong with cat. To $30 noted. Useful lot. Gen. F-VF-H. …………………………………………………………………E$250
366 * Sc. #B68 1935 Octropa souv. Sheet. Stamps separating from sheet. Unused no gum. Valued as stamps only at US $116 or Can. $140. Stamps VF
367 * 2005 Sc. #B90, B102 (2), B103-104 Four different souv. Sheets. Most stamps NH but several with gum dist. Sheets may be hinged in selvedge or have gum dist. Some slight bends. Gen. F Cat. $108
368 * Selection of better stamps inc. Scott B316-319, B344-347, 669, 673, 674 and 695. VF-LH. STC 2005 Sc. US $268 (Can. $321)
369 c KZ Sachsenhausen addressed to Radom, occupied Poland, letter card - dated “5.7.42”, folded and tiny tears at fold, o/w F………………………………………………………………E$85+
370 c Hitler stamps front & back on parcel card. KZ Flossenburg from Kenty, Upper Silesia, April, 1944. F………………………………………………………………E$125+
371 c About 97 ETB’s between 1987 and 1998. Only 1994 is complete. A few private ETB. F-VF. STC Euro 147 or Can. $240
372 c Covers used between 1933 and 1944 including occupied countries. 19 items mostly covers plus one piece 1942 “BOHMEN und MAUREN”. Looks interesting. Gen F or better. Retail about $337
373 c 18 covers used between 1936 and 1943 inc. occupied countries. Interesting lot. Stalag cover, etc. Retail value about $326. Gen. Fine or better.
374 c 28 covers used between 1936 and 1944 inc. occupied countries. Feldpost, Air Mail, etc. Looks interesting. Would retail for about $305. Gen. F.
375 * 2005 Sc. #96-100 1921-23 Pictorials, 5 diff. Hi-values. F-VF-H-HR. Cat. $102.15
376 *o QV to QE collection of about 66 stamps. A few faulty but most F-VF-H. Note used #164; 166A and mint #188. Should be worth Est. $40.+
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